tagGroup SexVasectomy Ch. 03

Vasectomy Ch. 03

byJoe Bob©

I have been a faithful hubby through this process and have told my wife about each adventure at the Docs office and quite to my amazement, it has excited her and made her rather horny.

First she was appreciative beyond description that I would take the bold step that many men will not take to have a vasectomy instead of putting her through the tube tying venture. Secondly she said the fact that I would come home and tell her what happened and was so truly embarrassed about it excited her and finally she said that she had entertained the thought of seeing if she could talk some of her girl friends (who are constantly complaining about getting NO sex) to come over and fill in for her at times during the month so that she could have a rest.

As many couples are, we are a couple where I would like sex 4 or 5 times a week and she would like it about every 7 to 10 days.

She said that when I told her about the nurse helping out, it made her so horny and confirmed that she would like to share me with the "less fortunate."

So as the day came for the last sample to be taken to the Docs office, I came home from work and noticed a couple of extra cars out front. Not thinking anything about it really since I recognized them as my wife's friends, I pull into the garage and come in the house. I hear giggling in the den and my wife calls to me.

I walk into the den. The lights are down low and my eyes are still adjusting from the bright sun light, but I am pretty sure that the three of them are not in their regular every day clothes.

So my wife steps up to greet me and as she approaches, I notice that she has on a short baby doll teddy that is completely sheer. She hands me a vodka tonic and reaches up placing her arms around my neck and plants a deep French kiss on me. Then she leans up to my ear and says, "We have a surprise for you."

She then tells me that she has told her friends about my special treatment at the Docs office and that they wanted to help out for this special occasion.

By now, my eyes have adjusted to the lower light and I see that both of them are now standing just behind my wife in equally sexy revealing negligees. Of course my little guy is rising to full attention.

My wife says, "Why don't you go jump in the shower and freshen up and then rejoin us. I laid out a special purchase for you that we got you today."

I am speechless and in shock. I go to our bedroom and strip as fast as I can, jump in the shower and clean up and step out to find this special purchase.....sex silk boxers from Victoria sex with a matching silk "smokers" jacket (I think is what it is called).

I put them on and finish off my vodka and as you can imagine I am trembling like a leave in the Fall as I return to the girls in the den. I am afraid that this is somehow a joke or just a tease or something but damn I am gonna find out which.

When I step back into the den, I am greeted with another fresh drink and given a seat of honor in the middle of the sofa. As the three of them flutter around me sitting next to me and snuggling up while stroking my hair and the silky robe and telling me how nice and sexy this looks.

I see the specimen bottle on the coffee table and my wife announces that they want to make this last sample to be more memorable than the ones at the Doc's office were.

At this point, I should introduce my wife and her friends to you. My wife, Deanne is brunette weighing a mere 125# standing at 5'9" has long sexy, strong tan legs that go on forever. The perky 36c breasts demand attention in anything that she wears. Her best friend Suzy is a natural blonde and has 38dd breasts that sag just a bit but have nipples that cry out to be noticed and at 5'4" and 135# is absolutely portioned in just the right way. And finally the third musketeer is Brandie who is 5'5" reddish blonde hair and just a bit over weight at 150# but not "lumpy" and sporting a nice set of 38d tits.

They put on some music and each take a turn dancing in front of me while the other two are sitting close to me, nibbling on my ear, neck and stroking my arm, chest, and legs. The red boxers are not keeping the little guy contained but now have become the frame surrounding him as I am harder than I could imagine being. Through this period of three dances none of them have touched the little guy.

They then announce that they will each do another dance but this time it will be a strip tease. So they then each stand up one by one and dance, gyrate and seductively strip till they are each completely naked.

Again the other two who are not dancing are maintaining their position next to me only now that means that I begin to have a naked woman first on one side and then both sides of me as I watch the next strip tease.

Now that they are all three naked and rubbing around me, they say that it is time for my clothes to come off. They have me stand up and they first take off my robe and then stand encircling me rubbing their breast against my upper body. First they slowly move the smoking jacket off my shoulders and let it fall softly to the floor.

Then each of them put a few fingers in the band of the boxers and slide the boxers slowly down and off, so that I am also now standing naked with them with my dick saluting them at full mast.

They each one by one join me for a belly to belly slow dance as they grind their tits and warm soft bodies close to me. My ability to hold back a climax is being testing minute by minute and I am praying that I can prolong this moment for hours.

As you can imagine at this point, I am about to explode and cannot imagine that I have not already done so. Probably the only reason is that before I left for work this morning, my wife had awaken me by sucking on my dick and took me to a complete climax in her mouth.

So now they announce that they have a bet among themselves and it is to see which of them will be "the one" to get the sample for the Doc. So they have drawn numbers ahead of time to see who gets to go first and the rule is apparently that they each get 15 seconds to lick, suck or rub me and attempt to make me cum. They even have a timer.

So then Suzy goes first and she decides to suck me and I have to admit that this is 15 seconds of heaven, but 15 seconds was not enough time. So then Brandie follows with rubbing me all over my balls and dick while French kissing me and then finally my lovely Deanne follows with more sucking and licking.

Of course each time I am building closer and closer. But I plead that 15 seconds at a time is just not long enough for each person. But they decide that they do not want to miss out on the fun yet....so they say that they will try two more rounds of 15 seconds each and if I am right that I have not cum by then, they will increase the time each person has.

So I am subjected to the teasing and passion of each one of them for two more rounds and then they concede it is time to increase the time allowed. They increase it to 30 seconds each and start a new round.

Well this was it...when Deanne started her 30 second round, I knew it was building. It was my wife's best effort and I announced that I thought it was going to erupt. She was sucking on me and I was trying to give her the fair warning and for them to place the bottle in line to catch the sample.

I again said, "Honey it is cumming, you need to pull off." And she did not pull back and I climaxed big in her mouth just like I did early in the morning.

Then I watched as she took the bottle ever so skillfully in her hand and put my specimen in the bottle. Then she looked up at me and said, "Well the Doctors office told you that they did not mind if it had saliva in it, and besides I just won the bet."

So then, I asked well what did that mean other than being the one to make me climax. To which my wife said, "Well we decided that whoever made you cum would be the prize for you for the next week and then after the first week we will have a calendar that we post to determine who can take care of your needs each week."

She continued by saying, "You know this is a great thing, because it allows us to schedule your needs around the yucky times of the month that are no fun and allows you both variety or willing partners who will not wear out."

I am sitting there in absolute shock and amazement that my loving wife would do this for me and I tell her so. She cuddles up on my lap and says that she cannot imagine that she has such a loving husband who would do this for her either and that sharing me will take so much pressure off of her and our marriage and it will be giving her two best friends something they are desperately needing too.

I took the sample bottle in the next day and have it in the little brown bag sitting in the exam room waiting for the nurse to come in. When she comes in, she says do you have your specimen or do you need to take care of that here today. I hand her the bag and she looks in it and looked a little disappointed when she sees the bottle has fluid it in and she leave to take it over to the lab.

When she returns, she says well the lab says your specimen is just fine and you have passed the test, no more sperm dead or alive in the sample. And she smiles, and says and the lab boys said the saliva was free of sperm too as she winks at me and says that she does still need to do one final check to make sure that I do not have any swelling or other complications.

I drop my pants and she takes my testicles in her hand and rolls them around closely looking everything over and then she strokes my penis that is about half mast and says well, is "he getting more attention these days"?

I grin and say yes he has been and now he will be getting even more attention. She then smiles looking right eye to eye with me still holding my dick in her hand as it is continuing to enlarge and says, "Well if you need any help at any time arranging someone to be attentive to him, give me a call, I am single and it is difficult to find could clean men with no strings attached. I would love to give you any attention that you ever might need."

With a sexy grin on her face she then leans over and plants a soft kiss on my dick and I am sure that I saw stars. And I wonder to myself, why are so many guys such a wimp about getting a vasectomy??? This is such a turn on to the ladies. Oh god, I am in heaven.

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