tagInterracial LoveVanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 03

Vanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 03


(Note: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.)

Hong Kong, June 2004

Only two weeks after her high school graduation, Vanessa started her summer internship at a local law firm. She had been accepted at a small three-year college in South England for a business major, and so she wanted to make some money to get a better financial start at her studies abroad. She had heard good things about this firm, they paid well, even her as an intern without any college education, but they also demanded a lot from their employees, as well as their interns, and weeks with more than 40 hours of work were more the rule than the exception. Vanessa wasn't worried about these prospects, since she would only work there for three months and since money was more important to her at this point in time than anything else.

Vanessa, now being a high school graduate, finally had the freedom to wear what she wanted and of course she chose an outfit for her first day at work that included pantyhose. She wore a dark blue business suit with a white blouse underneath, suntan sandalfoot sheer-to-waist pantyhose, and closed black 3-inch high heels. She put only little make-up on but made sure to use one of her more comfortable perfumes for that day. She wanted to appear attractive and sexy, but without making a slutty impression to her new co-workers.

After checking in with the HR folks, her supervisor showed Vanessa her office which was shared with another intern who would start two weeks later. He also explained to her what kind of work he expected her to do during her time at the firm and already handed her a pile of files to sort through and categorize according to certain criteria. Vanessa knew right away that no one was idle here and would waste any minute with non-business related stuff.

Around noon, there was a knock at her door, and a co-worker entered and introduced himself.

"Hi- my name is Chris, I work just across the hallway, I heard about you having your first day here..."

"Hi, Chris. Nice to meet you. I'm Vanessa- yes, it's my first day, and I'm still trying to figure out things..."

"Want to join me for lunch?" Chris inquired. Vanessa was perfectly fine with that; she needed a break and didn't know the neighborhood well, so it would be helpful to have someone show her around. They ventured out and entered a small restaurant about one block away that just had opened its doors for lunch.

Only as they had sat down and waited for the server did Vanessa have a chance to look at Chris a bit more closely. She figured he probably was a couple of years older than herself, maybe in his early twenties. His accent sounded American to her, but she wasn't sure about that. He was fairly tall, not much short of 6', and was dressed very elegantly. Perfect business attire, she thought. His hair was black and fairly short, his eyes were brown and friendly and he had a charming smile on his face most of the time. Vanessa thought that he was kind of cute, and developed some sort of liking for him right away.

Meanwhile, Chris used the opportunity as well to study Vanessa a bit and his gaze went all the way from the top, her beautiful long black hair, her soft face with black eyes and gentle make-up, all the way down to her dark blue business skirt, ending a bit above her knees, and her suntan slightly shiny pantyhose that made her legs appear very sexy. He also liked her black leather high heels and correctly guessed her shoe size at 5. He felt about Vanessa the same as she felt about him—he thought she was cute, smart, open, and had a good sense of humor.

During lunch, they were very chatty and talked about all kinds of things, not only about the firm and the work there. Vanessa learned that Chris had graduated from a prestigious U.S. law school about a year ago and since then had worked at this firm which he liked very much. He told her that, growing up in the U.S., he never thought to be working abroad but when this opportunity presented itself to him around graduation time, he got quite excited about it and hasn't regretted his decision since

But Vanessa also noticed Chris's occasional gaze towards her knees and calves, and although he tried to do this without too much intensity, it did not escape her that there was something about this that was more than just mere curiosity. Vanessa decided to put him to a little test and slowly moved her right leg forward underneath the table until she felt Chris's pants touching her leg. She noticed a subtle movement of his eyes and facial expression, and then went further to gently touch his left leg with her right one. At that point he moved a bit in his chair and she noticed a slight blush in his face. His imagination went wild and he pictured Vanessa rubbing her pantyhose encased calves against his. Now he lost the thread of the conversation and was clearly completely distracted, his face color changing even more towards red. In his fantasies, Vanessa moved her high heel up his right leg all the way to his crotch, then rubbed his boner for a while, making it even harder stil... Chris suddenly got up from his chair

and excused himself. Vanessa smiled in satisfaction and imagined how he would sit down in the men's room, take his cock in his hands, and rub it until he came, shooting out his sperms...

When Chris returned, he seemed a bit distracted and unfocused, but Vanessa had decided to not "test" him any more that day and they soon resumed their casual conversations over lunch.

Chris looked at his watch and suggested to pay and leave, since almost an hour had elapsed and their official lunch break was actually only 45 minutes. So they paid their bills and walked back to the firm, now not talking much, everyone lost in their thoughts about the other person, their conversation, and what else had happened during their first date.


During the next couple of days, Vanessa couldn't get her mind off thinking about Chris and their lunch date with a little erotic touch to it. She was wondering if he was in a relationship or not, and if he would be at all interested in dating her; as for her, she definitely was. But would it be ok to ask him out for a date? She was an intern, firstly, and then she was a woman, raised in a rather conservative Asian tradition.

Fortunately for her, Chris did take the initiative four days later, on a Friday, and sent her a very brief email, just inquiring if she would be up for something this weekend. Vanessa's heart started to pound when she read his open invitation, and in her mind she was going much farther than just a little casual date... She replied in the affirmative, without hesitation, and suggested to meet at a nearby movie theater. She had heard about a funny yet not superficial comedy that recently came out and had planned to see it anyways. Chris agreed with delight.

As their date approached, Vanessa was wondering what to wear for the occasion. Of course she would have to put on something that would accommodate Chris's interests, or, in other words, would turn him on. But she didn't just want to wear one of her business outfits since after all it was a weekend date and not a business meeting. Eventually she settled on a black skin-tight low-cut cotton-stretch T-shirt that would reveal much about her figure, just a light sports bra underneath, and a black and brown patterned mini-skirt, ending very high above her knees. She also put on a pair of slightly shiny expensive black but still sheer sandalfoot pantyhose, without wearing panties underneath, and made sure they fit snugly on her waist, hips, crotch, legs and feet. Finally, she thought she didn't want to be all black, so she put on her dark red 4" high heels with ankle straps that made her whole appearance even sexier. Of course, a bit of make-up and some nice scent on her neck would top it off, she thought with a little smile of anticipation on her face.

Vanessa and Chris arrived at the theater almost at the same time and said hello to each other, with a friendly smile that had some of the first-date-nervousness in it, too. As it was still too early to go into the auditorium, they bought some popcorn and sodas for the performance and engaged in a little small talk. Vanessa could tell that her attire had the effect on Chris she had envisioned since he had a very hard time not to look at her legs in pantyhose, her high heeled feet and even her upper body where her breasts in the sports bra showed pretty clearly underneath her skin-tight black T-shirt. Chris had, again, some troubles following the thread of their conversation and clearly was more than just a bit distracted.

Chris was definitely more leisurely dressed than Vanessa, but still with much taste. He wore a nice striped polo shirt, dark elegant jeans with a belt that had some nice applications on it and white sneakers. Vanessa also thought that his very unobtrusive little gold necklace added to his attractiveness and found again that he was some of those few men with a sense of style.

Finally it was time to enter the auditorium and Vanessa followed Chris to a seat in the rear third of the theater, but not all the way to the back. Both Vanessa and Chris were so excited about their first date, that they barely were able to focus much on the screen. Instead they either looked at each other, exchanged smiles, or were lost in thought about the meaning of it all and what would become of their first date.

Not too long into the movie, Vanessa felt Chris's right leg gently touching her left one. 'Accident or purpose?' she wondered. Looking at Chris's face, he seemed to watch the movie, but was he, really? She decided to make another little test and moved around in her comfortable seat a little bit until their legs didn't touch anymore. What would Chris do now? Vanessa didn't have to wait too long, and Chris's leg, as if "by accident" followed hers to the right until they touched again. Vanessa's pulse increased, and she was now keenly aware that Chris was about to start advances towards her. In fact, that was what she had hoped for in the first place, and the more excited she was now that he took the initiative that early into the date. Was it now up to her to respond in kind and follow up...?

But then again, Vanessa thought, they were in a public place after all, and even though there was no one sitting in the same row, there were several people sitting in rows behind them that probably would be able to see what was going on. She remembered her encounter in the park at her prom night-- yes, she felt uncomfortable then, but in a sense there was also an element in her that had something of an exhibitionist component, wanting to show off, expose herself in public, being watched while having an intimate encounter. She was torn between the alternatives of giving in to her fears and anxieties or letting go, at least for a little bit, and just go with the flow and don't worry. Vanessa bet on the latter, for now and started using her skills as a teaser...

As if by chance, Vanessa played with her skirt a bit, and moved it up her legs somewhat, almost exposing her crotch to the plain sight of Chris's eyes, waiting for a while, then slowly moving the skirt back down to where it was. She noticed that Chris had followed this little scene, again, as usual, trying not to make his interests known. But a further look between his pants showed her that one organ of Chris was quite engaged in the process and even though she couldn't see the color in Chris's face she was quite sure that it would move to the red zone any time soon.

Vanessa thought that this was fun and decided to continue teasing her date some more. She pulled her left foot up on her seat and pretended to fix something with her dark red heels. She nestled on the ankle strap, opened it, and then slowly closed it again. Chris's gaze had now definitely moved from the screen to his pretty neighbor on his right and seeing Vanessa's legs in these dark pantyhose and high heels made him absolutely crazy. Yet he knew that he had to restrain himself, it was a public place after all, and he didn't know how she would react if he would make more definite advancements towards Vanessa than what he had done, sort of innocently, so far.

Now, Vanessa slowly moved her heel out of her left shoe and let it dangle, suspended by the toe part and the ankle strap. Chris now not only got the first view of Vanessa's stunning foot, heel, and sole, but also inhaled a slight, almost unnoticeable scent emanating from her foot, a scent of light erotic sweat of a young girl's foot, combined with a bit of a leather aroma from her heels. Chris's face turned very red now, and he breathed more heavily, his boner being erect to the max, with some pre-cum already appearing at its top. He had the choice of either doing something about it and taking initiative on his part, or to not look at all at this teasing on his right any more and finally watch at least some of the movie.

Just as Chris was weighing his options, Vanessa took off her left heels entirely, placed her cute size 5 foot in black hose back on her seat and started a rather erotic looking massage of her foot, using both of her hands. And then, almost to both her and Chris's surprise, her pantyhose clad foot moved to the left until it rested on Chris's right thigh, and slowly moved up higher and higher. At this point, Vanessa had almost completely forgotten where they were, that there were people around them who might be watching, that it was a public place. She just enjoyed herself immensely and got so much into it that nothing could stop her any more at this point in time.

Chris was in the seventh heaven during this experience, and all of this was almost too much for him to bear. He knew that at this point, a brief touch on his penis would be enough to set him off and make him come... Vanessa enjoyed her teasing more and more, the longer things progressed, and Chris's worst fears came true when she placed her soft, cute foot right onto his boner. He could not allow her to do a foot job since he would come immediately in his pants, so he quickly grabbed her foot with his hands and started a soft, gentle massage that both he and Vanessa enjoyed a lot. In the meantime, Vanessa had gotten hotter herself and her pussy juices had started to flow, creating a quite large wet spot at the crotch area of her pantyhose. Why just one foot? She thought, took off her right heels, as well, turned to the left, facing Chris, and presented him with her right foot. He also turned to the side, facing Vanessa, and was now focusing on this other foot with his massage, while she walked her left foot up his body, over his chest, all the way into his face, and gently rubbed his cheeks, chin, and mouth with her small feet in smooth black pantyhose, allowing him to soak up all the smells he craved so much for. He couldn't resist playing with her toes and licking them with his tongue, an almost unbearably sexual sensation and pleasure for him.

Chris unzipped his pants, pulled down his boxers, and exposed his massive 9" boner which was very wet at its top from a lot of pre-cum that had emanated in the past couple of minutes. Vanessa didn't wait long and started to tease Chris's balls and cock with her right foot, using her red painted sharp toenails to generate some pain to avoid for him coming too soon. Chris was totally amazed and impressed by Vanessa's techniques of a footjob and thought it could not get any better. But then Vanessa brought down her left foot from Chris's face, her toes being wet from being licked by him, and joined her other foot for a dual feet foot job, taking his cock between her soles, still in her black smooth pantyhose, and rubbing the shaft of Chris's cock up and down, first in slow, then in increasingly faster motion while at the same time also increasing the pressure on his rock hard cock. He knew at that point that he could not hold it back any longer and just relaxed into one of his wildest orgasms he ever had experienced, with many loads of cum shooting out of his penis, covering Vanessa's pantyhose from her thighs down all the way to her feet. The shiny glistening white liquid of his sperm yielded a beautifully nice contrast to Vanessa's black hose, and had he known how much she just had been turned on by these cum shots on her hose, he probably would have focused even more of getting as much of his loads onto her as possible.

Vanessa meanwhile indeed was as hot as she had ever been and decided not to forgo an opportunity of coming herself. Now with her legs and feet covered in Chris's cum on her pantyhose, still resting on Chris's lap, she pulled up her mini skirt over her hips, moved her right hand inside her pantyhose and began with rhythmic, circular motions around her vulva and clitoris, which were, at this time, extremely enlarged and wet already. As Chris watched her masturbating, her movements intensified and her breath shortened, until she reached her climax; she felt a rush of energy and pleasant heat moving up her spine and her body started shaking violently for more than half a minute. Vanessa felt so emboldened and so great that she couldn't help but bending over towards Chris and giving him a long kiss...

After a little while, Vanessa suddenly did realize where she was and where they were and felt quite a big bout of embarrassment. Had anyone observed their hot encounter? Or even worse, watched her masturbating on her seat in the theater? As she looked on the screen for a little bit, she realized that the movie would be over very soon, and she had to figure out how to get out of the theater without drawing attention to her legs that were completely soaked and full with Chris's hot cum. Since she hadn't thought of bringing a spare pair of pantyhose, she decided to just take off her hose altogether, hide them under her seat and clean her feet and legs off as well as she could with a couple of tissues she had in her purse. Fortunately for Chris, his pants had not gotten soiled at all and so they finally could walk out of the theater without making a scene, Vanessa just "missing" her pantyhose, but making a very sexy appearance nonetheless.


The whole remainder of the weekend Vanessa could not get her thoughts off Chris and their hot adventure in the movie theater. She knew she wanted more but would Chris want the same thing? She wasn't sure, even though he seemed to have enjoyed the experience quite a bit, too.

In any case, Vanessa decided to show up more often in Chris's office than necessary, from a work perspective. She always dressed in a sexy way with either a jacket and skirt combination or just a dress, choosing attires with hemlines way above her knees. She would vary her pantyhose a lot, as well, so Chris could experience many different colors, designs, and fabrics. She wore mostly high heels, but occasionally also pumps with a somewhat lower heel part, in rare cases with open toes, but only if her hose was of the sandalfoot variety.

Whenever they met in the hallway or in their offices, his gaze would move down to her pantyhose encased legs in a few seconds and stay there for longer than would have been considered "polite". But Chris knew that Vanessa knew, and so didn't bother about this extra bit of his attention he gave to her outfit, and in particular her sexy pantyhose. Sometimes, when the occasion warranted it, Vanessa would move a bit closer to Chris than what would be acceptable in a normal business setting, letting him soak in her scents and fragrances she put on her skin and hair, but sometimes going further than that and touching his legs with hers, knowing how much he would be aroused by this move. A brief glance at his face usually revealed to Vanessa that he was getting hot, since he blushed a bit in his usual manner, and he sometimes also got distracted, losing the thread of their conversation for a bit.

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