tagBDSMVee Pt. 02

Vee Pt. 02


As she was visibly nervous I simply had to smile. And this seems to have calmed her down a bit. I opened my arms and gave her a hug. Oh, boy, she was really nervous. I gave her a small kiss on the cheek and asked if the rope would help.

"Yes. Yes, it would, thank you," she said.

I sat down on the couch and motioned her to turn around, and place her hands behind. She did. Typical first-time bondagee, wrists floating around... I took them, brought together, and tied the parallel, palm to palm. With the cinch between. Black cotton rope seemed appropriate.

"Now, listen, Vee, your safe word is corridor. Say it," I wanted to make sure.


"Good. Do not hesitate to use it if you cannot handle something. Now repeat," I had to insist.

"I will not hesitate to use it if I cannot handle something. Sir."

"Now, that is a nice touch! Keep it up. Where did you get it, by the way?"

"I read it in your email, Sir."

Then she smiled. The rope around her wrists seems to have relaxed her quite a bit. I took some more rope and tied it around her elbows. They would easily meet, but I opted for not bringing them together but rather having them close. Just enough for her boobs to... speak.

Needless to say that I enjoyed every moment of this. But now it was the time for her fist task.

"Now, Vee, I need you to walk over there, and turn your back to the wall, facing me," I instructed her.

"That's it. Now, back straight, legs and feet together. Good! Up on your toes now... A little more. And a little more. Good! Stay like that."

"Yes, Sir."

"I expect you to stay on your toes for three minutes."

"Three minutes? Ah... Yes, Sir."

So, I sat back and enjoyed the view... Turned on the TV, just to add to her humiliation a bit. And bingo, Manchester and Liverpool had their match on. I pretended to watch the game, but in reality I was watching her closely. Naked, wrists and elbows tied little lady doing the forced tiptoe for me.

The first minute she did proudly well. The second, balance became more of an issue to deal with. But after some wobbling she managed to stay on toes, almost as high as I requested. The third minute was real tough for her, and somewhere half way through it she could not hold steadily anymore. It was high time to intervene...

I approached and said, "Let me help..."

I placed my palm over her pussy and lifted her up to a proper height. She moaned a bit softly, and started breathing heavily.

"Did you appreciate the help?"

"Oh, yes, Sir!"

"Your three minutes are finished," I said taking my hands of her moist pussy.

"You did very well."

"Thank you, Sir."

"But, now get up on toes again..."

She made some dissatisfied face but I firmly motioned her to get on toes again. She did. And as she rose up, I kissed her on the lips, and then deeper. She kissed me back, instinctively tried to use her hands, but in vain.

"Now lower your heels, you did your first task," I said.

She did. I led her to the middle of the room and came behind her. She could feel the bulge in my pants. Yet, me being fully dressed and her being buck naked seemed so natural.

I played with her pussy, standing behind her. My hand was around her waist and playing with her clit from front. She was very aroused. So I started rubbing her clit harder...

Then I added, "Baby, I will start counting now. And you will cum by the time I reach ten."

By 3 already she started building an orgasm. I had to put my other hand over her mouth... Around "8" the little tiedup hottie was screaming into my palm from intense climax... Oh, I love being a Dom so much!

I ordered her to kneel on the floor and lower her head on the pillow I placed on the floor for her. And rest some.

After brief thinking I decided to play a tomato game with her. It is a good thing for a new sub, great for the first session. Shows her place very nicely, it is moderately difficult, but not impossible, and requires a good, sexy amount of effort. So I was on my way to the kitchen for some cherry tomatoes and the plate. My zapper was already here.

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