tagFetishVanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 02

Vanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 02


(Note: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.)

Hong Kong, February 2004

Not long after the ominous night of torture, Vanessa managed to return back to her self and to her everyday life which included, as it had before, a considerable amount of attention to everything involving pantyhose. She also started, around that time, to venture out a bit into online outlets such as collections of erotic pantyhose stories or pantyhose chat rooms and enjoyed herself quite a bit in teasing many male followers with her fetish fantasies and experiences related to pantyhose. Still, she was a high school senior, and from her mom's side not allowed to wear pantyhose in public.

After the incident with her older sister Julia and her boyfriend Dan, she tried to avoid them as best as she could because she felt quite awkward around them and did not want to be reminded too much of what they had done to her in their punishment. Of course, she knew that even entering her sister's bedroom was a complete no-no to her now and so she thought that her best alternative was to acquire a nice selection of hose and also tights since she was into the more fanciful patterns and designs that are in general much harder to find with pantyhose. As her school was close to a large shopping center, she often spent time after school browsing the different stores for her special fetish accessories and getting, over time, more picky and selective about what she liked and what she did not care about so much. Of course, the proof was always in the pudding (or, in this case, in the dressing), and so she took ample time at night before going to bed to try on all the pantyhose pairs she had bought and also wear them in many different combinations with other outfits she owned. For Vanessa, the sexiest combinations usually involved tight dresses that had a high hemline and high heels or pumps made of shiny leather that emphasized her arches and calves. She could stand in front of her bedroom mirror for a long time, trying out different combinations of pantyhose and other clothes showing off her slim 34-25-30 figure, but often times just pure pantyhose which were still one of her hottest turn-ons all by themselves.

In the course of all this, she always got very aroused and had a hard time not starting to touch herself too early and end the enjoyable game prematurely. Usually, she started out with a gentle breast and nipple massage, then led her hands over the pantyhose, moving from her toes and feet all the way up to the waist and back down, and only to top it off would she reach for her private parts and massage her pelvic area, vulva, clitoris, and sometimes finger herself. She noticed that while looking at the mirror as she was standing was quite exciting to her, but it made her almost as crazy to lie on her bed watching herself in the mirror with her pantyhose on, with her legs spread out in eagle position, masturbating all the way to an orgasm. At times she was so much in the mood that she could make herself come several times in a row and was shooting her juices out, drenching her pantyhose all over...

Whenever she met Dan in these times, even in passing, she noticed his lecherous looks and stares, particularly directed to her feet and legs, and all of that made her feel even more insecure around him; she sensed that he was up to something, that he wanted more from her, but then again, he was her sister's boyfriend, so she didn't think that he would do what he might be thinking about...

One night, it was almost one o'clock in the morning, and she was in the middle of one of her personal dressing parties, she felt the urge to visit the bathroom. She wore a very revealing yellow dress with shoulder straps whose hem ended just above her knees, silky nude pantyhose, and black high heels. As it was so late at night, she didn't bother closing the bathroom door. She lifted up her skirt hemline and pulled down her pantyhose to pee. Unknown to her, Dan was in the hallway observing her. He had spied on her several times in the past couple of days, and now again got very excited by what was unfolding before his eyes and felt his manhood starting to harden and stiffen. He decided to stroke and arouse himself and have a quickie. He was fantasizing about Julia's sister while stroking himself, with no feelings of guilt about it, almost ready to cum. When Vanessa stood up after her pee, giving Dan a plain view of her beautiful female private parts, he couldn't contain his sexual hunger any more and shot his load onto a sofa right next to him, letting out soft groans and moans, yet trying to be discrete, then quickly leaving the hallway into Julia's bedroom. In the midst of it, Vanessa noticed some kind of noise in the hallway and quickly adjusted her dressings and went back to her room.

A few nights afterwards, another one of those late nights after trying her sexy pantyhose outfits, Vanessa had to visit the bathroom again. This time, she wore a very tightly fitting shoulder-free shiny black nylon dress whose hem ended about 5 inches above her knees, very smooth and high quality white sandalfoot pantyhose, sheer-to-waist, and patent leather 4-inch black high heels. As usual, she left the bathroom door open, raising up her dress and pulling down her hose, before sitting down on the toilet and starting to pee. While washing her hands afterwards, she heard this strange noise in the hallway again.

"Who the hell...?" she asked herself silently but before she could think much or look around, Dan stood right next to her. He just wore his night shorts and so allowed her to view his athletic body. Although he seemed to be a bit sleepy, his eyes had a very lustful and determined expression that almost scared Vanessa. He did not tell her that he had been observing her the past few late nights visiting the bathroom like clockwork around this time; and each night, it was a different outfit and pantyhose; how he fantasized about her while she peed without closing the door and that he was masturbating himself at each of these occasions.

As Dan put his arms around her, Vanessa closed her eyes and decided not to fight him. Maybe, after all, it would be something she would enjoy. She hadn't had sex with a man before but heard and read a lot about it and well, maybe, this would be the night... But her sister? She thought. What if she would find out about this? And how come Dan was doing this to Julia? Before she could utter a word, Dan had his palm cupped over her mouth; he leaned closer to her ears, taking in her sweet scent and whispered, "I rather you not make any noise my dear or the situation will be even less favorable for you. Remember your punishment?" Dan grinned as he slowly removed his hand away from her mouth.

Dan embraced Vanessa even more tightly, so that their bodies touched and they could feel each other's breath on their skin. Vanessa felt a bit uncomfortable, even a bit scared, not so much because of what had happened four months ago, she knew that this was one-time punishment and this was all over and done with, but ever since that incident, somehow her female instincts told her that Dan was up to something no good, well, but she just wasn't sure...

"Okay, well, I guess it's really bedtime for me now, I gotta go to school at 9 tomorrow morning and need to get some sleep." Vanessa tried to extricate herself from this uncomfortable situation.

"You know, I might know of ways to make you sleep even better tonight...," Dan hinted at something pretty obvious, but Vanessa didn't get it.

"No, thanks, whatever it is, but I really need to go to bed now. Have a good night now!"

Dan's right hand gently touched Vanessa's left thigh, feeling the warmth of her skin and the smoothness of her soft white pantyhose. Vanessa felt even more uncomfortable than before since it became increasingly clear to her that Dan wanted more, much more, from her. But should she resist him or give in and just go for the ride? And what about her sister...?

But all her musings stopped ffairly abruptly when Dan now also took her other thigh in his other hand and moved both of his hands slowly up, higher on her thighs, under her tight dress, until they reached her butt. He started a gentle massage and then a soothing squeeze of her butt cheeks and even in this very early stage she was aroused so much that her pussy juices started to flow onto the crotch part of her pantyhose and moistened it; Vanessa wore, as usual, no panties underneath her pantyhose.

Dan stepped back, took Vanessa's hand and slowly and quietly led her to her bedroom and closed the door behind them. Vanessa was on the one hand still quite aroused and excited about what was to come next, on the other hand a bit unsure about this hairy situation with her sister's boyfriend seemingly wanting to go all the way with her and whether it would involve some kind of violence on his part. But she decided to not resist and rather enjoy the experience, all of it, whatever it would take...

As soon as Dan had closed her bedroom door, Dan wrapped his arms around her very tightly but gently and moved his lips towards hers. Vanessa's heart started to beat at a faster pace as she was suddenly feeling a rush of warm lust streaming through her whole body. As Dan's lips gently touched hers, she felt a lightning bolt of sexual pleasure moving through her and opened her lips to let his tongue inside. Despite of being 18, not only did she never had a boyfriend before or any sexual experience (discounting, of course, the "punishment" night several months ago), but she hadn't even French kissed a guy before. The feeling of Dan's strong tongue in her mouth was absolutely exciting to her; she had remembered the sensation she had on her breasts and nipples that ominous night and now could, in a very different circumstance, fully enjoy the pleasure of his play. He caressed every part of her mouth and tongue in sometimes gentle, sometimes more firm and determined manner, and after not too long, Vanessa woke up to start using her own tongue, too, to play with his, and she couldn't tell how long this intense kissing was going on that almost took her breath away out of hot excitement.

Dan was still holding her very tightly and his hands slowly slid down her back towards her butt, exerting gentle, comfortable pressure, and giving her butt cheeks some kind of very gentle massage that turned her on immensely. Her dress rubbed against her soft pantyhose and the hose in turn moved slightly up and down her smooth skin.

Vanessa's pussy had gotten extremely wet and her juices of lust and anticipation came down and moistened the crotch area of her white pantyhose even more, so that her arousal would have been very much obvious, were it not for her tight black nylon dress that covered her butt down to her upper thighs.

As Dam finally parted his lips from hers, Vanessa was ready for more. In fact, during their deep kiss, all she could think of was to feel Dan's cock all the way deep inside her lust hole. In that night she was tortured by it without end, felt it in her mouth, knew how big and hard it was, tasted its cum, but as she was blindfolded she hadn't seen it yet. As Dan held her in tight embrace, she noticed his sizable boner pressing hard against her pelvis. Dan put his hands firmly on her shoulders and made her kneel down in front of him. A bit turned on by Dan's determination, Vanessa pulled down his night boxer shorts and already had his hard cock in her cute little hands, His boner had reached its maximum size of about 8" and stood fully erect, pointing towards the ceiling, and her hands slid gently over its shaft, several times up and down, and caressed hiss balls, too.

Dan moaned as he watched her playing with his manhood and she looked him deep into his eyes, increasing his excitement and arousal further. Now she started a full-blown massage of his throbbing sword, teasing him every once in a while by taking a break, playing with his balls, squeezing his butt, or slightly scratching his cock with her light red fingernails. Some of these techniques she had read about before, some she just did out of her own intuition about what would turn him on.

Dan started to breathe a bit more heavily and moaned a bit louder, clearly being aroused almost to the max, and Vanessa saw some pre-cum appear on the tip of his penis. She used the liquid to rub his glans and make it all lubricated which drove Dan even crazier. Vanessa just waited for the point he could not hold it back anymore and would explode right in front of her. But Dan suddenly stepped back and asked her to turn around and rest her arms on the bed. Clearly, he was that sort of guy, she thought, who has a fetish of seeing women from behind, so she did as he requested, still with her knees on the floor and exposing the lower part of her butt to Dan, as her dress slid up a little bit while she was bending down. She moved her legs apart by about a foot and a half, realizing what would come next. And indeed, she soon felt Dan kneeling between her legs, his muscular calves touching hers, still encased in her smooth pantyhose.

Dan now was almost out of his mind of arousal and excitement. Here was the younger sister of his girlfriend, in her sexiest outfit, wearing pantyhose, his favorite fetish, and black shiny high heels... he couldn't have asked for more and just briefly thought of Julia and how this would be something he "did to her" as sort of a revenge action for what had happened the night before when she humiliated him during sex... Dan took the seam of Vanessa's black nylon dress and moved it up over her butt all the way to her waist until he saw the waistband of her white pantyhose exposed. Although he was ready to come right there, he wanted to hold off a bit and enjoy it all some more, so he massaged Vanessa's butt, thighs, calves intensely, gently, then a bit firmer, which turned her on as well, he could tell from her breathing more rapidly and starting to moan in a subdued almost inaudible way. Then he took off her heels, rubbed them against his rock hard boner, and gave her a long and intense massage of her size 5 feet, as well, feeling a little moisture on them by having been in pantyhose and heels for quite a while.

Finally he knew that there was no holding off any more for him and he pressed his cock very hard between her pantyhose-encased butt cheeks, touching her rosebud with the tip of his penis which got even larger and harder, as he approached his ejaculation. He only needed two more rubs of his cock and then exploded in one of his wildest orgasms ever, moaning in deep lustfull expression, and shooting his fifteen loads of juicy cum all over her ass, back, legs and feet, creating an extremely arousing sensation in Vanessa that almost brought her over the edge. He briefly lost his touch to reality as it all happened and as he fired his shots onto Vanessa's white pantyhose, but when he was done, he smiled and felt great about himself and the whole experience...

Dan told Vanessa he would now return to Julia and she should by no means tell anyone, in particular Julia, what just had happened between the two of them.

Vanessa slowly got up, herself being very close to an orgasm, too, and lay down on the bed, her dress still way high up. She spread her legs wide, rested her feet on the bed, and started to finger herself on top of her pantyhose which were now completely soaked with her own pussy juices and Dan's cum. Vanessa's fingers, now underneath her smooth white hose, were massaging her whole clean shaven pelvic area, her swollen outer and inner labia, and her stiff and enlarged clitoris. Then she continued to please herself even more by gently massaging her firm tits and playing with her erect nipples with a slight squeeze. Vanessa touched herself with firmer and faster strokes on her mound, then put two fingers in her cunt and finally reached an intense climax of a kind she had never before experienced in her life. She screamed out loud at every contraction, her whole body spasmed for at least a minute and juices gushed out of her pussy, further soaking her pantyhose. She was so happy and deeply relaxed that she forgot any guilty feelings towards Julia...


About two weeks later, finally, prom night had arrived. Vanessa was looking forward to this special event with a lot of joyful anticipation, one of the prime reasons being of course that she would be allowed to wear pantyhose for this special occasion. Her mom had promised her that she would be ok with that, and so she figured that part of the reason she had been playing these dressing games in the past couple of weeks and months, was to get a sense of how it felt to be in pantyhose, to wear them, what kind of hose would feel comfortable to her, would even turn her on, and also, what kind of outfit she would wear in general for her prom. After the night adventure with Dan she had pretty much made up her mind that she would dress almost exactly the way she did that night, even though her dress would probably be considered a bit risqué, but on the other hand, when she listened to her female classmates, she heard them talking about quite some hot outfits for the prom, too. In any case, she wanted to look hot and sexy, and she knew that Julia and Dan would definitely come, and the thought of turning Dan on, wearing this particular outfit, maybe even teasing him a bit, made her horny and wet between her legs...What Vanessa did not realize though, was that the more she would focus on teasing Dan and trying to get laid again, the more she would increase his lust for dominating and humiliating her, as he enjoyed the punishment so much four months earlier.

Since Vanessa didn't have a boyfriend at that time, she was a bit at a loss of who to ask to be her prom date, particularly when she found out that her two favorite guys in her class already were matched up with a girl. But then there was this family dinner a couple of days ago, where she was first introduced to Dan's younger brother Mark, who was just a year older then herself, and, she had to say, even cuter and sexier than his brother. She overcame her shyness and asked Mark after dinner whether he would want to be her prom date. And to her delight he agreed without hesitation. Vanessa was wondering whether Mark would love pantyhose like his older brother and whether those kinds of fetish preferences run in families, but she wasn't sure if she would ever find out. After all, she heard that Mark had a girlfriend named Courtney and so she had to limit herself in terms of seducing him, as much as she may have liked to try. In general, it seemed to Vanessa from what she heard from her friends that only rarely do prom dates wind up in bed at the prom night. And the reason for this was likely less some prudish or moral qualms than the fact that most had taken in, by the time the prom event was over, quite a bit of alcohol and were not up for anything else other than either party some more or go to sleep.

Still, in her fantasy world, Vanessa played around with many different scenarios of how it would be if she could seduce Mark teasing him with her pantyhose -- she had decided to go with nude color rather than white -- and what kind of sex play they might engage as a consequence of that. She also played with the thought of seducing Dan using her talent as a big tease, in that case she would have to find a way to distract Julia... maybe she could pair her up with Mark...? She stopped her train of thought right there because it started to get more than silly and ridiculous. In fact, it was really time to get herself dressed and ready for the event that would start in just two hours.

After taking a quick shower and drying herself, Vanessa went to her room and first put on her most delicate and expensive nude pantyhose, sheer-to-waist and sandalfoot. She relished in the smooth sensation on her skin and felt herself with her hand down her legs and back up to her waist. There was little time to play around, so she put on one of her special bras for shoulder-free dresses, a bit of a push-up model to enhance her 34C breasts, and then got her black dress out of her closet and stepped into it, then zipping up the back, Finally, she slipped into her 4" patent leather heels she had shined the day before. Of course, she would have to put on some of her nice jewelry for the occasion, too. She decided on the cute silver ear rings her aunt had given her for her eighteenth birthday, a matte Perl necklace, and a golden bracelet on her left wrist. Finally, there was some make-up work on her lids, eye shadows, cheeks and lips, and to top it off she sprayed a very gentle dose of her most favorite perfume on her neck, She looked into the mirror for a bit, and she decided she was ready for the adventure! Go, girl, go! She said to herself, not having the faintest idea of what might or might not happen in the night ahead...

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