tagIncest/TabooVaseline Ch. 01

Vaseline Ch. 01



Joshua, was a quiet, attractive boy who lived with his biological aunt and his stepmother. His mother died at Joshua's birth and his dad remarried in 5 years. Unfortunately his dad died when he was eleven. His step mother was sad, and did not remarry. Right now his stepmother was on a business trip in Japan for six months leaving Joshua and his auntie Jennifer alone in the house.

Jennifer moved in with Joshua and his stepmother when Joshua was 10 years old. She came from a quiet town to the city where Joshua and his stepmother lived because she got employed in a job that she was interested in. 8 years has passed since that day and Jennifer remained single at 25 years of age. She didn't have a boyfriend for a year because she was so busy and he was the last person she had sex with. Not having sex made Jennifer frustrated and the only thing she was able to do without a boyfriend was to finger herself at night after a long hard day's work.

Next morning Jennifer made breakfast and started eating at the kitchen table. She left a plate for Joshua on the table to eat when he woke up. It was Sunday, and Jennifer finally had no work to do. She started reading a Croatian magazine. She was born in the States but her parents were from Croatia, along with Joshua's Grandfather and step grandfather. Jennifer looked at pictures of Croatian men & women in the magazine and thought Croatians are really good looking. The muscular pictures of the men made her kind of horny. One picture of a good looking stud reminded her of his nephew who was still sleeping. Joshua wasn't as muscular as the Croatian man in the magazine, but just as good looking. Jennifer wondered why Joshua didn't have a girlfriend. It was probably because he was pretty quiet. Jennifer wondered if he was still a virgin. She wondered if he had large penis. She wondered if he knew how to use it.

"What am I thinking?" she said aloud and focused on the things she can do today. First she thought of taking a shower. She didn't shower in 2 days, and she was really getting stinky. Then maybe she could go get a manicure and later a haircut. Jennifer had short blackish brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, a pretty face and a gorgeous smile. Her body was pretty skinny with average sized breasts and long legs. She kind of looked liked a short haired Monica from Friends.

Yesterday night she didn't masturbate, and she was feeling very horny after looking at the pictures on the magazine. She thought she could have a quick cum while she was eating her waffles before her nephew woke up. She reached in to her little PJ shorts covered with teddy bears. Her sleeveless PJ top was also covered with little bears. She was off course bra less. She didn't wear any panties either when she went to sleep since they got in the way when she started touching herself. Looking at the handsome man on the magazine she stroked her little clitoris and then started putting a finger in and out of her buttery vagina. Her vagina was very tight and Jennifer always found it wet. It was because Jennifer was an unusually horny girl. Ever since she reached puberty she always found her vagina itchy and always craving a penis. Her vagina was stinky without having it washed for 2 days and the odor filled the kitchen as Jennifer masturbated. She started quietly moaning as she pumped a second finger in.

Then suddenly Joshua appeared in the kitchen, flabbergasted at the smell and sight. When Jennifer realized her nephew had woken up and had come to eat his breakfast, Jennifer took her fingers out of her little PJ shorts and closed the magazine.

"Good morning Joshua," she went red. Her nephew, wearing his PJ shorts and a tight shirt sat down on the table and began his breakfast, trying to ignore the feminine odor and the vaginal juice on Jennifer's fingers. He couldn't help but have an erection. Joshua had a 9 inch long penis, which was thick as Jennifer's arm, and it was painful to contain the monster in his tight grey PJ shorts. Joshua didn't know he had an enormous penis because nobody had seen it and he never had a chance to use it. It got very hard when a girl even talked to him. The odor was driving Joshua crazy and he just wanted to go to the washroom to masturbate. But he was embarrassed to stand up and let her auntie see his erection. After he quickly finished his breakfast, he decided to go to the washroom and masturbate. Considering the embarrassing thing his auntie had done, he thought he could bare his embarrassment of his auntie seeing his erection concealed in the PJ shorts. He slowly stood up revealing the stiff erection.

Jennifer, without saying word the entire time noticed the boner. Her vagina interrupted of her orgasm earlier, got very itchy and started gushing out more copious juices from her pouty pink lips when she saw his massive erection. Joshua kind of went red and quickly marched into the bathroom located in the door past his room.

Jennifer rubbed her slit through the thin fabric of her shorts. "Wow" she sighed and the thought of his fantastic penis made her have a violent orgasm. The juices made a large spot in her shorts' crotch band and some even dripped on to the chair she was sitting on. Jennifer was curious. She wanted to see Joshua's penis, and it didn't really matter he was her nephew. It was the largest erection she had ever glimpsed and was twice the size of her previous boyfriends' penises. She knew that he went to masturbate, but after she knew he would take a shower. She decided to accidentally walk in to his room after the shower and take a look at his big naked sex organ.

As he finished his shower, he stepped into his room and started to wipe himself off. His penis was semi erect from the warm water and from images of things that ran through his mind when he masturbated. After he finished wiping his large genitals, he put the towel on the bed and walked to the closet to get some cloths. This is when her auntie walked in.

"Oh my god, auntie Jennifer!

"Oh , I am so sorry, I was just looking for some Vaseline," she lied. Her eyes feasting on his penis before Joshua tried to cover it up with his hands. He was unable to conceal the drooping half erect bazooka. She involuntary rubbed her itchy vagina through her shorts for a second before she realized what she was doing. She then moved to the table near his bed to get the jar of Vaseline. She planned to just look at his penis and leave, but the glimpse of the young stud and his large penis made her so, so horny.

"Joshua can you rub some Vaseline on by back please. It's so irritating to do it by myself."

"Sure, auntie" and he continued to the closet covering his crotch.

"Oh I don't mind you naked, come on, I'll rub some Vaseline on you too" Jennifer couldn't believe what she was doing. It was like her vagina took control over her brain.

"But, but..."

"Listen to your auntie" she demanded as she took off her shirt., revealing her breasts. She threw the PJ top on the floor and sat cross-legged on his bed. "Come on, my back is aching".

Still covering his penis, which was getting erect in small stokes, he joined her auntie on the bed with the jar of Vaseline. Unable to cover it anymore, he let the penis go. It was standing erect, pointing to the naked back of Jennifer. Jennifer didn't turn back, and only saw the shadow of his thigh-like penis.

Joshua sat cross-legged, and reached in to the jar of Vaseline. The Vaseline was yellowish and slimy. It smelled good. He started applying it on her upper back. Jennifer sighed at his touch. "Come closer." following her orders, Joshua moved closer, his penis millimeters away from touching her lower back. "Closer."

'But..." "Closer, Joshua." The wet pink tip of his penis touched her back. The cock knob, which was big as a small apple started twitching obscenely, getting even harder and larger. Jennifer was creaming in her tight shorts, and the wet spot got darker with the fresh juices. Joshua could smell it.

"That's enough Joshua, can you rub some on my thighs sweetie? And she turned toward him, her vagina making small contractions as she saw the penis fully up right, pointed at her. Joshua rubbed more Vaseline on her thighs. Jennifer, dying for some stimulation, took off her soaked PJ shorts and threw it on the floor. Then she started massaging her stiff clitty. "I hope you don't mind. Honey can you rub some Vaseline on my upper thighs, pretty please?"

Joshua couldn't believe what was in front of him. Her auntie Jennifer's wet vagina. The lips were very pink and shiny with juices. The musky oils glistened on her inner thighs, which he started to rub with Vaseline. Jennifer's crotch has not been shaven for three months because it was unnecessary since she had no boyfriend to have sex with. The curly hairs were black and the triangular bush continued around her slit. The feminine oils matted the pubic hair and they stuck together in shiny clumps.

Joshua's penis hole oozed out precum. He couldn't take it anymore and he rubbed Jennifer's tiny wet vagina. "Oh, Joshua, honey." "Oh auntie, I can't take it anymore, I am a virgin. You are driving me crazy," leaving the jar on the bed, Joshua climbed on top of his auntie, and searched her slit for the hole. When his penis found it, he started to push the 9 inch long, an arm size thick penis inside Jennifer's vagina. After an inch disappeared inside, Jennifer started to scream

"Owwwwwwwwwwww! Oh my pussy! It hurts Joshua, oh it really hurts! Please you are going to kill me with that thing! Agrrrrrr!" Jennifer felt like she was giving birth, pain struck her vaginal nerves more than pleasure. "Joshua, take it out , darling! Please don't beat my little pussy up. Oww, ow, ow, ow!"

Joshua obeyed, and as soon as the penis popped out he started masturbating. "Oh Auntie Jennifer, I want to fuck really badly!"

Jennifer was frustrated. Now here was this humongous penis she craved, but she couldn't get it in. She was angry at herself and her unusually tight vagina. Her boyfriends came very quickly when they felt the soft, wet tightness of her vaginal walls. She looked at the Vaseline jar and the she looked at her well endowed nephew masturbating on the bed inches away from her.

"Sweetie, take some Vaseline and rub it on your big cock, we are going to try this again." Joshua took a handful and slobbered it on his penis. Jennifer also took some Vaseline and she started applying the yellow oily cream on her vaginal lips. She took more Vaseline and applied to the inside walls of her itchy vagina, making a strong odor of vaginal juice and Vaseline. She again dipped her stinky fingers into the Vaseline jar. White bubbly cream from her vagina left its mark on the cream. For about 3 minutes, the horny couple applied Vaseline to their genitals.

Joshua's penis was incredibly shiny and yellowish clumps of Vaseline stuck out obscenely on the prick. Jennifer's vagina was well lubricated. She had tried hard to stick her finger in as far as possible to apply the Vaseline to the inner most parts of her vagina. About 4 ½ inches of her vagina was lubricated with Vaseline, the rest had to be done by her fishy juices. Clumps of yellow Vaseline stuck to her pubic hair on her labia. It was time to fuck.

Joshua laid on his back, his shiny erect penis in the air, pointed at the ceiling, defying gravity. Jennifer, faced Joshua, and she adjusted her body to make love in the cowgirl position. She was like a sumo wrestler. Her delicate smelly hands were on her trembling thighs as her vaginal lips touched the cock knob.

"Sweetie, please don't move. I'll lower myself on to it, okay honey?" Jennifer said fearfully as she started sitting on his penis. One inch went in. "Uhhrg." Jennifer made an apelike grunt. Two inches. "Ughrhh!" Jennifer's Vaseline coated vaginal walls began too feel the carnal pleasure of fucking the blood beating thickness of Joshua's cock. Three inches. 'Ohh, ow!" Four inches, five, six, "agrhhh, agrhh, ouch, Joshua, you've really got a fat one!" Now it was seven inches inside of her, one more inch and the penis would be hitting the closed opening to her healthy womb. "Ow my gawwd, its starting to hurt again, I cant take any more of your cock! Ouch! Ow. Ow. Ow!" She started moving her itchy vagina back upwards the pole. Her vagina reached the cock knob then once again, she started going down the meaty, beefy, fat Vaseline covered penis. "Oh, oh, arhh, owieeeee!" After 3 minutes of fucking, Jennifer felt butterflies in her stomach and her orgasm approached. "Ogrhhh, oh my gawwwwwwwd! Joshua, please honey, fuck my tiny pussy!" Joshua obeyed and slowly moved the prick inside her vagina, carefully trying not to put the whole thing inside his horny aunt.

The cute little pink nipples of her medium sized breasts rapidly moved up and down. Jennifer's short black hair bounced up and down her perfect pale shoulders. Her eyes were closed and her beautiful smile had in to erotic frown biting her lower lip.

Jennifer came. Jennifer's vagina queefed around the meaty prick. Her vaginal walls started contracting around the large penis and more juices stared exploding from the Vaseline covered cunt. "Oh yes, yes, yeees, oh my gawd Joshua, you really know how to please a girl!" After 10 minutes of fucking, Jennifer started to have another orgasm. "Ugggggggggrh. Yes! Fuck my itchy pussy! Ugrrhh, oh, oh ugrhhhhhhh!" Jennifer cried out so loud even her neighbors heard the obscene comment. The vaginal contractions pushed the virgin boy to the limit and he blew his sperm in to Jennifer's gooey vagina. After the penis transformed to its 6 inch flaccid state, he pulled out of her auntie's love hole. Sperm, with the mixture of vaginal oils and Vaseline seeped out of Jennifer's well fucked vagina.

Joshua stood up. Jennifer did the same. She tired to walk, but her vagina was way too sore. Her vagina ached from fucking Joshua's monster penis. "Honey, I need to pee. Can you carry me to the washroom? My pussy really hurts. I might have to go to the doctor." Joshua carried Jennifer to the toilet and placed her on the seat. Jennifer started peeing, washing out the sperm, pussy cream and Vaseline out of her aching vagina. Joshua's penis became hard as the pee dripped out of her auntie's hairy vagina. Jennifer, still peeing, gave a kiss on his penis, which smelled strongly of her love juice and Vaseline.

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