tagLoving WivesVanessa and I - Ch 12: Bikinis

Vanessa and I - Ch 12: Bikinis


Di and Seth just arrived at our place, and V was in the kitchen finishing up with lunch prep. I opened the door and greeted our guests - first embracing Di in a warm hug, and then planting a light kiss on her lips. We both felt the electricity but were interrupted when Seth chimed in.

"What the hell Dax?"

Realizing what I did, I thought fast, and decided to run with it. Laughing, I said, "Sorry man, I didn't mean any disrespect. V and I are trying to be more cultural - in Europe that's how you greet guests." I move toward him with my hand outstretched, and he visibly holds back, shaking my hand at a distance, still unsure.

"V, come on over and greet our guests Euro style."

V saunters in, grabbing the attention of the three of us with her stunning beauty. She walks straight to Seth and wraps her arms around him, pressing her body against his in a warm hug. She then leans up and presses her lips firmly against his, her tongue forcing its way between his lips for a moment.

Before either he or Di could protest, V broke off the kiss, and hugs Di, then does the same to her, pressing her tongue deep into Di's mouth, and exploring for a few moments. Finally she breaks off the kiss and there's an awkward moment of silence.

"Beer, anyone?" I helpfully offer. I'm treated to a chorus of Yes's, and head off to the kitchen. I return with 4 uncapped bottles of my new favorite beer, the double-strength high alcohol one. We all drain our bottles over small talk, and soon sit down to a nice meal, adding another 2 or 3 bottles each while we ate.

Conversation flowed with alcohol as the lubricant, and when we were done, everyone was at least drunk. V and Di were completely glassy-eyed and stumbling, while Seth wasn't far behind. They were all far past making any good decisions.

After we cleaned up, everyone still sipping *their* new favorite beers, V exclaimed:

"Now I think it's time for a swim. Who's up?"

Everyone was, of course. Who doesn't like swimming?

"Oh that reminds me" I say. "I got you ladies something. I hope that's OK, Seth?"

"Yea man that's great." Seth has no problem with my gift, though he doesn't yet know what my gift is.

I go to the bedroom and return with two tiny boxes. I hand one to my wife, and one to Di. "Go ahead. Open them."

The ladies curiously open their gifts. Di pulls out a white bikini, triangle tops with small boyshort bottoms. V pulls out a tiny white g-string bottom. I did not bother buying her a top, since she wouldn't wear it anyway.

"I thought it would be nice if you two matched. What do you think?"

Di practically cooed "Dax that's so thoughtful of you. It's so nice." She hopped up and planted a kiss on my cheek, and then bounded off to the bathroom to change.

A few minutes later she returned, and our conversation immediately died. As she nervously came into view, we were all in awe. The triangle tops were a bit smaller than she was used to, showing some pale untanned skin, but more decent than anything V used to wear. But the suit was incredibly thin and unlined. The outline of her nipples were faintly visible through the top. The bottom was slightly smaller than she was used to, but again, not obscene. I made a subtle spin around motion, and Di slowly spun, giving us all a great view of about half of her ample ass.

Seth was the first to speak. "Y...y...You look amazing."

I changed next, into my bright yellow bikini suit, and then Seth into his flowery board shorts. Finally V changed, and emerged, and we all just stared.

V's deep bronze skin was flawless, and her tits were firm and perky, her nipples achingly hard. But we weren't even looking there.

The matching white suit I had chosen for V was also unbelievably thin and unlined. It was also a size smaller than she normally wears. Now, I've mentioned V's labia before, but I haven't really given them the praise they deserve. Her labia are simply massive. They are long, thick. They hang down very obviously when she is naked, long thick flaps.

In this bikini, she had to carefully fold them inside. The edges of the bikini were tight against her, and her labia made the bikini bulge out dramatically. In fact, her bikini bulge wasn't much smaller than mine. It was glorious.

Without another word, we grab a fresh round of beer and head outside, all jumping in the pool.

We swim and mess around drunkenly for a while, and eventually V hops out to go tan. I watch her tight little ass as she climbs the ladder, and watch as she goes to lay down. When she turns around, I see my plan worked. Her thin white bikini turned utterly transparent when wet. It was a second, invisible skin, and her bikini bulge looked positively huge. Her pussy lips were in full view. I wasn't the only one who noticed. Di breathed in sharply, and Seth made a shocked sound.

I pretend not to notice as I climb out, and take a deep swig of beer, and hand Di hers. She drinks deeply, draining her bottle, takes a deep breath, and then heads toward the ladder. She climbs, and I openly stare as her bikini top has turned sheer, and her fat tits are all mine to enjoy. As she climbs, my gaze drops to the sheer bikini bottom now showing off her tight, tiny cunt.

"Wow. You are beautiful. Seth, your wife is just... beautiful."

Seth, slightly red faced and not sure what to think, the alcohol surely clouding his thinking, climbs out of the pool and stares openly at V's bronze tits, then her massive pussy lips through her sheer bikini bottom.

"Your wife is as hot as any woman I've ever seen." Seth slurs.

There wasn't time for it to get uncomfortable, because Di was clumsily pulling her bikini straps down over her shoulders.

"What are you doing?" Seth asked his wife, alarm in his voice.

Di looks at him disapprovingly. "It's com-completely see through. Everyone has already s-seen them, so I might as well be comforbable and get some sun. Are you going to help or what?"

Seth froze for a moment, before helping his wife peel her bikini top off, her round tits bouncing free, tasting the sun for one of the first times.

I can't find the right words, so I don't use any. I just take another drink and lay down on the chair next to my wife. Di lays down next to me, and Seth next to her. I couldn't have been happier - a stunning topless woman on either side of me.

V continued to drink recklessly. Hell, we all did. Before I knew it, V was climbing on top of me, rubbing herself against my cock as she kissed me softly.

My cock begins to stiffen, which is a problem in the suit I'm wearing. I feel it lift away from my body, and I know if V gets off of me, I'll be exposed.

"Maybe, uh, maybe, uh we should uh, maybe we should go." Di stammers.

"Or you could stay. If you wanted to." V breathes softly, her kisses trailing down my neck as she continued to grind on me.

Seth looks at his wife and shrugs, obviously interested but unsure. "We don't have to go, right?" He asks.

V has kissed her way down my body, and peeled my suit down, and my cock springs free from its tiny Lycra prison, fully hardening instantly. V wraps her expert lips around my cock and takes it fully into her mouth in one swift stroke, and begins to work me like the expert cocksucker she is.

"No baby, we don't have to go." Di whispers to Seth as she stares right at the action.

V removes her mouth from my cock for a moment to say those fateful words. "Good. I want you to stay. I want both of you." My cock was painfully hard as V took it between her lips once more.

My wife working on me, I took a chance. I said to Seth "You know, she's really quite good. V's mouth is amazing."

Taking the bait, and half to my surprise, he responded honestly, drunkenly. "I would love to know first hand."

V isn't ignoring the conversation. She looks up at me, my cock between her lips, and asks the question with her eyes.

"If Di doesn't mind, why don't you show be a good neighbor and show Seth what I mean?"

V turns her head slightly to look at Di, who nods silently, mesmerized by the moment. And the alcohol.

With a pop, V releases my engorged cock and rises, stumbling past Di and over to Seth. My wife straddles our neighbor and grinds her nearly bare pussy against him, and presses her mouth to his, their tongues entwined. It didn't seem to bother him that just moments ago those lips were wrapped around my cock. That's the power of V. She is so much sexier than any woman, men just lose their minds around her and do things they never would have thought possible.

V doesn't waste much time though. Soon she is between Seth's legs, yanking his board shorts down. He's not yet hard, but flaccid, he looks to be on the small side... Smaller than me. V takes him between her lips and begins to work.

Knowing that Seth is utterly distracted, and even though none of of have talked about it, I climb over to Di and begin to kiss her. We kiss like old lovers who haven't touched each other in years. My hands and mouth attack her neck, her breasts, her soft belly, and finally I peel her sheer bikini bottoms off and begin to eat her. The taste of her nectar is better than any wine I've ever had.

V didn't waste time on Seth. He's definitely a grower - he went from small soft to big hard - about as thick as me, but maybe 6 inches long. His eyes were rolling back in his head as he kept a hand on the back of my wife's head, forcing his cock as far as it could go, clearly past the point of no return, as he pumped a fresh load of cum down my wife's throat. V's cocksucking skills are legendary, but I don't think I've ever seen her finish the job that fast.

I turn my attention back to Di. Within minutes she is moaning loudly, crying out my name, gripping my head and pushing it against her clit as her body bucks in back to back orgasms. I climb atop her and guide my cock to her glistening hole, gently pushing it inside, feeling it grip me tightly. As we moan together, I look over to see V laying next to Seth, while he stared in shock at his wife getting fucked. Maybe he was just expecting blowjobs?

Once fully inside, I fuck Di savagely, not asking for permission, not waiting, just enjoying one of the best pussies I've ever had.

"Your wife has a fucking virgin's cunt, man. She's so fucking tight." I let loose, telling the truth. Di's cunt is incredible.

I reach the point of no return and let loose, my cock exploding inside Di, flooding her cunt with my seed.

"You're pulling out, right? Di's not on anything." Seth says hopefully. I just laugh for my answer, and Di giggles. I pull out and drop down between my neighbor / lovers legs and begin to eat her again, tasting her delicious nectar mixed with my own cum. I quickly bring her to another orgasm and then climb back on top of her to rest, as I look over.

V is guiding Seth's hand to her now-bare cunt. He plays with her lips absentmindedly for a moment, and then stops. V tries stroking his flaccid cock, but he brushes her away, apparently not yet ready to go again.

I didn't have the same problem, as Di was able to get me hard again with no problem. I urged Di to get on top of me. We switched places and she lowered herself on to me. Slowly, then faster she rose and fell, both of our moans getting louder and faster. Her hand went to her clit and rubbed it furiously, and she came loudly once, and then twice. The second time her tiny cunt clamped down on my cock and squeezed the cum right out of it. I moaned loudly as I came, squeezing her big round ass as I filled her cunt her once more.

Di collapsed on top of me, kissing me passionately as we rested, my hands kneading her ass.

As we breathed heavily and came back to our senses, I couldn't help but catch part of the conversation between V and Seth.

"Baby why don't you eat me while you recover?" V asked, in an almost begging voice.

Seth, clearly not interested, replied in a bored voice "Nah not right now, I just came."

V can be a little harsh when she's scorned. Not wanting to lose the opportunity to fuck my hot neighbor, I offer a solution. "Baby come over here, I can take care of you."

I whisper in Di's ear not to get off me as I push her up so she is straddling me, my softening cock still locked tight between her legs. V comes over wobbling and straddles my face, lowering her cunt and massive labia directly onto my mouth as, I assume, she looks at Di.

I lap at her delicious pussy and nibble on her massive, meaty lips like I was starving. Soon her scorn is forgotten as her body shakes, and she finds her release.

Keeping Di on top of me while I ate my wife just turned me on all over again, and I grew hard inside Di. I thrust my hips up gently as Di half giggles / half moans. Di begins to rise and fall on me once more, commenting on my persistence.

I decide to go all in, and reach up to find V's hand, grasp it, and guide it to one of Di's fat tits. V doesn't need persuading as she expertly grasps her tit, stroking and squeezing her nipple. Di, shocked, moans.

Deciding to press my luck, I find Di's hand and firmly move it, guiding it to my wife's tiny, perfect breast. I move her hand against V's breast, encouraging her to try something she had never done before. Finally, Slowly, Di begins to slowly knead V's breast, takes a nipple between her fingers.

V moans, whether from my attention to her cunt or Di's attention to her tit, I don't know. Soon I could feel them both lean forward, and I could hear them kissing, slowly, hesitantly. Then more urgently, all the while Di rose and fell on my cock, and V grinded on my face.

Their moans rose in tandem, until V came once more, and Di immediately came after. After a short rest, V clumsily climbed from my face, her delicious juices everywhere. Then Di climbed off as well, leaving my cock painfully hard and on edge.

Her whole body was shaking in pleasure and exhaustion, but she wasn't going to leave me unsatisfied. Immediately she dropped down between my legs and took my entire cock in her mouth, and gave me one of her special awkward blowjobs. It was exactly what I needed.

Once I felt my third orgasm approaching, I gently lifted her off my cock slightly, but held her face just inches away as I gave it a few strokes. A torrent of semen erupted from my cock, far more then I expected given my busy night. Rope after rope flew onto Di's pretty face, cum getting her her mouth, on her cheeks, her chin, her nose. A bit hit her on the forehead.

She took my cockhead between her lips once more to get out the last drops before rising unsteadily to her feet. V was there to greet her, embracing Di, pressing her lips against Di's. Di's lips parted, and V's tongue slipped inside, as they shared my cum.

I could not look away. Our beautiful neighbor, her face covered in cum, kissing my perfect wife.

Eventually they broke off the kiss, and Di finally laughed. "I'm covered."

We all shared a laugh, and she hopped in the pool to wash it off. Meanwhile, Seth was back in action with a raging boner of his own, but nowhere to put it.

"V, do you want to..." He said without confidence. He wanted my wife's cunt. He could have had it earlier, but V wasn't interested now. "Baby I'm all worn out, but you can take care of yourself if you want. I'll watch."

With that, V lay down on the chair next to Seth, and he froze, his cock twitching. "Go ahead baby, I want to watch you." Maybe it was her sexy voice. Maybe it was her perky, perfect tits, with her rock hard nipples. Either way, Seth grasped his cock and started to jerk off with an audience.

After a while, his other hand wandered, and V let him fondle her tits. He stroked and stroked, but couldn't seem to get it done. He grasped her hand and placed it on his cock.

V audibly sighed, and with the most bored look on her face, began to stroke him. In addition to giving master blowjobs, V gives the best handjobs. Very soon it was clear he was ready to blow.

V could sense it as well, and suddenly she released his cock. It twitched violently, and suddenly cum started to dribble out onto his abdomen. He went to stroke it, but V held his hand firmly as his cock twitched and writhed, dribbling semen, his orgasm ruined.

Everyone spent, we all just lay in silence for a while. Everyone was tired, drunk, and utterly satisfied. Eventually people started realizing they were naked, and started getting dressed. As we were saying our goodbyes, they included the usual hugs, but also the new kisses.

As Seth pulled away from his kiss with V, he said "I think we should do this again."

No one argued.

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