tagSci-Fi & FantasyVashka: Demon Protector

Vashka: Demon Protector


Vashka looked down at his new motorcycle grinning. It was made of two human witch skeletons. One skeleton had his arms twisted painfully back and up to serve as the handle bars, his head was the first wheel rolling between shoulder blades. The same skeleton had his back arched and his butt in the air as a seat for Vashka to sit upon. His legs hung straight down in a 90o angle; his feet to be used as stirrups.

The second skeleton was backwards in the same position as the first skeleton. His head serving as a rear wheel, his arms were also twisted painfully back and up, but to be used as the back of Vashka's seat. His legs also hung down in a sharp 90o angle for his feet to be used as stirrups as well.

A little bit of demon magick kept them welded as one and from breaking apart. When Vashka wanted more speed; he squeezed the fingers together sending a jolt of pain to his bike, which if one skeleton felt pain they both felt it and consciously they would use their magick to gain more speed.

That's right though both skeletons flesh has fallen off a long time ago they were both still conscious, thinking beings. Their brains protected by their skulls. They were doomed to spend an eternity in the demon realm, Vashka's realm.

Over the roar of the wind Vashka thought he heard something. He put one black leather boot on the base of the skull slowing down his motorcycle of death. Vashka sat still listening while his long black hair blew in the wind. His muscular tanned neck cocked to the side listening intently while his black orbs narrowed to small slits.

"Vashka, come to me."

Vashka jerked recognizing what was going on. He tried to flex his fingers to drive away, but he couldn't move them. He felt his body on its own accord jump off the bike heading towards that rich throaty voice.

"No!" Vashka yelled trying to fight the summons. Hoping if he got angry enough his anger would help still his muscles and the summoner would grow tired and stop.

"Vashka, I summon you. Come to me."

Vashka gritted his teeth as he took a small step forward. Vashka felt as though his body was filled with a hot burning metal flowing through his veins and the summoner's voice was a strong magnet drawing him towards them against his will. With every step he took towards that alien voice the hot burning pain would lessen making Vashka almost want to go to that voice just to relieve his pain.

"Vashka, I summon you to me now!"

With a frustrated cry Vashka went to that voice feeling the familiar sensation of his skin being splashed in a cold liquid that burned more than soothe. With a jerk Vashka appeared in a semi-dark bedroom that was illuminated by candles, so that shadows danced on the walls. To his left was an unmade bed with blue covers and white sheets, a wooden desk with a computer sitting on top of it, and a small matching wooden bookshelf. Vashka smirked as he looked around the untidy room.

"Shit, it work," a voice on the floor cried.

Vashka looked down at the human woman staring up at him with wide hazel eyes. She was slender in an almost starving way with her long dark brown hair pulled back into a high ponytail. His eyes traveled down her body drinking in her black wife beater tee she was wearing. It was the ladies version and it formed her breasts beautifully, erotically. Making Vashka want to rub his hand over them and stroke her nipples into hard peeks. Vashka's eyes roamed even further down to see lacy black panties barely covering her small tan bum.

Vashka lazily took his time drinking her in. He took a step and stopped quickly when he realized his predicament. He noticed he was looking at everything in a red transparent haze.

Fuck, he thought, she bind me. Vashka looked down to see the pentagon and stiffened. The human used a lot of salt to make the binding circle. Either she was a very strong witch who knew to protect herself from him or a very incompetent one. This much salt would have driven a lesser demon insane.

Vashka's eyes flickered to the yellow and black book at her feet. Reading the title upside he almost choked. Demons for Dummies. He was bound by a human woman, not a witch and she was a stupid human. Vashka made a mental note of the authors' names. He was going to pay them a visit when he got out of this mess with the human girl.

Vashka slowly lowered himself to his knees looking deeply into the young woman's eyes very much aware of his surroundings unlike her. As he stared at her he could smell the sudden panic coming from her in waves. Vashka intentionally let the black widen in his pupils becoming darker and bigger. He heard her take in a deep breath holding it. He tapped his home realm and his irises reflected a wild fire burning in them.

She gasped and kicked the book into the circle. Vashka smiled as he reached out to touch it. She darted forward and grabbed it before Vashka could even feel its texture, clutching it to her chest.

Vashka was impressed by how quick she was. "What do you want?"

She looked at him blankly. "I..I didn't think it would work."

Vashka inwardly groaned. He had been summoned by a human, a stupid human, who summoned him for shits and giggles. "Human woman this is a very good binding circle." He replied his tone belying his emotions.

"The book says you can't hurt me if you are in it," her voice quivered as she spoke.

"Very true, I can't get out unless," Vashka prompted.

"Unless, I release you," her statement came out as a question as she flipped through the book double checking her answer.

"Yes, or," Vashka prompted again pointedly looking at where the book had slid into the circle and where she had pulled it back spreading the salt everywhere.

"The circle is broken."

"Exactly!" Vashka lifted one leather boot and stepped out of the circle grinning.


"It's been a while since I've had human flesh." Vashka grinned wider.

Vashka took another step smelling her fright. It was like an aphrodisiac. The girl crab walked backwards till she hit the wall. Vashka followed the smile never leaving his face. She stood up her back still pressed against the wall. Vashka opened his mouth showing full sharp teeth.

"Stop. I summoned you and you have to do as I bid." Vashka stared at her hesitating. The girl took that moment to shove the book into Vashka's face. "See I summoned a protector. You, Vashka the protector."

Vashka looked to see his name in print. Oh yeah the authors were going to get his wrath. 'Did you read the full page," he asked as his owns eyes scanned it.

"Uh, no, I needed protection and your name says 'Vashka, the protector.'"

Vashka pointed out with his fingers on the page, "Of tormented souls. I collect them and protect them from leaving my realm. It's an ironic pun." He smiled as her face fell.

"Please don't eat me."

Vashka's eyes rummaged over her body. She reminded him of someone he once knew. A demon not a witch. Curiosity got the better of him, "Why do you need protection?"

Why do you need protection, the words rang in my ears over and over again. What could I tell him without him thinking I was crazy? I almost choked on my laughter. He was a demon. Of course he would believe me, but would he help me? "I'll tell you if you'll promise to protect me."

Vashka smiled at me. "A bargain. What are the terms?"

"You'll help me no matter what the odds are." I glared into his eyes. I was beginning to hate that smile; that arrogant self centered smile.

"That's not a bargain. That's a demand. I'll protect you from whatever you are hiding from for a piece of your flesh."

I stared at this guy. Was he serious? He wanted to eat my flesh. My body screamed no, but my mind was thinking what kind of flesh. "Like a fingernail?"

"No, don't worry it won't hurt at all. You give me a piece of your flesh and I'll protect you. All you have to say is yes."

I shook my head no. No matter what was chasing me I couldn't willingly let someone eat me alive. I couldn't do it. A tear slipped from my eye as I realized I was a dead woman. They wouldn't leave me alone and he wouldn't help me.

"It's your choice." He turned away from me.

"Wait, please. I really need your protection. They'll kill me and I don't even know why."

Vashka turned back to me. I thought my words had finally sunk into his head, but he just stared down at me until I turned my head away. What was I going to do? Die or let a demon eat a small piece of my flesh. He did say it wasn't even going to hurt. I mean if he ate a little from my thighs that wouldn't be too bad. Or a small piece from my ass.

A bang at the door made me jump onto Vashka. "Yes!" I screamed as I wrapped my arm around his neck and made my way behind him putting him between me and the door. If they were going to charge through I wanted them to have a shot at him first. A few seconds went by and I realized it was just someone running into a wall in the dorm house. I felt stupid. I was jumpy, I admit it.

Slowly Vashka turned his head and looked at me over his shoulder. "Bargain agreed." I stared into those black eyes wondering what the hell I have gotten myself into. He turned his body slowly so that he was facing me and took a step forward. I mirrored his action taking a step back until I hit the bed and fell with a soft thump.

"Look, Vashka, uh, let's discuss where you are taking the flesh. Actually let's talk about how much flesh. I think we need..."

I never got to finish my sentence. He bent over quickly and pressed his lips hard against mine, so hard that I was sure he bruised them. I never felt a kiss like this. His tongue invaded mine forcing itself between my lips as though it was searching for my soul. I had no control over anything. I tried to turn my head one way, but he wouldn't let me as his tongue thrust in and out of my mouth over and over again. It was one of the most erotic and uncontrollable things I have ever done.

My palms were on his chest trying to push him back, but he was too strong. He pushed harder down on top of me forcing me to lie out onto the bed. I wanted him to stop, he was taking advantage of me, but I couldn't control my own fate. He reached forward and ripped my shirt in two exposing my breasts. My nipples instantly hardened in the cold air. One of his hands grabbed a handful of my flesh and squeezed. It was just this side of pleasure and I couldn't help, but moan deeply into his mouth.

My hips on their own accord rose off the bed rubbing intimately against his groin. He pushed his lower half down hard trapping me as his other hand reached between us to rub against my wet panties. I could feel his fingers clear through the lace of my panties as though I wasn't wearing any material.

He finally released my mouth to put his lips on my breast. I arched my back loving the feel of his teeth rasp against my sensitive bud. He bit gently and pulled with his teeth stretching my flesh out before releasing it. I felt him clamp down on my nipple then flick it gently with his tongue massaging it gently then restarting the routine over again. I'm not one for pain, but this felt unbelievable. The strong sensations were enough to make me feel my orgasm building.

My hands entwined themselves in his dark mass of locks. They were silky to the touch and I loved the way they felt sliding against my body. As much as I wanted to move I couldn't. He was in total control and I didn't like it, but my body was betraying me. My pussy was wetter than any fantasy I've ever had.

I felt him plunge his fingers deep into me and I gasped loudly at the sensation. His fingers were so hard and they went so deep into me. My walls instantly clamped down onto his fingers as they thrust themselves deeply into my body. His thumb vibrated against my clitoris and I nearly flew off the bed. I was so close to cumming. I rocked my hips faster and faster against his hand forcing him deeper into me. I needed this so badly. I felt my orgasm building and building and then I was flying through the air. My body shook so hard I felt my teeth rattled. When I finally came down I looked to see his cock in my face. I opened my mouth to tell him he could fuck off, but he forced it in my mouth.

He grabbed my hands and held them steady on his thighs. I curled my fingers and pinned them into his thighs. He rolled his head back and groaned as he slowly started to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. I tried to bite, but he seemed to like my teeth grazing his hard member. After a while I couldn't focus on being mad, but on breathing.

After what he did for me I figured this was a compromise, but he started to thrust deeper into my mouth until he was sliding down my throat. I tried to buck or shake my head letting him know he was scaring me. I couldn't catch my breath, but he held me so still I couldn't move. His cock was ramming down my throat and I had to time his thrusts for breaths and to swallow the saliva that was building in my mouth.

I had no control over anything. He was slamming himself into my mouth, fucking my face, his balls slamming against my chin. What's worse I was enjoying it. I was wet again and I could feel my orgasm building. I have never cummed without something in me or at least clitoral stimulation, but him taking my control doing whatever the hell he please with my body was making me hot. He threw back his head and with a loud groan as my throat muscles milked his cock inviting him to pour his seed down my throat. I felt his dick expand then spasm as his orgasm overtook him. I swallowed every last bit of his cum tasting his hot saltiness. I couldn't stop my own body from cumming. My pussy twitching on thin air.

He pulled out of my mouth and eased off me falling to the side. I stared at him as my mind screamed what the hell have I done.. I don't even know this guy, but my body was on fire. The last time I had sex was two months ago and I was low on C batteries. It wasn't like I hadn't had a one night stand, besides he was cute and it felt awesome. He awakened things inside of me I hadn't even known I enjoyed.

"The bargain is complete," Vashka panted.

"What," I cried. I was sure I hadn't heard him right.

"You gave me some of your flesh. So now that I'm your protector who am I protecting you from? A jealous boyfriend?"

Oh so flesh was a synonym for sex. I can handle that. Especially if it's going to be this good. "No. Scout demons. Urkl and Amos."

"Urkl and Amos!" Vashka sat up and stared down at me.

"Is that bad?" I sat up too and scooted back laying against my headboard. "They said something about me being the twin of Shanee and Vestonan."

Vashka jumped to his feet. "You're Vestonan's daughter?!"

"No," I yelled at him. "I don't know. I don't know who my parents are. Why?"

"Fuck, you're the demon's king granddaughter. The human bitch that got away."

"Excuse me." I stood up on my bed and glared down at him. Demon or not he wasn't going to talk to me like that.

"No, human it's a story that every demon knows. The Demon King Aros only son, Vestonan, was one that liked to come to the human realm and torment the humans. He fell in love with a gypsy woman, Shanee, and stayed in the human realm. King Aros demanded his son to rid himself of the girl and come home, but Vestonan wouldn't listen. He married Shanee not only in the human tradition, but in our tradition as well. Shanee took on some of Vestonan's powers. King Aros was so angry he killed his only son and his daughter in law. Rumor has it they had a child, but no one could ever find the baby. Whoever finds the child is to immediately kill it. There are still a few scout demons that stay in the human realm looking for the babe. Urkl and Amos are two such scouts. If they say you are Vestonan's child then I believe them."

The story was too much to believe. I was half demon. Where were my powers? I would have laughed if the two stalker demons weren't trying to kill me. "They are mistaken. You didn't recognize me for Vestonan's daughter."

Vashka paced my floor. "I wasn't a scout. I wouldn't even know what to look for. Fuck, I'm supposed to kill you. Ever demon knows to kill you or King Aros will wreck havoc on the one that helps you."

"You swore to protect me. You bargained with me."

"I know. My word is the one thing I stand by, but ...FUCK! Every demon scout is going to be here trying to kill you. How long ago did Urkl and Amos find you?"

I thought back. It wasn't too long ago. "A couple of days. Two days ago."

"Are you sure?" I nodded my head. "That doesn't give us much time. We need to hide while I think."

"Hide? Where?"

"Not in this realm."

"I can't go to the demon realm. Every demon will try to kill me."

"Yes, but one they don't know you're with me and two they don't know what you look like. I don't know the human realm I only know my home world. We're going to my home world, to my home."

"I don't want to die." I couldn't help the words from escaping my mouth. I didn't want to leave college. I was going to fail the midterms for sure. This couldn't be happening this had to be a dream. A very bad dream.

"Get dressed." Vashka threw a pair of black jeans at me. I pulled them on quickly. I took off the shredded tee and rummage through my drawers looking for a black shirt to make my outfit. "What are your powers?"

"Powers?" Was he kidding? I didn't have any powers.

"Until you figure out what they are when we are in my realm you are my slave."

"No," I was no one's slave.

"You are a human woman. How long do you think you will last? I can't protect you without having ownership of you. You are my slave in public only." Vashka grabbed me and pulled me to him. "Hold on this might be uncomfortable." Little did I know.


(This is my story which I have also posted on a site called Asexstories.com. Please give me feedback if this is any good or if I should continue it or if you don't like it anything at all. Thanks)

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