tagGroup SexVanessa's Dissonance Ch. 04

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 04


Over the next few weeks, Vanessa got used to getting fucked once a day by one of the partners. They began turning up the wildness a notch gathering in a bureau two or three at a time banging her as hard as they could. And Vanessa could feel herself losing more and more inhibitions.

During the entire working day, she felt elated, a tingly itch prickling between her loins. She started betting with herself which partner would fuck her that day. Although she didn't like to admit it, she needed cock every day now to still her craving. She also started wearing more and more provocative dresses her skirts becoming shorter and her cleavage deeper.

With all the money she was earning now, she could afford to buy only designer clothes and lots of jewelry. She loved parading them in front of her colleagues' eyes sensing their gazes, jealous and snide looks that hardened her nipples every time, and this way earned even more looks from them.

She knew that the other secretaries started gossiping about her. They started calling her a slut but she loved the thought of it. She was far more beautiful, she earned more money and she could arouse any man she wanted to.

So who cared about these poor old women?

All these sensations were increasing the ache in her pussy over the day until at closing time she was so excited that she couldn't wait for a partner to call her into his bureau willing to please him any way he wanted to.

During the weekends, she had started prancing through shopping malls in the skimpiest dresses she could find drawing greedy gazes from men and derogative ones from their wives. She could see the women leaning over to their men calling her a skank as soon as she had passed them. She knew that the same woman would look jealous at her if she passed them with her designer clothes and jewelry the next day wishing to be in her place.

This discrepancy turned her on the most although she didn't really understand why. All she knew was that the thought of seeming cold and untouchable for some people while coming over as slutty and easy for others excited her tremendously.

The first weeks of her new job had also proven her fear of losing her boyfriend Mark as inappropriate. Over the course of the day, she became so randy that one fuck a day couldn't satisfy her lust. Coming home in the evening, she was ready to jump Mark to get another good screwing. This way, their sex life had increased rather then decreased.

Some days ago, she had met Maria and some of her new rich friends. She had dressed as high-class but also as tantalisingly as possible. When Maria had seen her walking up, her jaw had dropped to the floor. Even her posh new friends had been impressed by her. The men couldn't stop gazing at her stunning curves but hadn't even dared to hit on her as she gave them the impression of a posh ice queen.

The women on the other side had liked her formidable taste in clothes and jewelry chatting friendly with her. She had put her old friend back in her former place. Now, she was the main attraction again leaving Maria without a chance to score anymore.

It had given her such a sense of delight that the smile hadn't faded from her face for the next two consecutive days and she had fucked the partners more vigorously than ever before.

Her good mood hadn't changed until today. And today was a special day. Stanton had sealed a deal with some new affiliates and they wanted to celebrate the signing. Therefore, they had met in the penthouse of the most exclusive hotel in town and she was supposed to be the main attraction.

She knew exactly what Stanton was expecting of her. He wanted her to sweeten the deal for the new affiliates, to make sure that the co-operation would exist for a long time.

Her excitement had increased over the entire week until it had hit its peak today. Furthermore, no partner had ordered her into his bureau after work for the entire week and Stanton had ordered her to keep her hands off Mark. So she had feigned a cold and by now was ready to climb the walls from pure lust.

Today, she hadn't been able to concentrate on any work thinking about what was about to happen all the time. Her mind had gone wild imagining thousand different scenarios for the evening.

When finally work day was over, she had gone home as fast as possible to change her outfit. Luckily, Mark was gone watching some sports at a friend's house so she didn't have to answer any silly questions. She wanted to dress special for this event as it was her first and she wanted to be sure to get all the attention in the hotel.

After having stunned Maria's friends with her posh attitude and outfit, she had dreamt of herself dressed as slutty and whorish as possible for the upcoming meeting. She saw herself walking through the entrance hall of the exclusive hotel with all rich men sitting inside goggling after her. It had made her cum during her sleep and the anticipation had constantly aroused her over the course of the week making her juices flow.

This event was about to happen now and it was finally time to act out her fantasy. Today she wanted to be a true whore ready to do whatever Stanton's affiliates wished.

She put on a black dress that made sure to catch anyone's attention leaving few to the imagination. It basically consisted of two black straps that ran around her neck to the front parting just below. Running separately over each of her large firm boobs, they merged again just below her bellybutton. This way, her back was left free down to her tailbone and at her front the impressive canyon between her gorgeous tits and cute little bellybutton was revealed to everyone. Even from the sides the shape of her plump globes was clearly visible.

The lower part of the black dress slightly resembled hot pants that were barely larger than a broad belt only covering half of her ass cheeks. A zipper went from the front to the back over her pussy allowing easy access. She adorned her long tanned legs with red stockings that ended just beneath the dress. But the most striking attire was the bright red platform heels she put on screaming the word hooker. To complete her outfit, she wore very long bright red painted finger nails and cherry red lipstick.

The dark outfit made her red hair come into its own. Mustering herself in the mirror, she had to say to herself

"Girl you look ravishing. You scream "Fuck me!" from every pore. You naughty slut!"

On her way to the hotel, the taxi driver couldn't tear his eyes off Vanessa almost causing several accidents while watching her from his driving mirror all the time. When she finally reached the hotel, the driver's gazes had already made her juices flow. With her platform heels clicking on the pavement, her heart throbbed in her throat. Taking a last deep breath, she stepped into the entrance hall.

Her outfit had the effect she had been yearning for. The concierge almost dropped everything he held in his hands, his mouth gaping open. Vanessa could feel eyes scraping over her ass, her legs and her big firm breasts leaving a prickling sensation that spread over her entire body. She could see two older men that were sitting next to each other on a big couch leaning over to each other and starting to whisper just after she had passed them. She could very well imagine the words they were exchanging.

At a table, she could already see Stanton waiting for her. He lifted an eyebrow while watching her strutting towards her.

"Our slut has arrived!" he called towards her while she walked up to him

Vanessa could hear the men she had just passed gasping out loudly. It gave her such a kick her legs felt all wobbly for a second.

"It's nice to see that you're finally accepting what you are." Stanton said with a smirk on his face not taking his eyes off her body for a second.

"A whore, OUR whore!"

The two kept sitting in the entrance hall for a few minutes while Stanton slowly finished his drink. Vanessa could feel how he enjoyed the glances the men were throwing at her. He clearly relished how she displayed herself as a cheap whore to these men imagining the humiliating feelings she might experience.

But the opposite was the truth. Vanessa enjoyed this exposing situation as much as he did. She even ran her long red nailed right hand over her leg up to her crotch while looking deeply into the eyes of one men and smiling lasciviously. When he was finally able to tear his eyes off her, she could only laugh out loud. His gaze made a new thrill run through her body. She was more than ready for the action awaiting her.

Finally, Stanton stood up and she followed him to the elevators. Inside the lift, he suddenly pulled a dog collar with a leash attached out of his jacket.

Ceremoniously, he fastened it around her neck looking deeply into her eyes. Vanessa didn't flinch or back away. She knew that this was the final step. Now, she completely looked like Stanton's obedient whore - at least for tonight. Tomorrow, she would be the posh bitch again. It felt elating giving her a warm glow of pride - pride of being able to stimulate and give pleasure to any man.

When they stepped out of the lift into the penthouse, Vanessa took in the whole room. It was large and divided into different areas, in one corner stood a big sized couch and a bar in the other one. Three men were sitting at the bar having a drink and talking with each other. It was a white, a Hispanic and a black man in their forties. They were called Trent, Tony and Curtis as she found out later.

The moment, Stanton led her into the penthouse on the leash making her strut behind him they fell silent looking expectantly at her. Stanton made her stand next to him before he said

"This is our little whore for the evening. She'll do everything you'll want. Don't ask just do it! She's a dirty slut to the core needing to be treated roughly. You wanna fuck her ass? The whore will beg you to! You wanna slap her tits? The bitch will urge you on! Just do what you like!"

When he finished his little speech, Stanton looked at her expectantly asking

"Is that right, little whore?" and she knew exactly what he wanted to hear.

"Yes sir!" she answered looking cockily into the men's eyes. "I'll do whatever you say, sir! I'll be a good whore for you!"

While Stanton spoke of her so derogatively, a slight wave of fear surged through her body.

Had she underestimated Stanton? What would they do to her?

Her first impulse was to run away but she knew there was no way out. Astonishing herself, she could feel how those degrading words made her wet.

Surprisingly, the men didn't jump right at her. Only one of them rose up.

"Give us a show, skanky bitch!" he commanded yanking hard on the leash.

"Yes, sir! she answered while balancing on her red platform heels to remain standing.

The guy's demanding tone was all that was needed to get Vanessa going. She slowly walked over to the couch wiggling her butt seductively. Reaching the sofa, she came to a halt. Moving her hips in a circle, she slowly opened the zipper covering her pussy. She bent forward giving them a good view of her cunt spreading her already moistened pussy lips open with her fingers.

Turning around, she slowly started stripping. After getting rid of the dress, she began running her hands over her luscious big melons. She teased her nipples running her long red fingernails over the deeply tanned flesh until Curtis, the black guy, commanded rudely

"Pinch and twist'em hard, ho!"

"Yes, sir!"

First, she grabbed her nipples with her long red claws rolling them between them. Then she started pinching them but not the way the guys wanted.

"Harder, bitch! I wanna see those tits jiggling! Or do you want me to demonstrate it?"

The crude tone in his voice scared Vanessa and she wasn't keen on him showing her what he meant with 'hard'. But she could also feel her clit tingling from the harsh words.

"No sir, thank you sir!"

She pinched with all her might and twisted. A gasp escaped her mouth when the unexpected pain hit her. While pressing her little pink sensitive nipples together, she made her large inviting boobs bounce up and down which only increased the pressure on her nipples. It hurt like hell and her face turned into a grimace. But only a second later, she could also feel a tingle in her breasts.

After some time, Vanessa started getting into her task. She pulled on her nipples as hard as she could making them protrude off her chest while still pinching them. She started moaning slightly. The harder she twisted her nipples, the more the tingling sensation in her tits increased.

Looking over to the men, the approving look on Curtis' face made her cunt juices flow.

"Spread your pussy for us to look inside!" was the next command this time from the white guy Trent.

Vanessa sank down onto the couch and opened her legs wide. She wanted to give them a show they would never forget. She found herself mentally more and more submissive to these men. She felt a tremendous urge to please them, an urge to give them a special treat no matter what she had to do. So she plunged the index finger of each hand into her wet hole spreading her pussy lips apart while rubbing her little clit with a long nailed thumb. Her little box opened giving view to the dark tunnel behind and her ass started wiggling on the coach on its own.

She realized that she was already close to cumming, without any penetration, simply from showing off to these strangers and getting talked about derogatively. For a second, she wondered how this could have happened to her.

"More!" ordered the guy putting an end to her thoughts and Vanessa obeyed at once.

She plunged both her middle fingers into her pussy making it four fingers deep inside her hot box. Then she started pulling on her cunt walls with more pressure. She could feel pain welling up from her cunt when her lips started stretching but she didn't care. She was in a sexual frenzy now. All she cared about was pleasing these unknown men and getting her burning inner fire quenched.

The men were already able to look deep inside her dark tunnel when Trent ordered

"Fist yourself!"

Vanessa had never done anything like that before and she hesitated for a second.

"Now!" he yelled "Or do you want my fist instead!"

Vanessa gulped when looking at his big meaty hands.

"No sir!" she answered quickly.

"Please, let me fist myself for you, sir!"

She quickly jammed three fingers of her right hand into her sopping hole. Her hand almost worked on her own while her mind still debated why she did all this.

Why did she obey to everything they ordered so quickly? Why did she get wet from their derogative words? Why did she enjoy being a fucktoy so much?

Because this is what you truly are! A new voice answered inside her head. A voice she had never heard before. You're a whore and whore's love to give pleasure to anyone anywhere in any way. Fulfilling a man's command is the greatest gift a whore can get.

Right now, this new voice sounded perfectly right. She needed, she wanted to give these men the show of their lives.

Concentrating on her hand again, she added a fourth finger and started twisting them around inside her cunt to spread her juices around her lips. She sighed for a moment before she finally drove her thumb into her cunt in one swift motion. She grunted loudly, as much from pain as from pleasure, and at the same second she came.

A surge of bliss rushed through her body causing her to scream out loudly. Unconsciously, her free hand wandered up to her plump ripe left boob pinching her rock hard nipple with all her might adding pain but also prolonging her orgasm. While wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body, she closed her eyes simply enjoying the sensations.

Opening her eyes again, Vanessa saw the black man Curtis standing in front of her.

"You're here to please us not yourself." he said. "A whore never hesitates!" "A whore never cares about her own pleasure. "All she cares about are the men giving her the honour of using her, don't you agree?"

"Yes, sir! I'm sorry, sir!"

"So you think that you need to be punished?"

Vanessa had to gulp again. Curtis was a huge man hovering over her, his face distorted from anger. She had never felt so intimidated before.

"Yes, sir!" she stammered. "Please, punish me. I deserve to be punished."

Not waiting a second longer, Curtis grabbed her arm and yanked it out of her fully stuffed cunt.

The loud slurp was immediately followed by the feeling of getting slugged in the stomach ending her orgasm for good. Vanessa distinctly heard herself scream out! But it wasn't over by far.

The next moment, Curtis had made a fist and drove it, without warning, past the wrist into her womb. She screamed out again, this time even louder. She grabbed his arm trying to pull on it but to no avail. He was far stronger than her simply continuing to ream her cunt. He stretched her wider than she had ever imagined making her wiggle around to ease the discomfort. But she could also hear the squishing sounds coming from her hot box.

She already started getting wet again!

The pleasure on the inside juxtaposed with the pain on the outside and started mixing to become one arousing feeling. Curtis turned around to look at the other men and told them with a grin

"Guess we have to fuck the slut up her ass! That puss is unusable now, totally stretched out!"

The comment made the guys laugh and the imagination of all these four guys ravaging her little asshole spread new excitement through Vanessa's body. Before this sensation could built up any further, Curtis withdrew his fist from her cunt as suddenly as he had rammed it inside.

He kept standing in front of her looking into her eyes waiting for her to react. Before it even dawned on Vanessa what he was waiting for, her mouth had already opened and she said with a submissive voice

"Thank you, sir! Thank you for training me to be a better whore."

Her immediate subconscious reaction thrilled and frightened her at the same time. The new voice in her head seemed truer than ever before.

Curtis only nodded stepping to the side. At that moment, the Hispanic Tony who had been pretty reserved until now stepped up to her and said

"That was a hot show, dirty bitch! But it's time for some real action. We better use that slutty mouth first, just a face hole nothing more!"

Vanessa smiled at him lasciviously licking her lips around her "face hole" as he liked to call it. Although her pussy stung, his humiliating words and the prospect of all the things about to come made her hot.

Tony grabbed her at the shoulders and flipped her body easily around on the couch making her lie with the back on the sofa her head hanging off of it. This was an unfamiliar position for Vanessa that caused blood to rush into her head making her slightly dizzy.

She knew what he wanted so she parted her red full lips opening her mouth. He didn't hesitate ramming his hardening dick into her mouth. In one single thrust, he went down into her throat. Her awkward position gave him the perfect angle to fuck her throat. And that was exactly what he did!

Relentlessly, he crammed his large thick cock into her throat his balls slapping against her nose shutting it close. He pounded her throat like it was a cunt causing gurgling sounds to escape Vanessa's throat. She was gagging and choking constantly without any chance to stop it, tears springing into her eyes. With every thrust in, spit dabbled out of her mouth. Thick white drool started running up her face in rivers. It ran into her nose and into her eyes making it impossible for her to see.

After some minutes of this throat pumping, he groaned out load and his rod exploded inside her mouth. He shot wad after wad of sperm down her throat.

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