tagLoving WivesVanessa and I - Ch 01: Perfection

Vanessa and I - Ch 01: Perfection


Ch 1 for L

Hi, I'm Dax, and my wife is Vanessa. I would like to tell you a story. First, here's some background so you can understand out situation a little better.

We are both 26 years young, and have been married five years. We have four young children together, and gratefully, Vanessa's mother watches them on the weekends. V and I have always been... willing to experiment. I guess she introduced me to it - she was more experienced than I when we hooked up. She actually introduced me to the wonder that is the threesome.

We've had a number of partners, but have settled on three regulars over the years. These three are STD free, and everyone knows what everyone likes - it just makes for a better experience.

We have a few rules that we follow.

##The Rules

Rule #1. I can not cum in another woman's pussy. Another man can not cum inside Vanessa's pussy. Anywhere else is fair game - in the ass, mouth, on the body. There's something...very intimate about cumming inside a woman's pussy. We don't want any extramarital feelings to develop.

Rule #2. No cheating. Threesomes are ok - affairs are not.

Rule #3. If I want to invite another woman into our bed, I must allow Vanessa to invite another man.

###Vanessa (My wife)

Vanessa is tiny - she is just 4'10" tall and weighs 110 lbs - she is ultra skinny. She has short brown hair, big brown eyes, and small breasts with tiny little nipples. Oh, and a surprisingly plump little ass. She is super toned and muscular - like me, she's always at the gym. No flab, even after 4 children. She had all her hair lasered off her entire body - except her head.

She measures 30B-21-33 - there's that plump ass I told you about. She has very large pussy lips that hang low, surrounding her rather large hole. She's not at all tight after four natural childbirths. And again, she is very experienced, and wild.

###Dax (Me)

Im a big guy - 6'3" and 215 lbs. I have a shaved head and brown eyes. I'm very muscular, with a six pack and pretty impressive biceps. Like Vanessa, I'm always in the gym. People say I can be intimidating.

My cock measures 4.5 inches long, and is about average thickness. It looks even smaller on my large frame. Vanessa, thankfully, thinks it's cute.


I'll let you read more about Chloe below, but here's an overview. Chloe stands tall at 5'11", and weighs 140 lbs. she measures a perfect 36C-24-38. That's a 38 - her ass is big, round, and perfectly firm.

She has long straight blond hair and crystal clear blue eyes. 36C, big firm ass. All hair has been lasered off, and she has the tightest pussy in the world. It's like a fucking vice. A magical little vice. Sometimes I feel like there are jealousy issues with Vanessa.

On to my story.

Vanessa and I have been busy lately, and managed to go a full week without sex. Normally we are an "every night" couple, despite the challenges of raising four small children.

By the time Saturday night came around, we were both on edge, and we almost spoiled our dessert. Our dessert, of course, was the incredibly lovely Chloe. Vanessa is beautiful, but Chloe is by far the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. She is breathtaking. Her body is the perfect female body - perfect in every way. Let me tell you a little about her.

Chloe stands a tall 5'11", and weighs just 140 lbs. She has long blond hair and crystal clear blue eyes.

She is not slight like my wife - no, she has the perfect hourglass figure. She measures 36C-24-38, if you must know. She has large, firm, incredibly perky, anti-gravity breasts with the softest skin. She has an impossibly tiny waist, and then a large, impossibly firm ass. All of this would be enough to make her the perfect woman. But I haven't even gushed about Chloe's greatest asset.

The places where Chloe's perfect legs meet is that asset. Unencumbered by hair (all hair except the golden hair on her head was lasered off, like Vanessa) lies perfection. Chloe's pussy is the very best I have ever had. Her lips are tiny and flawless. She is *very* orgasmic with any attention to the region. And her pussy itself... My goodness. Chloe has the tightest pussy in the world. It's like a fucking vice, but a vice filled with unspeakable perfection, and it's the source of my greatest pleasure. Chloe was designed to please men, and nothing else.

As you can imagine, Vanessa has some jealousy issues. Coping with that is why we only get together with Chloe about 3 times a year. Believe me - I was it was more often. I don't push though, because I don't want to ruin what we have.

Chloe is Vanessa's high school friend's little sister. They've known each other most of their lives, and the three of us had our first threesome together before V and I were married. In fact, that was my very first threesome, and I was hooked. (V was more experienced than I, and had a couple threesomes before.) I still remember a moment in that very first threesome. I was about to enter Chloe for the first time, when Vanessa told me to wait, that there were rules. She explained and I hastily agreed wanting nothing more than to plow my cock into the perfect woman before me. I didn't even blink when I agreed to let another man fuck Vanessa. I would say I regret it, but clearly, you don't understand how perfect Chloe is.

So, enough backstory for now. Saturday night was here, and the kids (all 4) were at V's mom's until Sunday night. I was just out of the shower, and V had jumped in when I heard the doorbell.

"I've got it." I tell my wife.

Bounding down the hall in just a towel, I open the door to an angel. It was actually Chloe, but it might as well have been an angel. There she stood, with her flowing golden hair, angelic face, and an obscenely short, tight white dress. Her perfect breasts were on display thanks to the low cut, and her perfect legs were demanding my attention too.

I stop staring long enough to welcome Chloe in, exchanging kisses on the cheek with her. Remember, Chloe and I aren't to have any sexual contact without Vanessa. I pour Chloe a large glass of wine, then excuse myself to get dressed and check on V.

V was toweling off when I returned. My obvious erection is threatening to poke a hole through my towel, but I manage to stuff it into a pair of boxers. Vanessa, meanwhile, just chooses a tiny white camisole.

V and I return to the living room to see Chloe pouring herself another glass. We join in, and before long, we are all feeling a nice buzz.

We're all sitting on the couch - Me, Vanessa, and Chloe. Soon I look over, and V has her hand high on Chloe's gorgeous, tanned thigh, lifting her dress high - their lips meet, and I am nearly in heaven. The two hottest women I have ever seen are making out next to me.

More wine flows, and V and Chloe both lose their clothes, as do I. V is on the floor between Chloe's spread legs. I move closer so I can watch my wife pleasure our lover. Chloe's hand reaches out and begins to stroke my rock-hard cock, and I press my tongue into her mouth, my hands finding those perfect breasts.

It seems like no time at all has passed before Chloe begins to cry out in her first orgasm of the evening. I am enjoying her handjob, but I need more. I gently remove her hand and rise, then position myself behind Vanessa. I lift her onto her hands and knees, grasp hold of her miniscule waist, and plunge my cock into her sopping wet pussy. It slips in easily past her folds, and I'm immediately buried inside.

V's pussy is fantastic - large, thick, meaty lips, sopping wet, incredibly hot. It doesn't squeeze my cock - instead it softly teases it. It is not tight, but it feels warm, safe, fantastic. I begin to pound away, alternating holding tight to her waist and then grasping her round little ass. All the while, I am intently watching her eat Chloe.

Though I haven't cum in a week, I could fuck my wife for hours.

Chloe is coming down from her second orgasm, and V is giving her clit a break. I sense my opportunity - I pull out of V and move back to the couch. I gently tell Chloe to sit on my lap, facing away.

Through the fog of liquor and post-orgasmic bliss, she slowly climbs up, turns around, displaying that perfect, big round ass, and slowly lowers herself onto me. My raging erection has no trouble finding that tiny part of her, the source of my greatest pleasure. The second my cock enters her pussy, I can't help but moan out loud. I feel the most intense pressure, along with almost unbearable heat. Slowly Chloe lowers herself onto me, and I am in heaven. I feel as if I could burst soon - the contrast between V's pussy and Chloe's is stark.

Slowly, sensing my urgency, Chloe begins to rise and fall, delivering intense pleasure to me. Suddenly she cries out, and I feel her body rack with another orgasm - V decided to lick her clit while she rides me.

Soon I feel V's tongue on my shaft as it slides in and out of heaven. I feel my own orgasm building dangerously fast, but I feel like it's under control. Next I feel V gently take one of my balls into her mouth, then slowly take the other. I've never been with another woman who could take both my balls into her mouth at the same time.

Gently she begins to suck my balls, all while Chloe rises and falls, squeezing my cock like nothing else. Suddenly, I feel the most intense pleasure of my life, and I realize that I'm cumming, deep inside Chloe's most sacred place, breaking V and I's most important rule - something I'd never done before.

My orgasm is shockingly powerful and violent - my entire body racks with pleasure.

Realizing what happened, Chloe slowly rises to her feet, realizing her iron grip on my cock. V gently releases my balls from her mouth, one at a time. She wraps her lips around my cock, taking the entire length in her mouth, and sucks the last few drops from me. She gives me a look that I don't understand - rage mixed with lust.

Quickly she moves over to Chloe, and presses her lips against Chloe's cum-filled hole. V licks and sucks with a fury, driving Chloe to another pair of orgasms as she sucks out every drop of my cum. Satisfied that she got it all, she rises, straddles me, and forces her lips against mine.

Her tongue pushes between my lips, and I feel a warm, thick liquid in my mouth. I quickly realize that she's pushing my own misplaced semen into my mouth as punishment for breaking the rules. I've never had cum in my mouth, so I wasn't sure what to do. V broke off the kiss, leaving me with a mouthful. She moves to my ear and whispers "swallow." My eyes must have doubled in size at the idea, but V just nodded.

Resigned, and horrified at what I had done, I swallowed. The thick liquid stuck in my throat. V leans in to whisper again "Your punishment will come later."

With that, she rose and quickly, Chloe was between V's legs. Despite all her man-pleasing abilities, Chloe can apparently eat the hell out of a pussy. Less than a minute passed before V was clenching in her own orgasm.

We went to bed shortly after that - V in the middle, of course. I lay awake both thinking about the incredible night, Chloe's pussy, and what lay in store for me.

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