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Vanilla with Cream


"Hey, Trish? I didn't see any--"

My husband stopped dead as he opened the door of the bedroom and saw the two of us there, naked on the bed. His eyes grew so big I almost laughed in spite of everything else I was feeling at that moment.

'Us', was Karen and I. It was Mike's 44th birthday. Karen was his gift. I was the one giving her to him. At least, that was how simple it was supposed to be...

The threesome idea started when I ran into Karen online not long ago. She had been me and Mike's neighbor years ago, when we were all in our 20s and before Mike and I were even married. Back then, blonde bombshell Karen was the hottest thing on two legs. She was nice enough, but I never got close to her because I was admittedly jealous. And when, one day all those years ago, Mike had confided in me that his fantasy was to have me and Karen in the same bed, I politely said 'no way'. And he'd been fine with that.

In fact, he'd been so great about it that when I saw a picture of the older, 40-something Karen online, I decided to finally give Mike his wish. From the picture, Karen looked like she'd put on a good deal of weight, and while still quite attractive, I had the assurance that my body was now the better eye-catcher between the two of us. It gave me the confidence I needed to invite her into my little party. I was thrilled and terrified when she accepted.

Things started to change when I finally saw Karen in person, just moments before my husband was expected home from work to find his 'gift'. Yes, she was bigger than she used to be, but somehow no less sexy, and as I watched her undress, the more clothes this woman removed, the better looking she became. And this coming from a strictly heterosexual woman.

The plan was to get naked and surprise Mike, but Karen and I ended up being the ones getting the surprise. As we undressed in the bedroom, I kept stealing looks at her body. Her eternal tan was gone, but her milky skin was smooth and mouth-watering. Her ass increased at least as much in its appeal as it had in its size. The C-cup breasts that used to jut out so proudly from her chest hung lower now, but they were also bigger and looked less plastic, more womanly...More beautiful. And they were tipped by the most astonishing areola--the color was so faint I literally couldn't tell where it started until she showed me. The weight Karen had put on was distributed perfectly, with no unsightly rolls of flab or cellulite. And her face was still gorgeous, always sporting an effortless smile. But it was when Karen showed me her fuzzy strip of vanilla-colored pubic hair, the real hypnotizing began.

She caught me staring at it, then offered me the chance to touch it, as it was her feature she was most proud of. When I put my fingers into the warm fur, I understood why. Her pubic hair was as soft as the down of a little bird. I petted her for a long time before I realized what I was doing.

This led to a kiss, which led to more, which ended with us intertwined, rubbing our bodies together on the bed, climaxing together. When I was done, my body felt like it had experienced something from another reality. The pleasure I felt seemed impossible. I had done this with a woman; that thought kept running through my head. But overshadowing it was my body's demand for more.

As my husband took his time making his way to the bedroom, Karen and I couldn't keep our hands off each other. Or our lips. I kissed her more deeply than I'd ever kissed a man. I'd never been so fulfilled, yet so needful for more at the same time. Without words, I knew Karen felt the same way. She went down on me. Finished me with her mouth. I cried out as I held her to me.

And then we heard my husband, Mike, approaching.

I didn't want him to know. I told Karen that. She understood. And I understood when she told me she wasn't ready for Mike anymore. She wanted to continue this impossible thing we'd discovered. And so did I.

But there was no hiding it. Mike was seconds away from finding two women on his bed, naked, sweaty, desperate...but not for him. There was no time to call this off. Either he would know what we'd done, or we would cover it up and just go through with this threesome as planned.

I knew it wasn't the best of options, but I had an idea. And I told Karen to trust me...

...and now Mike was here, naked and a little wet, having just gotten out from the shower.

"Happy Birthday!" I said, forcing enthusiasm into my voice. I wasn't unhappy, but I was scared. I wasn't sure I could make this transition when my body had made it so abundantly clear what it wanted. I was afraid Mike would notice.

He asked the obligatory questions, making sure this was real, and that I was really okay with all of it. I nodded as best I could. I really was happy for him. It was just hard showing it after everything that had happened. I expected to have to fight through a little jealousy this evening. I just hadn't expected it would be Mike who I was jealous of. And knowing that Karen shared my thoughts made things even harder.

For a daring moment, I wondered if I should just confess and tell Mike I wanted Karen to myself. I'd be ruining my marriage and changing every aspect of my otherwise typical life. It was insane. But for an instant I considered it. And I didn't go through with saying it only because I knew I would need more time to make that kind of decision. For now, I had to pretend Mike was the only person on my mind.

Mike climbed onto bed. I offered him a glass of margarita. Karen and I had been drinking too much of it in the last moments before Mike came in, hoping the alcohol would mask the flavor of woman that lingered in our mouths. He declined the drink. Wanted to get down to business. I couldn't blame him.

It felt hot, and I hoped it was the room, not just me, because there was no other way to explain why Karen and I were covered in a light film of sweat. Thankfully Mike didn't seem to notice. He and Karen chatted. He tried to make normal conversation, but his straining erection gave his real thoughts away.

Mike leaned in and kissed me. It felt so weak, so cold, compared to the way Karen had kissed me just seconds before he opened that door. But I knew he was putting love into it. He whispered a thank you into my ear with a trembling voice that I barely recognized. I couldn't help but love him right then. I wanted him to be happy, and his tremendous appreciation, now evident, helped me to finally get into it. Karen and I would come later. But right now, this was about Mike.

I gave Karen a nod, letting her know it was okay to begin. Okay to touch my husband. As soon as I did that, I knew everything would be all right, because the nerves I felt about sharing my man came back. The feelings were faint, but they were there, and growing.

Karen took my husband's erection in her hand, wrapped her delicate fingers around it, and stroked him slow and firm. The head of his penis grew so purple-red and big that I feared he'd lose it right then, but he held on. He took Karen by the shoulders, half following and half guiding her as she bent over, bringing her face down between his thighs. She stopped just short of him, puckered her lips, and then blew a gentle breath across his pulsing head. His whole body shivered. He closed his eyes, threw his head back, and gasped.

I made my move, and I made it fast. I knew if I wasn't quick about it, I would miss the chance. I reached between Karen's thighs and rubbed a finger up along her wet lips. She wasn't expecting the touch, but she knew it was me. She thrust her hips back, pushing against my finger, and as she did this she rose, speeding up Mike's stomach and chest, licking him the whole way. His eyes were still closed and his head was still back. He couldn't see what I was doing. So I kept my finger against her. She licked up his neck, over his chin, and then they kissed.

At the moment my husband's tongue swirled into this other woman's mouth, I pushed my finger inside of her, and her reaction was instant. Karen rose up and away from me, then back down hard, urging me deeper as she took out her frustrations on my husband's lips. There was the passion I'd missed when Mike kissed me. And I took a deep breath as I realized Karen's passion was for me.

As they made out, Mike rose up on his knees, and so Karen had to follow. So did I, keeping my finger inside her and scooting up beside the both of them, hoping Mike wouldn't steal an unexpected glance and catch me.

But Karen wouldn't let him. She was enjoying what I was doing to her too much to let the kiss die. I fucked her deep, trying to go slow, reveling in the feel of her hot, wet, velvet interior clenching my finger.

Mike had been busying himself with Karen's gorgeous breasts, holding the heavy white flesh in his hands even as they squashed against his hard chest. But then I saw his fingers gliding across her sides, around her back, toward her butt. Karen had a beautiful ass, large and full, but firm and smooth. Her crack was deep, and Mike worked the tips of his fingers until they disappeared in between those two hugging globes. He gripped her tight, squeezed her, and though his fingers were still safely away from bumping into my hand below, I didn't dare risk that he wasn't moving there next. I pulled my finger out of Karen and she stopped kissing Mike immediately, desperate to catch her breath.

Her face was flush when she looked at me, and the look told me that it was all because of my doing.

She sunk down, eyes on me the whole way, but Mike was too excited to notice. From his perspective, all he saw was Karen's head moving down, down. Her chin bumped into his shaft, and then she licked it, swirled her tongue around it, teasing him.

I jumped when a hand grabbed me, palming one of my breasts and kneading it. It was Mike. He groaned and groaned, looking at me only occasionally. Otherwise his eyes were closed as he concentrated on the pleasure, and even more on not succumbing to it completely.

I loved the feel of his big hand on my tit, and I pushed my body to it, but I would've given it up without pause for the chance to touch either of Karen's. I leaned to him, kissed his arm, trying to imagine it was Karen's flesh, but to no avail. Still, he felt good. Hard and manly. I rose up on my knees right next to him, kissing my way up his shoulder and to his neck. The top of my thigh pressed the side of his. My chest squeezed against his ribs. His hand rounded my body to my butt, which he grasped and squeezed just like he had Karen's, fingers buried in my crevasse. It felt great.

But even better was feeling Karen's eyes on my pussy, which is where I knew they were now that I had lifted myself right next to where she continued to lick and tease my husband's cock. I hoped she knew what I was thinking, but to be sure I made it obvious and spread my legs a little further apart.

Karen read me perfectly. She covertly slipped a hand between my legs, cupping me fully for a moment before inserting a single finger. I tried not to be too obvious when I pushed myself against her hand. I was very nervous about being caught, and it occurred to me that Karen might not know Mike's fingers were on my ass just inches away, so I couldn't risk letting her finger linger inside me for long. But while it was there my body clamped onto her with a death grip, and even when I told myself to loosen up, my pussy held her tight. Karen sensed I needed to let up, and she withdrew, flicking my clit lightly before bringing her hand to Mike's testicles.

I licked Mike's ear, relieved that he hadn't looked down at Karen with open eyes until now. She stopped teasing him with her tongue and finally wrapped her lips around him, sucking and bobbing, her lips wet but his shaft dripping. As Karen went down on my husband, she looked up at him--at us--and I was so excited by the gaze of her gorgeous brown eyes that I knew I just had to have more of her. And soon.

It was getting dark outside, and with the shades closed, the room was getting darker. But it wasn't nearly dark enough for me to get away with anything even remotely obvious. I worked my lips up, kissed Mike deep and hard, and tried to think of a way to get my mouth off him and back on Karen.

"Oh thank you so much for this, baby," he panted while our tongues wrestled. He continued to squeeze and rub my sweaty ass, the tip of his pinkie an inch away from my tingling anus, while he brought his other hand to my chest, kneading my left breast. As we kissed, Karen worked her magic by sucking him, causing him to pull his mouth away from often so he'd have room to gasp. Every time he broke away for a breath, after catching it, he'd tell me again how thankful he was and how much he loved me.

Odd that those words didn't give me an ounce of hesitation in my mission for Karen.

"She said you could cum in her mouth," I said. "She said she would swallow." It was treatment he would've gotten from me, anyway, but I wanted him to know so he didn't have to worry about it when the time came. Then, "But she also said she loves getting cum on her face."

Telling him that might have been too much for the moment, because he groaned as loud as he had since it all started, and I honestly thought he was cumming right then. But instead he pulled away from me, leaned back onto the bed, trying to control his breathing and holding back the orgasm I was expecting. I let him go, but Karen stayed with, making her own muffled, sexy noises as she sucked and slobbered all over him.

Now on his back with Karen between his legs, Mike was able to relax a little more, but I wasn't about to let him. His new position gave me an opportunity. I leaned over him, licked one of his nipples, then caught his eye and smiled devilishly.

"How 'bout you give me a real 'thank you'?"

He knew what I meant, and I knew I didn't have to ask or wait for a reply. I moved up to his head, threw a thigh over his face and lowered myself to his mouth. My clit was in line with his bottom lip, as if we were in a sixty-nine, so I had full view of Karen sucking him and the delicious dual mounds of the top of her ass swaying ever so slightly just beyond. I knew from past relationships that, unless you're doing a sixty-nine, the natural position to get eaten while on top was clit to nose. But doing it backwards was normal for us when Mike went down on me, and I insisted on being on top when he did it. The reason is a little bit of a story in itself.

When we first got together, Mike and I were both of the same minds when it came to anal sex. Neither of us was really interested, and he'd said that he'd even tried it. Call us prudes if you want, but hey, look at what we're doing now! Anyway, exploring that region was never an issue, and we were both fine with that.

But one time when we were in the midst of a particularly long sixty-nine session, I grinded my cunt against Mike's mouth so fiercely that, over a span of about five seconds, I bumped my little puckered star right against his nose, and twice he inadvertently licked it with an out of control tongue. I almost came right then. The sensation was so unexpected, but also unexpectedly good. It was like someone had pushed a button that electro-shocked my whole body. The sounds I made when he touched me there had to have relayed my feelings, but rather than go with it and see where this new experience took us, Mike pushed me away, positioning me so there was no chance his tongue (or nose) would find anything but pussy. He even used the sheets to wipe his face, an overreaction to be sure, but the signal was sent. I was so disappointed that I wouldn't have come at all if I hadn't already been driven so close.

There were other signs that he wasn't into it that I won't get into. But the fact is that I loved that little moment, and so I told him I preferred to be eaten out with my clit at his bottom lip, when the truth was I liked that position because, even if he wouldn't touch my bud again, I could still feel the breath from his nose puffing against it.

Never would I have guessed that such a little white lie would help me begin to make love to another woman. Doing it backwards like this opened a window for me. Being in good shape but still at best average in my weight, my ass was very nice but thick, and I had to spread my legs wide to open my crack enough to feel Mike's breath there. In this position, my thighs made a veritable wall blocking his vision, even if he craned his neck to look around the curve of my butt. Unless he threw me off of him, he'd never see what I was up to.

Already Mike was into it, eating me out as good as ever, if not a little too eagerly. I thought to myself, even at his best, he's not as good as Karen. Obviously driven by Karen's exceptional cock-sucking skills, Mike plunged his tongue into me, sucked me, kissed me, puffed hard up my crack and across my begging anus, and despite him not being Karen, I was still swimming in pleasure before I could even make my next bold move. I had to consciously tell myself to stop moaning so he wouldn't know where my head was from the sound.

Karen was taking him good. I was actually quite shocked. Mike has a pretty big dick, about eight inches long and fairly fat, with a very soft but very bulbous head. It was the biggest I'd ever had, anyway. When I deep throated him, I had never been able to sink down all the way, and could only hold him in my throat to the count of three before the gag reflex came in. But Karen had her lips at my best mark already, the tip of her nose lost in his pubic hair, and she hadn't backed up off him since I'd been watching her. The breathing coming through her nostrils blew hard against what little of his shaft remained to be inhaled, and somehow that strong sound and the force and concentration I knew was behind it made me worried that perhaps her little fling with lesbianism was already dead and forgotten.

But then Karen reached up for me, found my breasts, and held one, flipping her thumb back and forth over my nipple. I was so relieved I moaned a very loud "Yes", then added, "Oh, Mike" to conceal the truth of it.

I arched my back, pushing my chest against Karen's hand. I never took my eyes off her as she throated my husband. And even though I wanted it be my pussy instead of that cock in her mouth, I found what she was doing terribly arousing. I wanted her to kiss me like that; I wanted my tongue to gag her like Mike's prick was. I wanted her to suck my tongue, squeeze it with her lips. Just kiss me till I came from it...it, and nothing else.

"Oh God...Oh God..." Mike said from beneath me, from practically inside me. There was an extra tension in his voice, like he was getting too close but couldn't say stop. Karen read this too, and she gagged right off of him, a long, thick string of saliva webbing from her mouth to his glistening, beet-red pole.

Keeping the one hand on my tit, fondling me, she stroked him with her free hand, the sound very wet and squishy. She looked right at me. She hadn't yet bothered to wipe or lick away the long string of spit that hung from her lips. It was nasty yet irresistible. I leaned forward to kiss her, shocked but pleased that she was already on her way to meet me.

I had told myself not to moan so as not to tip Mike off, but I just couldn't help it. The moment our mouths met, I was crying out and moaning so loud the sound overwhelmed every other noise in the room. It was for that reason Karen did close her mouth around mine. She'd later tell me that she feared my moaning, too, and our actions would be more obvious if my sounds were muffled by anything other than Mike himself. So we shared a loud, messy, frenzied kiss. Our tongues lashed out and curled at each other. Our lips rubbed together but never pressed. It was the most heart-breaking tease ever, and I loved it.

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