Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 21



The flame-haired knockout squirmed when she finally couldn't hold the piss up her ass any longer. The moment she relaxed her ass muscles, the pressure of her bulged ass chute caused the piss enema to burst from her ass. It spurted high up in the air like a golden fountain. Then it broke and rained down.


Vanessa's scream turned into a cry of disgust. In her awkward piledriver position, she lay in an unfavourable angle. Most of the piss fountain splashed right down onto her face and busty rack. She was showering herself with a piss enema. It was so revolting!

The guys couldn't stop laughing their asses off though. They didn't know what they enjoyed more, the perverted display or her grossed-out reaction.

"Oh!" Steve mocked his dogslut. "The clumsy pissmop made an upsy!"

Still, there was half the piss enema left up Vanessa's bowels. And the guys had just grown to like this depraved act.

"C'mon pisswhore! Show us your new trick!" Ryan hollered.

"Fart the piss out of your ass and catch the golden shower!" Ben added. "Fetch yourself a drink!"

The look on Vanessa's face in response to their instruction clearly showed off how unappealing the act was for her and how much she despised it. Still, she relaxed her ass muscles anew. Another golden fountain shot up into the air and rained down onto her face and chest. But this time, the stunning redhead obediently opened her mouth. The pungent spurt was too short though. It didn't reach her mouth.

Once more, she had to blow the piss enema into the air. This time, it even got accompanied by a long, disgraceful farting sound. In chorus with Vanessa's whimper it added up to a symphony of humiliation. One more time, the ass-passed, murky coloured fountain showered the flame-haired beauty. And some of the piss landed on her outstretched tongue.

"Eeeggghhh!... Yuck!... Uuuggghh!... Yuck!" Vanessa whimpered along not able to hide her disgust.

Her reaction stood in stark contrast to the guys' response. They had a ball watching her struggles. The perverted action had aroused Ryan so much that he wanted to plug Vanessa's pussy as soon as the piss fountain faded. Ben held him back though.

Instead, he produced a clear plastic speculum and pushed it up the redhead's butt. At first, the ginger slut didn't know what was inserted up her asshole. But then she felt it getting opened. It stretched her anal ring wide and revealed the dark tunnel behind.

Ben opened the speculum to the highest position. It left Vanessa's asshole widely dilated. She even felt some cold air rushing up her unprotected ass chute. The blokes ordered the flame-haired knockout to grab her cunt rings with her fine, French-manicured fingers and spread her pussy open as well. This way, they got a full view of the redhead's hollow ass pipe and soft, pink inner pussy flesh. For a few moments, the three guys admired the sight of her dilated asshole which looked like an empty, deep well.

Ben was the first to break away from the mesmerizing sight. He grabbed his cock and aimed it at the dilated hole. A second later, a sloshing sound filled the air. He was pissing from high up into the deep cavity of Vanessa's dilated asshole. He refilled the empty well. And all the while, Vanessa had to keep her pussy stretched open by her cunt rings.

The guys' eyes glazed over at the perverted spectacle. Ben's piss spurt streamed down in a wide arch, dabbled into Vanessa's anal cavity like pouring rain and dashed against her ass walls with a loud, sloshing sound. They could even see the pool of piss rising in her deep anal well.

When the last dribbles of piss had found their way up Vanessa's ass, Ryan stepped over the ginger slut. He positioned himself right above her head and drilled his cock straight up the redhead's invitingly spread pussy. In the piledriver position with her French-nailed fingers holding her cunt rings, Vanessa was rendered completely immobile to his onslaught.

Ryan was so aroused that he lay into her fuckhole with all his power. He humped her cunt hard and fast. Through the speculum, the guys could see every thrust down her snatch as it dented and stretched her cunt walls. The thin, tender membrane separating her pussy and ass was pressed into the deep anal well with each stroke. Thereby, it swirled the piss in her bowels and caused sloshing sounds to erupt from her anal orifice.

Vanessa simply let the young bloke plow her sexhole. She only babbled incoherent, animalistic sounds. The volume rose and fell in time with Ryan's banging. Steve and Ben started clapping in rhythm with his thrusts up her cunt. This only spurred Ryan on to increase his speed of humping.

With the obscene look up Vanessa's dilated asshole and his rapid pace, he got off quickly. With a groan, he pulled his cock from her pussy and held it over her open bunghole. He added a frosty coating to the puddle of piss in her open bowels.

The men loved the sight of the redhead's speculum-spread ass so much that Steve had to add another bladder to the piss pool. By now, Vanessa's bowels were massively filling up, and the pressure began stretching her ass walls. Her ass muscles started squeezing the speculum, spasming and contracting around the plastic.

With a second piss load up her rectum, her bowels were stretched so wide that her belly started to swell. Vanessa was moaning and groaning pitifully from the pressure. Finally, Ben pulled the clear speculum from her ass. Before the ginger slut's sphincter had a chance to tighten back up though, he shoved a black butt plug up her ass.

Vanessa's anal ring immediately squeezed the big plug tightly. It was supposed to keep the piss enema up her ass. But there was so much of the golden liquid in her rectum that her bowels were churning mercilessly. Her body desperately tried to expel the foul fluid.

Ben grabbed the leash and pulled the flame-haired beauty onto her feet. He sat down on the toilet seat and waited for Vanessa to straddle him. She walked over to the young bloke with wobbly legs. Her bowels were churning so heavily that she was barely able to walk. Nonetheless, she straddled his legs and impaled her pussy on his hard shaft.

Vanessa began to ride Ben in cowgirl. With the big plug up her butt and his thick rod up her cunt, her fuckholes were stuffed for good. The blokes cock only increased the pressure on her bowels. Her ass muscles grabbed the butt plug ever more tightly. She didn't know how much longer she would be able to take this torment. She needed relief from the piss enema.

"Please! Let me release the piss!" she started begging.

"Pleassse! Oh!... Gosh!... Please!" she was getting frantic.

"I'll be a good pissmop!" she tried to entice the guys. "I fetch my piss drink like a good pisswhore! I drink the whole enema. Please!"

The final plead seemed to do the trick as as Steve left the bathroom. When he came back, he placed something on the ground while Ben shoved the ginger slut off his lap.

A second later, she was ordered to squat over the thing. Looking down, she saw that Steve had placed two plastic dog bowls on the tiled floor. It was a red and a green bowl -- one for food and one for water.

A soon as the ginger slut was in position she had to spread her ass cheeks apart with her French-manicured fingers. Then Ben roughly pulled the butt plug out of her ass. Her swollen, battered anal ring howled but Vanessa didn't pay attention. The pressure in her bowels was occupying her mind. Her entire body screamed for release from the vile piss enema.

The moment the plug was gone, the piss burst from its confines. A torrent of yellow, mucky liquid spurted out and forcefully splashed into the red bowl. In seconds, it was overflowing and the flame-haired knockout had to awkwardly step over to the second dog bowl. She had to remain in her squatting posture while the piss continued to stream from her ass. She didn't have any strength left in her ass muscles to clench her sphincter shut one more time. That's why some of the pungent liquid sprayed onto the tiles between the two bowls.

Vanessa breathed a huge sigh of relief when her bowels were finally empty and the two dog bowls full. She didn't get much time to recover though. Instead, Ben roughly grabbed her ginger hair and pushed her onto hands and knees. Then he dragged her face over to the plastic dog bowls. It was an extremely disgusting sight that immediately turned Vanessa's stomach. The two bowls were filled with a murky coloured fluid and spilled piss slopped around the tiles.

"You begged to drink your pissfart cocktail, you dirty piece of trash!" Ben hissed while shoving Vanessa's face into the vile brew. "Better get going, pissmop! If you don't finish your meal before I cum, that piss enema will feel like a walk in the park!"

His stern voice emphasised how serious he was about this thread. Vanessa better not wanted to find out what he had in mind to make the piss enema appear as a bed of roses. She didn't have much time to mull over it anyway.

Ben quickly got back behind the kneeling dogslut and plunged his cock up her cunt. The force of his thrust pushed her face first into the red plastic dog bowl. The thought of eating from a dog bowl alone was humiliating enough. But the fact that she was lapping ass-passed piss out of it was so much worse.

However, Vanessa dutifully took a mouthful of the pungent, salty brew. Simply holding it in her mouth was enough to make her gag. The moment she had forced herself to swallow the nasty, foul broth turned the gags into forceful retches. She pitifully choked and retched. Instantly, she heaved the anal-flavoured piss back up into her mouth and almost puked it back into the dog bowl. She forced it back down her throat at the last second.

Meanwhile, Ben was plowing away at her cunt. With this pace, he wouldn't last that much longer. The ginger slut had to get going. With a grossed-out grimace on her face, she went back to work and gobbled up the next mouthful of piss. The gagging and retching didn't get any better in the process. But at least, she only puked the nasty, pungent mass back up into her mouth three more times.

Her head was spinning and she was nauseous when the first dog bowl was empty. She hurried over to the second bowl dragging Ben along with his cock up her cunt. She could feel his dick pulsating and straining against her pussy walls. She only got a few more moments before he was about to shoot his cumload.

She grabbed the green plastic dog bowl and slightly tilted it. The stunning redhead opened her lips as wide as possible and poured the yucky, vile brew into her mouth. She couldn't tilt it too far as her mouth quickly overflowed. She didn't dare to spill any of the piss, fearing the guys' wrath.

Trying hard to suppress the accompanying gags and retches, she gulped the whole pissload in record time. The moment she let the dog bowl slide back to the floor, Ben pulled his cock from her cunt. Without his hold on her body, Vanessa simply slid to the floor. There was no strength left in her. Ben turned her onto her back and showered her big, round funbags with his spunk.

For a few moments, the two young blokes watched the stunning redhead massaging the sticky goo into her titflesh. Then they were gone.

At the time the guys were done with their pisswhore, it was late in the afternoon. Steve didn't want any of Vanessa's 'scam partners' to get suspicious. So he sent her home. The flame-haired knockout didn't have much time left. She had to refresh and soothe her body before getting dressed and heading to the 'Red Rose Club'.

As it was Saturday, a new slut-battle was awaiting her. This day, Vanessa couldn't muster the right enthusiasm though. Hence, she got totally outperformed by the pornstar guest and lost big time. It didn't really faze her though. There were more important things on her mind.

When the night shift came to an end, she arranged a meeting with Pavone and Stanton at the SEP office for the next day.

Early Sunday morning, Vanessa left home and drove straight to the country club. She had some unattained business there. When she was done with it, she headed to the SEP office. Stanton and Pavone were already waiting for her when she arrived. Vanessa told them all about Steve and Tucker. She reported everything she knew about their plan to sabotage the 'Garden Heights Project' and publicize the SEP scam.

Stanton and Pavone were furious. Their precious plan was about to go awry. They couldn't let that happen. Pavone immediately called some of his henchmen. He directly sent them to Steve's and Tucker's homes to solve the problem and retrieve any evidence.

Telling the story, Vanessa was visibly upset and distraught. Several times, she appeared close to throwing a temper tantrum. The fact that she could be identified on the tapes made her go into hysterics. She wanted anything connecting her with the scam to be destroyed. So she explicitly asked Pavone to get rid of all the tapes. She even told them that she wanted to know as little as possible about their illegal wheelings and dealings.

"You're just a tool in our scheming." Stanton told her in an attempt to calm her. "No one's gonna believe that a common hooker is on the inside of such an elaborate scam."

"Besides, we don't need your involvement any longer." Pavone added. "We got the business owners in our pocket. From now on, you're just the 'Red Rose Whore'. That's all you're good for anyways! Earning me money with your fuckholes!"

Pavone and Stanton questioned the distraught Vanessa extensively before they sent her home. But when the redhead walked out of the office building, her expression and posture changed rapidly. The dismay basically fell from her shoulders, and a wicked smile appeared on her face.

Vanessa didn't comply with their order. Instead, she headed to the station. There, she went straight to the lockers. She opened one of them and pulled a large sports bag out. The flame-haired beauty quickly looked inside. The bag was filled with wads of cash. It was a sizable fortune.

Several weeks ago, Vanessa had started to make plans about her escape from Pavone and SEP. At that time, she had begun to take a closer look at Mark's doings. He had become Pavone's right-hand man and most important henchman. As Pavone was busy scheming with SEP, Mark even ran the 'Red Rose Club' on the weekends.

Pavone stored the earnings from the 'Red Rose Club' in his office. He had a hidden safe there. Sundays, it was Mark's duty to take the earnings from the entire week out of the safe and store it in the station locker. Every Monday morning, Stanton drove by the station on his way to work and collected the money from the locker. He then laundered the cash through different SEP projects. Only Stanton and Pavone had a key to the locker. Pavone's key was stored in the safe. Mark had to put it back in there when he returned from the station.

But Mark was a lazy fuck. The club closed late in the night and he felt too tired to make the detour. So he took the money from the safe on Saturdays before he closed the club and brought the earnings to the station over the course of Sunday. He kept the key all Sunday long before he got back to the club in the evening.

Vanessa had found out about this when she had seen him storing the money bag in the trunk of their car before they drove home after a Saturday's night shift. During one of his Sunday afternoon naps, Vanessa had snatched the key from his pocket and had it reproduced.

Now, she held the club earnings from the entire week in her hands. Carrying the sports bag, Vanessa walked to her car and drove out of town...

Meanwhile, three SWAT teams left the police headquarter. One drove to Pavone's house while the other two headed to Stanton and Connor. They simultaneously breached their doors and stormed their houses, taking the three men into custody for fraud. A tape had been sent to the police by an unidentified person that showed them in the library of the country club, discussing their 'Garden Heights Project'.

Vanessa had retrieved the tape from Tucker's locker in the country club changing room before she had met Stanton and Pavone at the SEP office. As she was a regular in the club, no one had paid any closer attention to her. So nobody had noticed the redhead sneaking into the basement.

Tucker had opened the combination lock so many times during the 'Gangbangers' Ball' that Vanessa had memorised the numbers. As the security guard was obsessed with his secret club videos, he had already stashed all tapes from the 'Monte Carlo Ball' in his locker.

The flame-haired knockout had been careful to leave no fingerprints on the tape before sending it to the police. So Tucker and Steve would be seen as the main targets. Pavone would think that they had sent the tape before his henchmen had arrived at their homes.

Vanessa had covered all her tracks. After all, she didn't have any conspicuous reason to rat Stanton and Pavone out. And most of all, she had been present at the library during the conversation about the 'Garden Heights Project'. During the discussion, she had been humping the bookend in the background and hadn't been speaking at all. So neither her face nor her voice was identifiable on the video. She would be nothing more than an uninformed hooker hired to provide some entertainment for the men anyways -- just what Stanton had told her before.

SWAT teams stormed the 'Red Rose Club' and the SEP office on Sunday afternoon. The police seized all documents. So Pavone had to assume that the cops had also seized the money from his safe. After all, it was ought to be in the safe as Mark was supposed to bring the cash to the station locker after the strip club closed on Sunday. Mark would never admit that he had stashed the money in the locker the day before and thereby lost it all.


It was a warm fall day at the end of September. Stiff breezes waved through the air from time to time. But it was still warm enough for guys to drive around town in their open-topped cars, and girls to dress in miniskirts and short tops.

It had been almost a year since Vanessa had walked away from the 'Red Rose Club' for good. The 'Garden Heights Scandal' had topped the headlines of the tabloids for several weeks. It had even made the national news. By now, all men involved in the scam were behind bars. The SEP law-firm had been closed and a new club had opened in the place of the former 'Red Rose Club'.

Vanessa had made good use of the fortune she had taken along from the strip club. She had settled down in a city in a different state. There, she had opened a beauty salon. It was a nail and spa salon providing everything a woman needed to relax. The store had quickly become popular in the city. It was more than a simple beauty salon as it was also the hotbed of the newest gossip in town.

Vanessa had used her talents and quickly taken over the local country club. Thus, she was basically sitting at the source of the gossip. With her glammed-up, elegant appearances at the country club, she had been the best advertisement for her salon. The spa had become so popular that Vanessa had hired several employees. Nowadays, she wasn't working in the salon any longer. Instead, she enjoyed the posh life she had always yearned for. The only difference was that she didn't even need a sugar daddy to pay for all the luxury.

The flame-haired knockout had carefully covered her tracks and destroyed any evidence from her former life as the 'SEP Office Slut' and 'Red Rose Whore'. She had even changed her whore-marks. Still, she had refrained from getting completely rid of them. She wanted to keep something as a reminder of her past.

Instead, a tattoo artist had redesigned them. He had filled out the flame-ring tattoo around her bellybutton with ink. This way, the unflattering 'Trailer Trash Whore' inscription was gone. He had also redesigned the 'Property of Pavone' stamp above her crotch. Nowadays, it was reading 'Property of Passion'. Finally, he had added two letters to her 'Queeny Ho' tramp stamp so it was reading 'Queeny Hott' now.

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