tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 05

Vanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 05


(Note: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.)

South England, December 2004

Several months had passed in the meantime after the terrible and humiliating incident at the freshmen dorm party. It had taken Vanessa quite a while to physically and emotionally recover from this shocking experience where she was repeatedly raped by a gang of college boys that had continued until she had fallen unconscious. The first couple of weeks she was unable to attend classes or do any schoolwork and had to take antidepressants and get counseling help, as well. When she talked to her boyfriend Chris back in Hong Kong, she didn't mention the incident in detail but just told him that she had been "hazed" at a freshmen party and felt really terrible since. Chris didn't push her to reveal all the details of the incident, but instead tried his best to be supportive and to encourage her to move to college routines and try to put the incident behind her.

Eventually, with the help of her roommate Ann and other friends from her dorm, Vanessa was able to attend some classes and slowly immerse herself into college life, her mood improving slightly over the weeks. Going to the gym with Ann also was a great thing for her and made her feel invigorated, even if just for a day or two afterwards.

During late October, Chris started to insert some naughty language here and there in his emails and online chats with Vanessa, checking whether she would pick up on it. He had been fantasizing about her a lot in recent weeks and many of his fantasies were of a quite graphic, sexual nature. Did she miss him in that sense, too? His timing was almost perfect in that Vanessa just had recently started masturbating again after several weeks of not even thinking about sex at all. She also had started yearning for intimacy with Chris and day-dreaming about hot sex scenes with him and how she would please him and would be satisfied by him, as well.

So over the course of just a couple of days, their conversations got more and more into the explicit, sexual direction and they both enjoyed this little piece of new, if distant, intimacy, continuing it soon also over the phone in live conversations. Vanessa would lie on her bed in the nude, except for wearing a pair of shiny black semi-opaque pantyhose with reinforced toes and gusset, her legs spread wide, her hands massaging her breasts and nipples, then continuing down to her crotch area and playing with her pussy, both through the hose, and inside them, all the while describing every detail about it to Chris, and letting him hear her breaths, her moans, and even the sounds of her hands rubbing her black hose and her wet pussy as she fingered herself down there. Chris's cock would get rock hard and soon some pre-cum would emerge, as he described to Vanessa how he felt and what he experienced, how he took out his manhood from his pants and stroked his shaft until his cock was directed straight upwards and throbbing hard.

Vanessa then continued sucking on her right index finger, making it sound like it was Chris's dick and made slurping noises, with moans interspersed, describing to him verbally how she would treat his cock with her utmost attention of her lips and tongue, sucking out the little goblets of pre-cum that were still emanating from Chris's stiff rod.

Then, Chris took over the conversation again and detailed his sensations and feelings as Vanessa did her greatest job ever in sucking his penis as hard and as dedicated as she could. As Chris was approaching his orgasm, he described how he would kneel down in front of Vanessa's widely spread legs, coming down on her, licking and sucking all of her private parts through her black smooth hose, her outer and inner pussy lips, and spending an extensive amount of time and dedication on her meanwhile fully erect clitoris. Vanessa would grab Chris's head, push his face firmly into her crotch and breathe faster and faster, moaning with a higher pitch, indicating her approaching climax. Finally, Chris would change position, pull down Vanessa's black shiny pantyhose, which was soaked wet from her pussy juices in the crotch and gusset areas, all the way to her knees, and then take his cock and insert it as deeply as he could into Vanessa's hot, wet and silky smooth Asian pussy, pushing in and out in rhythmic motions, with Vanessa responding in kind and in sync, now both of them breathing faster and moaning more loudly, until they exploded into a simultaneous orgasm, with Chris shooting multiple loads deep inside of Vanessa's contracting cunt, until his cum was streaming out on the side in a creampie fashion, and Vanessa shaking her whole body in wild spastic motions, shouting out loud in lustful ecstasy...


Not long after their distant encounters had reached new heights of erotic and sexual pleasure, Vanessa received an email from her sister Julia in Hong Kong that she would come to England for a brief surprise visit, along with her boyfriend Dan. Vanessa had mixed feelings about that news, particularly when she read about Dan's coming along. She remembered the humiliating encounters she had with her sister's boyfriend, when they punished her for wearing her sister's nylons, and when Dan first organized the bukkake at her prom night and then drove her through the city with her pantyhose being soiled with male cum. After these experiences, she had decided not to interact with him anymore, certainly not in intimate ways. She wondered if Dan had something in mind this time again and was quite apprehensive about the visit.

Only one week later, on a Friday afternoon, Julia and Dan arrived via cab from the train station. Dan explained that he had an important business conference with his company's headquarters and decided to bring Julia along since she'd never been to England before, and, of course, take the opportunity to pay a visit to Vanessa. Vanessa greeted and hugged her sister and then her boyfriend, putting on a kind of reluctant smile.

They decided to have dinner together and chose a local fish restaurant that was on the expensive side but highly recommended by many people. It actually turned out to be a rather small place with only about ten tables, and the atmosphere was very nice and relaxed, the food excellent beyond description. All of them were in high spirits and had to tell each other a lot of news and stories that had happened since they had last met in Hong Kong. Vanessa had had only rare contact with Julia since and had not mentioned the "incident" at the freshmen party to her sister at all. Vanessa noted that after a while, and after all of them had enjoyed several drinks, Dan was focusing almost his whole attention on Vanessa, and the way he looked at her, at least so she thought, indicated that he'd be interested in at least one other close encounter with her which made her feel quite uncomfortable. Vanessa had, despite the rather cold weather outside, dressed up quite a bit for the occasion and wore a dark navy blue dress with a lot of cleavage, a wide black leather waist belt with little silver applications, along with nude slightly shiny smooth sheer-to-waist sandalfoot pantyhose, and black 4-inch high heels with closed toes and ankle straps. She was sure that at least half of the reason for Dan's special attention was her outfit that night, but she sensed that there was also "something else" from the way his eyes glanced at her lustfully. But even if she would go along in case he made any advances towards her, would that be a good idea given how humiliating most past experiences had been with Dan? And would she want to undergo the same mixed and uncomfortable feelings towards Julia again?

On the next day, Julia announced that she would take the train to London to visit one of her close friends from high school who worked in the financial district now. Before that, she would do some sight-seeing. Dan's meeting wouldn't start until Monday and since both Dan and Vanessa had been to London multiple times before, Julia wasn't opposed to the idea that the two of them would stay home and all would connect later that day for dinner again. Ann was out the whole weekend, traveling to Oxford, and so Vanessa had the room for herself.

Vanessa and Dan started the day, after parting from Julia, with a leisurely stroll on the college campus, Vanessa showing him around to the different places and buildings. They soon engaged in deep conversations, first of a more general, then of a more personal nature. Vanessa remarked to Dan that she had a tough time here so far, not mentioning her traumatic experiences on the first weekend, though, and that she hadn't really gotten much out of her course of studies yet. In fact, she contemplated returning to Hong Kong after the first year or even earlier. Dan talked about his job, then a bit about his family, and finally, to Vanessa's surprise, about Julia and his relationship with her. He said he was not all that happy and that they argued quite a bit, finding it hard to connect emotionally, and sometimes also sexually.

Dan walked back with Vanessa to her room and as she put the key into the lock, he decided to seize the opportunity to go all the way with her, since after all, who knew if there would be a second chance for him. When Vanessa had opened the door, he grabbed her from behind, slam shut the door from the inside with his left foot and threw her onto her bed with violent force. Vanessa was so shocked and startled that she was unable to say anything or scream. All of her past memories with Dan quickly went by through her brain like in a fast-forwarded movie and she fell into a state of utter apprehension and fear, almost paralyzed and unable to make any moves of resistance.

Dan realized how much he had gained the upper hand in this situation and ripped off Vanessa's jacket, sweater, jeans and sneakers, leaving her with just her white spandex sports bra and her smooth tan sheer-to-waist 15 denier pantyhose. Her pupils had widened out of fear and it was almost as if she begged him to stop and reconsider. But all of that turned Dan on even more and seeing his helpless and completely scared victim right in front of him, brought out his worst fantasies of how he would humiliate her one more time.

"There I got you again, sweet little bitch, Vanessa. I've been waiting for this moment for a long, long time," Dan smiled in lustful anticipation at her. "I have to warn you, though: You won't say a word or make any sounds or even worse things will happen to you!"

Dan spotted a pair of worn white pantyhose in a laundry basket next to Vanessa's closet, picked them up and used them to tie her wrists together firmly above her head and then fasten them to the right bed post. That would be enough for the moment, to avoid her moving around too much or making attempts to escape, he thought.

Dan now undressed himself completely and kneeled down at the foot end of Vanessa's bed, taking her pantyhose-encased legs and spreading them as wide as he could until he saw a very painful expression on her face.

"I still can't believe how hot you are in pantyhose!" he complimented her, while at the same time hurting her more by keeping to spread her legs apart to almost a split position.

"I like your legs in the nude, too, but when they are covered with that smooth nylon fabric, they are absolutely irresistible," he said with a smile that was almost more threatening than charming. Vanessa's level of fear and pain rose even more and she had no idea what would come next.

"I want you to tease my whole body with your pantyhose feet and legs," Dan commanded her. "Take your time and do your best to turn me on."

Vanessa, at first not sure how to proceed, had to muster all of her energy, directing it away from her fear and pain, and focusing on being the hottest pantyhose slut for Dan in this very moment. She started with rubbing her pantyhose-clad feet over his thighs, slowly approaching his already rock hard cock, but not touching it yet, except for very brief teasing moments. Then she walked her feet upwards over his belly and chest, still applying gentle rubbing motions and spending a long time on his chest and massaging his nipples with her toes and even toenails.

Next she went up even further, grabbed his neck with her nyloned soles, squeezing harder for a tease that almost went to the edge of making him feel suffocated, and finally arriving at his face with her feet in pantyhose. When Dan smelled the familiar girly scent of Vanessa's feet, mixed with a bit of sweat from her anxiety, his pre-cum came flowing out of the tip of his manhood in streams, lubricating all of his glans. Vanessa spend a very long time on Dan's face, massaging his forehead and cheeks, chin and lips, and then putting her toes into his mouths. He took up the invitation and licked and sucked her tasty cute little Asian toes that were still covered by her smooth tan hose. Then he went on more boldly and started to bite them, first gently, then harder, causing more pain to Vanessa, until he could not hold it back anymore and commanded Vanessa to provide him with a footjob.

She proceeded by taking Dan's shaft between her arches and first gently, then more firmly rubbing them up and down, touching his balls with her hot little heels, all covered by her tan nylons. When she also used her toenails to apply more pressure and pain on Dan's shaft, he reached his climax, and came more than fifteen times, shooting his fluid white cum all over her body, but mostly on her legs and feet.

But despite of this exciting experience, Dan was not done with Vanessa yet. He took off her sexy white sports bra and massaged her breasts with a firm grasp of his hands, again bringing Vanessa close to a very painful experience. Still. Despite everything, providing Dan with her pantyhose tease and footjob, but in particular the experience of him shooting his loads onto her hose, had made her a bit horny, and her breasts became firmer under the massage of Dan's hands and her dark nipples became erect and stood out by about a half inch. Dan noticed her arousal and started to suck on her nipples as hard a he could, then went on to bite them, first gently, then more strongly, until he noticed that Vanessa was in utmost pain. She was a "good girl" in that she didn't scream or shout, but her eyes were all in tears by now.

Dan let go of her breasts and ordered Vanessa to turn around, so she would kneel in front of him, exposing her perfect pantyhose-encased butt cheeks right in front of his eyes. He made her move down on the bed as far as she could, so her arms were stretched from the back right bed post, not allowing her head or upper body to rest on the bed and making it quite hard and uncomfortable for Vanessa to sustain this position.

Dan inserted his boner, which had only taken a brief break after his orgasm from her footjob, between her pantyhosed thighs, just underneath her vulva, and started to push in an out in rhythmic motions. Vanessa, despite of kneeling quite uncomfortably with her head and arms up, got hotter and more aroused, and her sweet pussy juices started to flow out, pouring through her tan pantyhose and eventually lubricating her pussy lips and Dan's shaft. Noticing Vanessa's increased sexual arousal turned Dan on even more and he thrust his cock between her nylon-clad inner thighs even harder and more firmly until he came a second time, shooting jisms of white cum all over Vanessa's inner thighs, her pelvis and crotch areas, as well as her ass. He massaged his cum into the fabric of Vanessa's nylons, making sure all sensitive parts were well covered and sending shivers of lustful ecstasy across her spine as she felt the warm milky juices of her sister's boyfriend touching her intimate body parts.

Dan was definitely not done, though, and it was now time to pull down Vanessa's nylons to just above her knees, exposing her pretty white Asian ass with an even cuter rosebud right before his eyes. He lustfully licked her ass cheeks and sucked in her flesh a bit, as well, slowly working his way to her butt crack, then sliding his tongue up and down, circling her rosebud, and finally gently inserting the tip of his tongue into her asshole. He couldn't believe how lucky he was, having this opportunity once more to have all of Vanessa he ever wanted. He moistened his right index fingers with her pussy juices that had now started to come down in streams between her thighs and used them to gently lubricate her backdoor, moving first one, then two, then three fingers inside, distributing as much of her pussy juices into her ass as he could manage to do.

Vanessa of course knew what would come next and prepared herself for anal penetration. But as gentle as Dan had been to get her hole ready for fun, he now changed course and rammed his massive boner into her asshole as violently as he could, making her whole body move back and forth, and even the bed move on the floor. Vanessa was in tears again and just wanted to get it over with and done, but the more Dan noticed her pain, the more he got aroused and slammed his cock even deeper into her anus, with even increased speed and thrust. After a long twenty minutes that felt like an eternity to Vanessa, Dan exploded with raw force and ultimate satisfaction deep inside of Vanessa's ass, shooting almost all of his jisms inside until his cum started to stream outside, reaching Vanessa's pussy lips and thighs.

Dan took his penis out of Vanessa's butt hole, still erect, and wondered what was to be next. Was he done with her? Well, he hadn't fucked her "the normal way" yet, after all. Vanessa, meanwhile, was certain that Dan was spent enough now so that she would be spared more violence and pain.

But Dan's sex drive was stronger than his need to rest and let go, so he commanded Vanessa to turn around again and lie on her back. Dan moved her nylons back up over her completely soaked private parts, so that their waist band was all the way up again. He then rested on her chest, kneeling to the left and the right of her torso, and asked Vanessa to suck his dick as hard as she could. Vanessa was really out of it now, had no energy left, and just wanted to give up. But Dan would have none of it and forced her to provide him with a decent blowjob, occasionally thrusting his hard cock deep inside her throat, almost suffocating her.

When he was almost on the edge of coming, he pulled his sword out of her mouth, kneeled in front of her pussy, spread her pantyhose-clad legs wide, tore a hole into her tan hose right in front of her lust hole, and then slammed his steel hard fucking rod into her pussy as hard and deep as he possibly could, until his glans touched her cervix. He ordered her to wrap her pantyhose-encased legs around him and squeeze down her feet and heels on his butt, while continuing to fuck her as hard as he could, increasing his speed of slamming his cock into her tight pussy. Vanessa experienced a mix of being overwhelmed, humiliated, but also aroused; at least, this fuck wasn't as painful as the anal penetration had been.

Dan grabbed Vanessa's breasts and nipples one more time and continued to fuck her tight pussy really hard. To her own surprise, Vanessa crossed the edge and experienced a subtle but lustful and enjoyable orgasm, her pussy tightening around Dan's cock. Noticing her climax, he finally exploded for a fourth time this afternoon, with now fewer and more translucent loads than before shooting out inside of Vanessa's moist tight Asian pussy and three final shots landing on her pantyhose.

After Dan had untied Vanessa's arms from the bed post and had put the pantyhose back into the laundry basket, not without taking in a deep sniff at the crotch and feet parts, the door slowly opened and – it was Julia, staring at the two of them in utter disbelief.

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