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Hello, this is my first story. I did not want to make it long or go into extremely graphic scenes but I wanted to enter something for the contest just for the fun of it. Hope all enjoy and have a great Valentines Day.


Each man holds a crimson shaded heart-shaped container encased with his own personal flavor. There are five in all for me to taste, each one authentically crafted and prepared by callous hand, and I intend to savor each one's original succulent flavor before the night is through. Dressed in nothing more than a red and black lace bra, matching panties, fishnet stockings, and heels, I am craving for the festivities to begin. The lace in-between my legs enhance the feel of my arousal. The soft material kissing my black pearls slightly with small movement allows them to perk up to the touch. The sight of seeing all five of my men standing along the wall of my bedroom naked was enough to make me orgasm the hardest. I have fucked every one of them, have seen, and graded their sexual skills to tee. Alone, they are catastrophic. Together, they can amount to nothing more than invisibility.

The first treat awaiting the sheath of my velvet lips is a Spanish flavored chocolate held by no one other than my Puerto Rican architect, Julio. His caramel complexion in combination with those dark raven tendrils that roll off his shoulders like an effortless stream of water allow me to lick my lips in delight, lust, and anticipation. He is originally from Puerto-Rico, but moved to the states back in '03 to have better opportunity in finding work and advanced education. We met at a local Starbucks and an order of espressos changed our life, as we know it. His native tongue is Spanish, but he is also fluent in Portuguese and, of course, English. To be quite frank, I do not give a damn what language he speaks tonight. His tongue will be doing most of the talking, but I am afraid I will not be listening.

He stepped up to my rose-petaled throne and graced my presence with his chocolate box and bright, lustful smile. I opened the lid to reveal a single spherical chocolate. I gladly accepted the small morsel and took a small bite from its center. It was tangy, slightly spicy, but predominately sweet and flavorful. It reminded me of a time when I traveled to my friend's part of the neighborhood and bought one of those chocolate bars only inscribed with Spanish. I smiled at the memory and let the flavorful sweet dance along my tongue as I played with it gracefully in delight.

I felt Julio smirk in response as those masculine caramel hands made home to my face, those soft fingers running a fine trail against my jaw line erotically. I felt myself come alive as I suddenly found regret in the fact that I decided to wear panties and fishnets despite the occasion. With a small nod, I dismiss my papi and allow him to fall back in line with the other awaiting men. I signal the next.

This one is my Asian lover- one of my personal favorites. Born in Kyoto, Japan, but moving to America back in '99, Kyouya was a PH.D certified anesthesiologist that held work at the University Of Chicago medical institute and hospital. He is an undergraduate from Harvard University, and a graduate from the University of Chicago. At first, he was dull, uptight, and boring. He would always busy himself with work and constant tests on medical mysteries; finding excuses not to sleep with his students as a reason not to fuck the shit out of me. As time progressed, I found ways to press his little buttons and make him lust after me with ease. A simple lift of the finger could give my dear Kyouya an erection as hard as cast iron on a cool day. We would use little foreplay and cosplay (dress up) to get him ready and willing for action, but now that is rarely required. A little leg and a short skirt for my Asian persuasion can get me my euphoric orgasm anytime, anywhere.

Walking up to me in a slow, sensuous manner, my Asian chocolate graced me with my crimson box. He opened the lid to reveal a small square shaped chocolate. I picked it up delicately- afraid it will break-and took a small nip. The flavors of mint, ginger, and dark chocolate lingered on my taste buds and I happily enjoyed them all in symphony. It was a unique mixture that had me craving more. He grinned devilishly and bowed, returning in line with the rest of my awaiting chocolates.

With two down and three more to go, I was getting even more excited with every taste. My Spanish chocolate was simply divine and my Asian chocolate was insatiably irresistible. I grew even more anticipated as my white chocolate stepped up to my throne and beheld his rosy pigmented box before me. My white chocolate is Anthony Sutton, a divorced CEO of a NANO technology company as well as a father of two. I met him on a trip to the supermarket back in July of last year and found myself accidentally running into him with my cart full of groceries. After a few apologies here, a few apologies there, a laugh here, a giggle there, we exchanged numbers and found ourselves getting off the next day in the back of his black Mercedes to the sultry sounds of 112's Peaches and Cream. He was shy and abrupt about sex in the beginning, but after a few nights of training and endless rounds of practice, Anthony became the sex Adonis of all the white men I fucked.

Opening the lidded container, the dark confinements presented me with a heart-shaped piece of chocolate that had the words 'I love you' inscribed in the center. I smiled and accepted the candy and took a bite. I giggled like a little schoolgirl when I realized that the center is a filling of sticky raspberry marmalade. Slowly, Anthony bent down and carefully placed his mouth upon the edge of my upper lip and snaked out a sensuous tongue to lick the remnants of the filling that were left astray. What had turned from a kind, yet erotic, gesture of licking chocolate filling from the edge of my mouth, to a full-fledged passionate and heated kiss left me sopping wet and ready to shed myself of this useless garment in-between my legs. He went from just a small peck or two upon the lips, to using his skilled tongue in a way that would have made even the sultriest porn star blush. I wanted nothing more than for him to place that thick cock inside of me and begin to enjoy this fine display as we shared the rest of that rather nice chocolate. He broke the kiss and left me in a clouded haze that had me seeing doubles. He grinned and carefully slid back into place and allowed my next chocolate to come forth. Things were now heating up and becoming more my speed. If I did not fuck soon, I might have to break out the bunny.

My Indian chocolate was Hajji, a rather young graduate student from the University of Pennsylvania. He was in the process of completing a doctorate in cognitive psychology and is a native of Northern India. He speaks Hindi and Punjabi as his first tongues; English lacking in some departments but I could care less whether he could decipher the difference between specific and pacific. The man was an artist with his tongue and he had to be the best pussy-licker I have ever come to encounter. Placing his spherical box before me, he opened the lid to bestow before me a diamond shaped chocolate with a small red M&M in the center to resemble a ruby. I let out a small gasp as I carefully retrieved the sweet and brought it to my lips. It was similar to a proposal, more specifically, the proposal of my dreams. I told Hajji that I wanted my future husband to present me with my wedding ring in a chocolate box with the exact same design he has molded into my chocolate. He was the only man I told this to and apparently, he listened.

Upon biting into the center of the chocolate, I noticed its filling was creamy caramel and vanilla whip. I moaned deeply and gently licked around the center of the decadent treat sinfully sweet as I allowed its flavors to cascade around my lips. Hajji smiled sweetly and placed a chaste kiss upon the velvety smooth surface of my cheek. I looked down from my chocolate for a brief second to notice that he was dressed in nothing more than a pair of red and white stripped boxer-briefs. Upon realizing that, a delicious bulge caught my eye and awakened the rest of me along with my lustful attention. I wanted nothing more than to have that erect piece of caramel-chocolate flesh grace the plump firmness of my lips as I allowed its length to move back and forth in between my mouth. It brings back memories of the time where I gave Hajji his first blowjob. His toes curled up instantly as he clenched his cheeks together every few moments to keep himself from exploding in my hand. When he finally did explode, his seed tasted surprisingly sweet and tangy, like a nerds rope dipped in sugar. Those fond memories allowed the rest of the humid fabric of my panties to become a pool of arousal as I kissed my Indian lover farewell.

The last, and my utmost favorite of them all, was my dark chocolate, Tyrell. He is my twenty-six year old Ohio state representative attorney that I met upon having a case against Ohio a few years back. Long story short, I offended a working class citizen of residency to the Ohio area and found myself in court facing almost ten years in prison for a 'supposedly' case of DUI but found myself falling for the opposing lawyer and being pounded into by his monstrous ten-inch cock. Needless to say that I got off with a little more than community service and a slap on the wrist, but I got a heart stopping, pussy vibrating orgasm to go with it. Now, I have fucked tons of brothers in my day, but he wins easily in the fucking department of my life. Nice muscular figure, dark chocolate brown skin with a smooth cocoa butter finish, neatly well-kept dreads, and a deep sexy clamor of a voice that will make you scream from 'hello'. He has no kids, no crazy stalker ex-girlfriend, and makes six figures easily with his partnership and co-founding position in the law firm Johnson and Troy. I bet you can guess how many times we fucked in that overly large leather office chair of his, and honestly, I forgot. He has made his dick home to my pussy too many times to count.

Slowly walking over to me with his signature 'swag', I licked my lips in anticipation. Despite his uptight attitude at times, he can be a relaxed and collected brother when he wanted and needed to be. After work, he comes home stressed and drowned in cases. In the bedroom, he takes the anxiety and pressure out on me, and I do not complain. Holding a pink satin box, I watched him slowly open it to reveal a heart shaped chocolate with pink and white sprinkles adorning the top. I giggled lightly, took it from its resting place, and set it inside my mouth. The flavor was dark chocolate and the sprinkles tasted like little peppermint candies, mixing and combining together to make a delight that tasted like a girl scour mint patty- my favorite cookies of the girl scouts by the way. I smiled and pulled him down by his half-buttoned shirt collar to bring him for a sultry kiss. He tasted of sandalwood and apricots and mixed in with my chocolate made me have an earth-shattering orgasm on sight. I had to cross my legs to avoid temptation of suddenly finger fucking myself into another blissful eruption.

Pulling away slowly, he whispered something in my ear that made me want to undress him immediately and assume missionary position. However, I digressed and allowed him to smoothly reconnect with the line once more and fall back into position. With all my chocolates tasted, I was now ready for the finishing garnishing. I opened my legs widely to expose my heated sex to my hungry followers, enticing them and enchanting them to come foreword once more and claim their prize. The first to meet the demand was Hajji, and that did not surprise me. Ever since his first taste of the typical 'Black girl booty', he could hardly keep his hands- or his dick- away. He grabbed both sides of my waist gently and pressed his hard-on against my center, sending chills along the crevice of my spine. I wanted nothing more than for him to drop them drawers and go to town in this deep slick heat, but he withheld and pulled me in for a soft kiss. I was so lost within Hajji, that I did not notice the head in between my legs, it tongue licking my inner thigh as it lead towards my aching pussy, and three luscious cocks before my eyes as one of their smooth heads rubbed against the corner of one of my eyes. It was my Spanish, Dark, White, and Asian chocolates who craved to either give or receive some oral stimulation; and I was more than happy to oblige. The orgy had begun. Happy Valentines Day to me indeed.

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