tagSci-Fi & FantasyVannerbehn's Luck Pt. 04

Vannerbehn's Luck Pt. 04


I awoke in heaven.

I was lying flat on my back, on colourful silk cushions, with a naked Janni lying beside me. Ludianne was propped up on one elbow, watching me sleep.

- "Good morning." she said.

- "Mmm."

She leaned over to kiss me, one of her pendulous breasts coming to rest on my chest. I turned my head away, by reflex - my morning breath was certain to be pretty bad. I was probably quite sticky down below, too.

But I wasn't. Somehow, I was perfectly clean.

- "I washed us both." she said.

Amazing. "Magic?" I asked.

- "A little. Mostly mundane methods, though. Will you not kiss me?"

Damn right I would. Her lips were soft and lush, like ripe fruit. My fingers, and eventually my tongue were drawn to her magnificent nipples like iron filings to a magnet.

That led to me tipping her onto her back. Her breasts sat up on her chest like honeydew melons. I kissed and licked my way down her spectacular body. If Ludianne hadn't had sex for decades, I could only imagine the last time someone had gone down on her.

She enjoyed it. I could tell from the way she ran her fingers through my hair, and massaged my scalp. But she didn't go wild, or thrash about on the cushions. Her orgasm was expressed in a brief quiver, and I felt her thigh tremble against my ear.

Ludianne pulled me up next to her, and kissed me deeply.

- "Thank you." she whispered.

Then she returned the favour. My goodness: there is definitely something to be said for centuries of experience, even if she hadn't practiced much for a few decades. She curled my toes, and brought me to the brink. Then, to my surprise, she backed off.

But that was only so that she could move up, and straddle me. When she tucked my erection inside herself, and sank down on my shaft, I let out a long sigh. I didn't particularly want to die, but if I'd gone at that moment, I couldn't really have complained.

I took hold of her breasts, while Ludianne rolled her hips and massaged my cock with her vaginal muscles. This time, I didn't disgrace myself, and lasted for quite a while. She actually groaned when she felt me shoot inside her.

Then she lay down beside me.

- "You know," she said, "if you were my master, you could have me every day. All day. Every orifice. In any position you could think of - and a few I could suggest."

- "That's unfair bargaining." I said.

- "Are we bargaining?"

- "No. I made up my mind last night. I can't you own you, Ludianne. But I think we'd be good as partners."

- "Kelsen: you just had sex with me. Can you honestly say that you would give that up, just to give me a chance at freedom?" She was deadly serious.

I had to take a deep breath. Sometimes, doing the right thing is very, very hard.

- "Partners." I said. I had to press my lips tightly together to avoid whimpering. She'd just given me excellent reasons for keeping her as a slave. Her lips, that tongue, those breasts ...

- "Are you sure?" she asked, repeating the question I had asked her last night.

- "Yes." I was quite proud of myself; my voice barely quivered.

Ludianne leaned over, and rested both breasts on my chest. She looked deeply into my eyes, and smiled. Then she kissed me, and gently inserted her tongue into my mouth.

- "You beautiful, beautiful man ..." she whispered.

- "Half-elf." I said. It's amazing how often I manage to say something completely unnecessary at the wrong time.

- "Half-elf." she whispered. "Can we be ... sexual partners, too?"

- "If you want." I said. My voice barely cracked.

- "I want." she said.

She took my erection in her mouth. Yes, I was already hard, again. Ludianne got me wet, and then turned, went down on all fours, and presented me her backside.

I rubbed the head of my cock along her slit, several times, further lubricating myself with her juices. Then I entered her slowly, and gradually worked my length inside her.

Amazing. There aren't enough superlatives. It was a long, luxurious, incredibly satisfying fuck. I slid in and out of her, taking hold of her taut butt, then her hips, and finally moving my hands to her heavy melons, swinging underneath her.

No, I wasn't in love. But lust, tinged with awe, and overlaid with respect and genuine liking are a powerful combination. When I finally did reach my peak, and filled her with my seed, I felt like a king.

- "Mmm." she said. "You will have to let me do that whenever I want - partner."


When I awoke again, from a brief nap, Ludianne was still watching me.

- "Hello, partner." she said.

- "You make that sound ... so sexual."

- "It will be." she promised. I would have assaulted her again, but she held me down with a surprisingly powerful hand.

"Wait." she said. "I want to know more about you."

- "I don't know much about you, either." I said.

- "You have the essentials."

- "Hardly." I felt clean again, despite our cushion exertions before I'd fallen asleep. "Just how powerful are you, Ludianne?"

- "Inside these walls?" She smiled. "None can match me. There are no Narimacs on this plane of existence. Ponraj was a babe in arms, compared to him."

Food for thought, that was. "Do you mean ... if you get out of here, you could rule the world? No one could stop you?"

- "My power is amplified, inside. Outside? I have no way of knowing And I lack the requisite ambition, Kelsen. I have no desire to rule, or control your world. That would be more of a responsibility than a prize."

"You forget: I have met thousands of humans. Do you seriously believe that I would wish to rule them? But enough about my powers; what of yours? Tell me about yourself."

- "It's not that interesting."

She made a face. "You also forget that I've never been outside. Please?"

So I ended up telling a naked, oh-so desirable Janni my life story. You already know of my dubious parentage. I was on the street at age 6, with a horde of other desperate children.

We stole fruit in the markets, bread and buns from the bakeries. At 8, I graduated to picking pockets. There were dry times, when we went hungry, but I grew more proficient at my craft. Unlike my peers, who only wanted to fill their bellies and find a warm place to sleep, I was thinking of the future.

A scrawny child in rags was much too noticeable, especially in the Upper Market, where people had real money. A scruffy urchin, loitering with intent, is too obvious. Alone among the street kids, I spent my gains on better clothing. I skipped a meal here and there, to buy a waistcoat, a clean shirt, trousers and shoes.

I didn't go to the same market every day. Yes, you could learn the best escape routes, and get to know the patterns, if you went to the same place repeatedly. But after a while, people started to recognize you, and eventually they would realize that you never bought anything.

Oh, yes - they hang children. A thief is a thief, regardless of age. The youngest I ever saw on the scaffold was a five year-old girl.

- "It sounds so cruel." said Ludianne.

- "It is." I agreed. "I saw something else, early on. There were no old pickpockets. SwiftFinger was one, but he had three apprentices working with him, and he passed the loot to them a moment after he had taken it. If anyone got caught, it wouldn't be him."

Carella was another, but she varied her technique, and supplemented her income by working as a whore.

Adults caught thieving would be sentenced to the galleys. Far better to set children to work; they would only be branded, or mutilated. A second offence would mean hanging.

- "I didn't want to be one of those." I said. "I knew early on that I was a bit smarter. And people responded to me; I had charm. So I switched to confidence tricks. Much safer."

- "You were a con artist?" said Ludianne.

- "I was. Until I tried to run a scam on a wizard. The old bastard was impressed, rather than angry, but he still forced me to become his apprentice."

- "You know magic?"

I snorted. "Ha! Three spells. And how to heal. I'm no wizard."

- "What can you do?" asked Ludianne. "Show me."

It wasn't much. My silence spell. Daze- a sudden blast of light, and magical energy, that can stun an opponent. Finally, a sort of telekinesis, by which I can move objects, if they're not too far away, and not too heavy, by magic alone.

"That's impressive, for a non-wizard." she said.

- "Right. I'm a drop of water, compared to your tidal wave."

She laughed. "Are you hungry?"

- "I can get it." I said.

- "You do not know where it is."

Ludianne went to get food. I suspect that she could have produced it out of thin air, but she knew that I would prefer something real.

When she returned, I noted immediately that she had put her hair up, in a sort of bun, atop her head. She was still naked, so I was still distracted, but I was even more surprised by how different she looked, with a simple change of hairstyle.

For one thing, it accentuated the exotic shape and cast of her facial features. She was still shockingly beautiful, but now she appeared to be younger. If she were human, I would have guessed that she was in her early twenties.

For another, without the big hair, Ludianne's boobs and butt both looked even bigger. She smiled as saw my cock growing and thickening.

- "Will you be able to eat, with that?" she said. "Perhaps not."

She sat down on my erection, facing away. I had a glorious view of her back and her rump. Her cheeks were just too big to encompass in my hands, but that didn't stop me from trying. She took me for a leisurely, unhurried ride.

Afterwards, I ate, while she nibbled. Janni didn't really need to eat, Ludianne explained, but she enjoyed the taste and texture of many of our foods.

I dozed off again for a while. When I came to, the remnants of the food were gone, and Ludianne was rubbing oil into her hands. She had a jar of the stuff next to her.

- "There you are." she said. "Just in time for your massage."

- "You don't have to give me a massage." I said.

- "You can return the favour."

She poured some of the warm oil on my back, then rubbed it in with remarkably strong fingers. It felt wonderful. I moaned softly, to show my appreciation.

Then she surprised me. Ludianne sat on my back, facing my feet. She had me bend my leg, and used both hands to oil and then massage my foot. Meanwhile, I could feel the heat of her bare pussy on the small of my back.

She massaged each toe individually, and pressed quite hard with her fingers on the soles of my feet. It was exquisite - and exciting. I grew hard again.

After treating my other foot the same way, she drizzled oil over the backs of my legs, and proceeded to massage my calves, and then my thighs. I felt the warm oil on my ass. Then she began kneading my cheeks, like a baker with dough.

- "That feels - surprisingly good." I told her.

- "I am not surprised."

Ludianne changed position, now sitting astride my butt, facing forward, as she applied more oil to my back. The heat from her lower lips seemed even more intense. She worked my neck, my shoulders, and the muscles of my upper back. I groaned more than once.

Then she surprised me again. My partner poured a liberal amount of oil onto my back and butt. Then she lay flat on top of me. In addition to the warmth from her crotch, I could feel the pressure of her heroic breasts on my back.

She dragged her body up my back, pulling on my shoulders to propel herself. Then she pushed, and slid back down until her breasts were pressed against my buttocks. She traveled in this way several times, slowly and deliberately.

Then she turned over, and repeated the process, back to back. The feeling of her voluptuous ass gliding across mine was utterly amazing.

- "Turn over." she instructed.

When I rolled onto my back, my cock slapped against my lower belly. It was so hard that it pointed at my chin.

Ludianne pretended to ignore it. She poured oil on my chest, and then rubbed it in. But then she moved down to my feet. Wisely, she didn't sit astride me to do this; the temptation to penetrate her would have been too great.

That would have been an incredible sensation, but I wouldn't have paid much attention to her massage after that - if indeed she'd been able to continue. It took all the self-control I had, but I waited. I wanted to see what she would do.

She dribbled oil on my legs, and massaged them. She rolled my balls between her fingers, and palmed them gently, covering them in oil. Then she stroked my penis a few times, before moving on to my stomach.

Now she sat astride, just below my groin, as she rubbed my chest and stomach. Shameless, now, she also rubbed her lower lips against the base of my shaft.

- "This is torture." I said.

- "Hardly." She smiled. Then she lay down atop me, and dragged herself the length of my body. When she reversed direction, and slid down, my cock slid right between her breasts.

"Ooh - you like that?" she asked.

Ludianne was now covered in oil, just as I was. My shaft slid into her cleavage smoothly. She squeezed her breasts together, trapping my erection. Then she began to masturbate me with her magnificent chest.

I didn't need much encouragement to begin pumping my hips, gently fucking her tits. She dipped her head, to lick the head of my cock when it emerged from between her breasts. The novelty of the act - and her long attention to my arousal - had their intended effect, and I shot a massive load of semen onto her chest, her throat, and under her chin.

Ludianne produced a towel, and cleaned up my ejaculate, while I recovered for a moment. Then I prepared to repay her in kind.

- "How can I heat up this oil again?" I asked.

She waved a hand. "Done. Is that for me?"

- "It most certainly is. On your stomach, partner."

I knelt beside her, and started with her feet. She purred when I massaged her arches. Every toe got its fair share of attention. I poured oil on one leg, and rubbed it into her ankle, her calf, and then used two hands on her thigh. I was still completely fascinated by her light purple skin.

At the top of her leg, I let my fingers stray to within an inch of her cleft, but pulled back when she shifted her hips slightly.

- "Hmm ... so I am to be teased, in retaliation?" she asked.

- "51-49, Ludianne."

I spent an equal amount of time on her other leg, and ventured just as close to her pussy, but without actually touching her there.

Then I drizzled the warm oil on her backside. After due consideration, I concluded that I had underestimated her ass; it was big. But it was proportionate for her body - and I loved being able to put both hands on one cheek, to rub the oil in.

She had taut, muscular buttocks. I massaged them considerably harder than she had done mine - and I certainly enjoyed it more. I let my fingers trail along the crack between them more than once.

Then I straddled her thighs, and poured a copious amount of oil onto her back. She was strong there, too, and I worked hard, kneading and pressing her muscles. I included her upper arms, then her lower arms and even her palms and fingers.

- "Mmm ... that's nice." she murmured.

She was tall enough that I had to slide a bit higher to massage her neck and shoulders. That brought my erection into play, as it slid between her cheeks. I'd been hard again since the moment I'd started on her feet.

- "Now that is hardly fair." she said.

- "Sorry."

- "Can you do something about that?"

I lifted her hips slightly, and penetrated her from behind. I fucked her slowly, with easy strokes, while I continued to massage her neck and upper back. From the motion of her backside, it seemed that Ludianne had no complaint about my methods.

- "On your back, now." I said.

- "Uh-oh. I have a feeling that I know how this will end." she said.

- "Not until you've had a thorough massage."

I started at her ankles again. The pressure of two hands on her thigh made her shiver. After I'd spent quite a long time on her legs, I let my fingers trail across her lower lips, before pouring oil on her stomach.

Her breasts may have received a little more attention than other parts of her anatomy. Again, I was excited to be able to use both hands. Then I went to using only one hand, while with the other I began to lightly brush my fingers over her pussy.

- "Finally!" she gasped.

I didn't tease her too badly (well, maybe a little). By the time I got two fingers inside her, she was ready. She arched her back, and shuddered.

I couldn't wait any longer. I slid between her legs, lifted them, and aimed the head of my erection at her gaping opening. Ludianne reached down to steer me home.

She was wonderfully wet, inside.

It was a long, intimate, slippery coupling, that left me gasping me for breath. Wonderful - every moment of it.


The next evening, I met the staff of the Narimac. Bartenders and wait staff, dealers and croupiers, cooks and security guards. These guards were more like observers, to spot trouble developing before it could blossom into a full-fledged problem. With Ludianne inside, and the gargoyles outside, there wasn't much need for additional muscle.

They all seemed reasonably happy with the change in management. Molun hadn't been popular. Besides, they all knew that it was Ludianne's magic and brains that made the place hum. With that in mind, I let her do the talking.

She introduced me, and explained our new arrangement. No one had the slightest objection. It was a fait accompli. Many, I think, were quite pleased to see Ludianne getting some long-overdue recognition.

Yes, I did notice that most of the female staff were absolutely gorgeous. But that wasn't going to be a problem. I had no intention of even flirting with them, much less trying to seduce them. For one thing, I didn't want anyone to think that sleeping with the owner was a requirement for keeping their job. For another, none of them could hold a candle to Ludianne. I wasn't even tempted.

My partner sent out a runner, who returned with a notary and his clerk. We drew up our contract, and had it signed and sealed. I offered Ludianne my hand, to shake on it as well. Her fingers were trembling. I looked up, into her multi-coloured eyes.

Janni can cry.

- "You beautiful, beautiful man." she said. Maybe she hadn't actually believed that I would keep my promise, until it was done.

She kissed me on the lips, and wrapped her arms around me - right in front of everybody.

The clerk also drew up a will for me. I left half of my assets to Mehdawi, a fifth each to Malena and Sinker (who was also in charge of several bequests to other 'associates' of mine), and the remaining tenth to my new partner.

- "I do not need any more money." she protested.

- "I won't either, if I'm dead. This just gives you a little more control, in case anything happens to me."

When the doors opened for business, they were lined up four deep outside. And every single one of them wanted to meet the new owner. Many expected a few moments of my time. Some treated me like a close friend.

I got four invitations to dinner, two invitations to parties, six requests for 'a small loan' (and two requests for large ones), two indecent proposals (one male, one female), and several decent ones.

- "Remember me?" squeaked a willowy blonde.

- "Ahh ...?"

- "Gelaya - remember? I brought you luck the other night."

- "So you did. I owe you at least a drink for that." I steered her to the bar, got her served, and left her in the capable hands of Marius, my 'appointments manager'. I had five more people like Marius, handling the patrons who seemed to believe that they had some claim on me. Ludianne had expected it, and she'd set up a small team to deal with these issues.

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