Vanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 03


Vanessa enjoyed all of this tease quite a bit, but was disappointed that Chris didn't ask her out for another date. Should she take the initiative herself this time? But then again, her rather conservative upbringing in her traditional Asian family would not really allow for this option.

But after about a week or so, Vanessa found an envelope on her desk one morning, without a sender's name. It was a brown paper envelope and she wondered what it was, as she rarely got much paper mail. When she opened it, she was surprised to see a pair of expensive Japanese pantyhose, her size, off-white color, sheer-to-waist. Vanessa knew, of course who the sender was and what his idea behind this package might have been, so on the next day, she put on her new white pantyhose, together with a dark blue low-cut mini-dress and dark blue closed toe 4" high heels. To her surprise, however, Chris was not in his office that day. He hadn't indicated to her whether he had a business trip or a vacation planned and she didn't think he would be sick either. But then again, why this package yesterday?

Shortly before lunch, she received an email from Chris, asking her out for lunch in a very nice, nearby restaurant. Vanessa got very excited reading this invitation and knew that this was a definite attempt from his part to move the relationship forward by a significant step. She replied instantly and just half an hour later they met at the restaurant.

Although Chris had been off from work – he said he just needed a day to rest after several days of doing overtime – he was dressed as nicely as usual, even a bit more dressed up. Vanessa thought: 'He's so handsome...'

As they were seated on a table, the restaurant being almost empty, they both were in a mixed state of excited anticipation and nervous anxiety about what would be ahead. Vanessa mused whether Chris expected her to tease him in a similar way as she had done at their lunch date on her first day... on the one hand, she knew they would both enjoy the tingling sensation and tension of an early foreplay, but this was a very upscale and elegant place, very unlike the cheap Chinese lunch place from last time. And there were more waiters in the room than customers, watching them attentively, in case they might need anything.

A little while into their lunch, Vanessa noticed Chris's legs moving closer to hers underneath the table, a clear sign that he was up for some fun pantyhose action despite their exposure in a public space. On the one hand, things happening underneath the table would not really be in plain sight of the wait staff, on the other hand, Vanessa thought that they might still notice something going on a bit out of the ordinary and was somewhat worried about this. Yet, as her legs touched Chris's, she could not help but return his attention in a way that would make him aroused by rubbing her calves encased in pantyhose gently against his, then moving her legs and feet higher up, still staying in contact with Chris's legs, and landing, eventually, in the target zone. She felt right away that his boner was already massive and started to put pressure on it by using the soles of both of her high heels. He sighed briefly, almost unnoticeably. And Vanessa, forgetting again about where they were, got bolder and turned her spiky heels against his cock, with even increased pressure, something that probably hurt him quite a bit. He closed his mouth and bit his tongue out of pain, at the same time getting pleasure from Vanessa's treatment.

Chris moved his hands underneath the table and took off Vanessa's high heels, placing them slowly and cautiously on the floor, trying to avoid any noise. Then he took Vanessa's right foot in his hands, massaging it and enjoying the sensation of the smooth, soft pantyhose on it, then giving her the same pleasurable treatment on her left foot. Both knew that this was as far as they could go on this place; no way Chris could have unzipped his pants and asked Vanessa for a pantyhose foot job...

As they exited the restaurant after lunch, both of them were horny and aroused by their frivolous play during lunch and Chris asked Vanessa if she would mind coming along with him for a while.

"But... I have to return to work," she hesitated.

"Come on, just send an email to your boss that you are feeling sick and have to stay home the rest of the day...," Chris suggested.

"Well, I have... never done something like that...," replied Vanessa, not sure about whether this was a good idea. But then again, could she refuse Chris's offer and just miss this opportunity? Who knew where it would all end up today after this hot start just minutes ago? She decided to go for it and texted her boss the excuse, nodding to Chris, and following him to his apartment.


Chris lived in a typical Hong Kong high rise, on the top floor; she wondered how he could afford that, with a magnificent view of the city and the harbor. Although the apartment was not large, it certainly had more than enough space for a single person with its three bedrooms. Chris offered Vanessa a drink and they sat down on the brown leather couch in the living room, chatting away.

Vanessa moved her right leg over her left thigh and started dangling her heels off her right foot, in plain sight of Chris. She could not help but needed to keep teasing him without end. Her success was immediate as his eyes widened and his face color turned to darker red. He took another drink, while Vanessa had barely started her first one. Vanessa then, after some more sensuous dangling and exposing almost all of her foot covered in white expensive silky pantyhose, dropped her right shoe on the floor, making a distinct noise. All of this made Chris hornier and more aroused, but Vanessa kept on the tease and repeated a similar scene with her other foot, until both her cute little Asian size 5 feet were all the way exposed, just covered by her hose.

"May I ask you a favor?" Vanessa asked Chris.

"Sure! How may I help?"

"You started a little foot massage earlier in the restaurant and I really liked the feeling... would you mind continuing this a bit more...?" she asked as innocently as she could.

Chris thought he dreamed when she asked him about a foot massage, he wouldn't have thought about anything else more enjoyable than this at that point, except for, well, but maybe it was a bit too early for this, he thought. As he approached Vanessa to get a hold of her feet which rested on the floor, she softly took his hand and moved it away.

"I would kind of like if you could do the massage kneeling in front of me," Vanessa said, still more suggestive than demanding. "I like to be worshipped, you know..."

Chris was a bit surprised about Vanessa's idea but more than happy to comply. He first took off his clothes, then kneeled in front of her, then sat down on his heels for more comfort.

Vanessa secretly enjoyed herself as Chris took off all his clothes in front of her, right here on his living room floor, and was also turned on by his apparent slight embarrassment. After all, she was still fully dressed, even though, in some sense, she didn't wear that much fabric on her body...

As Chris finally settled in front of Vanessa in the same position as before, she couldn't help but noticing that his cock had lost most of its former size and was quite cute to observe, hanging down between his legs, mostly covering his testicles. She was sure now that he was more nervous at this point than aroused but decided to change this situation in an instant. She gently took his head, bent it down and whispered to him to kiss her feet with as much passion as he possibly could. Chris obliged and placed several gentle, soft kisses on both of Vanessa's feet, which she immensely enjoyed.

"You know you are a naughty boy, don't you?" she teased him with a wide smile on her face. "Answer me!" she exclaimed, as Chris kept kissing her feet but wasn't saying a word.

"I am...," he stammered, "I am... I am a very naughty boy. Very bad!" Vanessa enjoyed herself more and more every moment. This was right up her alley and she knew she had Chris in her pocket already.

"Why don't you lick my toes, my soles, my heels, lick my feet all over the place!"

Chris took both of her feet in his hands and moved them up until they reached his face. Then he started a long and intense licking of both of Vanessa's feet that smelled so girly, young, sexy, and intoxicatingly sensual that he almost lost it right there, as he explored every part of Vanessa's feet, licking them through the soft fabric of the white pantyhose they were still covered with. Chris was so good at this, particularly when he sucked Vanessa's toes, every one of them individually and then stuck the front part of her feet into his mouth that Vanessa was not able anymore to hide her own arousal and Chris heard some muted sighs and some heavy breathing noises.

Vanessa then rubbed Chris's thighs with her pantyhose clad feet, slowly walking them up and down, until they reached his crotch area. But she waited for a long time until they actually touched Chris's boner which was rock hard and had a sizeable spot of translucent pre-cum on its glans. She could literally feel Chris's pain as he had to watch this torture and tease. Finally she decided to please him and grabbed his cock with both of her feet, stroking his rod slowly up and down, and also giving a gentle massage to his balls. Chris started to breathe heavier and to moan a little bit, too, and Vanessa's pussy juices flew with higher intensity, creating a huge wet spot between her legs, which Chris could not see, as she still wore her blue dress. Vanessa then placed her toes on Chris's dick and pushed on it with her sharp toenails as strongly as she could. Chris screamed of pain and the louder he screamed, the more she pushed and scratched his cock, not knowing that he got even more pleasure from this treatment than pain.

Chris had reached such a peak of sexual arousal and excitement that he could not hold it back anymore. He came in a wild orgasm, shooting multiple loads of his juices onto Vanessa's pantyhose-encased feet and legs, being overwhelmed by the sensation of absolute pleasure.

Vanessa enjoyed her footjob almost as much, feeling Chris's glistening white warm cum all over her feet and legs, touching it, rubbing it into her hose, and also tasting it. She got extremely wet between her legs and started to masturbate right in front of Chris. It didn't take her long, just some gentle circular motions on her little hard pearl, and she came, too, with bouts of warm energy streaming through her whole body.


The summer was way too short to accommodate both of their needs in terms of dating and sexual pleasures, but they used these few months as much as they could and enjoyed each other in all ways.

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