tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVatos Muertos Ch. 01

Vatos Muertos Ch. 01


Authors note:

So, I thought a month was too long to go without posting something. I had this one on the back burner and plan to fill in the posting gaps with it. Let me know what you think.



Sometimes Sergeant Charles "Sarge" Jeremy thought he'd been a cop for too long. I mean, he was good at the job. He liked the job. But it had to be having an effect on his life. Didn't it? The movies always made it look that way. T.V. too. They couldn't both be wrong. Could they?

His thoughts always meandered into the stupid or juvenile. Whenever he sat by himself for too long. "That was the effect the job was having on him," He thought.

[Adam - Clark - 2 - O - 5, this is Command. Come in. Over.] squaked his radio.

"Go ahead Command. Over."

[Closing the noose now. Over]

A drug seizure was being executed. A local gang known as the "Vatos Muertos" had a big shipment coming in. Several of their leaders would be here tonight. Not that it mattered to Sergeant Jeremy or his men. They weren't sexy. They weren't S.W.A.T. Or Drug Task Force. Or even Detectives. They were just big, scary, dependable patrolmen. So they had the suck duty of manning the East side of the operation in case any "Vatos" slipped out. There were three other Sergeants with three other teams manning the other perimeters. All sitting on their asses. Bored out of their minds. Trying to explain to themselves how this job wasn't making them dumber.

"All Clark - 2 - O units, copy that? Over." Sarge called across the radio. And listened for his four men to respond.

[211, good copy. Over.], [212, good copy. Over.], [213, good copy. Over.], [215, good copy. Over.]

214 wasn't there. He was in the hospital due to two bullet holes in his leg. A domestic disturbance call a few days ago due to some asshole who had to prove what a big man he was by beating his woman. Now "asshole" was in jail for attempted murder of a police officer and poor Sandy was missing this. "Sandy would be smarter than the rest of them now. Due to having missed this an all." Sarge thought.

He could hear the action now. Yelling and screaming coming from the warehouses to their West. Some gunfire as well. It sounded like it was getting pretty lively down there. After only a few minutes the noise started to subside. There was a little more screaming and shooting but nothing compared to a moment ago. He heard someone yell again. It sounded like a cop shouting at a perp. BOOM!.. BOOM!.. BOOM!.. That sounded like a .45 or bigger. Maybe a magnum? Then more yelling and machine gun fire from what he knew was a cop issued MP5.

[Clark2O5Beawareone...] The caller stopped to catch his breath from all the excitement. [...got passed us! We think it was Bruja! Be on alert. She is armed. Over.]

"No shit." He said to his windshield. "Good copy, Command." He replied to the radio. "All Clark - 2 - O units, copy that? Over." His team replied in the affirmative.

Bruja, "the Witch", Quirina Ortiz: pronounced (Key with a rolling 'R' reena and Ortiz). Sarge had seen her around since she was a kid. She was such an adorable child. She had little black pigtails. Always wore a white summer dress with bright red patent leather shoes. She was so happy. Sarge had never actually talked to her. She was one of those children you see on your patrol. Running around and playing with her friends.

Then one day. Something changed. No more dresses. No more smiles. She did a short time in county for aggravated assault. But she had been different for a long time before that. She was a KBoy. One of those people the leaders of the Muertos called on when they needed someone dead. No one could prove it but they were pretty sure she'd killed more people than her entire gang.

She loved super bikes and when she was promoted to being a boss in the family she founded the "Vaqueros." Four of her buddies who rode super bikes and liked the Ruger Blackhawk. Probably because it looked like a cool cowboy six-shooter. The damn thing must have weighed ten pounds. "Which is a good thing when firing from a bike doing ninety miles an hour." Sarge thought. The weight would cut all the magnum recoil. Her and her Vaqueros had their bikes tooled for left handed throttle. That allowed them to use their right hands to fire while riding. Normally.

Sarge laughed at movies where the bad guys were on bikes chasing the scared people in the car. Because the car could just swerve a little and kill most of them. BUT when those dicks were packin .357 magnums? And trained to shoot while going balls to the wall on a bike? Bruja had created one hell of a hit-n-run squad.

When she was nineteen Sarge was pulling security at the community pool. The duty was simple. Look intimidating, wear your sunglasses, and make sure nothing stupid happens.

He saw Bruja there with a lot of Muertos. It was a hot day so everyone was there. But he could not keep his eyes off of her. Her skin was just a bit darker than most and the white bikini she was wearing really flattered her. Even with the many scars and the few tattoos he could not stop looking at her. She had obviously been shot on many occasions. Stabbed, beaten and cut on several more. And still, he had to fight to keep from staring at her.

He had hoped his asinine infatuation had gone unnoticed. But one minute he was scanning the crowd for potential morons. And the next her little five foot six frame was standing in front of him with hands on hips.

"You see something you like, cabron?"

Sarge watched her for several moments before removing his sunglasses. Bending down to eye level with her, he said. "You need to take your tight little ass back over to your friends and enjoy the rest of your day, chula." He stated in that hard flat cop voice.

She chewed on her lip for a bit before walking back to her familia. He assumed she had told them what he said when several of them laughed uproariously. From that day on he had noticed her big dark eyes watching him whenever their paths crossed.

But that was six years ago. She was twenty-five now. She had fought more. Killed more. And she certainly wasn't going to let some bullshit flirtation get between her and staying out of jail.

Sarge got out of the car and closed the door. He found a spot that would allow him visibility down the two crossed alleyways and hid in the shadows. He could hear the yelling more clearly now but it was still a good distance from him.

He didn't really expect to see or hear anything. So he was surprised when he heard a scrape from inside the building across from him. A moment later he thought he saw some movement from behind one of the old windows. He heard periodic small movements from inside. It sounded like she was looking for a quiet way out of that building. He thought it best to sit tight.

He realized one of the windows had only cardboard covering it when he watched her lift it up and into the building. He saw her look up both sides of the alley from inside before she stepped through. "Yup. It was Bruja." He thought.

When she looked around again she froze. Sarg realized that once she was out a bit she could see his patrol car. She stayed like that trying to gage if the cop inside had seen her or not. When it was obvious no one was there she looked around to see if he was behind her. It wasn't long before she dropped to the ground, pulled out her .357 and hopped to the far side of the alley. About four feet from Sarge, actually.

He stepped over, grabbed her left arm and pulled it up behind her back.

Securing her gun hand he said, "Police, Bruja! You're under arrest!"


"Drop the gun." It's not like she had a choice. The magnum fell to the dirt of the alley. "Now, I'm going to reach for my cuffs. If you try to move on me. I'm going to pull this arm of yours up between your shoulder blades until your shoulder pops out of its socket. You got me?"

She nodded. "Yeah. I got it."

He retrieved his cuffs and braceleted her right hand then brought it behind her to cuff the left hand as well. He pushed her firmly against the building while he used an evidence bag to collect her pistol. With that off the ground he walked her to his patrol car and pushed her against the trunk.

"You suck! You know that?"

"People tell me that all the time." He smiled as he dropped the weapon through the window of his cruiser. Retrieving another plastic bag he said, "But never people I like." He finished as he returned to her.

"Yeah. Yeah. Fuck you too."

"Mm Hm. Do you have anything sharp in your pockets that could stick me?"

She was shaking her head. "No." She said flatly.

He was looking at her to see where she might have something hidden when he realized what she was wearing. A white wife beater over a red sports bra. Cargo pants hanging low at the waist. And white bikini panties. He knew what kind of panties she had on because she was wearing them with the waistband pulled way up high. Like some kind of hip-hop dancer. God he found that hot.

It was one of those things that did it for him. It always had. When it first became the thing in rap music he'd turn down the volume, play some "Black foot" and watch the dancers. And Bruja did have great hips for it. And her ass was doing its part by filling the seat of those cargo pants. His dick was hard.

Sarge shook it off and started searching her pockets. First the two cargo pockets and then the front pockets. When he was checking her back pockets,

"Hey! No coppin a feel!" That pissed him off.

He bent her over the trunk and kept her pinned there with his left hand while he grabbed her ass. "You pinche puto motherfucker!"

He reached around front and undid the button of her pants. "What are you doin, Cop?"

He pulled her zipper down. "What the fuck are you doin, man?!"

He pulled her pants down to her knees. "You pull my pants up right now! Or I swear to God, cop! I am going to fucking kill you!" She yelled as she was looking back at him.

He continued to grip and grope her bikinied ass.

She tried to close her legs but he forced them back open with his right leg. He immediately started rubbing her between her legs from her anus to her vagina. "Aye! Fuck you puto! Fuck you!" He pulled her panties down to her knees. "You're a fucking coward, Sarge!" He hadn't realized she knew his nickname.

He unbuckled his utility belt and laid it on the trunk next to her. "Only a bitch would do this, Sarge! A fucking coward!"

He removed a small bottle of baby oil he kept in his belt for cleaning up sticky crap. "Don't do this, Sarge."

He dropped his pants and took out his cock. "Please, man. This isn't you, Sarge." She began to cry.

He sprayed a line of oil down the length of his shaft and dropped the bottle back with his belt. "Fuck!... This is fucked up!"

He began to rub the oil over the head of his cock and shaft.

"I swear to Christ. I am going to fucking cut you up into little pieces and feed yoAye!... Ah!" He was pushing the head of his cock into her anus. It was too big to fit all at once so he had to back up and push again to keep spreading her open. She whined. He pushed a little farther. She moaned. He pushed until his head popped past her sphincter. "Ah!." She cried. He slid his shaft all the way in.

He lifted her up to him by her shoulders. He wrapped his right arm across her chest to keep her there. His left hand he used to grip her chin and turn her to face him.

"This isn't supposed to hurt."

"Will you stop?"

"No, baby girl. I've waited too long for this. You understand?"

She shook her head slightly before nodding.

"Is what I'm doing right now hurting you?"

She seemed to be thinking before shaking her head. "I still don't want you to do it."

"I know. I know. But..." He nodded. "Does this hurt?"

He pulled back until the head of his cock bumped into her anus. "Aw." And then he slid back in until his cock was as deep as it could go. Her mouth came open "Ahh."

"Does it?" She shook her head again. "Good. It's not supposed to hurt." He continued to ease in and out of her. "Now, what are you going to do when I'm done with you?" He whispered.

Her tears were suddenly gone now. "You're dead."

He smiled. "Good... Good, There you are. That steele glint is back in your eye. That's the Bruja I wanted to fuck." He slowly began to pull back and slide back in to her. "I don't want you to feel weak, or scared or less than me."

Her glare was firm. But he could see her eyelids droop everytime he pushed into her just before they fluttered back open. "I want you strong." He kissed her behind the jaw. "Dangerous." He noticed her mouth dropped open a little whenever he pulled out of her. "And beautiful."

She looked pissed. He smiled and slid his right hand down to her crotch. When he began to rub her she shook her head and looked away. He gently forced her face back to him. "Uh uh. I want you to watch me Bruja. I don't want you pretending it's your girlfriend doing this."

She shook her head again. "You're sick." He smiled in reply. Between his rubbing and the slow thrusts. Her eyes were beginning to roll a bit.

"You..." She closed her eyes and tried to lower her head. He picked up his pace and forced her face back to his.

"Stay with me, Bruja."

She was moaning and trying to catch her breath. "Aye!" She groaned out.

"Open your eyes, killer."

She did and then she let out a loud pained groan. She was forcing her eyes to stay open with obvious effort. "Aye. I'm gonna cum!" His hand moved faster. When he realized she was about to pop he moved his left hand to cover her mouth as she screamed. He stopped rubbing and let her come down.

He eased her back onto the trunk of his car and noticed, "Oh my God. She has those dimples on either side of her spine." There like thumb rests when you grab her hips. Which was something he was more than happy to do right now. He grabbed her hips. Then laid his thumbs in those perfect little dimples.

He smiled as he began his nice slow grinding thrusts. Bruja was laying on his trunk with her head to the right and her eyes closed. She would give out a light moan every time he thrusted into her. She looked as if she was about to start drooling on his car.

"You peak too soon, Chula."

"Uh huh." She moaned.

[Adam - Clark - 2 - O - 5, this is Command. Come in. Over.]

Shit. He stopped thrusting and keyed the mic that was clipped to his lapel and tethered him to his utility belt.

"Go ahead Command. Over."

[Any sign of Bruja on your end? Over.]

Her eyes opened and she looked over her shoulder at him. unsure what he was going to say.

"Negative Command. It's all quiet here. Over."

[Understood. The operation is complete. You can resume your duties. Over.]

"Understood Command. All Clark - 2 - O units check in and get back to your patrols. Over."

"What are you going..." He held up his hand to keep her quiet until all his men had checked in.

"I'm sorry. I needed to make sure nothing had happened to any of them while you and I were busy."

She nodded. "What are you planning to do?"

"I 'plan' to cum in your ass." He said just before sliding all the way back into her again. Her eyes half closed as she let out a small sigh. "God, you make the best noises."

"Mucho gusto su pinche gringo." She smiled. "But I had figured the "cumming" part out. Gracias. I meant after that. You plan to pull my pants up. Take me to jail and tell them you caught me after you talked to that vato on the radio?"

"I'm not arresting you."

Now she looked sick as she raised herself up to get closer to him. "Oh, come on, cop. They're not gonna believe me, man. They're never gonna believe you raped me. You're safe, pinche. You got what you want. You don't have to do that." She looked worried.

"I'm not going to kill you." He said incredulously. It hadn't occurred to him that she would think that.



"Like, REALLY, really?"

He laughed. "I agree with you. OK? Even with my DNA running out of your ass I can weasle out of this. I really do NOT have any reason to kill you. Alright?"

She was biting her lip and not looking completely convinced.

He shook his head and pulled his utility belt off of the trunk and let it drop to the ground out of her reach. He then took his handcuff keys out of his shirt pocket and uncuffed her before dropping them to the ground.

"What are you doing?"

"Now, both of our guns are out of reach. The only advantage I have is that I'm bigger than you but it's as fair a fight as you're gonna get. Do you wanna go for it? Or do you wanna fuck?"

She was licking her lips in thought and shaking her head. It looked like she couldn't spot the trap but she knew one was there. "...I don't know."

Sarge slipped his left hand up to her neck and pulled her back to him as his right went to her crotch. She let out a high pitched whine as he began to fuck her again. He felt her right hand come up behind his head and grip his hair while her left was down and gripping his ass.

"Give me a kiss."

She quickly leaned in and stuck her tongue in his mouth like she couldn't wait to do it. She moaned into his mouth as he thrusted and rubbed. Soon she pulled away enough to groan out another climax.

"You like this, baby?"

"Yes!" She said when she locked eyes with him.

He smiled. "This is the best damned alley you've ever been in, isn't it?"

"Yes!" They watched each other for a moment as he fucked her. She asked, "You like this, cop?"

"Yes!" He snarled back.

She smiled. "You like my tight little ass?"

He growled and bent her forward. "Put your hands on the car!" When she did he grabbed her hips and started to fuck her hard. "Ahhhh." It sounded like he was trying not to cum. "Push back like you -want- this!"

She used her hands to push herself back at him and meet his thrusts. He heard her moan and groan with every entry he made. After a short time their thrusting got faster until, he finally pulled her tight against him.

He shot what felt like gallon after gallon into her. With every shot he would pull back a little and drive in deep. She grunted loud with every dive he made.

When they finally stopped he looked her over. Her arms were extended from the car trunk and her head was down. But her little ass was wiggling gently from side to side.

He was now moving very slowly back and forth inside of her. Not so much a thrust as a pulse. When he began to slide out of her, her rear wiggled more. She whimpered and looked back over her shoulder. She had a worried look on her face but she was looking at his dick.

So he slid back in. The sound she made wasn't quite an "Ah" but it was close. She had lowered her head again but he thought he saw a smile on her face. He pulled all the way back again like he was going to pull out and her ass wiggle increased. Along with a couple of whimpers. It sounded to him like the second one came when it seemed the first whimper didn't stop him.

This beautiful young woman definitely had the ability to make his dick hard. He was pretty sure she had the ability to bring about the downfall of western civilization. If she applied herself.

He slid his cock back into her. This time he got a definite "Mmmm." from her. He began to start slow long full length strokes in and out of her. She gave a small grunt everytime he bottomed out. After several thrusts he lifted her legs to his left so he could spin her over onto her back.

"Since we're obviously going to be here a while we might as well get you comfortable."

"Mm hm." She nodded and smiled. He removed her boots. Then pants and panties. With that done he let her legs fall so that her knees were resting on his elbows. He grabbed her hips again and began to thrust once more. "Mm. Now I can watch your face while you force yourself on me. Lovely."

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