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Vanessa's Tale


As always this story is exclusively my property and may not be reproduced or republished without my express permission. Any resemblance to people living or dead is a coincidence.

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I'd moved to Toronto just two days before the company picnic. I hadn't even had a chance to meet any of the other people in my department. The only people I knew so far were my Uncle John and his family and Sandy my manager.

I'd been born in Toronto but my parents moved to Louisiana when I was one so my dad could manage the New Orleans branch of the family business. Growing up there I had adapted and spoke with that sweet southern drawl that people from the north love so much.

When I finished college I got an entry level position in the company. I didn't get any preferential treatment though, I had to apply and interview just like anyone else. If I didn't do well I wouldn't have gotten the job, that's a Barnes family rule and even though I was a Saunder it still applied to me. My older brother didn't and he's working for a trucking company now.

I worked my tail off. I did extra work and did a good job, making sure that whomever I worked for was impressed with my work ethic and quality of work. It didn't go unnoticed and I eventually got to move back up to Toronto as an assistant to the Marketing director.


I wandered around the park where we were having the picnic and socializing with the other people. I felt really awkward introducing myself to people, I'm actually very shy by nature but hide it by being forward and outgoing. I really do much better one-on-one.

I saw a guy sitting alone on the sidelines of where some of the macho guys were playing football. The quarterback stopped and stared at me as I walked over to the guy drinking beer. He got hit really hard by one of the other guys.

The guy sitting and watching laughed. He looked kinda cute in a dorky way. I walked up beside him. "Hi handsome, looks like they'll need another quarterback out there." I said shyly as I blushed.

He looked up at me and I smiled at him. Then he gave me the same look every guy gives me when we first meet. It only lasted a fraction of a second with him though. I can't help the way I look it's not my fault, ever since I hit puberty boys have wanted to be with me. Of course wearing Daisy Dukes and a tube top to the picnic probably wasn't the brightest idea I've ever had.

The poor guy was speechless for a second and mumbled something to me. I laughed uncomfortably as I checked him out. He really was cute, he was tallish, looked liked he was in shape and wore glasses. Then I noticed the huge bulge in the crotch of his shorts. It wasn't just big it was HUGE! I laughed nervously and smiled again.

I held my hand out to him and asked him if he wanted to go for a walk. We walked across the field and went into a little copse of trees not far from where the other people were hanging out beside the barbeques.

When we stopped I turned to him and meant to introduce myself but something possessed me to kiss him instead. One thing that guys always complimented me on was that I was an awesome kisser. I got compliments on other things too but I won't get into that right now.

I think I blew this guy's socks off with that kiss. Hell I got myself all worked up with it too. It'd been a while since I broke up with my boyfriend, and the guys who'd asked me out since then had expected me to put out right away. I'm not like that, honestly.

I remembered the sight of buddy's bulge and I started to drip. I wanted to see it so bad I grabbed him and stroked him a few times then I got onto my knees and fished it out of his shorts. My god it was the most beautiful cock I'd ever seen, it was long and fat and the tip looked like it was the size of a tennis ball.

"Mmm wow this beauty is incredible honey," I murmured before I popped that monster into my mouth. This was another thing guys liked about me too, I could deep-throat cocks. I love sucking cocks, I think I actually like sucking cock better than fucking. But I think this was the first time I'd ever sucked a guy this big before, and definitely the first time I'd ever done it without even knowing who it was I was doing it too. Like I said before I'm not a slut. I Just like sex and crave it. Maybe I'm a bit of a nympho but I'm really only like that with a guy I'm involved with.

I moaned softly as I sucked this guy's cock, my hands stroking it and cupping his balls gently. I could taste his pre-cum dribbling out of the tip and it was scrumptious, I sucked him harder as I bobbed my mouth onto his cock. I felt him stiffen and then this huge gob of cum spat out of his cock and forced its way down my throat. Three or four more spurts quickly followed it.

I kept sucking. There was no way I was going to stop sucking him. I could tell he was loving what I was doing because his knees crumpled a bit but he managed to stay on his feet. I sucked and licked and fondled his magnificent shaft, playing with his heavy orbs and even tickling his puckered anus. It wasn't long before I got two more loads out of him. I decided to give the poor guy a break and stood up, grinning shyly.

"Hi darlin' I'm Vanessa, what's your name?" I asked, trying to act all cool instead of feeling embarrassed by what I'd just done to a complete stranger.

He had a bit of a stunned look on his face but finally said, "Gawp...gur, Carson?"

I tried not to laugh. He was just too cute! "Well Gawp...gur Carson, it's a pleasure meetin' you. I just transferred from the New Orleans office. What do y'all do here sugar?"

"I-I'm head of p-programming. W-what a-about you?"

"I work in the marketing department. Listen sweetie I'm havin' trouble with my enter button, maybe y'all can come up and see if you can lubricate it or sumthin'?" I couldn't believe I'd just said that! What the hell was I doing talking like that to him? God I sounded like such a tramp!

"Yeah s-sure I've got some electronic spray that might work."

I figured I couldn't do any more damage so I just went with it and pulled him down for another long slow french kiss. I stepped back and walked out from the bushes as fast as I could, feeling totally mortified over my whorish behaviour. I walked over to my Uncle John and Aunt Patti and started talking to them, trying to calm my jangling nerves.


On Monday morning Carson was at my door with a can of electronics spray in his hand. I couldn't help but notice that he had another hard-on. I felt so sorry for the poor guy. "Hey sugar! did you bring that lube for me?"

Carson blushed and waved the can, "Yeah. It should only take a second."

"Why don't you have a seat Carson? I won't bite, much." I said as I blushed and giggled. I wanted to explain what happened at the picnic to him so I hopped up onto my desk and swung my legs like a kid.

Carson's eyes almost bugged out of his head and his erection almost ripped through his slacks. 'Fuck!' I thought to myself, I'd forgotten that I hadn't put any panties on that morning. With the heat and humidity in New Orleans I had rarely worn panties from the time I was eight. Going commando was far more comfortable.

I looked longingly at that gorgeous shaft straining at his zipper. It had been at least four months since the last time I'd been laid and I was getting the itch. I couldn't help myself, honest! I scooted off of my desk then closed and locked my door. I know I was acting way out of my normal behaviour but he just made me melt. I knelt on the floor in front of Carson then started to pull his pants and boxers off.

Once I'd gotten his cock free I climbed into his lap and grabbed that baseball bat he called a cock. I guided him into me and sighed happily, "Oh sweetie! Now that's what I call a pussy filler!"

I rocked my hips in his lap, grinding my sensitive clit into his pubic bone and letting my juices slick his lap. Carson didn't do a thing he just sat there stunned, looking into his lap as I fucked him.

I lifted his chin and looked into his eyes with a smile playing across my lips, "Lemme guess, this here's your first time fuckin' ain't it sweetie?"

He nodded then looked back down at his crotch. I did a little mental shrug and thought 'In for a dime in for a dollar.' I just hoped that Carson wouldn't blab that we'd fucked in my office. All I needed was to tank my chances here and embarrass the family.

I was getting so turned on, Carson was the first guy I'd ever fucked who was a virgin. I guess I even felt kinda honoured by it. Well in a weird twisted sort of way. It's not like he was doing this voluntarily, I sort of took it by force.

God it felt so good Carson's cock felt like it was splitting me in half. I moaned and squeaked, trying to be as quiet as possible which was hard considering I'm normally very vocal. I was bracing myself on him, bouncing in his lap faster and faster as I felt my arousal spiraling up higher and higher. I looked into his face again and I could tell he was about to cum too.

I guess I was getting a bit noisier than I should have because Carson grabbed me and kissed me hard, jamming his tongue into my mouth. Well that didn't help at all, within seconds of each other we hit our peak, I could feel his love spattering inside of me and my body twitched and jerked as I came again and again.

As we sat there panting heavily Carson grinned at me, "That was fucking awesome!"

I don't know exactly what he did then but all of a sudden his cock doubled in size and stretched me wide. My eyes just about bugged out of my head and I had no warning at all as I had another orgasm. I leaned forward and bit his shoulder to keep from screaming. I swear to God I bet I at least left teeth marks if not a nasty bruise I bit him so hard. My orgasm triggered another one from him and I could feel our combined juices slurping out of me.

"What the fuck was that?" I asked when I caught my breath again. I looked at Carson and turned about eighteen shades of red. I got up from sitting on him and grabbed some tissue to clean us up. I cleaned him up as best as I could, tucked him back in and shooed him out of my office, locking my door behind him.

I hid in my office the rest of the day, fully expecting my Uncle John or Sandy to call me into their office and give me my notice. I was a complete basket case, what had I just done? Fuck Carson must think I'm a total whore! Sucking him off five minutes after meeting him then fucking the shit out of him in my office.

I called my best friend Kali back in New Orleans and told her what happened. She laughed and told me to calm down and let it ride to see what happened. Kali told me she was totally jealous of me for getting to fuck Carson's monster cock and I laughed. When we hung up I felt so much better.


After a few days and not getting fired I figured I was in the clear with the whole Carson thing. Then I met him again in the lunch room. We were the only ones in there and I didn't know what to do or say. I figured I should try to explain to him about what had happened and apologize for my behaviour.

"Hey, about what happened the other day? I'm..."

"Uhm Vanessa ah...would you well uhh dinner?" Carson said as he interrupted me.

"I'm sorry?" I asked, confused by his words.

"W- would you l- like to g-go to dinner?"

I smiled and nodded, "Yeah sure how about Friday?"

Carson smiled, "Seven thirty?"

"Cool! I'll email you my address later okay?"

"Y- yeah cool." he said as he blushed.

This guy must have been throwing out some pheromone that only I could smell because I grabbed him and kissed him again. We were both flushed and breathing hard when I pulled away.

Carson stumbled out of the lunch room and I tossed my lunch in the nuke. I stood there by myself and lightly beat my head against the cupboard door while I muttered about how much of an idiot I was.


Friday rolled around and Carson was spot on time. He looked really nice in casual pants and a button-down shirt.

I'd decided on a little black pencil skirt and sheer white blouse. I'd also decided to be a good girl and wore a matching red panty and bra set, mind you they were from Victoria's Secret and just a hint of my bra peeked through the material of my top.

Carson turned almost as red as my bra when I answered the door. "Hi, you look nice."

"You look nice too Carson," I replied as I locked my apartment door and hooked my arm in his.

When we got to the restaurant we ordered some wine and talked for a bit while we waited for our meals to come. Once Carson relaxed a bit I found that he was actually a very gracious and fun guy to talk with. I suspected that he'd been very shy like me but hadn't over compensated like I had. He had a very cool sense of humor and we laughed a lot over our meal. We ended up ordering another liter of wine and stayed long after our dinner was over.

After dinner he surprised me by taking me to this little hole-in-the-wall diner across town. It was there that he introduced me to apple pie, ice cream and whipped cream with a cherry. It was the best apple pie I'd ever eaten! Who knew such a simple dessert would be so darn yummy? Carson told me that this little diner had the best apple pie in the whole city.

He drove me home and walked me to my door, I thanked him for a wonderful evening and gave him a chaste kiss. That took all of my willpower to do because what I really wanted to do was drag him into my apartment and spend the whole night fucking in every way we could figure out. I think we both had a disappointed look in our eyes when I opened my door and shut it behind me.


As the days turned into weeks we found more and more excuses and places to have sex. Our relationship wasn't just about sex though, I was falling in love with Carson. He was the sweetest, nicest guy I'd ever met. I just couldn't tell him I loved him. I don't know why but I just couldn't tell him how I felt about him. It was a serious stumbling block in our relationship as far as I was concerned.

I knew Carson loved me. He would do anything for me and made me a very happy girl in every way he could. And believe me he even figured out a few ways I'd never even seen before!

When we were having a little get together for the office staff before Christmas Carson and I sneaked into my Aunt Patti's office. He bent me over her desk and flipped up my skirt then yanked my panties aside. I moaned as I heard his zipper come down and his pants hit the floor.

Carson grabbed me by the hips and pulled me back, impaling me on his shaft.

"Oh fuck yeah babe, do me hard." I groaned as he thrust deeply into me.

"Van I'm gonna fuck you until it hurts or they hear us." Carson replied, forcing his cock into me.

I went down onto my elbows and spread my legs wider, giving Carson more room to pound into my hungry pussy.

I could feel my juices flowing down the insides of my thighs as he hammered into me.

"Uh, uh, uh. Yeah that's it Carson, god that feels so good."

The only sounds in the office were our sounds of pleasure and the impact of hot, wet flesh slapping together. I murmured encouragement to my lover, egging him to ever higher heights of lust.

I squeaked in surprise when he pulled out of me and flipped me onto my back. Carson smoothly pushed his manhood back into me and resumed his assault on my aching sex.

We quickened our pace, striving to bring each other off in a thundering climax. I could feel my juices seeping out around Carson's thrusting shaft and pooling under my bouncing buttocks.

Carson grinned when I came first, biting my hand so my screams wouldn't carry into the main office area. I tried to hold on to the edge of the desk as Carson rammed into me.

"Oh fuck Van I'm so close! Jesus I'm there baby, here it comes!" he growled as he pushed one last time, making my head slide off the edge of the desk.

I bit my hand again as another tremendous orgasm shot through my body, making me shake and quiver.

Carson lay atop me holding his weight on his arms. "God I love you Vanessa."

"Me too," I whispered to him as we kissed. That was the closest I ever got to saying I loved him.

I could feel the evidence of our love-making seeping out of me adding to the already large stain on the blotter that her and my Uncle John had put there.


Being the new 'babe' in the office it was my duty to stand under the mistletoe and give all of the guys their Christmas kisses. I decided to ham it up and gave all of them the biggest, slowest, sloppiest kisses I could give. Some of the guys were blushing after I was done with them.

My cousin Stevie and Uncle John were the last two to get their kisses and they decided to play right along with me. They grabbed my ass and groped me as everyone hooted and hollered. Even Carson was laughing although his ears were burning red.

Shortly after Christmas the rumors started. It was just a few at first, but they still bugged me. Like I said before I'm not a slut. Whomever was starting these rumors was sure painting me as one though. Thank God Carson didn't believe them. He knew that I'd never do the things people were saying I did. I loved him so much, he was so understanding and caring toward me.


It was only a few days before Valentine's day. Carson had been acting twitchy all week, like he was trying to hide something from me. He had let a few things slip and I had a good idea what he had in mind. I hoped it was what I thought it was and just about lost it when he told me to meet him at Daio Japanese Restaurant. We both loved Japanese food and Daio was the best Japanese restaurant in the city.

On Valentine's Day eve I dolled myself up. I wore my favorite little black dress, a pearl necklace and earrings. I did my hair up into a French braid and wore Carson's favorite perfume.

I got there before him and sat waiting for him. I didn't know until my Uncle John pulled up a seat across from me that him and Aunt Patty were there too.

"Hi Vanny, waiting for Carson?" He said with a sly grin.

"Yes Uncle John. I think he might be proposing tonight!"

Uncle John smiled and patted my hand, "That's great honey! He's a great guy and I'm sure you'll be happy together. While we're on the topic of great news, how would you like to be the regional Marketing Manager?"

"Seriously? You want more to take over Marketing? Oh thank you Uncle John! Thanks so much!"

I grabbed my Uncle in a big hug and gave him a kiss. That's when the shit hit the fan.

"Vanessa what the fuck's going on?" Carson asked me.

He had a strange look on his face. Like he was going to explode or something.

"Fuck Carson I'm getting a promotion!" I said with a laugh.

Carson's face went dark and he turned to my Uncle and punched him so hard he knocked him into the next table.

He towered over me in a rage and yanked a ring out of his pocket, jamming it in my face. I'd never seen him like this before.

"This was supposed to be for you, you fucking whore!" he bellowed as he tossed it in my champagne flute.

I sat there stunned for a moment as he walked away. I got up and ran after him but Carson wouldn't stop or listen. I went back to the table and cried as my Aunt and Uncle tried to console me.


The next morning I heard that Carson was in the office to clean his desk out. I managed to catch him at the elevators and grabbed his free hand, trying to hold him back.

"Carson I'm so sorry! Please sugar, jus' give me another chance!" I said as I cried.

He back-handed me hard enough to leave a mark. He saw my ring on my finger grabbed my hand and pulled it off.

"There's no fucking way you're keeping this you slut." He growled at me.

I stood there and put my face in my hands and began to cry. Carson didn't even look back as he left.

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