tagErotic CouplingsVanilla Cream Ch. 03

Vanilla Cream Ch. 03


Vanilla Cream Ch. 3 - part 1

It's pretty much a given that Cinda is one of the hottest babes prancing around on two legs. All I have to do is look at her and I've got a pounding woody that's stretching my briefs (if I'm wearing them at the time, that is) nearly to the point of puncturing them. So, it's no wonder that our little sight seeing jaunt one fine late summer day turned steamy...and not from the blistering last hurrah of the weakening sun, either.

You see, I had a plan. I love plans. I have a wild imagination and love coming up with all sorts of little "diversions." And I've found that Cinda wouldn't have it any other way. Oh, yeah...she can match me fantasy for fantasy. Boy, did I ever hit the mother lode when I met her! God bless the Internet!

My plan actually began to germinate the same day that my sexy Pantiless Princess made me her willing "shoe boy" at the Winding Hills mall. Although my brain was pretty much just a steaming pot of bubbling, lusting gray matter, I do vaguely recall that Cin's dominant side came rushing to the fore. She teased me senseless with just about every part of her incredible body. Then, having reduced me to a drooling idiot, she had her way with me. She had me eating out of her hand (not to mention anyplace else she wanted my hungry mouth). She humbled me mercilessly, using my surging testosterone to whip me into submission. I was indeed her "shoe boy." Oh, to be sure, I loved every second of it. The rewards were worth every will-sapping tease, every condescending command from those sweet lips. I would've walked through a pit full of hissing vipers just to kiss her ankles...and she knew it. And I wasn't the least bit ashamed of it.

As erotic as that day was, it was nonetheless humbling. It's a bit embarrassing to realize that someone can do that to you, that another human being can reduce you to a mere dalliance, a plaything for their pleasure. Yes, I had some mind blowing orgasms, but still I'd allowed her to take total control of me. And again, though incredibly rewarding to be sure, that very day my wicked mind began planning its revenge. I just couldn't let Cinda think she could use me like that. As pleasant as it was, a man does have his pride. So, it was settled in my mind. The tasty trollop had to be "punished." I felt I needed to use her own decidedly overactive hormones to return the favor. The mere thought of it made me smile a Grinchlike grin.

I was amazed at the speed with which my brain conceived of my plan. It was like falling dominoes. Every time I thought of an idea, another immediately presented itself...and another...and another. When I first thought of all this, I was amazed at how much I could grin and giggle in just one short day. My mouth even hurt from all the snickering. Each idea I came up with seemed even better than the last.

The way to get to Cinda is through her orgasms. She generally cums so easily. Just suck one of her nipples or kiss her pretty bald kitty and she's likely to moan and cover you in sweet vanilla cream. Sometimes it's just that easy. Even yanking off one of her shoes and nibbling her toes can result in a sudden, impromptu eruption between her shapely legs! A warm mouth just about anywhere on her body will more than likely make her shiver and twitch and jerk, her creamy liquid spurting from her like an overactive geyser. And the more you can make her cum, the more she'll be receptive to further erotic play. She's like a living dynamo that feeds off its own energy, each orgasm making her want more...until she collapses from exhaustion. In short, if you can keep Cinda cumming, she's yours - lock, stock and barrel.

But I didn't want this to just be our usual cum marathon. No, this had to be special. I wanted to go for the Guinness Book on this one. I wanted to see just how many orgasms I could give her in one outing. And I wanted some spice. I wanted something that would drive her insane. I wanted to give her so much sexual stimulation at one time that her mind would go bye-bye. I wanted to give her orgasm after orgasm until she was dehydrated and nearly comatose. And after my humbling experience in the back seat of my shiny new car, I wanted to make Cinda MY plaything. But with Cinda's high threshold for erotic stimulation and repeated orgasms, I knew I'd have my hands full.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I couldn't possibly lick, suck, nibble and fuck every inch of her at the same time, enough to bring about the desired results - that being turning her mind to room temperature pudding - though it'd surely be worth risking death just to try. No, in order to truly humble the Goddess of Sex, I'd need some EXTRA stimulation, something above and beyond the norm. It would have to be something - if you'll pardon the play on words -"Cin-delicious"!

Then the final piece of the puzzle niggled at my brain. Cinda and I have talked openly about almost every form of sex, from D/s to group sex to fetishes to almost every known form of oral sex, to Kama Sutra, to all things Tantric, to, well, you name it. If it exists, we've talked about it at least once. So when I remembered Cinda's reaction to one particular discussion of two women having sex together, and how she was open to some experimentation along those lines, that final piece slipped snugly into place. My Grinchly sex grin ate up my face, and all that was left was to work out the details.

Enter Ramona. She's the type of tanned, exotic woman that men lose their minds over. An ex-girlfriend of a friend of mine, she'd never had any interest in me, per se, but she loved sex with multiple partners, and if I was to venture a guess, I'd say she preferred women to men, but only slightly. She was wild and willing to try almost anything. In fact, the only time she ever showed any interest in me was when my friend suggested we threesome together just a few months before they broke up. Her eyes lit up and she licked her lips. But I found out that her piqued interest was because she hoped that MY girlfriend at the time would join in, too. Sadly, I turned down that offer. To this day I'm not sure why. My only guess would be that I wasn't the accomplished horndog I am now. I suppose I've just improved with age?

My mind began picturing the exotic Ramona coupled with the incredibly delicious Cinda...with me thrown in for good measure. I was sure Ramona wouldn't be so much interested in me as with Cinda, but that was fine. As long as I had Cinda, I was happy with just about any situation. And while Ramona was busy on one part or another of Cinda, I'd be happy to play with other parts of her. There were plenty of succulent tidbits of Cinda to go around. And, oh, what a time Cinda would have! Between Ramona and myself, Cinda would cum and cum and cum and cum! And I'd get to see BOTH of them naked! And Cinda would be putty in our hands - and eventually MY hands - for her gratitude would surely know no bounds!

Okay, now I had possible help giving Cinda an infinite number of orgasms. Next, came the revenge part. After recruiting the assistance of Ramona, I'd need to make Cinda our willing captive, humble her while at the same time making her erupt over and over again, just as she did me in the mall parking lot. So it would have to be another of Cinda's favorite fantasies that was used for this purpose. Bondage. Oh, yes, I'd tie that little tart up on my king size, four-poster bed, and Ramona and I would have our way with her. I'd get to play with Cinda the way she played with me, and she'd get so many orgasms from it that she'd accept any kind of sex play I came up with. She'd be our willing sex slave. The possibilities were endless!

So, that was it, then. I had my plan. All I needed was the assistance of the shapely, buxom Ramona. I mulled over how to ask her if she wanted to play. In the end, I opted for the direct approach. I called her one night - thankful that she still had the same phone number as she did when she was my friend's lover - and asked to meet her the next day for lunch. She seemed hesitant at first, but when I told her a tiny bit of my plan she seemed intrigued. I told her the reason I wanted to meet her was to show her a picture of Cinda, assuring her that once she saw the picture she'd be as eager to play with my vanilla cream vixen as I always am. That did the trick nicely.

I knew Ramona would be willing. Once she was assured there'd be no problems of any kind, she was willing to look at the photo. I showed her one of my favorite pics of Cinda. When she saw Cinda's incredible looks, and her wicked smirk in the photo, she was just about chomping at the bit to see her naked. Her eyes twinkled as she nodded at me. "I'm in," she said, not even trying to hide the fact that she was hot for Cinda. If MY grin resembled our green, Grinchy friend, then Ramona's lip-curler smacked
of lecherous ol' Satan himself!

The rest was easy. I found that setting someone up for a smorgasbord of sex was easy as pie. I wanted to do this in a hurry, so I set it up for the following weekend, barely able to contain myself. On several occasions I was so beside myself at the thought of my plan coming to fruition that I almost gave it away. In fact, Cinda nearly saw through the whole deal, asking me repeatedly things like, "All right, what are you up to?" and "Are you planning something, Mike?" At dinner one night, she said bluntly, "You've got something up your sleeve. What is it?" I just said I was happy to be with her. She saw through that, of course, but she didn't press it. I later found out that she thought I had bought her another pair of her favorite shoes like the ones I'd given her that day at the mall. Boy, was she off the mark!

Which finally brings me back to our sunny day of sight seeing. It was a hot day, but as evening came, a brisk, cool, late summer breeze refreshed and invigorated us. I looked at my watch as the sun began to dip below the distant peaks. It was 7:45 pm. Ramona would be arriving at my place around 9:00 pm. Taking travel time into consideration, I decided I better get the creamy one back to my humble abode soon. I sauntered up behind my lusty wench as she admired the approaching sunset.

She was dressed to kill, as always. Wearing a pair of ultra tight, low rise, off-white stretch capri pants that sat ever so teasingly midway up her curvaceous hips, Cinda's succulent ass screamed my name, her huggable cheeks begging to be squeezed and nibbled. Coming up close behind her, my right hand grabbed her right cheek, fingers splayed and fondling. Cinda looked up and back at me, a smile on her face.

"Feel good?" she asked.

"Always," I replied, my member stirring with conviction between my legs.

She turned, showing me once again the heaving chest I've become so fond of. Her white, lace-up, ruffled trim, deep V-neck peasant blouse barely kept her rising and falling, twin 42D's confined. My eyes once again fell in love with her cleavage. So deep, so inviting...I wanted to do a swan dive right into it, and nuzzle forever in the softness of her luscious globes. So busy was I staring between her breasts, that I almost leaned forward into her large, sombrero-like, wide-brimmed white hat, the shadow of which darkened Cinda's face and eyes, making them even more sultry and mysterious.

Sweat was forming on my brow, and Cinda wiped it away with soft fingertips. Seeing the lust growing in my eyes - and beneath the ever rising crotch of my pants - she began to tease. It is, after all, her way. She wouldn't be Cinda if she didn't try to get a "rise" out of a man.

"Smutty, you never mentioned my sexy shoes. Do you like them?"

She stepped back, and my eyes reluctantly left the chasm between her breasts, their gaze slowly moving downward. The capri pants ended about five inches above her ankles. Below those ankles, Cinda's feet, as tanned as her legs, were encased in white, crisscross design, four inch heel, strappy sandals. Her right leg sported a silver ankle bracelet. Her left middle toe sparkled with more silver, a shiny toe ring. Her toes, freshly pedicured, proudly flaunted their French tips. She wiggled them for emphasis. She was every inch the sultry angel in white, from her large white hat to the tips of her painted toes.

"Great shoes, hon...but, then, you ALWAYS wear great clothes. You know that."

"Yes, but it's nice to hear, just the same." Then she began, "Mikey, I think maybe we should head back to...."

I cut her off. I'm usually not one to do that, but I had the plan to think of. Nothing could stand in the way of the plan, not even my usual politeness and consideration. All that mattered that night was making Cinda cum over and over again, until she collapsed into sublime unconsciousness.

"Hon," I said, feeling myself grinning, "I have a surprise for you. I want you to come over to my place. The surprise is there."

"Ahhh," she replied, "I thought you've been acting very suspicious of late. I knew you were planning SOMETHING."

"Guilty, as charged," I said, again barely able to contain myself.

"First, give me a hint. What's the surprise about?"

"Why, sex, of course. What else?"

"Well, no shit," she smirked, "but you're not getting off that easy. A little more info, please."

I grinned. I almost laughed. Leaning close to her, ducking under that Rings of Saturn brim, I whispered in her ear, "I've got the silkiest scarves I'd just looooove to tie you up with. Would you like that?"

I saw her eyes begin to sparkle. They changed color, from their usual intense blue to a slight hazel hue. I knew her hormones had begun to flow. Her mouth hung open in a half smile, and her chest began to heave...that lovely, lovely bosom inflating and deflating so enticingly.

"Oh my," she sighed, "I do believe you've got my interest, sir. And after you tie me up? What then?"

"Now, now, nosey one. Let's leave some of the surprise for later, shall we?"

"Are we gonna play 'shoe boy' again?" she persisted.

"Oh, no, hon....not by a long shot. Shoe boys don't tie pretty shoe shopping ladies up, now do they?"

"Hmm...I see your point. What then? Tell me what you have in mind." Eagerness was plastered all over her pretty face. She was just DYING to know the juicy details...details I had no intention of divulging until she was tied up - good and secure - and at the mercy (or lack thereof) of myself, and the horny Ramona.

"No, pretty lady. This is something you have to find out when we get there. Now, no more questions. Let's get to my car and hop on over to my place real quick, okay? I can't wait to show you all the surprises I have in store for you."

Taking Cinda by her French-manicured hand, I walked her briskly back to my car. My chest was heaving with just as much anticipation as Cinda's was, as I hopped in behind the wheel. I drove to my place without haste. I had enough time....plenty of time. But, I admit, my face was already beginning to become slightly sore at the cheeks, because I smiled broadly the entire way. And so, too, did Cinda. God, this was gonna be fun!

The entire drive to my place was filled with thoughts of what I was going to do to my Pantiless Princess. I had so many ideas and fantasies rolling around in my head that I thought sure it would explode. All I could do was grin. And every time Cinda looked over at me and saw that grin, her eyes would sparkle and change hue, glistening a gorgeous, lusty luster that made me breathe deeply and want to tear my pants off.

When we finally arrived at my place, Cin was like a little kid. She had no clue specifically what was going to happen, but she knew it was going to make her gush and moan. She was fidgety in a "let's hurry and do it" kinda way, smiling broadly, eyes twinkling, body...that gorgeous body...animated and jittery.

I deliberately played it cool (as cool as I could under the circumstances), letting her stew in her sexual juices. I loved seeing her like that, all horny and eager to play. There's nothing like seeing Cinda all charged up like that. She literally crackled with sexual energy. But I carried out my plan to the last detail, hoping everything would fall into place perfectly.

Walking up the stairs to my "den of carnal pleasures," I made sure she walked ahead of me. As that scrumptious ass wiggled in front of me, I made sure I stayed at eye level with it as I followed her up. As any normal, sane man would do, I made certain I reached up and fondled her cheeks as she ascended the steps. I even grabbed her hips a couple of times, holding her firmly in place while I leaned into her ass and kissed and nibbled it. She happily aided me in my butt-nibbling, bending over and wiggling her bottom playfully as I worked my lips and teeth all over it.

"Wooohooo! Gobble that ass, Mikey! Get yourself all hot for me, because you're going to have to do a LOT of pleasuring tonight!"

"Mmmmmph," my mouth mumbled as it made wet spots all over her low hung capri pants, and then gobbled equally as greedily above them, "Hon, you have no idea what you're in for tonight."

"Oooooh," she smirked, bending over further and shaking her butt in my face, "promises, promises."

It took us a while, but we made it up the stairs. At the landing, I stopped her, coming up against her from behind. I pushed my crotch against her bottom, pressing my already swollen firmness tightly against the chasm between those playful cheeks. I gyrated my hips, grinding into her. She responded by grinding back.

Slipping my hands around to her lush bosom, I slowly untied her quaint-but-sexy little peasant blouse. As the thin laces slipped from the first two holes and the laced front loosened a bit, I moved my hands up to the top of the frilly edge of the low cut breast area and worked my fingers beneath it. Slipping my hands downward slowly, I cupped her warm breasts and squeezed gently. Cinda moaned.

I worked my fingers forward to her delectably erect nipples, tweaking them...running my fingertips oh so gently around them in circle after circle. I pushed my crotch against her ass more firmly and ground myself into her so hard that her cheeks were making undulating, up and down motions as my hardness worked incessantly against them.

Continuing my grinding and nipple-play, I leaned forward, brushing my lips on Cinda's earlobe, breathing warm air slowly onto her ear and neck. Nibbling her ear lobe for just an instant, I whispered to her, "I'm going to take you into that bedroom, slowly strip you, and have my way with you."

Cinda sighed deeply, eyes shut, mouth open and panting lightly, her head cocked back a little, and her energized body still grinding into mine. She didn't reply. I didn't expect one.

I continued my erotic whispering in her ear. "And once I have you naked and begging for sex, I'm going to tie you to the bed by your hands and feet. I'm going to blindfold you so you'll never know what I'm going to do next. The anticipation alone will have you yearning to cum. Then...then you'll be mine, to play with as I see fit. I'll savor every inch of your body in any way I choose. My fingers, lips and tongue...and my oh, so hungry cock...will explore and tease every inch of you, inside and out...until you cum over and over and over again. All your most intimate, sensitive places I'll fondle and titillate. Every nook and cranny I'll kiss and lick. If you're a good girl, I'll let you suck me over and over again, until both ends of you are filled with my own tasty cream. And there's more...much more. I have a special treat for you that'll have you cumming so much you'll most likely end up in a coma! Oh, yeah, baby...I'm going to see just how many times I can make you cum. Yes, and I'm even going to keep track of your every orgasm, because you'll be so busy cumming over and over that your mind will be mush, and you'll totally lose track. But I'll keep count for you. I'll let you know later how many times you climaxed. Yeah, Cinda, babe...I'm going to do all that for you. This is going to be a cum marathon for you...but only if you're a good girl and do as I say."

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