tagRomanceVane and Alex: Fantasies

Vane and Alex: Fantasies


After a long day at work, I pick my way through traffic, determined to make it home before you do. It's a Friday evening and I'm looking forward to an entire weekend of nothing but you and I. The endless hours of negotiating, dominating and maneuvering others throughout the day are but a vague memory as I consider what the outcome of our evening will be when I finally share my latest fantasy with you.

We've been living together for over a year now and the sex is still as hot as the first time. But I would like to try something new-not just to keep it interesting, but because I have a need that can only be fulfilled by you.

I finally make it home. I park the car in the garage, grab some things I picked up along the way from the trunk, and enter the house. My anticipation increases as I consider the fact that you've never denied me anything I wanted no matter how bizarre the request. Still, I'm a little nervous because I truly care about what you think of me.

I don't even bother to check the messages, because there's only one person I'm interested in hearing from-YOU. I glance at the clock on the wall and notice that I only have an hour before you make it home. I dash to the bathroom for a quick shower and shave because I know you love for my pussy to always be bare. After showering, I head to the bedroom to change the sheets to the red satin ones I bought on the way home. I don a red lace thong and a hip length satin robe. I also take out the rest of the items I bought on the way home and set them by the bedside.

Back in the kitchen, I prepare a light dinner for us as well as a meat and cheese tray in case we get hungry from our exertions later. I place a bottle of Merlot on ice after pouring a glass for myself and go back to the living room to await your arrival.

After a few minutes, I hear your car pull into the garage and I feel butterflies in my stomach. It's been like this for as long as we've been together. When I hear your keys near the door, I open it before you can use them. You step into the house and I greet you with a long, passionate kiss. My juices start to flow when I feel the response in your pants because I know what that huge cock is capable of.

I ask, "How was your day?" as I lead you to the living room and hand you a glass of wine.

After taking a sip, you say, "Much better now. What are you up to?"

I laugh because you know me so well. "Something I hope you'll like." With that, I leave to run your bath. While I'm testing the water temperature, I can sense you standing in the doorway. I turn to see you staring at my exposed ass as I bend over the bath tub. Before I know it, you're standing behind me, gently caressing my ass and teasing my pussy lips. I moan with lust. You've always been gentle with me and done everything I ever wanted in bed to the point that my body responds at the mere sight of you. Feeling your hands on my body is enough to drive me too close to an orgasm.

With my legs trembling, I turn and ask you if you're ready for you bath. You're silent for a moment because yes, you're right, I'm up to something. I tell you that while you're bathing, I'll be in the kitchen and I leave you to your bath.

Almost a half an hour later, you emerge from the bathroom wearing only your pajama bottoms, your chest bare, smelling better than the dinner I made and embrace me around the waist from behind. I lean back, loving the feel of your arms around me. I turn in your arms and ask if you're hungry, and the look in your eyes tells me that the food I prepared for you isn't going to be enough to satisfy you.

While we're eating, I begin talking.

"You know how demanding my job is."

You look up from your plate and ask, "Do you want to try a new job?"

I shake my head, "No. It's just that in most situations in my life, I'm required to be in control, to dominate and be aggressive."

I can see the confusion in your eyes, though you're patient enough to let me finish.

"I want to give up that control sometimes. I want someone else to take over for a change."

"And what does this evening have to do with that?" you ask.

I bite my lip, then plunge in. "What do you think about bondage?"

I swear, you give new meaning to the phrase 'unholy grin'. "It's lovely and quite honestly it's been on my mind for a while."

We talk a little more as we finish our dinner and eventually move to the bedroom. You notice the silk scarves next to the bed and your grin intensifies.

You take my hand and pull me against you, kissing me with your usual gentleness at first. Then your kiss becomes more possessive, arousing me to greater heights of lust than before. you begin walking me backwards toward the bed, never breaking the kiss, until I feel the back of my knees touch the bed. Your hands brush the robe from my shoulders and it falls to the floor, my panties following soon after.

I slide your pajamas down your lean hips and caress your hard cock. You allow me to stroke it for a little while longer before you stop me and place me on the bed. I love the feel of your hands touching and teasing my body. The way your hands caress my big tits, the way you suck and lick them as only you can, the way your tongue drives me crazy...especially when it's working my clit madly or darting in and out of my already wet pussy.

Just when I'm about to explode you begin kissing your way up my body again. I squirm in frustration, almost crying out because you're no longer touching my pussy in any way now. I'm barely aware of the fact that your binding my wrists above my head until I try to reach for you. You smile and say nothing as I test the limits of my restraints. Not too tight, but I can't easily get out of them either. You surprise me by taking another scarf and covering my eyes with it. I can see nothing.

I trust you completely, but not being able to see you is new and makes me a little apprehensive. I say your name, "Alex?..."

You're still above me because I can feel the heat from your body, though you're not touching me. I hear your voice and feel your warm breath in my left ear. "I'm here baby. Don't be afraid, just feel..."

I feel your fingertip caress my lower lip and my tongue darts out suck it into my mouth, and swirl around it until I hear you groan.

I feel the mattress move as you slide down to your previous position between my legs. I feel your tongue slowly caressing the inside of my pussy lips, then circling my clit until I begin to moan and squirm. This is the point where I would usually grab your head and grind your face into my pussy. However, with my hands tied above my head, it isn't possible. I hear a deep chuckle come from you when you realize my predicament. As you continue to tongue my soaking pussy, I try to arch my hips to increase the pressure and the pleasure, but you're allowing no such thing. You wrap your arms around my thighs to hold me immoble. Your pace slows to a gentle licking at my clit.

I beg you, "Please, baby, I need more!"

You stop licking long enough to gently spank my already throbbing pussy. "You said you wanted to give up all control, Vane..."

This time you attack my pussy with a vengeance. I can't see a damned thing but I can definitely feel. I feel the pressure of you sucking my clit into your mouth as you slide 2 fingers deep into my pussy, wiggling them without ever withdrawing. Being deprived of my sight allows me to feel things that I never dreamed. I can hear all the noises of our lovemaking. The sucking, the moistness of my pussy as your fingers move within me, the sound of my own voice as I cry out your name over and over again...it all drives me to the most intense orgasm of my life.


I feel the walls of my pussy clench tighter than they ever have before with the first contraction. The difference this time is that it seems as if it's never going to end. I know I'll have bruises in the morning because I can't help but to pull against the restraints as my body tries to rise from the bed.

After what feels like an eternity of cumming, my fierce contractions subside into a weak trembling and a fine sheen of sweet now covers my body. I'm ready to begin making love to you as we normally do. Careful what you ask for...

"You can take them off now, baby," I tell you.

I feel your hands slide up the sides of my body from my hips to my breasts. "Not yet. I'm nowhere near done with you."

For the first time since we met, there's a little bit of fear mixed with my usual anticipation.

As if sensing my thoughts, I hear you say, "I would never hurt you, Vanessa. I promise, all I'll give you is pleasure."

Those simple words comfort me enough to remind me of the trust I've always had in you. I nod for you to proceed.

I can feel you untying my wrists and you turn me over onto my stomach. The blindfold remains in place. You rety my hands.

You begin raining butterfly kisses down the back of my neck, one of my most sensitive spots. I feel my pussy clench and I move my hips, grinding against the bed to try to relieve some of the tension starting to build between my legs. You give my ass a firm spank.

"Stop squirming!"

I do my best to remain still, beginning to love what you're doing to me and relishing this new side of you. I feel you kiss and nip your way from my shoulder blades down the rest of my back slowly. By now I'm trembling in an effort to remain as still as possible. When you begin gently biting the cheeks of my ass, my trembling become a hard shuddering. I can hear myself making mewling noises. I feel you lightly rake your nails up and down the back of my thighs and legs as you continue kissing and biting my ass cheeks. My mewling becomes hoarse and loud cries. Still deprived of my sight, I picture in my minds eye all that you're doing to me Suddenly, you stop.

"Get up on your knees!"

I comply, still whimpering and trembling, until my ass is in the air and my upper body still on the bed, the sensations still coursing through my body. With no warning, your tongue finds my asshole and I shriek with pleasure and surprise. You tongue fuck my ass relentlessly and begin rhythmically squeezing my already swollen clit between your thumb and forefinger.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I cry as I feel another orgasm appoaching.

Sensing it, your actions slow and become gentler, your fingers leaving my clit altogether.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!" I almost yell as I feel the sensation starting to subside a little.

"Not yet, baby, " I hear you murmur against my ass.

Just when I feel my body begin to relax again, you intensify your actions again, driving my already oversensitive body to the limit. I'm almost crying with the need for release and yet you deny me once again by stopping altogether.

I feel the bed shift as you kneel behind me. Not knowing what to expect I tremble with the anticipation of what is to come. I just don't know in what form. Usually you ease your way into my pussy inch by inch.

Not this time.

You ram your 9 inch cock into my soaking pussy to the hilt until I can feel your balls slap agains my pussy. After being so expertly primed I begin cumming after three hard thrusts. But you continue to fuck me without mercy, gripping my hips and pulling me back with each hard thrust.

"OH BABY, I CAN'T STOP......" I cry as my pussy grips your rock hard cock over and over again.

When I think I can take no more, you ease my body down until I'm laying flat on my stomach again, your cock never leaving my drenched pussy.

I feel your arms wrap around my my shoulders from underneath as you close my legs. "Put your feet on top of mine," you instruct me. I comply.

You begin slowly fucking me, your grip tightening around my shoulders slightly as you pull yourself into me. "You can move with me, baby."

I begin grinding my ass against you each time you grind your dick into me. I can hear your breathing become heavier and more eratic. Your thrusts become deeper and harder.

"Vane, Vane, VANESSA!!!"

Your cock gets harder and I know you're about to shoot one hell of a load into my waiting pussy.

I increase my efforts, grinding harder aganist you, clenching the walls of my pussy tighter around you the way I know you love. Suddenly, you thrust into me deeply and I feel the pulsing and spurting of your cock as you bathe my pussy with your hot cum to the point of overflowing. This sets off an unexpected response in my pussy as I cum with you. We collapse in a sweaty heap on the bed, breathing hard and twitching like fiends.

Moments later, I feel you release my bonds and remove the blindfold. I turn into your embrace while we catch our breath. I look up into your eyes and tell you, "Thank you."

You smile and tell me, "Your very welcome...Anymore fantasies?"

I grin at you, "Well, there are a couple..."

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