tagMind ControlVaping Ch. 02

Vaping Ch. 02


Brad pulled into his parking spot at home and made his way to his apartment with a frown.

He pressed the elevator call button and took a puff from his vaper while he contemplated his experience with Anna. The doors slid open and he stepped in and pressed his floor button. He took another haul off of his vaper and exhaled as the doors began to close.

Suddenly a hand was pressed between the doors and one of his neighbors, a woman from the floor directly below his, was standing in the doorway with a weary smile. Brad knew who she was, but he had never learned her name. She was definitely hot and Brad had often admired her when he knew she wasn't looking his way.

"Sorry," she said. "I just can't bear to wait for the next car."

Brad smiled back at her and stepped to the side to make room for her. Not that much room was needed. She was a small girl, standing no more than 5'2" with a petite body. Her blonde hair was long, hanging half-way down her back. Her work clothes were the type that would be worn at a bank or a formal office building, not the kind that he typically saw women wearing in the offices where he worked.

Her pin-striped suit was very chic and she wore it well. As Brad studied her he thought to himself how much he'd like to see what her body looked like under that suit.

As with virtually all elevator rides, they rode in silence, although Brad did steal a few glances her way. He noticed she seemed to be sniffing the air covertly. She glanced his way once or twice and a thoughtful look crossed her face.

Then the elevator doors opened and she exited the car with a casual smile in his direction.

Brad rode up to the next floor and plodded slowly to his front door. He puffed on his vaper and fished for his apartment key and opened the door.

Just as he pushed it open, he heard the door at the end of the hall opening. He turned to see the woman from the elevator walking toward him.

He shrugged and went into his apartment and was about to lock the door behind him when there was a rapid knocking. He opened the door once more and saw the girl looking at him expectantly.

"Hi," she said. "Sorry to bother you. I couldn't help but notice there was a really sweet smell in the elevator car. Do you know what it was from?"

Brad studied her curiously and held up his vaper.

"It was from this," he said. "Why do you ask? Was it bothering you?"

"Oh no!" she said. "Quite the opposite, I thought it smelled really good!"

"Oh," Brad said, a little stumped as to why she was bringing this up. "That's good I guess."

"I was, uh," she said a little uncertainly, "hoping you could, uh, maybe let me smell it again?"

"Really?" he said with a grin. "You want to smell the vapor?"

"Yes please!" she said with feeling.

She stepped past him through his door and then she was standing inside his apartment. She placed her hand softly over his on the door and pushed slightly. He took the hint and let it close.

"Okay," he said, "here goes!"

He puffed on the vaper and exhaled. She leaned forward until her suit jacket brushed against his denim coat. With just a few inches separating their faces she inhaled the vapor and closed her eyes dreamily.

"Mmm," she moaned softly, "that smells so good!"

By now she was leaning fully against him and she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Do that again," she said in a husky voice.

She placed one hand on the small of his back and the other against his chest and then kissed him lightly on the lips. She moved even closer to him so that her thighs were now brushing up against his. He stumbled backward a bit and then she was straddling his leg and he could feel her heat as she moved slightly back and forth.

"Please!" she whispered urgently.

Brad could hardly breathe, but he inhaled from his vaper once more and slowly blew the vapor into her face, now just inches from his own.

She shuddered and her thighs gripped his. She gasped and pressed her mound against his thigh insistently. She bit her lower lip and breathed against his cheek as she lightly brushed her lips against his ear.

"Oh Baby!" she whispered. "You made me cum you dirty boy!"

She placed her hand over his groin and massaged his very erect cock.

"What am I going to do with these soaking wet panties I'm wearing?" she breathed softly. "Maybe I should make you cum in your pants too, hm?" she said slyly.

Brad swallowed hard and gasped.

"Or maybe you'd like to cum in my mouth," she said as her hand glided over his cock through his slacks. "Would you like that Baby?"

Brad nodded vigorously and leaned fully back against the wall as she rubbed his groin.

She shook her head slightly and pressed herself against him, again rubbing her pubis up and down his thigh.

"No, I don't think so," she said. "After all, you made me cum in my pants; I think it's only fair I should do the same to you."

Brad was beyond caring whether he came in his pants now, just so long as he came! Her body was moving against his and she seemed about ready to cum once more if her gasping and heaving were any indication. He whimpered a bit and placed his hand on her breast.

"Oh yeah Baby!" she whispered. "Feel my tits! I'm so hot right now!"

She pulled his zipper down and snaked her hand inside. Then she was rubbing his cock through his underwear and Brad closed his eyes and sighed with the pleasure.

"Cum for me Baby!" she said. "Cum in my hand!"

She reached into his underwear and gripped his cock between her fingers. She stroked back and forth and then he felt it coming. He gasped once more and then he spurted into her hand and all over the inside of his briefs.

"That is so hot!" she whispered. "I can't believe you came in your pants for me!"

She stepped back a pace and looked at her hand. She turned and went to the kitchen sink where she washed her hands and studied him curiously as she wiped them on a tea towel.

"That smoke you use is something else," she said conversationally. "I'm gonna have to change out of these panties though. I'm still soaked."

Brad nodded and tried to think of something to say but came up short. She smirked and stepped in closer to him and gave him a light kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks," she said. "That was nice."

Then she opened the door and left.

Brad stared after the closed door for a few minutes, still too shocked to move. Then he opened his pants and studied the sticky mess in there and knew without doubt that the whole episode really happened.

He peeled off his clothes and dumped them into the laundry basket. He put on some light shorts and a T-shirt and tried to puzzle his way through the events of the last few minutes.


The next day was Saturday and he wanted to try an experiment, if only he could find the right environment to carry it out.

He got into his car and drove to a shopping mall. It was what they called a "discount mall" and the stores were usually full of crappy goods being looked over by a lot of crappy people.

He wandered the concourse for awhile and spied a young girl with a few bags of goods on her arm. She was chatting on her cell phone oblivious to everyone and everything. She had caramel colored skin and was wearing a very tight brown suede skirt and a blousy peasant shirt with a decorative print across the front. Her tight little body was something to behold; perky little breasts, a nice round bum and slender legs. Add to that her perfectly made up face and coiffed hair reaching down her back. Brad decided he would love to see what she looked like naked.

She finally put her phone away and was studying the goods in the store windows. Brad fell into step beside her.

"Hi," he said with a friendly smile.

She gave him a withering stare and kept walking.

Brad didn't give up. He made a casual remark about the weather and she ignored him. Finally he stepped right into her path, forcing her to stop.

"What would you say if I said you were beautiful and I want to get to know you?" he said with a big smile.

She sighed heavily and studied him for a moment.

"You're not and I don't!" she said with finality.

She stepped around him and went back to her window shopping. Brad smiled and watched her tight little bum as she walked away.

He followed her from a discreet distance and watched as she went into a shoe store close to one of the rear exits and the public washrooms. As she went inside he placed himself in front of the big picture window and pretended to study the men's shoes.

She went inside and spoke briefly to one of the sales clerks and frowned. She turned on her heel and stalked out of the store, her irritation showing with every step.

As she came out of the store, Brad exhaled a lungful of vapor at her. She stopped and sneered in his direction and then blinked once or twice. Then the sneer on her face evaporated and her lips parted a little as she openly studied Brad, just a couple of feet in front of her.

Before she could say anything, Brad once more breathed a cloud of vapor at her, stepping closer to her as he did so.

She sighed heavily and moved as close to him as she could get. The bags on her arm jostled against his chest and she placed one of her feet on the toe of his shoe. She ground her own toe against his and gave a small grunt as she curled one of her legs around his thigh.

"That smells so good!" she said in a low whisper. "I need you to fuck me, right now!"

Brad grinned and nodded without speaking. He put his hand on her upper arm and led her to the men's room. She followed him in without hesitation and he quickly stepped into one of the stalls.

She closed and bolted the stall door behind her and then kissed him passionately. Her lips pressed hard against his and her tongue pushed into his mouth.

"Mmm," she breathed, "fuck me now! I need it!"

He lifted her skirt and she pushed her mound against his thigh aggressively. He dropped his pants and sat on the toilet; she pulled her panties aside and guided his cock to her entrance.

For the next five minutes she writhed on his penis, grinding her pelvis back and forth, sliding it up and back and in every direction as she took it all in.

He lifted her peasant shirt and reached behind her to unclip her bra. She responded by pulling her shirt and bra completely over her head and off. She let it fall to the floor and pulled his face toward her breasts.

They were not overly large but they jiggled satisfactorily as he suckled on her button-like nipples.

"Ooh yeah Sweetie, just like that!" she moaned as he nibbled on her left nipple.

He moved to her right nipple and she gasped in appreciation.

"I'm gonna cum!" he grunted. "Take it in your mouth!"

"Oh yeah, cum in my mouth!" she gasped.

She lifted herself off of his lap and knelt on the floor. She bent forward and took his cock between her lips. Then she stroked the shaft and sucked on the head.

"Gonna cum!" he said once more and she moaned in response.

He put his hands on either side of her head and moved it bodily back and forth a couple of times. She responded by sucking on him loudly. The he held her still and spewed a torrent of cum between her lips. She moaned as the semen filled her mouth and gasped when he pulled out.

She was breathing heavily with her mouth wide open allowing the sticky white fluid to drip on to her naked breasts. She continued to gasp and he sighed heavily as he watched his sperm flow from her tits and down her belly to stain her suede skirt.

"Oh Sweetie," she said breathlessly, "I never let anyone cum in my mouth before!"

"How about you clean me off while you're down there?" he said lazily as he looked down at her.

She grinned at him and took his softening cock between her lips again. She licked at it lovingly and cleaned every drop of cum from his head right down to his pubic hair.

He stood and pulled his slacks up. She got up and retrieved her blouse from the floor. She stuffed her bra into one of her bags and then pulled her panties off and stowed them into the same bag.

"They're soaking wet anyway," she said with a shrug.

He looked at her blouse and noticed a large smudge of dirt from the floor staining the entire front. He saw the semen stains too on her skirt and pointed them out to her.

She frowned while looking at them and then opened the stall door and studied her reflection in the large mirror.

He had to admit, she looked a mess. Her hair was askew in every direction and her once perfect makeup was now smeared. All this coupled with her dirty top and skirt and the semen stain on her lips and chin definitely gave her a "just fucked" look.

"I'd better go clean up," she said.

She left the bathroom and he followed her out.

After several minutes she emerged from the ladies room and looked at him with a deep frown. Her appearance was marginally better than it had been, but her top was still dirty, her skirt still stained and amazingly, she had neglected to wipe away the semen stains on her lips and chin.

Only her hair had been made to look at least presentable.

Without a word she turned to the exit door and left. He followed her out and watched her as she turned to walk around the outside of the building.

"Where are you going?" he called to her.

"My car is in the front," she said. "I can't walk through the mall like this."

"Do you want me to give you a ride?" he asked.

She stopped and glared at him.

"No!" she barked.

"Okay," he said quietly as he made his way back into the mall.


Brad smiled to himself as he wandered the concourse. Eventually he came upon a pair of Oriental girls chatting away in a language he did not understand. He thought it might be Vietnamese but he wasn't sure.

They were both small, the tallest being just under five feet; the other girl was an inch or so shorter. Their tiny bodies were nevertheless well proportioned. They wore tight tops and equally tight black slacks. Their small breasts were nothing more than a bite-full but Brad thought they looked delicious. Their tiny bums wiggled with every step they took and he watched them from behind with growing pleasure.

He followed them for a short distance and pulled out his vaper. He inhaled and was about to blow the vapor in their direction when he was interrupted. Just as he exhaled a man in a security uniform stepped right in front of him.

"You can't smoke that in here," the man said.

The two girls looked back and their faces registered shock; presumably that the man behind them thought he could smoke indoors.

Brad felt a surge of panic. He definitely didn't want this security guard to react the way the girls in his experiments had. He clamped his mouth shut as he thought furiously about what to say.

The security guard studied him curiously and finally Brad managed to speak.

"Sorry," he said, "now leave me alone please?"

"Okay," the man replied and then walked away without another word.

Brad watched him as he left and breathed a sigh of relief when the man appeared to be truly gone.

When he turned to look for the two Oriental girls he had been following, they were gone. He frowned and decided he'd done enough experimenting for one day.

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