tagBDSMVanessa's Mother

Vanessa's Mother


I caught a whiff of champagne as she hugged me. "Hey you!"

Vanessa's mother was always friendly, if a bit odd. Big into tarot readings and spirituality, she wore the jewelry of a teenager, which would be embarrassing if she wasn't so unbelievably attractive. Her favorite pastimes after her divorce were the gym and the salon. Wavy brown hair parted on the side, supple tan skin, big blue eyes, full lips and perfect teeth.

"I need to borrow you for a minute." Vanessa always complained when her mother was around, accusing her of flirting with her friends.

She led me with a cool dry grip, strutting to the kitchen in her cream pumps, tight white jeans hugging her firm ass. She smiled over her shoulder at me. "Don't tell Vanessa I borrowed her jeans."

She pulled a chair out for me, and as she sat beside me the humor in her face faded to parental concern. "Um... We need to talk. I'm not very happy with you right now."

Surprise furrowed my brow. What happened next felt like slow motion. She placed her daughter's phone on the table and slid it toward me. "Is this you?"

There on the screen was a picture of me... bound, gagged and blindfolded by Vanessa in her mother's room. Apparently the last time I was over, Vanessa had taken pictures. I didn't know what to say.

"I... I'm really sorry about that. It wasn't my idea. Vanessa-"

"Vanessa's at her father's," she interrupted, "And she will be punished appropriately."

"But she texted me to come over."

"I'm afraid not. I confiscated her phone." Suddenly I realized I wasn't picking up Vanessa for a movie. I had been tricked, lured here by her mother so she could scold me in person. "What I want to know is, do you think its okay to go through my closet? To use my personal things without asking?"

"I... No, and I really am sorry."

"You're sorry you got caught." I nodded quietly, slightly turned on but deciding silence was more respectful. She draped her arm around my chair, shifting the silk top that cross-wrapped her tits, exposing more cleavage. "Do you think I need to call your mother?"

Her eyes danced with interest as she studied my face. Her beauty and authority were an intimidating combination, but I collected my nerves. "I don't think that's necessary. We're both adults here," I replied.

She nodded. "Is this going to happen again?"

"Absolutely not."

"I don't need your friends knowing about my personal life."

"My lips are sealed."

"You sure?" I nodded and she smiled playfully as she pinched my lips shut with her fingers.

We shook hands and she escorted me out of the kitchen and around the corner.

There in the middle of the living room... was a spread eagle bondage chair. It looked expensive. Smooth black leather, red vinyl straps and adjustable joints at every angle.

"Be my guinea pig before you leave?," she asked casually. I looked at her with surprise. "Just for a minute. I have a date on Sunday and want to make sure I know how to use my new toy."

I tried to hide my excitement as I approached the contraption. "I need your arms and legs bare," she added.

She strapped my arms outward, then hoisted each leg onto its black leather plank. As soon as all 4 limbs were secured, a ball gag was pushed into my mouth. 'This seems unnecessary,' I thought. I heart metal struggle and scratch as my arms were forced up in a Y shape over my head. Then the whole chair tilted back slightly.

She circled back in front of me, considering her handy work with a finger pressed against her lips. "Could you try to get out, please?" I tried to wiggle and was completely immobile, exposed and helpless in nothing but my boxers and socks. "I guess it works," she smirked.

She scratched my socks lightly. "No socks, mister." She pulled them off and tossed them aside. (She just said it worked, so why wasn't she untying me?) She smoothed the bottoms of my feet with her thumbs, then shoved outward. Metal slid and popped into place, and my legs were a slightly wider V than comfortable.

She slowly stepped into the wedge of my legs until her jeans brushed against my boxers. A relaxed smile came over her face as she slid her fingers into the back pockets of her daughter's jeans. Suddenly she took on a parental kindness. "You have to understand that I'm responsible for you while you're in my house. If you're curious about something, just ask me, so that I can provide a safe environment." Her hot pink nails tickled my thighs lightly as she assured me, "This is a safe environment." She stepped back. "I'll check on you in a bit."

I strained towards her as she walked away. Was she serious? If she was trying to fuck with my head, it was working.

The minutes passed slowly.

The TV flicked on and a yoga video began to play. She stepped back into my line of sight. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail and she was wearing tight pink yoga pants that hugged her ass smoothly. A black sports bra pushed her tits up and against her chest. Her tanned stomach was completely exposed, long and lean with the tight ripple of her abdominals faintly visible. Her body was incredible. She stretched her arms into the air and swan dove forward.

Saliva began to collect behind my ball gag as I watched her body bend with control and focus. Her downward dog presented her round little ass to the sky. Then she stretched tall and her jawline protruded as her taut skin exposed her delicate neck. Her hands clasped behind her and she bent back with ease, breasts spreading outward and upward. Her tummy began to glisten with sweat as her breath deepened. I was captivated.

My penis throbbed for attention, and when the credits finally rolled my excitement spiked. She patted her chest with a towel and I tested my binds as she strutted toward me. My heart raced. I was desperate for her hands.

She walked past me without a glance, her towel landing on my stomach.

Alone again. It felt like an hour had gone by. Maybe she thought this was pleasurable for me. Or maybe she got off on teasing horny young men. The hypotheticals began to fade with my erection and I was giving in to sleep.

Finger nails on my feet and my eyes shot back open. Vanessa's mother stood showered, blow-dried... and dressed in a French maid costume. All black with white trim. A skimpy shoulderless top could barely hold her breasts in. She spun around for me as her impossibly short skirt lifted and exposed a pronounced line where ass met thigh. No underwear. She finished her spin and smoothed her skirt down. "This is going to be my Halloween costume, do you like it?"

I nodded with a huffed moan and her pink lips parted into a big smile. She fixed her headband, took her little duster and began playfully tickling my ribs. "Now, there are a lot of things you can do to titillate while someone is tied up," she taught. "The key is to find out what excites them, and give them just not quite enough of it." She kneeled down and carefully pinched the fabric of my boxers, wiggling until my shaft popped out and stressed against the cool air. She wiggled the duster into my cock, and wrinkled her nose with a smile.

I released a moan of desperation and struggled against my arm straps as she stepped away, returning immediately with a small tin. She popped it open and rolled a small white pill between her fingers, smiling at me. She placed the pill on her tongue and closed her mouth. "Now let's see what titillates you."

She lowered a black leather blindfold over my eyes. No movement. No speech. No sight.

I felt a tingling in my nipples as she caressed them gently with her fingers. I breathed into the sensation as I felt her hair fall across my face. Her wet, warm tongue stroked my ear lobe and she began lightly sucking. She kept working my nipples as she opened her mouth and panted. I began to feel warm when she released an impassioned moan and my entire body shivered. She hummed an approving "Mmm Hmmm" into my ear, and let her tongue explore more loosely. Again I shuddered as she moaned erotically, teasing my nipples with the tips of her fingers.

"Well that seems to excite you." The sensation stopped, and after a moment I felt her hand wrap around my balls. She massaged them gently. Simultaneously I felt rubber trace down my chest. She tugged my balls down firmly as she smacked the inside of my thigh. Again. Then the other side. Heavenly ownership of my balls coupled with the unpredictable snap of pain around my thighs. What the fuck was with this woman?

I felt the flogger tap my shaft and I began to sweat. Rubber was quickly replaced by the sharp trace of metal, and I began to heave into my gag. Snip snip snip and my boxers were gone.

The blindfold came off. She was smiling upside down at me, pupils dilated like an Anime character. She petted my face with a massive grin and deepened breath. Absolutely gorgeous, and completely fucked on ecstasy.

She tip-toed back between my legs with a giggle and tipped her athletic frame onto me, her petite forearms flopping onto my chest. She giggled wildly at the overwhelmed look in my eye, then pressed her lips against my ball gag to taste it. She slipped my lower lip between hers and sucked tenderly. I desperately wanted to kiss her back. She moved down to my neck and began licking, kissing and sucking. "You taste soooo good," she moaned as she delved deeper into her snack, planting her open mouth and tongue across chin... neck... downward. She moved slowly, savoring the taste of my chest and nipples, her hands twirling mindlessly through my hair. I tried to suppress the desperate moans from coming out.

Suddenly she snapped out of her trance, excited by a new idea. She slipped down to her feet between my legs, reached for a bottle and snapped it open. Oil drizzled onto my cock. A slow hand spread it around my shaft and balls, and immediately I felt an overwhelming tingle, like Icy Hot without the burn. She pressed her tongue against her teeth as she smiled mischievously at me, then folded down the top of her French maid costume. Her generous tits breathed into the open air as she reached behind to unclasp her top, leaving her in nothing but her almost-skirt and french maid head band. She took her oily hands and massaged the sensation into her breasts, pinching her little nipples and wiggling them for her captive.

Her mouth fell agape as her tits felt the intense tingle she had forced on my cock. With one hand she grabbed firmly around my base and balls. With a slow pull she moved upward, balls flopping back down as she moved up the shaft and slid off the tip. As it did, her other hand repeated from the bottom. One after the other. Over and over, she kept me in a methodical pleasure loop. She added a twist to her technique and closed her eyes, joyfully owning my cock. Suddenly she mixed it up and instead of slipping off the tip, pressed onto it with her palm and rubbed. My body shook wildly and her eyes shot to mine. She smiled cruelly at this opportunity for torture and doubled the pressure, palm-rubbing the tip endlessly. The combination of special oil and pushing palm was blindingly intense. She laughed as I tried to thrash in my tight bondage.

I called through my ball gag for help that would never come, eventually just heaving, trying to endure her overstimulation. When she finally released her grip, my heart was pounding. She turned her ass to me and hopped onto my stomach, reclining back against me, draping her body on mine like I was her sun chair. We turned heads, nose to nose, and she grinned wildly at my pleading eyes. She crossed her legs around my red erection, squeezing it gently between her thighs.

She toyed with the strap of my ball gag with one hand as the other reached behind us and retrieved a can of whipped cream. She savoured a dollop passionately then looked at me. "Would you like a taste?" I nodded intensely and she filled her mouth with white cream. She relieved me of my gag, immediately replacing it with her tongue, pressing its full extension into my aching mouth. I swallowed eagerly to get the whipped cream out of the way. I wanted her tongue and she gave it to me, in long soaking strides. She was a passionate kisser, hands gripping my hair and pulling the back of my head into her. Our tongues explored as she moaned erotically into my mouth. I moaned back, desperate for the freedom to grab her by the ass and fuck this built up frustration hard into her.

I shook in my binds as she pulled her lips away from me, wiping stray cream from my cheek and sucking it off her finger. She sat up straddling me, panting through open mouth, gigantic pupils studying my face. She sprayed cream onto her nipples and smiled at me. I couldn't take it any more.

"Please, please fuck me." She cupped her breast and pressed it forcefully into my mouth. I sucked it desperately as she quickly replaced it with the other, removing both all too soon.

"Are you feeling it yet?"

"Feeling what?"

She bit her lower lip as she watched me realize it.

"Did you... Did you dose me? Seriously you have to untie me. I'm not joking. Listen, I need you to untie me."

She curled a naughty smile as she shook her head and pressed her tits against my chest, plunging her tongue back into my mouth to muffle my words. As she kissed me everything became warmer. The sensation of her fingers against my chest felt heightened, the straps felt tighter, and the whole room started to sort of breathe. Our lips parted and her cheek fell against my nose as she reached below to guide my cock into her. She stopped at the tip and looked at me.

"Holy shit," was all I could muster.

"Yeah, you're feeling it," she smiled.

"Please... you can't keep me... this is not okay."

Tired of being reasoned with, she forced the ballgag back into my mouth and sat up. "But I'm not done with you yet," she explained plainly.

She lowered herself ever so slightly, engulfing the top half of my cock, then flexed her vagina and squeezed me firmly. The sensation sent an overwhelming shock that shot out my eyes. She smiled proudly back. Falling forward, she slammed her hand on my chest for support and moved her hips in a quick pulse, fucking and squeezing the top half of my cock a dozen times before pausing. I gasped through my nose for air and she knew she was doing it right. Overwhelmed and overstimulated but drugged and unable to cum, I was her fuck toy for the night.

She smiled absentmindedly as she pressed play on her fuck soundtrack and tossed the remote aside. I didn't know how long she planned to use me, but later pieced together that she had my cock in her for over 2 hours. She would settle into a position, breathe deeply, and grind slowly. She wanted out of her mind, focusing entirely on heightening her pleasure and mine. She moved with the deliberate patience of yoga, throwing in the occasional rapid pumping when she wanted a reaction out of me. She didn't care how hard she gripped me, how desperate my winces grew. As long as my cock stayed hard, she used me for it.

I woke up unstrapped in the bondage chair, alone. I rubbed my head adjusting to the daylight, grabbed my phone and left.

A text from Vanessa's phone popped up. It was a smiley face, with a picture of me writhing helplessly in the chair, pink nails wrapped around my cock.

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