tagLoving WivesVanessa and I - Ch 14: Best Friends

Vanessa and I - Ch 14: Best Friends


V & Di have begun spending most of their time together. They have coffee and brunch together every morning. They sunbathe together - though V uses tanning oil, and Di prefers sunscreen. They talk and gossip, shop together, etc. It's becoming a tad strange to see one without the other.

I have spent some time making some home improvements over the last month or two with my free time. First, the easy part. Since V & Di have become so close, and in fact, the four of us have been hanging together so frequently, we all agreed it should be easier. I installed a gate in the fence between our back yards. Now we can all come and go as we please, without having to go in and out the front doors.

The tougher project was to re-do the outdoor shower. The wood I used last time was apparently bad, as it had begun to rot. So I had to tear it all out, leaving only the shower heads. This time, I went with pressure-treated posts for longevity, and lightly frosted glass. No doors this time - I made the entire setup a bit wider, with slim entryways on the men's and women's sides that remains open. The frosted glass starts two feet off the ground, and stops at four feet now, a half foot shorter than before. It still gives V and I enough privacy while we shower.

I kept the center divider, still a full foot shorter than the surrounding walls. It is made of traditional glass, no frosting. There's little privacy inside the shower.

From the outside, silhouettes and body shapes are quite visible, though not much detail. If I had gone any lighter on the glass frosting, I don't think anyone would use the shower.

Seth & Di were over this sunny afternoon for a cookout - nothing much strange about that. We ate a few hours ago, and have all been enjoying the day , goofing around in the pool and soaking up the rays. All of us were completely hammered after way, way too much beer.

"Hey Seth, mind taking a pic of Di & me?" V asks innocently. "My phone is.. oh fuck it's inside. Use yours and send it to me."

I'm not exaggerating when I say that Seth pitched a tent in his board shorts. His hands shaking, he fumbles to grab his camera, and starts snapping as soon as V & Di were holding hands and smiling.

I should have said something of course. He can take as many pics of his wife as he wants. But right now, this man is taking pics of his wife in a thin white bikini, and my wife, bronzed goddess that she is, completely topless. V leans over to kiss Di on the cheek. Seth is sure to snap those.

"Come on, give her a real kiss" I egg them on. V looks at me scornfully, then shrugs, looks at Di, and presses her lips against hers. Di resists for a half second before giving in. I've never heard a camera fire so fast.

It didn't go anywhere else, unfortunately, as V pulled off, smile at Seth and thanked him for his help. I think he should have thanked her.

V hopped up to shower, turned the water on, and quickly her g-string appeared on the frosted glass wall. Her perfect form was distorted but quite visible. It was incredibly sexy.

Seth didn't even say anything as he quickly followed V, hopping on his side to use the new shower for the first time. Di & I could hear see and hear him gasp slightly in shock and the lack of any pretension of privacy inside. I'm sure he was enjoying every curve of my wife's perfect body. Since the new shower is so low, it was clear that he was staring at her the whole time.

Finally they finish their showers, towel up, and head inside to change. Di & I take our turn in the shower, and I make no attempt to hide my gaze as I take in her fat tits, soft belly, and plump ass, unburdened by the thin bikini that now lies on the wall. I close my eyes for a moment as the water rushes over me, and in a flash, I feel Di crawling under the partition to my side of the shower. She stays low, on her knees, and takes my cock into her mouth with one motion, and it goes from half-hard to rock hard at light speed. I moan softly as she gives me a sloppy, unskilled blowjob before my senses come back. "Di, V and Seth are right inside. They could come out at any time."

"You better finish fast then." is her reply, and she takes her lips off my cock.

Before she can put it back, I lift her to her feet, spin her around, and press her head down. Her body bends at the waist, her round ass pressed against me. I stuff my raging erection between her tight lips, and her cunt grips me as I enter. I thrust quickly and roughly, amazed at the tightness and heat. Quickly I find release, and pump my ecstasy deep into Di's perfect little cunt.

Hearing some noise inside, Di quickly pulls off me and crawls back to her side of the shower. The back door opens, and a clothed Seth & V come out. Well, Seth was clothed normally. V was dressed quite scandalously. She chose a pair of lime micro running shorts (clearly bare underneath) and a black top, loose and very low cut. At rest, her tiny Queen of Spades tattoo was quite visible. If she leaned forward or moved quickly, her perfect tits would be exposed.

Di & I did our best to calmly finish our showers, cleaning the sex off of us, before drying and heading in to change.

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