tagLoving WivesVasectomy Ch. 04

Vasectomy Ch. 04

byJoe Bob©

Chapter 3: The Fun Begins

In Vasectomy Chapter 3, I told you how my wife (Deanne) rewarded me for being the brave one to get a vasectomy and save her from getting her tubes tied. She decided that she would reward me by sharing me with her friends "in need" and this started with an Erotic Coupling with two of her friends Suzy and Brandie.

My wife, Deanne is brunette weighing a mere 125# standing at 5'9" has long sexy, strong tan legs that go on forever. The perky 36c breasts demand attention in anything that she wears. Her best friend Suzy is a natural blonde and has 38dd breasts that sag just a bit but have nipples that cry out to be noticed and at 5'4" and 135# is absolutely portioned in just the right way. And finally the third musketeer is Brandie who is 5'5" reddish blonde hair and just a bit over weight at 150# but not "lumpy" and sporting a nice set of 38d tits.

As indicated in Chapter 3, my wife and her girl friends had a side bet on who would make me cum and the one that did, would get to be first in the schedule to take care of my sexual desires. My wife won the rights to the first week.

When I came home from taking my last "lab sample" to the Docs office, I told my wife of the invitation that nurse Carol gave me ("Well if you need any help at any time arranging someone to be attentive to him (my dick), give me a call, I am single and it is difficult to find could clean men with no strings attached. I would love to give you any attention that you ever might need.")

My wife got this devilish twinkle in her eye and says, "Well, I have the rights to you for the first week, so I think that also means that I have the right to share you with anyone I wish during the week. Give me nurse Carol's number."

I am again amazed at the appreciation being shown by my wife and wonder to myself if she really means this. But I look up Carol's phone number in the phonebook and give it to Deanne.

The next day while I am at work, my wife calls and asks if I have made any plans for tonight or will I have to be working late. I tell her that I do not have anything planned, what is up. She says, that she has made a dinner plans for us and can I be home by 6. Before I even think of asking who we are having dinner with, she says "Gotta go hon, see you when you get home."

I finish the day at work and did not give the call much more thought because I had a busy day and it is not uncommon for Deanne to call me like this because she and one of our friends have decided to meet for dinner.

When I get home at 6, I find Deanne dressed in an extremely sexy dress. It has a halter style top that ties behind her neck, has a plunging V-neck front that goes well past her breasts and has virtually no back (it goes down to the small of her back). It is red and black and made of a silk feeling material that is accenting her perky 36c breasts which are announcing their presence by pressing against the material. This very sexy dress would not be called a mini skirt, but considering her long sexy legs, it shows a lot of leg. It is striking her about mid thigh.

She has on very sheer black hose and I suspect that they are the "garter stocking" style hose that is her favorite hosiery. She likes this style because she has the sexy appearance of the garter/hose without the little lumps for where a garter connects to the hose. And I suspect that she has on sheer black panties to match.

I am greeted with a deep passionate kiss and told to get changed, that she has laid out my clothes. As I head to our bedroom, I ask who are we having dinner with? She says it is a surprise and I will see soon enough. My mind is racing. I can hardly let myself imagine it would be Carol. I convince myself it has to be Brandie because I know her husband travels a lot and is out of town this week.

I jump in the shower to freshen up and get out to discover the clothes laid out for me. Matching the "theme" of the night, I see that she has laid out for me black boxer shorts, black pants and black shirt. Deanne has a thing about me being dressed in all black. I begin to wonder if my imagination is being too wild and that perhaps the dinner date is just the two of us.

We get in the car and as I back out of the driveway, I ask where are we going? She begins to give me directions of where to turn. We arrive at a high rise building that is just off the loop. As we go inside, she tells me to select the 13th floor. As we step off the elevator, we step into the entrance of a nice looking club and are greeted by a maitre de who greets my wife by name.

As he is showing us to our semi private dining room, I am wondering how he knows her by name, but figure that I should wait until we are alone to inquire further. We walk past a nice comfortable lounge area with a sofa pit group around a fireplace and a dance floor near the bar. It is early in the evening and a Tuesday night, so there are not too many people here.

When we arrive at our semi private dining room, I notice that the table is set for three and has flowers on the table and wine already chilled. He opens the bottle and pours us a glass of our favorite wine. I can tell that Deanne has been here earlier in the day and made the reservations herself.

Once we are alone, I ask "Who are we meeting for dinner, when have you been here before, what type of club is this and what is going on?"

She smiles and says, "I know you like surprises and I know you trust me. So sit back and relax, I am sure you will enjoy the evening. I came here today and checked this place out at the suggestion of our dinner guest who will be here shortly and I think the rest of your questions will be answered at that time."

She had hardly finished her sentence when the maitre de is stepping into the room again and Carol steps in behind him.

My heart immediately began to pound against the walls of my chest as I take in the sexy nurse in evening dress instead of her clinical uniform. Carol is very sexy with her blonde hair up on top of her head and her shoulders in full view because of the summer dress she has on that has spaghetti straps. The front of her dress has a scoop neck line that shows the cleavage of her 34DD breasts.

I am reaching for my chair to stand and greet her, but she is quicker than I am and comes over to my chair and leans over to kiss me on the cheek. As she leans over, I catch a fleeting glimpse of the fact that she is not wearing a bra and those wonderfully sexy tits are not supported against gravity by anything and not in need of any.

Once the three of us are alone, the girls tell me that they spoke on the phone today. Carol had recommended that we have dinner here so that the three of us could get to know each other before the girls confirmed how far the activities of the night would go. This is all that I had to hear in order to begin sporting a major hard on, which did not go unnoticed by my wife who had her hand on my lap. She gave me a little knowing squeeze and a grin to match.

We had a wonderful dinner, great wine and the conversation flowed like three long time friends. After we finished dinner, the girls excused their selves to little girls' room. I am sitting with great anticipation of their return and the verdict for the evening.

As they re-enter the room, my heart is again pounding hard and my hard dick is pressing against my slacks begging for a positive vote.

I am not disappointed as Deanne says, that they have decided to take me home and fuck me silly. We leave the club and I am trying to be so careful to not get a ticket for speeding as I want to hurry home and get these two wonderfully sexy women naked.

Carol follows us in her car and pulls in the driveway behind us. As we step into the house, Deanne turns and presses her body against me as she plants a deep kiss on me. As she releases me, she spins me around to Carol who is standing right behind me and says to Carol, "You get him warmed up for us while I make us a drink."

Carol then wraps her arms around my neck and begins to kiss me like a teenager in the back seat of a parked car on a Friday night. I pull her close against me and she can feel my hard dick pressing against her in anticipation of the fun to come.

I allow my hands to drift down her back and feel her tight ass. She breaks the kiss and suggests that we do not have to have all of these clothes on. I take her by the hand and lead her to the den where Deanne is making our drinks.

Carol then reaches over to start unbuttoning my shirt and as she pulls the shirt off she runs her hands over my chest and down my arms. As I slip out of my shoes, she bends over at the waist to begin removing my pants. As they fall to the floor, she admires the tent in my boxer shorts but kneels down to remove my slacks and socks. I am given a full view of her breasts as she does this.

I then notice that Deanne has stepped out of her dress and is now standing with our drinks in only here garter stockings and sheer black panties. Just as I thought she was dressed. As I take my drink from Deanne, Carol says that she feels over dressed and drops her dress revealing that she has thigh high hose and no panties on.

I could have easily exploded at the sight of these two beautiful women before me. I sit on the sofa between them and they begin to press their breasts against my arms and run their hands up and down my chest and over my legs. All of this attention has made my dick press against the boxers until it has found the opening and is now sticking out in full view begging for more attention.

Carol leans over and takes it in her mouth, while Deanne leans up and engages me in a deep kiss. All the while Carol is rubbing my legs with her hands and Deanne is rubbing my neck and chest. My hands are seeking out any available breast to touch within my reach.

Carol is the first to stand up to change positions. She places her foot on my leg and slowly slides each of her hose off her leg. Carol is now completely naked and reaches for the waist band of my boxers sliding them off.

As I raise up to allow Carol to remove my boxers, Deanne stands to remove first her panties and then her garter hose so that she is also naked. Deanne then takes me by the hand for me to stand up and leads me to the bedroom.

Once there I see that she has already been in there and pulled the bed back to prepare for our arrival. The only light in the bedroom is scented candles. As we arrive at the bed, Deanne sits me on the side of the bed and whispers to me that she and Carol have decided that Carol should get to fuck me and Deanne will play with me while she does.

Carol then crawls on the bed beside me and lays me out on my back. She then lays on top of me so that I can feel her entire naked body on mine. She then slowly raises up and straddles my dick and it easily slides inside her wet and hot pussy.

She is slowly riding my hard dick up and down and she is pressing her clit against me to work toward her own orgasm. She is skillfully working toward her own pleasure all the while watching my face to hold me back from mine. I am reaching up and feeling her breasts and playing with her nipples while Deanne is running her hands over my chest and kissing my necks while pressing her breasts against my arm and side.

I can see by the expression on Carol's face that she is getting close to her climax and then I feel her release her orgasm as she lays forward to press her body next to mine. She then moves her hips up and down to take me over the edge to my climax.

The three of us lay there basking in the sexual energy and I turn to Deanne to say, "we need to do something for you." Carol raises off of me and I turn to Deanne and place my face between her legs to lick her clit. I then feel Carol positioning herself between my legs as she takes my limp dick in her mouth and is sucking me clean. Deanne is so close to her climax that it does not take long for her to join us with her own climax.

With that the three of us lay holding each other as we recall how wonderful the evening was and that we must do this many more times.

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