Vanilla Passions


"Please take what you want but let me go." She could hear their laughter like they were mocking her. She closed her eyes and prayed.

"Hey, let her go!" The voice sounded familiar, she opened her eyes and saw Cole standing there. The guys slowly parted, "Aww come on Cole, we just want to have some fun. Why do you care?"

"Just leave her alone! And get out of here!" They guys dropped their hands to their sides and moved away from Candace. She held her breath still afraid of whether she should trust Cole or not. The guys walked off slowly but she could hear them laughing and saying something like 'boy she was really scared'.

When the guys were far enough away she exhaled, but her legs were trembling still and she wondered if she might fall over. Cole saw that she was beginning to have problems and rushed to her just in time to grab her arm and steady her.

" Thank you Cole." Cole opened her car door and let her get inside. He waited and then asked if she was going to be all right.

She replied, "Yes I'll be fine. Do you know those guys?" she asked.

"Yes I know them."

"Were they part of your gang at one time?"

Cole looked at her and seemed perturbed, "No, they are my brothers and I try to keep an eye on them. I think they were headed to buy drugs and I followed them, but you happened to be seen first and it is a good I thing I happened to be here."

Candace nodded and thanked Cole once again and started the car.

"Are you sure you will be ok?"

"Yes, thank you, I will be fine now". Cole moved away from the car and Candace glanced at him again, she knew that her face still wore some of the fear she experienced earlier. Cole warmly smiled, and she drove off.

When Candace saw that she was almost home, her heart quickened and she could almost feel safe. She pulled into her driveway and got out of her car and almost ran to her front door, unlocked the door and scurried inside. "Home." she thought. She closed her eyes and just breathed. She felt something against her leg and looking down she saw that it was Mitzi, leaning down she scooped Mitzi into her arms and held her.

It was then the tears began to fall, it was then that it hit her how scared she actually had been. She slunk to the floor; her whole body shook from the sobs, Mitzi just purred. After a bit she wiped her tears and got up. She decided that she was lucky that it was Friday, it might take her till Monday to completely recover from this and she had hoped Monday would be long enough.

She laid her coat on the chair and headed to the kitchen while Mitzi followed her, meowing to be fed. "Poor Mitzi, I know you are hungry." Candace opened a can of cat food and emptied it on a plate. She stood quietly and just watched Mitzi eat. It felt good to focus on this small task and let her mind go blank. Then she realized just how terribly tired she was, and the only thing that she really wanted to do was take a bath and go to bed.

She went into the bathroom and let her torn blouse fall of her shoulders and slide onto the floor. She unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and they to feel to the floor. She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. The face she saw looking back was a face she didn't recognize, "I look like I have aged", and she turned away from the mirror. She started to run water in the tub and added bath salts. Her bra and her panties dropped on the floor in a heap. She lit a few scented candles in the bathroom and climbed inside to very hot water, not hot enough to burn but hot enough to be on the verge of being too hot.

The added salts to the water made the water feel silky. The smell of the candles, the lights turned off were always pleasant and relaxing. She laid back, placed a wet washcloth over her eyes and let her mind think about whatever. She would open and close her legs and feel the water rush in and playfully touch her pussy and then rush away again. She did this more while she was relaxing until she had fallen asleep.

Then she heard the bathroom door open, she looked and it was Cole and he was staring at her with hunger in his eyes, he said nothing. He came closer and knelt down by the tub. She knew she was naked but it didn't even seem to matter. Cole reached for her and he kissed her lips softly, gently. His hand reached to cup a breast; his touch was so light it was almost fleeting. The passion started to rise within her. She placed her hand on his and showed him how to touch her. He kissed her harder this time and she returned the kiss. His hands and fingers ran the length of her body to her pubic area. He pulled her legs apart and she opened them gladly. His fingers explored the clitoris, the vagina, so slowly and precise. Then he plunged 2 fingers inside her, she arched her back and a moan escapes her lips. His fingers started thrusting in and out of her slowly and sensually...*ring* ring* *ring****ring*ring***. She opened her eyes and looked but no one was there, she must have been dreaming. The phone was ringing, she thought, "this had better be good". Still sexually excited she makes her way to the phone, "UH Hello?"

"Hello is Mary there?"

"Mary? I don't know any Mary".

"Oh, sorry I guess I dialed the wrong number, sorry"... *click*.

Candace stood there trying to understand why someone would call anyone at 4am, shrugging it off she crawled into bed. The erotic dream that she was having in the tub sure seemed real, and she lingered on the details of that dream, wishing it hadn't been interrupted by the phone ringing, it was wonderful and felt so good.

"I thought I forgot what it was like to feel and need." She laid there thinking over the day at the office, her leaving that night, the thugs out in the parking lot, and then being saved by the one boy from work that always looked at her as a woman, almost looking into her soul for the most part. He had saved her.

It became apparent that if he really wanted her he could have taken her then along with his brothers. But he didn't, he was kind, gentle and concerned, she knew that he did want her but maybe on his terms, she might never know. "He didn't try to get fresh, he helped me to my car and helped me in." This puzzled Candace, maybe all those times he had been nice he wasn't doing anything but being nice. This realization made her feel more relaxed but at the same time it saddened her that he might not be attracted to her at all. Somewhere during her thoughts she fell asleep.

In the morning the sun was up and shining in her eyes as if it too was saying it was time to get up. Mitzi was laying right by her on the bed as always and patiently awaited for the good morning stroke from her master. Candace stretched and continued to pet Mitzi for a few minutes more while going over her day and what she might do since she had no work from the office. She had always been so structured and now she had a day without appointments, applications and phone calls. She felt somewhat out of sorts with no real plans but decided that this opportunity didn't come very often so she was going to enjoy it.

She climbed out of bed and got dressed. Today was going to be a lounge day, so she slipped on a pair of sweat pants, a t-shirt, brushed her teeth, her hair and headed for the kitchen. She sat down at her kitchen table and let out a big sigh, it felt so strange sitting there and not being in a rush. She realized she had no life outside the office and felt like a fish out of water wasting the day away.

Mitzi came in, stretched, rubbed up against Candace' leg and let out a single meow. That was always Candace' clue that it was time to feed her feline friend. After Mitzi was fed, she would do laundry, clean up the apartment and then go shopping. The more she thought about her day the more excited she got.

She turned on a radio station that played classic rock, "You shook me all night long" by ACDC was playing and she felt a rush of excitement and a glimpse of what had been her youth so long ago. Candace danced around the house as she busied herself washing clothes, vacuuming, dusting, and straightening up. As she worked the music from the radio played making her feel like a young woman again. 3 hours later she realized that there was nothing left to do and she still had so much of the day left.

Her stomach gave a growl and she realized that she had not eaten anything for that day. It was past breakfast but not quite lunch and she decided that now would be a good time to get a bite to eat. She slipped on her sandals, grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

Trying to decide where to eat was another dilemma, she hadn't entered a restaurant for ages and wasn't sure where to go. She decided that she would go inside a small diner that seemed quiet. She sat down in a booth and looked at the menu, the choices were simple and pretty standard for a menu. When the waitress came over, Candace ordered a Caesar salad, crackers and coffee. While waiting for her food, she looked out the window at the parking lot. Her thoughts went to the night before, and fear struck her again.

If only she had not been pig headed by staying so late to finish her work she may have avoided the incident. The waitress delivered Candace' order, "Thank you." The waitress smiled and left. After finishing her meal she left a 5-dollar bill as a tip and went to pay the bill.

As she pulled out of the driveway, she made the decision to go shopping, maybe buy something to wear to work. She even thought about how nice it would be to buy something for Jody, maybe a thank you present. She drove to the mall, it seemed that just about everyone in the city had the same idea. The parking lot appeared to be full but she finally found one that was empty. When she got out of her car and entered the mall she felt a little intimidated by how many people were there. She was not use to crowds as she spent most of her days in an office and didn't get out much beyond that. She sucked in her breath and headed for the stores.

She had visited Sears and found a cute 3-piece suit that she could wear to work. Then she went to JC Penney's and bought some nice heels that matched, she walked from store to store taking in everything. It wasn't long before she got into the whole shopping experience and started to feel more at ease. Just as she passed a candy store called "The Sweet Shoppe" she spotted Victoria's Secret. She told herself to walk on by, she had no need for silly things like that, and who would see her in them anyway? She ventured in anyway just out of curiosity.

There were all kinds of lingerie that went from feminine and classy to slutty and trashy. She giggled when she saw the flavored lotions and edible underwear. "Does anyone really use that stuff?" she wondered. Still while looking around, the thought of her wearing something like a push up bra, garter belt and a g-string under her clothes at work made her feel a little excited. Maybe Cole would see a hint of the garter belt. "What am I thinking? I don't want that, not really." She tried hard to convince herself that she was his boss, and much too old. He came from the streets, he has had no real education, and they would have nothing in common.

Even though she told herself those things she also couldn't deny that the way he looked at her made her feel like a trapped fly in a spider's web. It was scary, arousing, intimidating, exciting, she had to force herself to think of other things. She went ahead and bought a peach push up bra with white lace, a garter belt that matched, and a peach lace g-string. She walked out into the mall again, this time heading for a jewelry store.

After a while of scouting for a present for Jody, she found a beautiful gold pin. It was shaped like a bow, and she just felt that it would be something that Jody would like.

Driving home from the mall, Candace was very pleased with her day of shopping. She couldn't wait to put on her new unmentionables and to give the pin to Jody on Monday morning. Candace pulled up to a stoplight and glanced over at the movie house, they were playing "Enemy at the Gates" somehow that didn't pique her interest. It was only 4 pm and the thought of staying at home with nothing to really do didn't sound very enticing. As she started across the intersection she noticed that there was a club that offered drinks for ½ price to all the ladies on Saturday. Although there would probably be a younger age group there the idea of going out and dancing made her smile.

She hurried home, she had decided on going to a nice restaurant for dinner and then off to the club. She never thought about the possibility that someone wouldn't dance with her, she felt alive and was going to enjoy her evening. She ran upstairs to her room, and laid her things on the bed, she then realized that she had nothing but her clothes for work and they hardly shouted sexy, her heart sank a little. Maybe she could put something together and she went over to the closet to look.

She scouted through her many outfits and suddenly she saw a dress that she had bought sometime ago but had never worn. It was all white, there were slits on both sides to expose her shapely thighs, and the neck was low cut to show off her cleavage. Praying that it would still fit, she tried it on and it fit like she had been poured into it. She went into shower all the while thinking about her evening and hoping that there would be no regrets. Once she went back to her room, she looked at her new under things and feeling nervous she put her bra on, then her g-string, and then her garter belt and nylons.

She looked in the mirror and made sure that the garters were straight. She closed her eyes while her hands glided sensuously over her breasts, stomach, and legs like a lover would but the face she kept seeing was Cole's. Her eyes shot open and she chided herself again for having those thoughts. She hoped that she would meet someone more suitable for her at the club that night. Someone that was closer to her age, someone more sensible and safe. Safe is what she knew, her whole adult life had been safe. Everything was always in its place, orderly, organized and safe. But for now, she was content to get dressed and go out. She slid her dress on, and smiled as she pulled it down over her hips. Some might say that dress was made for her as a second skin if you will; she zipped it up in the back.

She left her hair long instead of putting it up, her hair laid in a way that framed her cleavage. She kept her makeup light so as not to over power her face, finishing off with a pink lipstick that brought out the tone of her skin, she had beautiful olive skin. She slid a gold neck chain on and it rested between her breasts. Now she had to find the right fragrance for a night out. She decided that Poison by Christian Dior was always nice. She dabbed a small amount on the pulse of her neck, between her breasts, on her wrists, between her thighs and behind her knees. The perfume faintly lingered in the air, she always loved the smell of Poison but to her it wasn't a scent you would wear to work. She looked herself over and approved of what she saw. She found her white heels slipped them on, and headed for the door.

She had settled on a steak restaurant for dinner, she ordered a filet mignon cooked medium rare, a baked potato with sour cream, roll, garden salad with Italian dressing and a glass of the house white wine. One drink is all she would allow herself to have, she wasn't much of a drinker and didn't want to drink so much that she couldn't drive. The waiter brought her wine and she looked up to thank him and realized he was looking at her smiling. This made her feel uneasy but also flattered; she gave him a little smile.

Sipping on her wine tasted so good and she did as she told herself she would, she didn't drink too much. The waiter brought her salad and she didn't want to look up. She felt his eyes and it almost became uncomfortable knowing he was there. She thanked him again but didn't look up. Soon her dinner came and she was careful not to stuff herself. The wine had started to make her feel good; she decided she better quit since she still had to drive.

The waiter came by to check on how she liked her meal, "It was very good, thank you. Can you please bring me the check?" The waiter said he would be right back with it, and it wasn't long before he returned and placed the check down on the table. Once he left she picked up the check, then she left $60.00 on the table with the check to cover her meal and tip. She got up and she noticed that men were surveying her also. A few employees from the restaurant had wished her a good evening and to come again, she nodded and left the building.

After she got back in her car, she just sat and stared out the window, questions flooded her mind and fear began to invade her. "What if she makes a fool out of herself, what if someone recognizes her, what if she meets someone, what if she doesn't?" She managed to chase those fears away and told herself that she was going to go and have fun.

She drove out of the parking lot and headed toward the club, still trying to deal with the butterflies from the excitement or fear, she wasn't sure. Finally the club was just ahead and she pulled into the parking lot. Already the place was buzzing with music, the people that she saw appeared to be in their 20's or 30's. Why she picked this club she wasn't sure, except for the fact she felt like dancing and she didn't want to listen to the type of music that most places offered for people her age. She wanted to stay away from the kind of place that offered, country music, lounge music, or even oldies. She didn't want to go where people her age had resigned themselves to being middle aged or having to put up with men that were drunk and too touchy feely.

She parked the car and sat listening to the music trying to get a feel for the place and what she was facing once she went inside. She could hear voices and laughing, the music had a fast beat to it and although she wasn't familiar with this genre, she was going to do her best to fool everyone including herself. She took a deep breath, opened her car door and stepped onto the cement.

As she approached the club, she could see inside, the lighting was dimmed and the music got louder. She could see people inside dancing, their hips gyrating to the music and bodies so close no light could escape. Once inside and her eyes had adjusted to the lights, she noticed that a good percentage of people in there were black, and she wondered if she made a mistake, but she walked inside anyway. Some looked at her when she came within full view. She wasn't sure what they were thinking or what they would do. She looked for the bathroom and headed there to freshen up. Once inside she went to the mirror and started to apply her lipstick and check her hair, a couple of girls stepped out of the stalls, they looked at her as if they were thinking, "What are you doing here?" Not only was she older, whiter, and dressed completely different than the rest but she stood out from the rest.

She was definitely out of place, she decided that she would get a drink at the bar and then leave. What was she thinking by coming here, what was she thinking about even leaving her apartment?

Once at the bar she ordered a Sex on the Beach, and tried not to look uncomfortable but she knew that she was nervous and not very good at hiding it. The bartender came over and put her drink down, "That will be $3.50", she handed him a 5-dollar bill. The drink tasted like nectar and felt good, it wasn't long before she started to relax. She became engrossed watching people dance; it reminded her of a musical orgy. There were men sandwiched in between 2 women, a woman sandwiched in between 2 men and everyone's hips were gyrating. This whole scene reminded her of something she saw on the National Geographic channel about tribal dancing and voodoo.

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