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Vanilla Bean


Anxiously, I watched the valet doors. I scanned each person as they walked out into the blistering desert heat. The attendants eyed me, annoyed, as I sat idling in my truck, just past the hotel drop off.

Is she going to come? I wondered.

We had been chatting online for over six months and her trip to Las Vegas had been planned for three of those. It was strange how easily we had connected. Neither of us had been looking for anything other than a common interest, a friendship. What we found had become much more; a life changing bond had formed between us.

Our first conversations had quickly turned from food, kids and family to a sexual nature. Our first sexual conversation had been a virtual challenge of sorts. It was a childish game, but fun nonetheless. The winner would be the one who made the other 'need' to come first. The loser would have to buy drinks the first time we met, if ever.

She had gone first. It was easy to see that she was trying to impress me as she told me of the time long ago when she had taken a co-worker to a bar after work, how they had become buzzed and silly and how she had taken her back to her apartment then fucked and dominated the woman with a dildo.

I remember laughing; the skin of my hips was still raw from the three-way I had been involved in just the night before. I recounted the evening for her. It had progressed, and then culminated with both of the girls on all fours taunting me to 'Fuck them like I owned them.'

I had been somewhat surprised when she began telling me how excited she had become. As I ended the story, her demeanor had obviously changed. She had cussed at me, saying she was going to visit the bathroom, and apparently she owed the first round.

It only progressed from there. Our time together became a need for both of us. We found that we shared many of the same sexual likes and dislikes. She was initially taken aback that I was so experienced. She affectionately called me her "little whore." She was used to being the one with all the experience; I was something new to her.

Sex had always been a huge part of my life. Many years in the BDSM lifestyle had allowed me to fulfill most any fantasy I could think of. She, on the other hand, had lived a "Vanilla" lifestyle. I joked that she was my little 'vanilla bean' and the nickname stuck. The majority of her sexual explorations had been from her college years. She had had the stereotypical experiences and debauchery of multiple partners, male and female.

Her life had been changed, first by marriage and then by kids. She settled into the typical lifestyle one would consider as normal. She had a good life and a great job, but still she was left wondering if there was more. She had a burning desire for more than attending church, kid functions, and serving time on the school board.

The years had not been good to her marriage. Slowly, almost unnoticeably, over the years they had drifted apart. Many of our first conversations were discussions on how to help her salvage her relationship. After just a couple of months it was apparent that they merely cohabitated.

Even though it was toxic, her marriage was a struggle for me. At age nineteen, I had a year-long affair with my boss who was then thirty-four and had lied about leaving her husband. I had no intention of being the "other man" again, nor was I interested in marriage. Our virtual 'relationship' seemed to be disconnected just enough from reality that I was able to deal with it.

Over the next three months, we had settled into a comfortable relationship. Things had changed slowly. We began "sexting" each other, which quickly turned into phone calls. I loved to listen to her come as I told her what I wanted to do to her body. Next, we found each other on Skype. Our shenanigans became more heated with each session. The line between virtual and real life had blurred.

Her curiosity about the BDSM lifestyle filled many of our discussions. She learned I was a Dom and slowly learned some of the many of things I would expect from a sub. Though initially shy, her curiosity proved too much as she began to experiment. She excelled at her training. Practicing her positions with me, she proved to have a natural and graceful form. She continually struggled with relinquishing control, which I knew would not be an issue if I was in the room with her.

Reality found me a week ago, when she announced her flight plans. She was coming to Las Vegas with friends. She had known for months, but had waited to surprise me. She had given me her itinerary and where they were staying. She wanted to know how we could meet, as she planned to escape for a moment.

I had been flooded with emotion; of course I wanted to meet. But I doubted that we could only meet casually. There was no way I could sit across from her and not touch her. My desire to smell her scent, hold her hand, and fuck her was overwhelming while a thousand miles separated us. It would be impossible to be in the same room with her and not give in to my desires.

"You won't want to leave," I had said and then quipped, "You won't even show up."

With each excuse, each comment of mine, she had reassured me. "Have faith in me, Michael."

Perplexed to say the least, the last week had been a flurry of activity for me which had led me here today to the Valet parking of the New York, New York Casino.

I glanced down at my phone. "Five minutes," I had told her. "I will wait five minutes, from 2:00 to 2:05 for you to come out. Not a minute longer," I had warned.

2:03 My heart was racing, beating through my chest. My palms were sweating as I glanced at the rear-view mirror with built in temperature gauge, it showed 118 degrees. Fucking August! I thought.

She had given me a detailed description of what she would be wearing. I scanned for the long white summer dress, and sandals that she said she would wear.

The loud, shrill shriek of a whistle brought my attention to one of the valet attendants, as he waved for me to drive. Fuck off! I thought. I'm not blocking your precious driveway.

2:04 It wasn't going to happen. I hadn't heard from her all day. Maybe they were delayed. Maybe she'd changed her mind. I should go. Every thought tumbled through my head. Never had I been this worked up over a woman. "What the fuck am I doing?" I asked aloud.

2:05 I felt my stomach turn as the tightness in my chest lessened. I was disappointed, yet relieved. Fuck, I'm conflicted. I thought as I pressed on the brake and dropped the transmission into Drive.

An all too familiar voice was in my head, I heard it as if she was standing next to me, "Have faith in me, Michael." I couldn't lift my foot from the brake pedal. It was if a heavy lead weight was pressed on top of it to keep me from pulling away and leaving her.

I looked down again at my quiet phone, knowing it had been several minutes. I inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled as I looked to the door for the last time. Just as the truck began to roll, I saw her.

"Michael!" she called out waving.

All of the doubt melted from me. I felt the biggest shit eating grin cross my face as I saw her in person for the first time. Under her thin dress, her trim, muscular body was well defined from miles of running. She looked about 5'6" in her sandal heels. The oversized sunglasses on her face covered her beautiful eyes. She wasn't a huge-breasted woman, a solid C, but perfect to me.

She arrived at the truck, her smile matching mine. I pressed the unlock button because the doors had automatically locked when I placed the truck in drive. In a quick moment she was inside with me.

"Vanilla Bean," I whispered.

Her movements were catlike as she quickly slid across the bench seat. She threw her glasses onto the dashboard, as she moved. Her lips were on mine, our mouths open; our tongues softly darted against each other. Her sweet, perfumed scent filled the truck and the rest of the world disappeared.

Her hand dropped to my thigh as mine found her small waist. I could feel my carnal desire rising quickly, as my face flushed and my cock tingled with the blood being pumped to it. We withdrew, staring for a moment in each other's eyes, each of us smiling.

"Did you find us a spot?" she asked with a sly grin.

"Of course," I said, raising both eyebrows quickly.

I pulled out of the driveway, which I'm sure delighted the attendant, and quickly headed to the parking lot on the back side of the hotel that I had scouted previously.

Her hands were all over me making me very glad I had picked a close spot. I felt the electricity of her touch as her hand cupped my now hard cock over my pants. No words needed to be said, as we both grinned in anticipation. My hand had slid her dress up a bit and held her silky thigh tightly.

"I found a place with a view," I joked as I pulled through to the back end of the lot. The truck nosed up to the block wall, with just enough shade to cover the windshield. As I placed the truck in park, it felt like all the anticipation that had built up over the past months exploded inside the cab.

Our mouths locked again as I pressed her back to the passenger side. We were seated side-by-side; my hand found and cupped each of her breasts in turn. The other hand became tangled into her long, silky hair. Our breathing became faster as our intensity and need culminated.

I felt her hands clawing at me. Under my shirt, her hands gripped at the muscles of my chest. It was as if she wanted to climb and claw her way under my skin. My hand dropped to her ass. Squeezing her cheek, I knew then that she was not wearing panties.

I lifted her onto my lap easily, as we slid the rest of the way over to the passenger seat. Even with the AC running we both started to sweat heavily. I felt her heat, her weight on top of me for the first time. I pulled her dress up to her waist, cupping her ass with both hands. She leaned forward to kiss me hard as she unbuttoned my pants.

"Do you want me baby?" I coaxed

"I need you, Michael," she whispered.

I slid my hands up to the back of her bra and released her pent up breasts. She quickly pulled each strap from an arm, dropping her bra but leaving the dress on. I felt her nails first as she located my cock under my boxer briefs, then her hot hands enveloped and squeezed. I heard her moan as she felt its thickness for the first time.

I lifted my ass to allow her to pull my pants down to my thighs. I wiggled and they dropped to my ankles. I slid the thin spaghetti straps of her dress over her shoulders. The dress slid down to her waist, exposing her chest. I found her left nipple first with my mouth and began to suck and nibble.

Her moans became louder as we ground our hips against each other. Her second hand dropped to my cock, stroking it. It seemed as if everything stopped for several seconds. We stared into each other's eyes, as if knowing this was a pivotal moment in our relationship.

I dropped my hands to her ass and coaxed her forward. She pointed my throbbing cock towards her waiting pussy. Like a magnet, I felt the heat and moisture of her folds touching and then enveloping the tip of my cock. Her hands released me as she pressed farther down onto me. I raised my hips to meet her as the thickest part of my cock slowly passed into her dripping cunt.

The sensations were incredible as I entered her. I could feel each little ridge of her interior with my sensitive head. And then I was in.

"Fuck," I moaned.

She let out a gasp as we both relished the first moment of joining. Her pelvis tightened, as her hips rocked against me for the first time. Delicious warm, electrifying sensations shot through my cock radiating into my lower ass.

I moaned in pleasure as she raised her hips a bit and then pressed back against me. Very quickly we found a rhythm. Her juices slapped quietly in the truck as we would grind and then stroke. My hands gripped her ass hard, assisting with our movements. I tried to give each nipple equal attention with my mouth as we were finally one. The truck seemed to groan, as it rocked with us back and forth, on its suspension.

I felt the knowing burn in the base of my cock, signaling an immanent orgasm. I shifted and changed our speed to prevent myself from coming too fast. Sitting up, I pressed her back against the dashboard. Her dress hung loosely behind her, wrapped around her waist. Her hair fell against the dash revealing the beads of perspiration that had appeared on her scalp. In this position, I could see her pussy enveloping my cock which was now shining and wet from her juices. A devious smile crossed my face as I flexed my cock, expanding its girth inside her.

"Mmm," she moaned as she bit her lower lip.

"Show me how good I feel," I purred

Taking two of her fingers in my mouth, I sucked on them and returned them to her covered in my spit. She immediately dropped them to her clit and began to rub it as I'd seen her do so many times before. Her fingernails occasionally grazed my shaft as I began to thrust into her in a slower, more deliberate rhythm.

Each of my hands now found a nipple, squeezing hard and teasing with every move of our hips. Her quickening moans of pleasure confirmed that she was on the way to orgasm.

I felt her gripping my cock with her vaginal muscles in time with the rhythm of our thrusts. I matched her contractions with the flexion of my cock. Her rhythmic contractions quickly gave way to an intermittent shuddering of sorts. I watched as her face flushed and her tight stomach sucked in.

My cock began to burn again with not only the expert treatment it was receiving, but from the visual delight. My tip hardened, and my cock jerked once, signaling that I was now dripping my pre-come inside of her.

She must have felt my cock muscles jerk because at that moment she looked straight into my eyes, her mouth dropping open. Her whole body began to shudder as I squeezed her nipples. We both moaned loudly.

I could take no more, the excitement, the anticipation, the pleasure, had become too much. I tried to fight it, but orgasm had taken over. There was no way to stop this flood, this release.

"Baby!" I screamed as my hands gripped her waist. Though she knew my sounds and my body, she had never felt my eruption inside her. She exhaled loudly as her fingers worked feverishly on her clit. The first severe contraction struck me, sending what had to be vast amounts of come deep inside of her. My orgasm continued with a second contraction, followed by another and then more, in quickening succession.

"Fuck," I yelled, as I emptied into her. My hips continued to thrust hard, into her now completely soaked hole.

"Michael! Michael!" she began to pant. I watched as her chin thrust upward, her jaw taut as she gritted her teeth. "Oh, God. Oh, my god. Can I come? Please, I need to come!" she pleaded.

I picked up speed, thrusting my now-spent cock into her. "Come for me baby," I coaxed. "Show me how bad you needed me. Show me that you're my good little girl."

Right on command, her entire body tensed as she let out a scream. Her fingers stopped their circular movements on her clit and instead pressed hard into it. Her jugular veins engorged on her neck as she was rocked with waves of pleasure. Her spastic movements were hard to match, so I kept an even rhythm to help drive her through.

Her breathing became high pitched as she squealed in delight, finally lifting her torso off of the dashboard and collapsing against my chest.

My hands slid to her back, enclosing her in my arms. I hugged her, holding her tight, wanting the moment to last forever. Our chests heaved with our rapid breathing and spent energies. Slowly, the ringing in my ears subsided, as the gentle hum of the truck returned to me.

She lifted her head from my shoulder, as we now stared into each other's eyes in a whole new way. Her arms rested on top of my shoulders as we kissed again. The kiss had changed, as a feeling of sadness crept over both of us. Her time was spent and she had to return to her life.

A tear formed in my eyes, as her lower lip trembled. "Welcome to Vegas," I whispered fighting back tears.

She laughed at that, then whispered, "I hate you." into my ear. 'Hate' our secret code for 'Love.' We had denied each other the word. Neither of us wanted to speak it, to commit to that thought. Through the denial we had both fallen completely in love with each other.

She lifted herself off of my now semi-erect cock. She held her dress up away from my stomach as our mixed juices ran from her and onto my lap. I reached into the glove box and pulled the hand towel I had brought. As gently as I could, I cleaned her lower lips first, and then wiped the fruits of our passion from my thighs and cock.

As I scooted back to the driver's side, I pulled my pants back up, buttoning them. She quickly returned her dress to its correct position, and retrieved her bra from the floor. Sliding next to me; her left arm wrapped around my right elbow and her head on my shoulder as I placed the truck into reverse.

What had earlier seemed like such a long drive to the parking lot, now took only mere seconds to return to the valet. The attendant was immediately at her door opening it for her.

"Baby..." I started and ended.

She returned her oversized glasses to her face, making it difficult for me to read her. She reached for me, kissing me softly. "I still owe you drinks," she whispered.

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