tagLoving WivesVanessa and I - Ch 18: For You

Vanessa and I - Ch 18: For You


I was only home for a week after I fucked my wife & Di together before I had to leave on another long trip. I didn't see Di again the rest of that week, which was disappointing.

Four weeks in Japan was hard. Talking to V every day, with plenty of FaceTime sex and sexy pictures & videos helped. I would stroke myself on camera while she filled her gaping hole with some of the biggest dildos you can find. I came often during the trip, but I was ready to get home and get inside of her. Plus, I missed fucking my neighbor's tight cunt too.

One night V and I were talking after a FaceTime mutual masturbation session, and I told her something I've been thinking about.

"I want to change one thing about our sex life."

"Go ahead" V replied, no worry in her voice.

"I want to go back to an old rule that we used to live by. I can't cum inside another woman's pussy, and other guys can't cum inside your pussy."

"You don't want to cum inside Di anymore?" V asked, her voice full of teasing.

I hesitated. "I... I do."

"Then you don't Ty or anyone else cumming inside of me? Does it make you jealous?"

"It does make me jealous...but I like that. It's hot as fuck. I just think we were... a little bit closer when we had that rule."

"It's important to you?"

"It is."

"OK. Deal." V replied, the smile never leaving her lips.

We finished up our call and went to bed. It was another week before I was finally home, and I was sure V had a special evening planned for us. She met me at baggage claim wearing a scandalously short, skin tight, bright red dress. It was cut low, the deep V plunging down nearly to her naval. The back was dangerously low as well, dipping nearly to the crack of her perfect ass. The hemline came to just below that perfect rear.

She was clearly wearing no bra, there was no room for it, and her nipples were rock hard and clearly the center of attention. However she was wearing a G string, the lines visible through the skin-tight dress. Normally when she wears dresses like this, she skips the panties.

I lift her up and hug her, kissing her deeply, my hands grasping her around her minuscule waist, no doubt part of her ass clearly on display to those behind her. I didn't care.

We collected my luggage and made it to the car, V in the passenger seat and me driving. That's when I noticed a faint humming. We head out and get on the highway before I have to ask.

"What's that?" I asked

"Hmm?" V asked innocently

"The humming sound. It almost sounds like a vibrator."

"Oh that. It's probably these." V nonchalantly pulls her dress up, then slips her G string to the side to reveal her huge, glistening labia. She reaches just inside herself and pulls out a large metal ball, probably two and a half inches in diameter. The humming intensifies, as the large metal ball vibrates violently. V reaches inside twice more, to pull out a total of three large balls.

I swerved slightly as I nearly lost control of the truck.

"I've been wearing these since I left the house, and I am going fucking wild. I need to get fucked so bad." V moans, slipping the huge balls back in her cunt one by one, moaning louder as her hungry cunt slurps up one after another. She slips her G string back into place, carefully tucking away her huge labia. She didn't bother pulling her dress back down.

I drive about 90 miles per hour the rest of the way home, my cock throbbing painfully.

We arrived home, and we both rushed for the front door as fast as we could, me fumbling with the key as V stood behind me, moaning as the huge balls vibrated inside her, her hand in my trousers, finding my painfully hard cock.

Finally my hands work, the key turns, and we push inside. We're kissing passionately, our hands mauling each other, as we fumble our way to the bedroom. My hand is on the doorknob when V stops me.

"I forgot to tell you something. I hope it's ok."

"What?" I say, my hands kneading her perfectly formed ass.

"We have company." V smiles wickedly as we press into the bedroom.

On the bed, wearing nothing but a damp black G string to match V's, is our sexy neighbor Di.

Her round, fat tits are several shades darker than the last time I saw them. They nearly matched the rest of her quickly darkening skin.

"I thought you would never get back." Di says to V. "I can't take these any more."

I tear my eyes away from Di's fat tits and soft stomach to look quizzingly at V.

V doesn't say a word, but instead slips Di's G string off, Di's perfect little cunt positively dripping. I see a glint of metal clearly visible as her little hole gapes open slightly. V climbs on top of V, not helping my raging erection, and makes out with her as her fingers work Di's clit gently, and then slowly removes the metal torture device from her cunt. I watch as a ball plops heavily on to the bed - identical to the ones inside of my own wife. Soon, a second ball falls to the bed, vibrating violently, as Di simultaneously sighs in relief and moans in regret.

I stared in disbelief, unsure how V was able to fit one, let alone two of these massive balls into Di's tight little cunt.

No matter. I pulled the ladies over to the edge of the bed, V still on top of Di. They continued to make out, their tongues intertwining, their hands wandering over each other's perfect bodies.

I slid off V's G string, reached my hand into her cunt to remove her metal balls one after another, reaching deep to gather the third. Her cunt finally empty, I mounted V, grasped her tiny waist, and pressed my cock into her sopping wet, fiery hot, massive, gaping pussy. My cock was enveloped by the warmth, but no friction could be found. I reach inside her to grasp my cock, and stroke myself inside of her as she moans, Di also moaning from V's attention.

Pulling out of V, I re-angle myself, and press my cock into Di, expecting the night and day difference from V's massive hole. Instead, I'm greeted with a similar, but much less extreme feeling. Di's cunt doesn't squeeze tight around my cock. It's flaming hot, as wet as any I've had, but not tight at all. It felt great, but different. I shake it off and begin to fuck Di, nearing my release.

"I'm going to cum soon." I cry out.

"Don't forget our deal." V is quick to point out. I groan audibly, forgetting in that moment. Just before I burst, I pull out, wrap my hand around my cock, and press it into V. Stream after stream of boiling hot semen shoots into my wife's cavern. Spent for the moment, I get off V.

She doesn't waste time - neither of the ladies have cum yet. V climbs down between Di's legs, reaches over to the nightstand, and grasps a fairly normal size dildo. It's maybe 8 inches long, and average thickness. She slides it into Di, Di's pussy hungrily taking every inch, Di crying out "More, more" every step along the way.

Fully inside, V fucks Di with the 8 inch dong, Di continuing to cry out "Fuck, give me more." V pauses with the cock fully inside Di, and reaches back to the table. She wraps her hand around another, similarly sized rubber cock.


Pausing to add a bit of lube, V positions the second rubber cockhead at the entrance of Di's cunt, next to the other fully inserted cock. Slowly she begins to apply pressure. Slowly, very slowly, Di's cunt begins to open, stretching wider, wide enough to accommodate this second cock. I stared in disbelief, my own throbbing erection returning, as V expertly slides the second 8 inch cock into Di.

Slowly she pulls both cocks most of the way out, the slowly back in. Out, in, out, in, Di's tight cunt stretched wide around these two cocks.

Di was nearing her first orgasm of the night, her moans intensifying. "Dax baby. I've been practicing for you. God it feels so fucking good. Oh my God." Soon she was thrashing on the bed, her cries of raw pleasure uncontrollable. Coming down off her high, V slowly removes one, then the second dildo, Di's pussy hanging slightly open as she sighs. A few gentle fingers to Di's clit, and she was back in the game, seemingly not far from a second orgasm.

"I want you to want me as much as you want V." Di cries out honestly. V removes her fingers from Di's clit, tucks her thumb into her palm, and presses her hand against Di's gaping hole. Freshly slack from the double-fucking, Di's cunt easily accepted V's tiny hand.

Gently, V fist-fucked our neighbor, Di's moans rising again, faster and faster.

But there was more.

V pulled her fist out, quickly covered her hands with lube, and re-entered. Pressing her right hand deep inside Di, V pressed four fingers from her left hand against the slippery hole. With a little protest, Di's cunt stretched wider, V's fingers slipping inside, her cries of pleasure nearing their crescendo.

A nonchalant tucking of the thumb later, some firm pressure, and suddenly, my wife was double-fist fucking our tight-pussied neighbor as she had an incredibly powerful set of four back to back to back to back orgasms.

Once the last of Di's eruptions subsided, V gently removed one, then her other hand.

I wasted no time in pushing V to the and mounting Di, pressing my rock-hard cock into her stretched-out cunt.

"Mmmmm I worked so hard for you baby. Oh God V has been helping me. Tell me you love my pussy."

Thrusting inside her sloppy, loose cunt, I missed her tightness, and throbbed for her looseness.

"I love your pussy."

"Then give it to me. Give it to me like you give it to your wife." Di begged. "Put your fucking hand inside me and fuck me. Damn it Dax do it."

I pull out of Di's lax pussy, wrap my massive hand around my cock, and slowly push against her gaping hole. Slowly, slowly, my hand slides inside. It takes a minute, but finally my hand is fully inside Di, wrapped around my cock. Gently I begin to stroke myself as she moans, and I know I wont' last long. After a minute, I have to pull out.

"V, I need to fuck you." I pull V back on top of Di, and reach for the dildos from earlier. I slip them both easily inside my wife's gaping cavern. They slide inside with no friction, her cunt hungry for more. I've never fucked her with two dildos inside of her, but still I pressed my cock inside. Her cunt took me, and I tripled-fucked her. I lasted about a minute before I pulled out, spraying her labia, and Di's, with my second huge load of the night.

V purrs below me. "There's no limits with either of us, Dax. No limits."

I try to process that as the fatigue from my long flight, and grueling sex session sets in. I need to sleep.

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by Anonymous

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by 26thNC01/13/19


HDK is staying true to his "be nice"resolution, but he is struggling. I tried it, but only made it one day. I predict that HDK won't make it past Feb. Unless the stories improve drastically.

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by Anonymous01/11/19

SImply awful

I don't know what to say, this was so badly done. Please stop.

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by patillie01/11/19

This has devolved into a freak show

like sword swallowing, how much can the ladies take in their cunts. Honestly the earlier installments were more interesting when we werent sure if Dax was a cuck, if V was a cheater, etc.

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by Harddaysknight01/11/19

Great use of the alphabet in 2019!

We have V, Dax, Di, and Ty, or is that Ty-Di? Why waste time and effort actually typing entire names when there are initials available? I give this story two fists up... a sloppy pussy! I am on the edgemore...

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by sbrooks103x01/11/19


Story started over FIVE years ago. EIGHTEEN chapters, all one page except for one two page chapter. The two parts the The Punishment and The Client almost a YEAR apart?

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