tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVanessa's Dissonance Ch. 19

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 19


For the next few weeks, Vanessa's schedule was pretty full. She had so many balls to juggle that her head was spinning from all the different appointments. Her popularity as the 'Red Rose Whore' kept rising with every won slut-battle. The night shifts during the week turned into a sort of mass processing with lines of customers waiting to get their hands – or rather dicks – on her fuckholes. Stanton, Miller and Erickson continued to use her as their deal-sweetener as well. Apparently, they were extremely busy closing deals. Each Friday, she got a new assignment to meet a client.

Every other afternoon, Vanessa had to visit the security booth of the country club. Tucker relentlessly carried on turning the flame-haired knockout into his dogslut. Quickly, she got used to her new dogbitch-uniform. Her tits and ass were exposed while her dress hung around her hips and the fly swatter stuck out of her asshole as her dog's tail. This indecent outfit clearly showed off Vanessa's status in the booth.

The red-haired beauty had a hard time adapting to her role as Tucker's dogslut. Each time she approached the club, she automatically snapped into her arrogant lady-mode. In this posh, snooty mood, Tucker's abysmal degradations felt a lot worse. The humiliating reduction from snobbish lady to low fuckpet was such a long drop down.

Nevertheless, Vanessa desperately tried to keep her arrogant attitude up. She was the queen bee of the gossip girls and she had to fend off a rival to her throne! She had fought long and hard to earn this position. She wouldn't give it away easily. She had to keep her gossip friends in line to repel Megan Salpa's challenge. She had to be her most stuck-up, snooty self to succeed.

The dissonance between Tucker's dogslut treatment in the security booth and her snobbish lady behaviour inside the club turned every visit into an emotional rollercoaster ride with constant ups and downs. This dissonance caused her to repeatedly protest Tucker's orders. Each time Vanessa knelt in the cubicle, words accidentally slipped out of her mouth. Of course, the brute, burly security guard was more than willing to punish his dogslut for her mistakes. The first time, her ass was spanked beet red with the plastic fly swatter. The second time, her tits were turned into raw meat using the flap. And the third time, her pussy received the punishing spanking. For each slap, Vanessa had to bark out loud as a thank you.

Tucker had to dish out three swatter-spankings until Vanessa had finally learned her lesson. Afterwards, she was happy to be walked around the booth on all fours while panting and wagging her tail. The utter degradations in the security booth in combination with the constant fear of getting discovered by one of her gossip friends caused Vanessa to experience a whole new level of humiliation.

The race to the ladies' room afterwards turned into a nail-biting thriller each and every time. To the redhead's dismay, her pussy always hummed and twitched maddeningly when she looked at her dishevelled appearance in the restroom's mirror. At least, Tucker kept the degradations to the booth. He was too smart to risk anything inside the clubhouse.

In the spare time between all her sex appointments, Vanessa continued going out with Steve. By now, Mark didn't care where she was going as long as she arrived at the 'Red Rose Club' on time. He was too busy as Pavone's right-hand man to rack his brains about her whereabouts. Vanessa had a feeling that she was making good progress at wooing Steve. And one day, he surprised her by inviting her to the 'Monte Carlo Ball'. He was finally ready to present her as his official trophy girlfriend.

The ball was the most exclusive social event in town. With the invitation, Vanessa had reached one of her life goals. She was becoming a part of the high society. She felt like she was born to be the star of those society events.

Not even the fact that the 'Monte Carlo Ball' took place at the country club could diminish the thrill of anticipation. Instead, she saw the perfect opportunity to cut her rival Megan down to size. Vanessa had set her mind on becoming the undisputed star of the party. It was her goal to become the talk of the event leaving everybody speechless with admiration. She would cement her status as queen bee and deliver an entrance no one would forget.

All week long she was giddy with excitement. The more the big event approached, the more Vanessa got nervous. She had found the perfect gown to serve her purpose and couldn't wait to put it on. To her surprise, she didn't get a call from Stanton for an appointment with new clients so she had the entire Friday to prepare for the big social event.

Finally, it was Friday evening. Vanessa felt like a princess when she walked up to the clubhouse with Steve at her side. Nothing stood in the way of her big entrance. She knew that Tucker never worked on the weekend. Passing the security booth though, a trademark evil grin welcomed her. This couldn't be true! Why was Tucker working today?

"Excuse me!" the brute bully of a security guard instantly addressed Vanessa. "We have to check all the purses today. Would you please follow me inside?"

Vanessa's heart sank to her knees. She was too stunned to react. She couldn't believe that Tucker was about to use her at this big event. There were guests arriving all the time. Anybody would see Vanessa inside the booth! Why was he suddenly taking such a risk?

She nervously looked around. She was barely able to stand still next to the burly, brute security guard. She continuously shifted from one foot to the other. Tucker placed her purse on the work space and searched it using only one hand. It appeared strange that he wasn't using both hands. But shortly afterwards, Vanessa identified the reason and her eyes snapped open in terror.

Tucker pushed his free hand underneath her coat from behind! He ran his fingers over the smooth backside of her legs!

The flame-haired beauty had to muster all her self-control to keep herself from slapping his hand away. Eventually, his fingers snaked underneath her gown and run over her ass! Tucker added more pressure and forced his queeny bitch to open her legs. His fingers found her pussy and began fondling her snatch. Vanessa was standing spraddle-legged in the booth! She almost jumped from nervousness.

"If I gotta work at this damned ball, at least I can have a good time." Tucker hissed.

His remark only increased Vanessa's tension. A line of party guests had formed in front of the cubicle. They were so close by that only the booth windows separated them. The people were getting uneasy. They began mustering the two and even knocked on the window to show their unrest. Their attentiveness made Vanessa jumpier by the second. She was afraid they might spot her unusual pose any moment. Nonetheless, Tucker remained totally calm. He took his time to check her purse and finger her cunt.

"Oh, oh!" he suddenly exclaimed and the redhead cringed from shock.

All eyes were on them! The work space was the only shield blocking their view of her straddled legs. And Tucker's hand was still under her gown. By now, her pussy reacted to the attention and her body trembled. Vanessa bit her lip to keep herself from groaning.

"Oh, oh!" Tucker exclaimed again.

And that exact moment, he drove two fingers deep into her snatch. Her body instantly quaked. She had to grasp the work space to remain standing. She was so shocked that she lost control and moaned out loud!

For a second, Vanessa thought that everyone had heard the groan. Panic-stricken, she looked down the line. The party guests were busy fretting about the delay. But some of them still mustered her warily. Obviously, her moan had been deadened by the windows. Nonetheless, the flame-haired knockout blushed so deeply that her face resembled the colour of her hair.

Finally, the security guard pulled his hand from underneath her gown and finished his search. He looked at Vanessa with a smirk on his face. He clearly enjoyed her tension and jumpiness.

"Get going!" he hissed under his breath and gave the redhead a brief shove.

Vanessa stumbled out of the security booth. She had survived Tucker's dirty game. She had remained unscathed – this time round - although it had definitely been a shocker.

The smoking hot redhead tried to calm herself while she walked inside the clubhouse. She wouldn't let Tucker screw up her big night. She had gotten past the brute bully of a security guard. Nothing stood in the way of her big entrance anymore. The flame-haired beauty was dead set on enjoying the social event. She was ready to get the party started. She was ready to upstage all the other guests.

The clubhouse was an old, noble mansion with a small entrance area leading to the main hall that was situated in the middle of the first floor. The entire left side was taken up by a restaurant. The whole backside encompassed the lounge area with an adjacent patio. Behind the porch, the pool area, golf course and tennis courts were located. The right side was taken up by a wellness area.

The second floor had a gallery around the main hall. The left side was taken up by a library and an entertainment room. The backside encompassed a large ballroom. Two game rooms with billiard tables were situated on the right side. As the party was called 'Monte Carlo Ball', it had a casino theme. The billiard tables had been replaced by black-jack and roulette tables.

Several people were standing in the main hall. They were waiting in line to drop off their coats at the cloakroom. The air was buzzing with chatter. Surprisingly, people were already gossiping about the newest scandal. And the cause of the scandal was standing right in the middle of the hall.

"Megan!" Vanessa hissed through gritted teeth.

Apparently, Megan Salpa had come up with the same idea as the redhead. She had crashed the party in a racy outfit that was more skin than silk. She drew gasps from all the guests waiting in the line. A big smile was on her face when she greeted Vanessa. It was obvious that she thought she had duped her ginger rival.

Vanessa looked daggers at Megan. She was beyond furious. This wasn't the way she had planned the evening. That bitch was interfering with her plan. As much as it infuriated the flame-haired beauty, it provoked her. She was definitely up for the challenge.

Megan was taller than Vanessa with a runway model's size of 5'9" and a slim killer body. Despite her runway model physique, she had an incredible 32C natural bust. Her skin had a sublime sunkissed, bronzed colour and her hair was pitch-black. It was long with wavy ends and reached halfway down her back. Her eyes stood in stark contrast to her raven hair as they had a crystal clear, ice blue colour. The combination of dark hair and sparkling deep blue eyes was mesmerizing.

Today, Megan's breathtaking looks were upstaged by her outfit. She wore a shocker of a scarlet gown. The colour alone was enough to make her stand out. But the cut of the dress dramatically added to the daring look. It comprised a front and back panel that didn't meet at the sides at all. Instead, the scarlet material was held in place by a broad golden clasp at the height of her waist. The gown clearly showed that she wasn't wearing any bra. It seemed nearly impossible to top such a provocative outfit.

Vanessa continued staring at Megan. She didn't seem fazed. She defiantly raised an eyebrow while she took off her coat. And instantly, all heads turned. Now, all eyes were focused on the redhead. It seemed like her gown was blinding everybody. For a moment, everyone seemed to pause in their motion to take a look at her slinky outfit.

The next second, all hell broke loose with everyone chatting about the new provocation. Vanessa had achieved the effect she had been going for. Her dress was just as shocking as Megan's. No party guest would forget her entrance.

Her saucy gown was more than slinky. It was a real showstopper. The fabric was white and so bright that it instantly caught anybody's eye. The cut didn't leave much to the imagination either. Instead, it accentuated all of her curves. The gown comprised one panel of fabric that hung over her right shoulder like the cape of a Roman emperor. The bright material was twined around her right side. At her left hip, it was kept together by a short zipper that only reached from her tits to her crotch. This way, the front of the gown was basically cut like a triangle pointing to her left side. Her left shoulder and left leg were completely bare. Her left nipple and crotch were only just covered by the fabric. With the zipper closed, the dress was skintight and it was apparent that she didn't wear a bra either. The flame-haired beauty only wore a white lace thong and a pair of white 5" heel ankle strap sandals underneath. She had left off the nipple rings as they would have poked prominently through the flimsy material. All in all, Vanessa's outfit revealed even more skin than Megan's.

Both rivals were as glammed up as the other with big hair and fake French nails. Vanessa wore wide silver bracelets and big hoop silver ear rings. Megan wore similar jewellery in gold. They looked like wannabe it-girls walking down the red carpet at a movie premiere. Those it-girls tried to get into the spotlight and attract media attention by dressing up as provokingly as possible. In the same way, Vanessa and Megan tried to attract the attention of the exclusive party crowd. Some of those it-girls made a full career out of causing scandals at social events. So they were doing the same. They followed the old saying that any publicity is good publicity.

Vanessa was the queen bee of the gossip girls and she intended to keep that position. She had to be provocative to stir discussions and with this slinky dress she was more than successful. The only downside was that Megan's outfit attracted just as much attention as hers. Right now, they were tied on the scandal-scale. Vanessa had to up the ante to defeat her rival.

Megan was waiting in the endless line in front of the cloakroom. So Vanessa made a u-turn and walked back outside to the security booth. She simply handed her coat to a surprised Tucker and stepped back into the clubhouse. At the moment, she was more than willing to pay with her fuckholes for this favour at a later date. Right now, she needed to get a head start to Megan.

With Steve at her side, Vanessa walked up the stairway. She had to walk cautiously so the fabric covering her bust wouldn't slip down and expose her big, juicy funbags. She could see Megan looking up at her and swearing under her breath. Vanessa was about to enter the ballroom first.

The room was already crowded. The cluster of people was considerably bigger than the one in the main hall. The minute Vanessa stepped into the ballroom, she turned heads. Instantly, she was the center of attention. Women immediately started gossiping with their girlfriends while the men were barely able to tear their eyes off her inviting curves. This time, Vanessa had beaten Megan to the punch. The early bird gets the worm and in her case the early slut got the scandal. She was the talk of the party and she enjoyed it immensely.

Steve didn't seem to mind her provocative appearance at all. After all, he was the date of the hottest women at the ball. He rather seemed to enjoy the jealous looks the other guys were throwing at him.

For the next hour, the 'Monte Carlo Ball' went as intended. Vanessa made sure to greet all of the important gossip girls and wag her tongue about her pretentious challenger that dared to imitate her in a desperate attempt to upstage her. When Megan finally had her big entrance, the women were already forewarned so it didn't have the same shock value as Vanessa's. The party guests had already seen one scandalous society slut causing a stir so it wasn't something new.

The party almost felt like a dream. It seemed like Vanessa had arrived at the place she belonged. The momentum was clearly on her side and Megan didn't stand a chance. For a while, Vanessa chatted with her girlfriends. They couldn't believe how brave she was to show up in such a saucy outfit. They were barely able to hide their envy. None of them would be able to pull off wearing such a bold outfit. None of them would be looking well in such a skintight dress. Nonetheless, they were jealous of the attention the redhead received.

Steve introduced her to several of his friends. And of course, they couldn't tear their eyes off of her while they were clicking glasses full of bubbly and making small talk. The lecherous gazes from Steve's friends made her nipples stiff which didn't stay unnoticed among them.

One of Steve's friends was kind of creepy. Steve was getting some more bubbly from a waiter so Vanessa was left alone with the guy. He was hitting hard on her and inched closer by the second. Any moment, he was about to grab her butt. Vanessa was getting uneasy. There was no way such an idiot would ruin her chances with Steve.

She had to get away from him. So the redhead quickly finished her glass of bubbly and made a beeline to the buffet. It was set up at the long side of the ballroom. As the party was already lasting an hour, the buffet was unattended.

While Vanessa picked out some hors d'oeuvres, several men stepped up to the buffet. She didn't pay them any attention until she turned around to leave. That moment, she noticed the three guys. They had inched so close that they were standing within her reach. They were effectively blocking her way. One guy was positioned on each of her sides. The third one stood in front of her. Thereby, Vanessa was caught between the men and the buffet.

They didn't step aside but inched closer until they almost stood on her toes. Vanessa looked at them with an annoyed expression. She didn't have time for these shenanigans. She wasn't in the mood to play around.

The three guys looked like they were somewhere in their 50s. The one standing in front of her was bald, tall and stout. He looked like he had been playing football as an offensive lineman in the past. The guy to her right was tall and scrawny with grey hair. The one in her back was small and stocky with glasses and a moustache.

Their suits seemed rather ordinary. There were definitely bigger fish at the party. Vanessa wasn't interested anyway. She was focused on getting the better of Megan and taking the next step with Steve. But before she was able to open her mouth and voice her protest, she heard a loud noise.


And Vanessa choked on her words. Immediately, her flesh was crawling. The world stood still and everything went into slow-motion. She was frozen to the ground. She felt like she had just stepped out of her body and watched herself from the outside.

In slow-motion, Vanessa saw herself lowering her gaze and watching the sloped top of her gown fall open. It was flipped open like a book. The material simply fell down to the right side. The guy standing in front of her had grabbed the zipper and pulled it down. He had only unzipped two-thirds. But it was enough for her ample, big tits to burst out of their confines and pop into freedom. It took Vanessa several seconds to realize what had happened. Finally, it registered. Her ripe, juicy funbags were exposed at the exclusive ball!

The moment she had comprehended the situation, the world kicked back into overdrive. Her heart exploded and throbbed in rapid speed. Cold sweat covered her body in an instant. She was freaking out.

She couldn't even react as fast as she wished. Holding a plate with hors d'oeuvres in her hand, she couldn't reach up and cover her juggs! She almost let the plate fall to the floor. She was barely able to stop herself at the last second. Instead, she shrieked out loud.

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