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Vanilla dreams


It was early afternoon and the sun streamed through the windows of the bright, airy little cottage she shared with her best friend. There were no classes today so she had spent most of the day enjoying the sunshine and reading her book. Something about the warm, sweet smelling air and how pretty she felt in her little floral sundress had her daydreaming while she washed up the breakfast dishes.

She thought of her boyfriend, so new they had barely gone beyond kissing, and of all that they could do with this afternoon and the empty cottage. The familiar, hot tingle appeared between her legs and she parted them slightly to allow the breeze to caress her skin through the lace of her underwear.

Suddenly she felt someone's arms wrap around her waist. She started, but he held her tight against him waiting for her recognition.

"Hey, it's just me," he murmured, his soft Scottish lilt fluttering the butterflies in her stomach.

"James", she breathed, leaning in to him. He ran his hands down her sides, and back up pulling her dress up with them, enjoying a fleeting glance of the ivory lace shorties she was wearing. Twisting in his grip she was hit again with the almost electric shock of looking in to his eyes. Vivid sky blue met her dark, golden green and they paused for a moment, just breathing and falling.

He leaned in slowly, bringing his hand up to her cheek and kissing her softly. She opened her mouth to his kiss, which escalated in intensity till he pulled away and propped her up on to the counter. Her dress strap slipped off her shoulder and made her aware of the warmth of the sun on her back. He stroked her thick, dark hair off her shoulder and kissed along her collarbone.

Her shiver of excitement encouraged him to venture further and he looked into her eyes as he reached under her dress and slipped his hands under her panties. His eyes asked for consent and she answered by lifting her hips off the counter, allowing him to slide her underwear down her legs, to be dropped to the kitchen floor. He pulled her by the hips towards him, trailed kisses down her body, through the flimsy fabric of her dress, between her small round breasts, over her stomach and down further to between her legs. He pushed her skirt up around her waist and knelt to flick his tongue lightly over her clit, while exploring elsewhere with his fingers.

She felt nervous and exposed with her legs spread to accommodate him, only one guy had ever done this to her before and then not for very long. But it felt amazing and she loved the feel of his soft, sandy blonde hair against her thighs. She was so hot now there was wetness practically dripping down her legs, so she pulled him up and dropped down from the counter on unsteady legs.

"This way," she smiled, her voice as shaky as her knees, taking his hand she led him up the stairs to her room. It was everything he had expected: light and airy, with windchimes and crystals and the lingering smell of perfumed incense in the air.

They kissed some more at the foot of her bed and she reached out to undo his belt and unzip the fly of his corduroy trousers. He kicked off his trainers and stepped out of his trousers. She smiled at his pale blue boxer shorts, having once seen them sneaking over his waistband as he sat in class and fantasised about doing what she was about to do.

In just his white t-shirt and blue boxers he looked the most beautiful she had ever seen him look. His cock strained at the opening of his shorts as she kissed and nibbled his neck, before slowly kneeling before him. She pulled his cock out from the confines of his boxers and, looking up at him with her big, green eyes, began to lick around the head, while gently trailing patterns on his balls with her nails. He stroked her almost black hair as she took all she could of him in her mouth, wrapping her free hand around the rest. She felt his hands tense in her hair and heard him moan deep in his throat as she stroked rhythmically up and down with her hand and her mouth, breaking stride every so often to run her tongue around and over the head or take his balls gently in her warm, wet mouth. He could feel himself about to come, but didn't want to do that yet, so he pulled her up by her shoulders and pulled his boxers over his still erect penis.

He reached down to the hem of her dress and slid it up over her milky white body. She raised her arms and he pulled her dress over the top leaving her naked before him. He led her over to her bed and they sank into the white feather duvet, her enjoying the feel of his clothes against her bare skin. Afternoon sun bathed them both in gold, hi-lighting the amber in her eyes and the yellow of his hair.

"Are you okay?" he asked, wanting to be sure she wanted him to take her virginity. She nodded, touched by his care at such a moment, nervous as she felt, she totally wanted this, wanted him. He positioned his cock at her entrance and slowly pushed into her. He pulled back slightly and pushed in a little further, searching her face for any signs of pain. He saw her wince slightly and paused, but she smiled and placed her hands on his buttocks, pulling him into her forcefully. They kissed as he moved out, then back slowly, shifting so that his body rubbed her clitoris also. She wrapped her legs around him, taking him in as far as she could. He was amazed at her tightness and how he could feel her muscles contracting around him with each move he made.

They moved rhythmically together, slowly at first, appreciating each sensation, but building faster and faster, his hands stroking her breasts and hers in his hair, biting his neck, moaning and gasping each other's names and finally sharing a kiss as thay came, the tension flowing out from their bodies, leaving them sweaty and satisfied in the early evening light.

He climbed off of her and they lay side by side facing one another, legs entwined as he lazily stroked her arm and waist. "Thank you", she mouthed, smiling gently.

He grinned self deprecatingly, "No problem," he answered, as she curled in to him and fell into a deep, contented sleep.

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