tagBDSMVee Pt. 01

Vee Pt. 01


This is the story about my childhood friend Viviane (Vee, as I always used to call her), five years younger than me, who became a lot more in my life. We lived in the same block; I was almost like an older brother to her. As time went by we split... Once I came back for the midterm break. I was 21, she was 16... I saw her differently, no longer as a child. Felt bad about that back then...

Anyway, to cut long story short, she got married pretty young, was a mother of 2 by the age of 22. And - divorced at 23. In good terms at least. We started socializing again; our friendship took another shape, better than back in childhood days.

She met some of my girlfriends (submissives already by default, by then). Most of them did not last; it was a pretty dry period. But it was also a beginning of online, of internet-of-things (2002, 2003). So I dedicated some of my time to online training. There were, as always, girls motivated to learn this way. I worked with one Aussie girl back then and as it happened I was reading her daily report in my Outlook Express (remember that?). Vee was supposed to drop me a visit a bit later. But, she finished some chores early and was ringing my door bell. I got up, and opened the door. Kiss on the cheek, and she went in, kicking the thongs off her feet. I still remember what she wore that day -- a pale green short sleeved shirt and some ¾ long dark green pants. And the said thong slippers. I offered here some coffee and lemonade and went to the kitchen to fix these. Soon I was on my way back to the living room with the drinks and then I saw her sitting in front of my screen, reading my online sub's daily report...

- Enjoying the read?

- What on earth is this?

She asked smiling... Which allowed me to avoid denying what she saw.

- It is a daily report, written by my online submissive.

- I have no idea what that is... But based on what I read, it looks like BDSM to me.

- You should not have read it. But, since you did and since you are one of my oldest friends... I am not mad. Ask away.

- Do you do this for long time?

- Online, no. In real life I am in that area for ten years.

- In real life!? You do this in real life!?

- Um. Yes.

- To whom??

- Girlfriends, some friends, friends of friends...

- Friends? I do count as a friend, you never told me about this.

- I do not really advertise this...

- To which friends you did this?

- I cannot say. Plus, I did not "do this" to anyone. I teach. I try to. I try to teach a woman how to let go. And enjoy submitting.

(Silence. Not more than 10 seconds)

- You never told me about this.

- Well, I can say again that I am sorry, but...

- Are they old friends, the girls you coached?

- I like the expression you used, coached. No, not old friends. I will quote my favorite author: "Everybody is potential naked slave to you when you become a trainer."

- Everyone?

- Everyone.

- Even old friends?

- Old friends especially. Where are you going with this?

- I am not sure myself...

- You know, you are pushing some buttons here... Which you should not push.

- I know. I am counting on it!

- Cheeky... Stop that now!

- I enjoy when you order me... To stop.

After having said that she smiled... And then got serious again.

- I want to try. I want you to... Teach me. I know you always looked at me... In a not-friendly way.

- It would be my honor to teach you. And... I need you to do one thing now, if you are serious about that.

- Yes, what is it?

- I need to go to my bedroom for a minute or two. I need you to take your clothes off and fold them on this chair before I return.

- Uhm... Yes. OK.

I went to my bedroom and took my canvas bag with... Stuff. When I came back the clothes was folded on a chair... And a sweet, fidgety naked thing was standing next to it.

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