tagLesbian SexVanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 04

Vanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 04


(Note: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.)

South England, September 2004

Vanessa exited the train, carrying two large bags, and looked somewhat lost. This seemed to be a really small town, she thought, even smaller than she had imagined from the descriptions in the college's student handbook. She was very tired, jet-lagged after her long and exhausting trip from Hong Kong, and just mustered some energy to find a cab in front of the station.

"Dorchester College. I assume?" asked the cab driver, after he had loaded Vanessa's bags in the trunk of his car.

"Yes, sir. That's right. I look like a student, don't I?" she replied, too tired to put on a smile. Still, she noticed the cab driver's interested looks at her dressing; she wore a rather tight white T-shirt which made her lycra sports bra appear quite clearly from underneath, a pair of her favorite comfy brown travel pantyhose, a denim skirt and knee-length high black leather stiletto boots. Vanessa didn't care much about the driver's ogling her, she just wanted to be at her dorm and go to bed as soon as possible.

"Indeed, and it's also that time of the year," responded the driver with a grin. "Call me Andy, by the way. What's your name?"


"And you're from where? Asia?"

"Yes, Hong Kong."

"I've been there before, you know. I like this place quite a bit," the driver remarked. He meanwhile had started the engine and made his trip to the college campus.

"Was that recently?" asked Vanessa.

"Not really, I guess. Must have been some twenty years ago. I was there on several business trips. Made it into China, too..."

"I guess much has changed since...," Vanessa mused softly, more to herself than to the driver. The driver did not respond and turned on the radio, some odd old pop hits came out of the speakers.

Vanessa was lost in her thoughts. Just a couple of days ago she had completed her time as summer intern in Hong Kong. Her relationship with Chris had been developing in a wonderful way over the summer. The last dinner and night were like a dream; they enjoyed each other's company, dined in a very nice place, and hat a long night with steamy sex together, a very deeply pleasing erotic experience for Vanessa. She still had very warm feelings about it whenever she thought back of this night together with Chris. And then his last kiss, a long, intense one, tongues twisting and twirling in their mouths, both of them getting hot again in a deep and close embrace... but then, alas, the goodbye. Vanessa didn't really want to leave Chris and Hong Kong but she knew she had to come here to get her B.A. degree in economics, and she knew a long hard three years were ahead of her. Her financial situation would only allow her to visit back home once a year in summer, and Chris probably would not get off very often from work to visit her in the U.K. either. Sure, they would stay in touch as closely as possible, with phone, skype, email, chatting and all these modern technologies.... – but it would never replace BEING with him, having him right next to her, experiencing him as a whole person, and, of course, having the whole romantic exchange starting from a little flirt by subtle movements of her eyes, hair and arms, to a little less subtle tease by her legs, pantyhose, shoes and feet, all the way to the wild fucks they enjoyed together and she would now miss. A bout of sadness overcame her and she was close to tears, when the cab suddenly stopped.

"Here we are, ma'am," Andy announced. "Dorchester College. Do you have the name of the dorm you are staying at?"

Vanessa had a strange feeling that this area didn't look much like a college campus but then brushed her concern aside and told Andy the name of her dorm. He said that this house was just around the corner and he would bring her bags over there. Vanessa followed him to the doorstep of her dorm, paid him with a generous tip and thanked him for his help. Before he walked back he couldn't help looking at her some more with rather lustful eyes and Vanessa regretted her generous tip already.

As Vanessa opened the door to her dorm, she saw three men standing inside, only a couple of feet in front of her, looking at Vanessa in a quite menacing way. She realized almost immediately that danger was in the air and she had been put into a trap. This was certainly not the dorm she was supposed to be dropped off. But before she could turn around and run outside to call for help, the tallest of the men had already approached her and held her firmly with his strong arms. Another guy stepped forward right in front of Vanessa and held a sharp knife at her throat; she could feel the cold steel blade on her skin and her pulse increased of fear.

"Just to make it clear, you cute little Asian bitch," the guy with the knife said in a somewhat subdued but still very firm voice, "you will keep your mouth shut at all times. No word, no screams. You got it?" A mean smile briefly appeared on his face.

What was Vanessa's choice? They might kill her if she didn't go along with whatever they wanted; she was clear about that. Despite her fear and distress, she focused on remembering the three men's faces, so in case she'd survive the ordeal, she would at least be able to provide useful descriptions to police.

Now the third man, by far the smallest of them, spoke and asked Vanessa to follow him to a room at the end of the hallway. It was quite dark there, with all window shutters closed, and very little light from the outside entering the rather small room. There was only a small closet, a twin size bed, just the mattress with a white sheet on top, and a couch and an end table that had some metallic looking little things on top of it.

The three guys sat down on the couch which was barely large enough for all of them and ordered Vanessa to take a seat on the bed.

"How's our little Asian bitch doing?" teased the strong tall guy. Vanessa's heart pounded as fast as she had ever experienced and her hands were cold and sweaty from anxiety and apprehension about what would happen next.

The second guy, who had threatened her with his knife earlier, took a little digital video camera out of his coat pocket and turned it towards Vanessa. Meanwhile, the tall guy had switched on a bright overhead light that would allow the men to see all the details of Vanessa's sexy outfit and her body.

"Hey slut!" the guy with the camera exclaimed. "We're ready to see some hot action now! Don't disappoint us – or...", and with another one of his mean grins he took out his knife again and pointed it to Vanessa. Although the "instructions" were vague, Vanessa had some guesses about what they were probably looking for, so she started to slowly undress herself, providing them with sort of a private striptease.

She started out by raising her white T-shirt in a seductive way, just a little bit at first, exposing her belly button, then letting it fall down again. Then she stood up in front of the bed, turning around, raising her shirt high until they could spot the back straps of her bra. The three men had meanwhile opened the zippers of their pants, taken out their massive hard cocks and started to stroke them while observing Vanessa slowly taking off her clothes. The guy with the camera held it in his left hand, while using his right hand to masturbate. They started to make explicit comments about Vanessa and her way of teasing them, her body parts, and how much of a turn-on she was to them.

After taking off her T-shirt, she moved her attention to her legs, disappointing the men who would have preferred her to undo her bra at that point and expose her sexy cute Asian teenage breasts in front of them. But Vanessa decided that they had to wait a bit more to see these soft fruits of her chest. She turned around another time, now engaging in a tease with her denim mini-skirt, moving it higher and lower multiple times, while exposing more and more of her ass covered in her brown pantyhose. As she continued the tease, she felt and heard the men getting hornier and hornier, and worried that this could incite them to use violence against her. But she couldn't stop, both because she already had gone that far, and also because she knew if her tease would stop to be perfect, they'd complain and maybe punish her even more severely for not following the orders.

Finally, she was ready to take off her skirt, exposing all of her butt to the three guys whose cocks had gotten hard as steel meanwhile and started to emanate pre-cum all over. After massaging her ass cheeks with her cute hands for a while, and then paying special attention to her rosebud, she turned around and then sat down on the bed with her legs spread wide in eagle position, starting to caress her whole body, but in particular her breasts, still under her white sports bra, her legs and her private parts. The guys' eyes widened more and they got all worried that they might go over the edge too soon and shoot their loads out before their cocks had felt Vanessa's young tight Asian pussy from the inside.

Vanessa now took off her black leather boots, one at a time, very slowly and seductively, and then threw them right in front of the guys observing her on the couch. The small guy took both of her boots, took in a big smell which turned him on even more, then licked them all over, including the stiletto heels. He realized that he could not hold it back any more and he'd have an orgasm right there, so he shot several loads in each of Vanessa's boots, then approached her and soiled her pantyhose-encased legs from the waist over her crotch all the way to her cute feet. He had such a massive orgasm that his shots seemed to go on forever and when he was all done, he was so spent that he had to leave the room for a while...

"That can't be all, Asian whore, are you telling us?" the tall guy wanted to see more from Vanessa. "I don't think we're gonna stop there!" The guy with the video camera agreed and cheered Vanessa on to get "everything off".

So, slowly, Vanessa went about teasing the remaining two guys with her bra and her breasts, caressing them more through the sports bra, letting parts of her breasts briefly appear, but quickly moving the bra over the exposed skin again. She almost physically felt the impatience of her male audience, until she finally, in a rather quick move, took her bra off and presented her firm round breasts and erect dark nipples to them in her pure nude form. Again, their eyes widened, and the tall guy decided that he could not stand waiting any longer; he had to get on the bed and finish her off, right away. When the camera guy realized what was about to happen, he took the cuffs from the end table and applied them to Vanessa's wrists behind her back. 'Oh my god,' she thought, 'this looks terrible...' Her fear and apprehension had reached a maximum level that almost made her faint, but as she sat there, a bundle of fear, the strong tall guy had taken off all of his clothes and was now kneeling down at the foot end of the bed, right in front of Vanessa, who had her legs in pantyhose still spread wide but her hands cuffed behind her back, making it impossible for her to resist in any way.

"Let's see what we have here!" said the tall guy whose cock was more than 12" long and the largest Vanessa had ever seen. He turned Vanessa around; she rested her head on the bed and kneeled in front of him, raising her pantyhose encased ass high up and resting her cuffed hands on her back. Seeing this helpless Asian teen in handcuffs and her ass showing right in front of him, made him even hotter and hornier than he already was and he then pulled down her pantyhose until a little bit above her knees. When he saw this tender, sweet white cute young Asian ass right in front of him, he couldn't contain himself any more, took some of the other guy's cum from Vanessa's pantyhose to lubricate her back door and then rammed his massive boner all the way deep inside her until she screamed of pain.

"I'll show you, little bitch! I'll make you dance, you fucking slut!" he screamed in enjoyment, while the camera guy still taped everything with his video device. The tall guy grabbed Vanessa's shoulders with force, holding her tightly, while he slammed his massive hard manhood in and out of her tight ass in heavy strokes. It was so painful for Vanessa, that she didn't even have the energy to cry any more and resigned, just hoping that it would be all over soon. But the tall guy wouldn't end this sweetest sexual experience in a lifetime so soon and went on with his ass fucking for more than twenty minutes until he climaxed into Vanessa's hole, filling it up with cum until it drenched out on the side, soaking her pussy lips and thighs.

With much satisfaction, the tall guy returned to the couch, since he knew it wouldn't be over yet. He ordered Vanessa to turn around again and sit upright with her legs spread as wide as possible. This was very hard, as her hose was still pulled down only half way. He demanded her to take them off, so she struggled to do this using only her feet, legs and mouth, since her hands were still in cuffs. Finally, the pantyhose were off her legs and fell onto the floor, where the camera guy picked it up and stuffed it into Vanessa's mouth.

"We told you not to scream, but you did, dirty bitch! That's going to silence you for a while!" he commented with great satisfaction.

Just at this point, two guys entered the room. Vanessa recognized the small guy who had already spent himself on her pantyhose. But the other guy? 'Oh my god! This was, definitely, Andy, the cab driver!'

"Hey there, Vanessa," Andy greeted her. "You wanna give some attention to my little man?" He unzipped his pants in front of Vanessa and pulled her closer on her long black hair. She couldn't say anything nor scream but realized that this wouldn't be over any time soon.

"Fucking kneel in front of me, little slut!" Andy commanded her and then took out Vanessa's pantyhose from her mouth.

"Oh, nice!" he commented. "We have some nicely soiled nylons here!" he smiled and moved Vanessa's head to his cock that just had started to grow a bit in size.

Vanessa started to give Andy head as well as she could, making his penis reach maximum size in just seconds, as he felt the sweet cute tongue of this Asian teenage girl wrap itself around his manhood. He asked her to suck his balls, as well, and to suck his cock even harder, while the camera guy tried to position himself as closely to the blowjob as possible. Vanessa mustered all her stamina and strength to please Andy who started to thrust his hard-on deeper and deeper into her throat, making her feel like suffocating. He held onto her hair again which she absolutely hated but which turned him on so intensely that he came in a strong orgasm, shooting jisms of glistening cum all the way deep into her throat, making her gag, then shooting more loads of cum over her breasts and nipples and all the way down to her clean shaven pussy.

Vanessa expected that it was time for the last guy to experience her, the camera man, but just as she was preparing herself for another sexual act with a strange guy, the camera man came, just from watching all this hot action and just was able to unload his sperms over her head and hair.

"There you go!" commented the tall guy. "Sorry you were last. You gotta learn how to hold it back and enjoy this some more!" The other three guys laughed at the embarrassed camera man. He uncuffed Vanessa and told her to put on her clothes again, including her heavily soiled pantyhose that were still glistening of male cum. When she was all dressed, Andy asked her to follow him to his cab.

"I want you to know, Vanessa: No word to anyone. No word!" Andy said in a very firm and stern tone, emphasizing every word. And that was the only thing he said during the long ride to Dorchester College.


As Vanessa checked in with the concierge, she felt extremely embarrassed about the rough way she looked and in particular her completely wet nude pantyhose still smelling strongly like male cum. Although she was certain that the concierge noticed that "something was wrong with her", she was glad that she didn't say anything or commented on Vanessa's appearance. Instead, the concierge told her that all was set and prepared for her and she gave her a room key for the room 33 in the third floor.

"Don't worry about your bags, Vanessa." The concierge said, "Someone will bring them up for you soon."

"Oh, many thanks!" Vanessa accepted the offer gratefully. She was even more grateful when discovering that this three-story building had no elevator. It also looked quite old anyways, she thought. 'Wonder how the room will look like...'

As she knocked on the door with number 33, there was no response, so she opened it and entered her room. She spotted two twin beds, one to the right, completely empty, and one to the left with lots of stuff on it. Clearly, she'd have a roommate, she observed. There also were two closets and two desks with chairs, more spacious than she had imagined, actually. But her first order of business was to get out of her clothes and take a shower, she still felt very uncomfortable about what just had happened to her a little while ago...

When she returned from her shower, wearing all fresh clothes, a brand new pair of nude pantyhose and white sneakers, she met her roommate just as she entered from the hallway.

"Hi there, newbie," a gleeful and energetic young voice called her. "I'm Ann, your roomie. Welcome to the club!"

Vanessa looked ahead and saw a dark-skinned, rather slender and tall woman with black short curly hair and dark brown eyes. She had a stunningly wide smile on her face, exposing almost all her perfectly shaped and aligned white teeth.

"My name is Vanessa," she finally said. "Nice to meet you!"

Ann closed the door behind them, approached Vanessa with the same speed and eagerness she had welcomed her verbally, and squeezed her tightly with a big hug, kissing both of Vanessa's cheeks in the process. Vanessa felt a little bit uncomfortable with this greeting; not even her own parents would usually hug or kiss her, and certainly not that emotionally, but, well, she thought, Ann was most likely not from Asia... Vanessa felt Ann's breasts touching her own and her hands stroking her back up and down in a gentle way. Ann emanated a flowery sent, probably coming from her hair that Vanessa found very appealing. Somehow Vanessa was startled about her feeling a bit of an erotic arousal during this hug of welcome. She had never had any feelings for other women, definitely not in a sexual way, but here, just seconds after meeting a new woman, there she was, feeling something strange, not at all uncomfortable, but something that she could not really explain to herself.

Meanwhile, Ann had let go of her, sat down on her bed and invited Vanessa to sit next to her. Vanessa now had time to look at her roommate a bit more closely. She wore a white T-shirt and black cotton shorts but no bra underneath her T-shirt, so Vanessa could make out Ann's nipples easily through the thin fabric of her shirt. Ann had a beautiful body, a nice balance between her torso, her arms and legs, medium built breasts, she guessed size 36-C, and, for her height, rather small feet. She just wore flip-flops and so Vanessa could see Ann's feet in much detail, her nice arches, her cute little round toes that were painted in a dark purple nail polish. The more she scanned her roommate, the more she became attracted to her, and in particular the fact that she was of dark skin, made Vanessa want to explore more of her... well, at some point in time.

Meanwhile, Ann had started the conversation again and asked a ton of questions from Vanessa, who got increasingly tired and unable to engage in the exchange. Ann said that she originally was from Kenya but had lived in the U.K. for more than ten years. Ann suggested having dinner at the student cafeteria, but Vanessa only wanted to go to sleep, wasn't even that hungry. It was a good thing that just at this point her bags arrived in the room. Vanessa told Ann that she was really terribly sorry for not being more social, but all that traveling, jet-lag, and so on had worn her out to the point that she needed to take a rest now. It was 7 p.m. local time, true, but that was it, at least for her. Ann expressed understanding and wished her a good night.

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