Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 21



With this instruction on her face, Vanessa felt like a common piece of bathroom equipment. She felt like a cheap shithouse device. Ultimately, Steve had turned her into nothing more than a human pissmop.

After admiring his makeover for a while, Steve left his pissmop in her uncomfortable position for the rest of the night.

The sun was already shining brightly outside when Steve bounced out of bed again. Vanessa hadn't gotten much sleep. The throbbing of her sore fuckholes was a constant reminder of the past night, the heavy weight on her tied, deformed funbags was a permanent strain, and Steve's piss scent still hovered around her nose. In combination with her uncomfortable posture, it was basically impossible to get some rest. Tired but awake, she had waited several, endless hours to get released.

At least, she had gotten a lot of time to contemplate her situation and the next steps she had to take. By now, a clear plan had formed in her mind.

Cheerfully, Steve walked into his bathroom. His smile broadened when he saw the human pissmop in the place he had left it. Approvingly, he petted Vanessa's head.

"Apparently, this dogbitch is better trained than expected!" he commented when he saw that the piss-drenched toilet paper still stuck in her mouth.

With a shudder, Vanessa realized that she hadn't even thought about spitting out the yucky tissues. She was too far gone in her submissive state to disobey any guy dominating her like that.

As Steve had just woken up, his cock was rock hard and his bladder was filled to the brim. He simply positioned himself in front of Vanessa. With eyes wide open, the flame-haired knockout watched him aiming at her face. The anticipation of the oncoming piss blast alone made her shudder. The moment his cockhead erupted and the first spurt of the pungent liquid hit her, the shudder turned into violent shaking. However, her screams of disgust were muffled by the toilet paper.

The first piss spurt hit Vanessa right in her left eye. It splashed onto her sparkling green iris and made her wince in pain. Steve simply chuckled when he saw his pissmop quaking and her legs helplessly kicking around from the stinging impact. The redhead quickly closed her eyes.

"Keep your damn eyes open, pissmop!" she got a harsh rebuke from Steve.

So the stunning redhead forced her green eyes open again and watched Steve giving her a golden shower. He wavered his cock around and gushed his urine evenly over her features, saturating her complete face with piss. He even drenched her ginger hair with the nasty liquid.

When his piss stream slowed up, Steve tore off a few tissues of toilet paper and wiped his dick clean. He added the soaked tissues to Vanessa's mouth. This way, the old toilet paper got fully pushed into her oral cavity and the final remnants of piss got squeezed down her throat.

Then Steve took the hint he had written all over the ginger slut's forehead and flushed the pan. Vanessa howled when she felt her beautiful ginger hair getting drenched in the effluent. The water filled the toilet bowl and swirled around. The flame-haired beauty couldn't believe that her precious hair was getting washed in a dirty toilet bowl!

The flushing only had the effect of further messing up the redhead. Her face and fucktits had gotten a new golden shower, her mouth was still getting used as a waste bin, her tits were tied together with a padlock, and now her gorgeous hair was soggy and tangled. She definitely looked the part of a defiled beauty.

Out of nowhere, Steve produced a dog collar with a leash and put it around Vanessa's neck. It was old and used. It stank something rotten and was greasy as hell. At least, it masked the repugnant piss scent. Steve opened the handcuffs and released Vanessa from her uncomfortable position.

"Time to go for your morning walk, dogslut!" the reporter commented his actions. "But first we need to clean up this dirty dogbitch!"

With a tug on the leash, he forced Vanessa onto her hands and knees and dragged her over to a real waste bin. He grabbed her ginger hair and pushed her face over a small, plastic bathroom bin. Dutifully, Vanessa spit the soaked toilet tissues into the waste basket. She was glad to finally get rid of them. As soon as the piss-drenched tissues were gone, Steve dragged the redhead back over to the toilet bowl.

"Time to make the whore look fuckable again!" he hissed.

Before Vanessa had a chance to react, he dunked her head into the toilet bowl. He held her face just inches above the effluent. Thankfully, the water was clear after Steve had flushed the ginger slut's hair in the pan. Nonetheless, Vanessa whaled and kicked and hit out. She fought tooth and nail. But thereby, she treated Steve to a ridiculous sight of her headless body struggling around on the bathroom floor. A sight that amused him to no end.

"You look like a cheap, trashy gutter pissmop right now!" Steve lectured the flame-haired knockout while keeping her head in the pan. "Don't you wanna look like a hot, sexy slut again? You want me to send you to the 'Red Rose Club' looking like that?"

Steve's words somehow stroke a chord in Vanessa. She desperately wanted to feel like the glammed-up diva that had turned heads at the 'Monte Carlo Ball' again. She yearned to get the piss scent off of her. She wanted to get out of this bathroom. And right now, any way to achieve this was fine with her.

"Then clean yourself the proper way for a stupid fuckwhore." Steve ordered.

Finally, Vanessa stopped her struggles. It seemed like this was the only way for her to get cleaned up. It was incredibly demeaning and even more disgusting. She felt like stooping to a new depth of depravity. But she also felt the overwhelming urge to rub all reminders of her use as a cheap shithouse device off her face. It didn't really matter how she got it off. All that matter was to get rid of it.

The degrading task was more than daunting. It made her skin crawl and her hair stand on end at the same time. She had to pluck up all her courage and brace herself to survive this ultimate debasement.

Eventually, she held her breath and lowered her face. She felt the cold water against her cheeks. It burnt like flames of shame on her skin. Her mind was still trying to comprehend the fact that she was willingly plunging her head into a dirty toilet bowl. The sheer thought made her nauseous. Finally, her whole face was submerged.

Out of the blue, a loud noise startled her. Steve had flushed the cistern with Vanessa's head in the bowl. He was giving her a swirlie! The water poured down the walls and swirled around in the bowl. Vanessa got engulfed in a deluge of toilet water! Once again, it soaked and ruffled her once lovely ginger mane. The redhead sobbed and whaled with her mouth tightly clenched while she endured the swirlie.

Finally, the rush of water relented and Vanessa breathed a sigh of relief through her tightly clenched lips. A moment later, Steve pulled Vanessa's head up with the hair-handle and inspected her face. She looked like a dog that had just emerged from a river.

He weighed his head. Apparently, he wasn't fully satisfied yet. Suddenly, he pursed his lips and spat a big, white glob of spit onto the redhead's upturned face. Immediately, Vanessa clenched her eyes shut and shivered in response.

"Hmmm!" Steve stated. "I still see some dirt on your whoremug!"

Following his comment, he dunked the ginger slut's face back into the bowl. This time, he shoved her face fully into the water. He pushed her head in and out of the effluent several times until his pissmop gasped for air. She emerged like a drowning rat.

Then he thrust her head into the water and held her head in the pan while he flushed again. Another swirlie swashed over Vanessa's head. And once again, Vanessa's whimpering competed with the sound of the flushing. When Steve inspected her face again, he was finally satisfied with her appearance.

"Time for your morning walk, dogslut!" he remarked.

Then he took the leash, pushed Vanessa onto hands and knees, and walked her out of the bathroom.

Steve's condo was on the first floor so he led his dogslut through his living room and out into the adjacent backyard. He walked Vanessa around the garden in a wide lap. The reporter set a brisk pace and the flame-haired knockout had difficulties to keep up on her hands and knees. Meanwhile, the smoking hot redhead fearfully glanced around. The garden was bordered by a hedge so they were protected from looks from the other houses. But there were several windows and a balcony on the second floor above Steve's condo.

"Hehehe!" Steve laughed when he saw Vanessa's nervous looks. "The neighbours are out for a jog right now. But they might come back any minute. You better behave like a well-trained dog so you get back into the house before they're home."

Vanessa squirmed when she heard about Steve's neighbours. She didn't want to get seen by them in her humiliating dogslut posture. That was the last thing she needed. Steve took Vanessa for another round of walkies though the backyard. Obviously, he tremendously enjoyed mistreating the stunning redhead as a low fuckpet as he made her piss against a tree trunk like a common dog. Once again, the flame-haired beauty had to cock her leg and awkwardly urinate against the trunk. The splashing sound was an embarrassingly loud noise in the silence of the garden. And this time, it was happening in the bright light of day!

In a corner of the backyard, a wooden doghouse was placed. It was only big enough for a dog to lie down inside. Nevertheless, this was exactly the place to which Steve dragged his dogslut. Indecisively, Vanessa remained on all fours facing the doghouse.


Angered by her lack of enthusiasm, the flame-haired beauty received a kick to the ass from the reporter that made her ass cheeks jiggle mightily.

"C'mon dogbitch!" he barked. "Crawl into your new home!"

The smoking hot redhead didn't need another request. She simply wanted to get over with it. So she crawled forward and stuck her head through the opening. Her head was the only part of her body that fit into the kennel. Her shoulders were too wide. Vanessa's head turned beet red when she realized that her face was stuck in a doghouse with her ass sticking out in the open.

"Look at that!" Steve exclaimed. "The dogslut's ass is on hand for everyone passing by! Maybe, I should install a stand in front of the house and charge admission for a tap at skank dogg's ass."

Vanessa squirmed from this degrading idea. That would be even worse than getting seen by Steve's neighbours. Nonetheless, Steve kept up his degrading mockery.

"C'mon skank dogg! Wag that ass!" he ordered his pissmop.

The flame-haired knockout didn't have another choice. He held the leash in his grip and didn't let her out of the kennel. So she started gyrating her hips and shaking her ass for his viewing pleasure.

Steve let her shake and jiggle her assmeat for several minutes. Then he was eager to get a piece of that ass. Without forewarning, he plunged his hard cock up Vanessa's swollen, battered asshole. Her sphincter still told the telltale signs of the previous night. It was more than sore and Vanessa howled when his cock ripped her bunghole open. But the kennel muffled her screams and Steve couldn't care less.

He was out to fully savour his shot at 'Miss Arrogance'. After spending so much time with her and never getting the chance to screw her, the reporter had a truckload of pent-up energy he needed to release. He fucked her asshole like his life depended on it.

Vanessa's sore, wretched butthole caused her body to respond with jerking, twisting motions. The more the redhead flexed her back and forced her body back onto Steve to match his thrusts, the more tolerable was the strain on her fuckhole. This way, the two rutted like animals on the grass and the ginger slut's muffled howls turned into feral grunts. They got totally caught up in the moment. Vanessa even forgot about the demeaning position with her head stuck in a doghouse.

Steve plowed away at her asshole for more than ten minutes until he got tired. Then he dragged his dogslut out of the kennel and led her over to a garden bench.

"Time to do the work, pisswhore!" he instructed Vanessa while he sat down on the bench.

The flame-haired knockout straddled his legs and positioned her gaping o-ring above his straining cock. Then she lowered her body and began riding Steve in reverse cowgirl. She had just started bobbing up and down his shaft when the reporter pulled her head up.

"Look over there!" he told the ginger slut while pointing at the balcony. "We attracted a crowd!

Following his lead, Vanessa looked up to the second floor. And her mouth gaped open. There were two young blokes standing on the balcony watching the raunchy scene in their backyard. The two guys were dressed in sportswear and sweating heavily. Apparently, they had returned from their jog.

Vanessa realized that they had seen her kneeling on the grass with her head stuck up a dog kennel! How embarrassing was that! She was so ashamed that she tried to keep her face down and avoid their gazes. But Steve didn't have any of that.

"Wave at your spectators, dogslut!" he barked his command. "Blow some kisses at them!"

In contrast to Vanessa, Steve didn't feel disturbed at all. As much as the bystanders startled the redhead, they spurred the reporter on. The flame-haired knockout had stopped riding his cock but Steve grabbed her hips and continued pushing her up and down his shaft.

Vanessa had to spend all her will-power to look up to the balcony. She forced a smile upon her face while waving at the two young blokes. She shivered when she blew a kiss at each one as she saw them high-fiving in response.

"Give them a proper show, fuckslut!" Steve came up with a new order. "Show them your funbags!"

Steve was eager to present his pissmop in all her glory - probably to be able to brag about his conquest in front of his neighbours for all times. Vanessa cupped her big fat fucktits that were still tied together with the padlock and pushed them up. With her riding motions, the lock whipped back and forth. Each time Steve pulled the ginger slut back on his rod, the padlock clashed against her soft fleshcans and made her titmeat wobble.

Steve was so spurred, he didn't hold out much longer. After a few more thrusts, he shoved Vanessa onto the grass and spun her around. Just in time before his balls boiled over. He grabbed his cock and aimed at the redhead's open mouth. The ginger slut got her second meal of the day. And once again, it was a load of cum.

The neighbours had a perfect view from the balcony onto Steve shooting the first bursts of gooey jizz into the dogslut's mouth and coating her cheeks with the remaining spurts. When Steve's balls were empty, he pulled Vanessa's head around and made her face the guys. He held her head tight until she had scraped all the gooey cum off her face and fed the sticky spunk to her mouth.

When he led his dogslut back into his condo, the blokes on the balcony gave her a warm round of applause. It felt more humiliating than warm to Vanessa though. The reporter led her straight to his bathroom. The moment they arrived there, they heard a knock on the door.

A few moments later, Steve came back into the bathroom with his two neighbours in tow. Steve introduced them as Ryan and Ben. They had just gotten out of college and shared the flat. They looked like typical college blokes that had keggers each weekend. While Vanessa mustered Steve's neighbours, the reporter introduced his fuckslut.

"This little slut is a great piece of fuckmeat! You wanna use her holes as a urinal? You wanna plug her holes with your cocks? You wanna fill her up with your spunk? Be my guest! This pisswhore will be eager to comply with your every wish!"

Of course, his little speech got the two blokes all hot and bothered. They were still drenched in sweat from their jog but they didn't mind at all. Instead, they simply stripped off their soaked sports clothes and threw them in a corner of the bathroom.

The two young blokes were kind of attractive. The harsh stench of sweat instantly turned Vanessa off though. She definitely wasn't looking forward to servicing them. But she knew that she wasn't in a position to ask them for a shower first.

The blokes didn't waste any time. At least, they opened the padlock that still tied her luscious, soft juggs together. Immediately, her fleshcans whipped back into their natural shape. Vanessa squirmed when blood rushed back into her funbags. Meanwhile, Ryan began to knead and maul her prickling tits.

After a while, he grabbed her nipple rings and pulled the redhead forward. Vanessa got positioned between the two blokes and bent over. Alternating between them, she had to lick the sweat off their ripped chests and stomachs. During this task, Vanessa's expression was anything but pleased which only amused the men. She even had to push her tongue into the depth of their bellybuttons and scrape all the dried sweat out. By then, the stench and vile taste of sweat was getting to her. Her face turned into a grimace of disgust. Her head shook and convulsed.

Pleased with the dogsluts dutiful work, Ben forced the ginger slut into a squatting position. She had to alternately gobble down their balls and bath them in her spit until she had sucked any remaining sweat off.

"The slut's usable as a washcloth." Ryan evaluated the smoking hot redhead.

Following his assessment, he positioned Vanessa on her back and pushed her legs up until they touched the tiles next to her head. This way, he placed her in the awkward piledriver position with her ass stuck high up in the air.

Then Ryan thrust his cock up her outworn, stretched out asshole. But he didn't start reaming her ass chute. Instead, he simply kept his dick up her ass pipe. When Vanessa began to wonder what he was up to. She suddenly felt a warm sensation on her ass walls. He was pissing up her ass!

Vanessa's eyes and mouth gaped wide in shock. She had expected anything but that! After getting her mouth used as a urinal, she was finally reduced to having her asshole used as a toilet bowl! What a disgrace of the proud superwhore! She was now a toilet from top to bottom! Vanessa wondered how much lower she could sink.

Ryan simply continued to fill her bowels with warm piss. His bladder was full and he was giving the ginger slut a proper piss enema. To her dismay, Vanessa started moaning when the warm, golden liquid stretched her belly and bowels. It caused her ass walls to bulge and pressed on the nerves of her vagina's front wall.

Finally, he finished his piss and pulled his cock out of Vanessa's ass. Immediately, the flame-haired knockout squeezed her sphincter and her anal ring snapped shut. Vanessa was scared of making a mess if she relaxed her asshole. But with her ass chute bulged and her rectum stretched by the piss enema, her anal ring was spasming and contracting on its own.

The three men loved the sight of Vanessa's struggling, convulsing bunghole. Each one gave a swat to her bottom, making her ass shake and the piss slosh around her insides. They went for another round, and with each slap, the ginger slut struggled harder to keep her sphincter shut.


Vanessa whaled when the sixth swat finally did the trick. She involuntarily relaxed her ass muscles. Some piss bubbled up and splashed all over her ass cheeks. The men loved the sight of the stunning redhead soiling her ass with piss by herself.

"C'mon pissmop!" Steve ordered. "Piss from your ass! Show us what a great piss sprinkler you are!"

While the guys laughed, Vanessa didn't react. This was too demeaning! She wouldn't do it! When the guys noticed her disobedience, they went for another round of swats. By now, her bottom was turning into raw crimson meat. The pressure on her buttocks only added to the pressure on her bowels.

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