tagMind ControlVaping Ch. 01

Vaping Ch. 01


Vaping was everywhere nowadays.

Brad took it up as, hopefully, a means of losing some of the pounds he had put on after he quit smoking fifteen years ago.

When he quit, he was a semi-respectable 190 pounds at 5'8". He smoked like a chimney but he was otherwise in relatively good health.

What a change after he quit! Within six months he was no longer able to fit into any of his clothes. He went from a 34" waist to a 40" waist in no time and was afraid to step onto a scale for fear of the number he would see. When he did finally step onto an industrial scale at work years later, he saw the number 260 and sighed heavily to himself.

"Is this scale working right?" he asked the shipping supervisor a few feet away.

"Yeah," the man replied. "It was calibrated a week or so ago."

Brad sighed once more and walked dejectedly back to his office where he tried to forget about what he'd seen.

No such luck.

That number, 260, weighed heavily on his mind for years.

No amount of work at the gym or dieting seemed to have any effect. His waistline stubbornly remained in the 40 to 42 inch range and he despaired of ever getting rid of all this excess fat.

It was while sitting and drinking with friends one night that the subject of vaping came up. His friend Stan was a life-long smoker and his doctors had ordered him to at least cut down on his 25 cigarette a day habit. So he took up vaping.

The rest of the evening was spent talking about the gadgets, the vapor oil and the various flavors available. A few days later, Brad walked into a vaper shop and left with the necessary kit to begin his vaping.

The immediate results were striking. In the space of about four weeks, Brad had reduced his food intake by about one quarter. A couple of months after that, he noticed that his clothes, usually so ill-fitting and tight, began to hang off of his frame. He even invested in a new belt that held his pants up better. His shirts and slacks seemed to look baggy on him but he wasn't in the mood to overhaul his wardrobe just yet.

Six months after he began vaping, he felt much better and noticed that his oppressive beer belly [even though he hadn't drunk beer in six years] was finally going down in size.

Despite the ribbing and disapproving looks and comments he sometimes got from the non-smokers at his workplace, he continued to use his vaper while explaining to them the benefits he enjoyed from it. They usually gave him a dubious look and walked away without comment after that.

One particular office mate that occasionally spoke to him was Anna, a striking Chinese woman responsible for accounting and issuing pay.

Anna was probably in her forties, although Brad had never asked her. She actually looked much younger and Brad couldn't help but ogle her whenever she walked by. She was short, like most Asian women, but her figure was very curvy. Her bust was not overly large, but she did seem to jiggle a little bit with every step she took. This was probably due to the very high heels she almost always wore. The mini-skirts and tiny dresses she often had on accentuated her looks but Brad had to accept that any carnal relations they might share would have to remain in the realm of fantasy. By all accounts and from her frequent references to her husband and daughter, she was obviously happily married. Still, Brad often found himself fantasizing over lifting that tiny skirt of hers.

He was in fact daydreaming about that very scenario one morning in the factory. He was puffing on his vaper when Anna unexpectedly came through the door to his right. She turned quickly to go around him and walked square into a cloud of vapor he had just exhaled.

She paused briefly and gave him a slightly disapproving look, although she quickly grinned and waved her finger at him.

"That is so bad for you!" she said and then continued on her way.

"Sorry about that," he said.

"Don't worry, it smells kind of nice," she replied. "But it's still bad for you!"

She laughed as she said it and Brad shrugged and kept on puffing.

One day several weeks later Brad came down with a nasty virus. It robbed him of all of his energy and he found it difficult just to get out of bed. He sent an email to his boss to let him know he would not be in today.

He spent that day puffing on his vaper and watching mindless TV shows.

He berated himself for not going into work because he was feeling relatively fine.

He was now mixing his own blend of glycerin and flavor extracts to make his vapor oil and he stood up quickly at one point to go refill his dropper bottle. That's when he realized why he hadn't gone into work. The wave of weakness and dizziness overcame him and he almost fell down.

The next day he felt equally bad and once more sent an email to say he would not be in.

The potency of the virus stunned him. By the time he was finally able to move around his apartment without getting weak, he felt changed somehow, though he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

The next day he went into the office even though he still didn't feel a hundred percent. He spent most of his day at his desk and minimized his trips to the factory where he was expected to keep an eye on the output from production.

Close to the end of the day he decided to make a trip to the back. Just before he came to the double doors leading to the factory, he took a long haul from his vaper and exhaled. The doors opened just then and Anna walked into the thick cloud coming out of his mouth.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" he said as he waved at the vapor hovering in the air around the both of them.

She blinked a couple of times and smiled good-naturedly in his direction.

"That is so bad for you!" she joked.

She cleared her throat once and then blinked again as she steadied herself against the doorframe.

"What is in that thing?" she said as she appeared to become a little woozy.

"I'm so sorry Anna, are you okay?" Brad said, suddenly concerned.

She waved his concern away with a brush of her hand and smiled once more.

"I'll be okay," she said. "I think I just need to sit down."

Brad was a little confused. Most people who were caught in the vapor cloud usually said nothing and certainly showed no signs of dizziness. Some even commented they were surprised at how good the vapor smelled.

"You're not allergic to almond or peppermint are you?" he asked.

He led her to a heavily stuffed couch outside the bathrooms as he spoke. She sat and he leaned slightly over her as she continued to blink rapidly.

"Oh no!" she said. "I love them! In fact it smells very good, almost like cake!"

She giggled a little bit, which surprised Brad a lot. He didn't recall ever hearing her giggle like that before, but he had to admit, it did give him a thrill when he heard it. Then she leaned her head against his chest as she seemed to be recovering from the dizziness she experienced.

"In fact," she said, looking up at him with a conspiratorial grin, "I'd love to smell it again! Would you mind?"

Now it was Brad's turn to smile. This was the first time they had ever shared more than a few words and now she was asking him to blow vapor into her face.

"Okay," he said a little uncertainly. "But only if you're sure you're feeling alright."

"Oh yes, I'm fine!" she said with enthusiasm. "Just let me smell that smoke again."

The look on her face was now colored with something besides dizziness. She looked at him with large doe-eyes and grinned saucily.

"Please?" she begged.

Brad swallowed hard and tried not to imagine those large eyes staring up at him from her knees.

"Okay," he said unsteadily. "But if it makes you dizzy again, I'm taking you to a hospital."

She beamed and clapped her hands together a couple of times. It put Brad in mind of a teen girl who just got her way with her daddy.

He sat beside her and put the vaper gadget to his lips and inhaled. As he slowly exhaled, she shifted her weight against him and leaned forward to place herself only inches from his face.

As the cloud enveloped her, she closed her eyes, seemingly in bliss, and then sighed. She moaned softly and then opened her eyes. She now stared at him with a look of eagerness and leaned her full weight against him. Her hand moved to his thigh and he immediately became erect, his cock straining against his zipper.

He swallowed hard again and simply stared at her with his mouth open. She gave his thigh a light squeeze and then his own hand moved to her bare leg just below the hem of her mini-skirt. She cooed softly and leaned forward to kiss him. Her lips were very soft. Her touch was so light and delicate it could almost have been mistaken for a platonic kiss, except the penetrating look in her eyes made it anything but.

She kissed him again, this time more aggressively. Her tongue snaked into his mouth and he felt himself responding. He ran his hand up under her skirt and she opened her legs wide to welcome him. He pushed his fingers against her panties and he was surprised they were already wet. He palmed her mound outside the fabric and she pressed herself against him with a sigh.

Brad suddenly looked up and realized where they were. The couch on which they sat was in a small corridor leading from the office to the factory. The men's and ladies rooms were only a few feet from them leading off from either side of the corridor. Anyone could come by at any minute and his heart started to race from panic.

"We have to stop!" he said breathlessly. "We can't do this here!"

The look of disappointment that crossed her face made him realize that she wanted this even more than he did.

"Please don't leave!" she said as she moved in to kiss him once more.

Despite his better judgment, he responded to her kiss once more and then he felt her hand close over his penis. She gave a little giggle once more and began rubbing her hand along its length over his slacks.

"Don't go yet!" she said once more and began trying to tug at his zipper.

Brad groaned in frustration but stood up awkwardly as she continued pulling at his shoulder. Once he was on his feet, she looked up at him with a pout. He exhaled in relief and then she opened his zipper with one deft pull.

Her hand was inside his slacks in an instant and her hand found his cock beneath his underwear almost immediately. He groaned as she stroked him and she smiled devilishly as he became fully hard.

"Now that's more like it!" she breathed softly.

She stood and placed her mouth over his once more. Her tongue pushed past his lips and he closed his eyes as the sensations washed over him.

He felt close to cumming and he whimpered a little bit as she expertly tugged at him. His cock was now sticking straight out from his zipper and he was about to give in to everything when the intercom system jarred him out of his reverie.

"Mike come to the office please, Mike come to the office."

Mike was the shop foreman and Brad knew he was only seconds away from coming through the corridor.

With a last ditch effort of will he pushed her hand away from his cock and tucked it back into his pants. He looked at her with wide eyes and pleaded with her.

"We can't do this here!" he said. "Someone will see us!"

She pouted again but gave him a sidelong look full of impishness.

"Isn't there an empty office back there?" she said slyly as she pointed in the general direction of the factory.

He nodded excitedly and pushed his way through the double doors leading to the factory. He saw Mike coming toward him from about fifty feet away and waved at him, trying to be nonchalant. Mike nodded and kept coming toward him.

Brad didn't wait. He turned to his left and walked swiftly toward the old office that no one ever used. He looked back over his shoulder and saw Anna pause and speak briefly to Mike. He smiled and then continued on into the office.

Anna caught up to Brad and said, "I told him I have to check the time-clock."

Brad breathed a sigh of relief and led the way. At the door he pulled his key fob and opened the office door. Anna followed him inside and then turned to ensure the door was bolted shut before turning toward him.

The look of pure hunger on her face almost made him weak in the knees. For a moment he worried that the virus he had might reassert itself but any weakness quickly went away when she approached him and kissed him passionately.

Without preamble her hand was once again at his zipper and his fully erect cock was being expertly stroked.

Their kiss went on and on but his hands were under her skirt and tugging at her panties. She wriggled her hips a little and then the undergarment was falling past her thighs and to the floor where they pooled around her spike-heeled shoes.

He felt her working at his belt and then his pants were around his ankles. She dropped to her knees and took his cockhead into her mouth. Her head began moving slowly back and forth and his penis was fully engulfed between her lips. Her tongue worked its own magic as she moved back and forth and she hummed softly in appreciation as he started to leak pre-cum.

He pulled her to her feet and guided her to one of the disused desks in the room. He hiked her up on to the edge and knelt between her thighs.

Her pussy smelled very sweet and tasted the same. Her pubic hair was sparse and well trimmed. She gasped and moaned as he buried his face into her. He lapped at her lips and nibbled at her clitoris and he felt her hands gently cupping both sides of his face.

Her hips wriggled and she pushed forward and back in time to his licking. Then he felt her thighs pulling against his back. He paused to look up and saw her with her head thrown back as she gasped and moaned through the lead up to her orgasm.

Suddenly she stiffened and her thighs closed around his neck. She had one hand behind her to steady herself on the desk and the other entwined in his hair. She mashed her mound hard against his face and shuddered as she cried out.

He stayed there as her orgasm subsided and the pressure from her thighs began to abate.

Then she leaned back on both arms and her legs flopped to his sides weakly.

"Oh my God Brad," she gasped raggedly. "That was amazing!"

He grinned to himself and rose to his feet, trying not to be too proud of himself. It didn't work. It was writ large on his face. His Chinese co-worker, the woman he had been secretly lusting after for months, had ridden his face to a powerful orgasm!

"Now for your reward!" she purred softly as she reached once more for his cock.

She hopped to the floor and guided Brad to lean against the desk. She fell to her knees once more and took his penis between her lips. With a skill he found hard to credit, she sucked on him as the world spun before his eyes.

She used every technique he had ever heard of and a few he hadn't even imagined. Alternately stroking his shaft and then swallowing him whole, she moved her mouth along and over his shaft. Soon he felt his orgasm building and she hummed and cooed softly as she worked. When he finally did cum, she was looking up at him with those big doe-eyes as her lips wrapped tightly around the shaft just below his head.

He spurted twice and then a third burst dribbled out of his cock and on to her slowly moving tongue.

She grinned wolfishly and swallowed the load in her mouth. Then she smiled and stood up.

Brad could see remnants of his semen clinging to her lips and she swiped at the gooey residue with her tongue. She smacked her lips and savored the flavor and the sensation visibly.

"Gotta go!" she said suddenly.

She turned and walked out the door, stooping to pick up her discarded panties along the way. Brad was in such a state of shock at the incidents of the past few minutes and her abrupt departure he could only stare wordlessly.

Still in a daze, he reached down and pulled up his slacks and belted them into place. He sat down in one of the chairs and waited until his breathing was back to normal before venturing out.

The rest of the day passed without him seeing Anna again. This was not unusual. Her desk was on the far side of the office from his and separated by a long corridor. Her work in accounting pretty much kept her glued to her desk except for bathroom and meal breaks.

Still he was disappointed that she didn't make an effort to see or even catch a glimpse of him.


That night at home he began to feel weak again and he flopped down on his couch in frustration. A fever forced him into bed early and his sleep was fitful all night.

In the morning, he felt better. In fact he felt much better than he had in quite some time. Again the thought ran through his head that this virus had changed him in some way, but still he couldn't be sure just how.

When he got to the office he found he had more energy and was able to accomplish a lot of work. Tasks he had once considered petty and hardly worth his time were completed in no time and he was ready for more.

He took a trip to the washroom and saw Anna leaving the ladies room and turning toward her desk. She looked his way, waved and said a brief, friendly hello; the same kind of hello she had always said.

There was nothing beyond the casual greeting and her eyes betrayed no lingering emotions from their encounter the day before.

"Hi Anna," he said before she could disappear down the corridor toward accounting.

She nodded and gave a brief smile before continuing on her way.

"So, I was wondering," he began to say slowly.

She stopped and turned toward him. "Yes?" she said.

"Well, I thought maybe we could go to lunch together somewhere maybe." He managed to say as he struggled to figure out why she was so distant after the encounter they had shared yesterday.

She frowned deeply and put her hand up as she shook her head.

"That's not going to happen," she said with finality. "You're a nice guy but I'm married. You know that!"

Brad was totally confused now.

"But what about yesterday?" he squeaked.

"What about it?" she said stonily. "It happened, now we move on."

"That didn't affect your marriage but a lunch date would?" he said with growing confusion.

"I told you," she said, a hint of anger growing in her voice. "Leave me alone or I'll tell my boss!"

She turned quickly and stalked away, the irritation obvious with every step she took. As she passed by the accounting manager he looked at her and asked what was wrong. With a warning glance over her shoulder at Brad she told him everything was fine, although nothing about the tone of her voice was fine and both Brad and her boss knew it.

He looked in Brad's direction questioningly and Brad shrugged, hopeful he could do it convincingly. The other man frowned and resumed his trip to the bathroom.

Brad opted to use the bathroom in the factory and scurried away before her boss thought to ask him too many questions.

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