tagBDSMVegas and Unrequited Love Ch. 04

Vegas and Unrequited Love Ch. 04


I lay there just listening for a while, to a room still on fire. I hear the beautiful sound of a woman climaxing. The party carries on but I need a time out. Someone pulls my blindfold off of my eyes. I open and find Kurt over me. I grab hold of his neck and he carries me on to an empty section of couch. He lays me on my side and lies down behind me. While spooning, I put my head on his arm. He gently strokes my torso. The oil on my body feels good as it warms. We watch a couple on the opposite couch fuck vigorously and in another spot two women lick each other deep. We say nothing at first. "It was so exciting to watch you totally uninhibited out there." Kurt says, kissing my temple.

The mushrooms are coming in stages, my head is still flying now and then. The blond bartender, dressed now like a Chippendale in a bowtie, shirtless and black short-shorts comes by with a tray of drinks, with both alcoholic and non. We take one water and two red bull and Stoli's. As we sip our drinks and rest, Sue comes up to us and asks us if she can lie down. She lies down next to me and like a good host asks us if there is anything we need. She is sipping the drink from my hand while I consider the question. Instead of answering verbally and thanking her for her beautiful husband and his beautiful cock, I'm pulling her to us and hugging her tight. We wrap against each other. I like the way her breasts feel against mine. Her body is so soft and I'm pushing my mound against hers. Behind me I can feel Kurt's cock swelling against the cheek of my ass.

"I owe you something." Sue says, kissing me softly and deeply. She then pulls me onto my stomach. Sue is kissing down my back and starts making her way down my spine. She gets to my ass and is wasting little time. She's taking a long lick from my pussy to my tail bone, then repeats. Licking and licking the crack of my ass with the flat of her tongue. Her tongue is so soft on my raw asshole that it feels as if she has power to heal my soreness. Kurt and I are gently kissing and he is stroking my cum stained hair. Sue is driving her silk tongue deep in my reservoir and I'm feeling Mike's cum spill out.

Reaching behind me, I spread my ass with my hands. "Please don't stop. Don't stop." I beg softly, repeatedly, as she circles her tongue inside the ring, again and again. After glorious minutes of making my world spin she rolls me over and starts to work on my pussy. Kurt and I continue to kiss. She is covering my clit with her mouth and massaging my button. Her skill is uncanny. My clit has never been worked so completely. Sue knows exactly what will push me to the precipice, knowing confidently that she can bring me there again anytime she pleases. Finding every crevice with her sensitive tongue, I'm pulling her head in closer with my feet on her back. "Pleeaassse..." I'm begging, but by the time I've finished the word she has me cumming hard, my center spasms and I fight off curling into a ball. The incredibly sexy woman still between my legs knew what I needed before I did. I pull Sue's pretty face that is covered in my juices up to me and thank her sincerely.

"You're welcome."

After Sue slides away, off to be a good host somewhere else no doubt, Kurt and I make a bold move to leave this den of inequity and find a bathroom. The rest of the suite is only a little brighter that the orgy room. Naked and hand in hand we find a bathroom almost as big as our hotel room. Kurt pees first and then I do. Kurt turns on the marbled walled shower. At first I'm a little hesitant. My knees are a little shaky as the mushrooms are on the decline. We climb in and right away the hot water feels amazing on my tight, oily encrusted body. Kurt rinses my skin and my hair and we hold each other like old lovers. Kurt unbuckles the collar from around my neck. He massages my neck before kissing my open mouth. I'm soaping Kurt's swelling cock and stops me, holding my hand there. Kurt calms, "This night is about our sexual fantasy out there, Lily. Going further than we ever have before, making every decadence come true."

I kiss his lips and linger there, "Tomorrow, before we have to leave, let's spend the morning in bed ordering room service and making love, nice and sweetly."

"Promise?" Kurt says while kissing me softly, suspecting that he and I, us, are part of a fantasy as well.

The wetness on our skin feels good in the hotel room air and we only towel pat ourselves half dry. We agree to go to the bar and slam back a couple of cocktails before returning to 'the room'. I tell Kurt I'll meet him there and head to the foyer to see if I can find my clothes and maybe put them where I might find them later. All I can find is my heels. I pick them up by the straps and hear a voice, "you're not leaving are you?" It's Mike. This is the first time I'm seen him naked and his body is ripped just how I imagined.

"Ah no." I stammer smiling, "I was just wondering where my clothes are."

"I have something for you to wear if you're interested." Mike, naked, offering me in a flirtatious way. I agree to check it out and he takes me to one of the bedrooms. It is a white lacy paneled corset and it's expensive looking and beautiful. I agree to try it on. I'm stepping into it and Mike starts tying the long laces in the back. While he's trying to tie I'm stepping into my strappy heels, bending over at the waist and buckling them. When I come upright, Mike continues to lace me in but I can tell he has trouble focusing. The view of my ass and pussy from behind has had the desired effect.

"Tighter Mike, I like it tighter," I tease. Once I'm in tight, I turn to him. My tits are pushing up and together, nipples almost exposed.

"What do you think?" I say, looking so hot and in control, I want to fuck me. He's lost for words, but he doesn't have to speak, his swollen cock says it all. "My wife tells me you have the sweetest tasting pussy." Mike says standing erect in front of me.

"This pussy?" I answer fingering my hole, "Too bad, because I need your cock not your mouth." Feeling empowered, I look around the room but don't see what I need. I grab Mike by his hard perfect cock and lead him out to the foyer. I push him back, his ass onto a cold hard marble bench. I'm taking his thick meat and lining it up with the opening of my cunt. I put my long legs around his back and begin to work him into my pussy. This is the first time I've felt in control all night, and I'm showing him all my moves. We kiss passionately like new lovers as I grind down on him, taking more of his perfect cock. He's grabbing me tighter by the corset, and I'm digging my fingernails into his back, trying to lessen my moans through the foyer. I move his hands to my throat and he gives me what I need. I wrap myself tight around him and I climax on his cock, shaking gloriously for the second time. New guests enter the main door, but Mike and I maintain being wrapped together. I slide off his sticky tool. With my hand I lift up his chin and give him a quick kiss. I want to fuck someone else in my heels and corset, on my terms, and I head for the bar.

As I enter the room with the bar I see three people and the bare-chested blond, surfer-type, Chippendale bartender. Kurt is sitting at one of the four stools, talking to a woman, and Tom!, our waiter who I had incredible sex with on the diving board of the hotel our first night in Vegas. "What are you doing here?" I enquire, excited to him.

"Having a margarita, what else?" Tom answers me reminiscently.

I approach casually and mirroring the woman leaning back against Tom, I lean back against Kurt sitting on a high stool, "I see you've been busy," Kurt says in my ear, smiling, commenting on my corset and long absence.

I order some drinks from the bartender and while I'm waiting for them I notice Ms. Jess' riding crop on the bar. Although my head is spinning from being a submissive, now, in the corset and having just fucked Tom so completely, I'm realizing the advantages of being in control. Fuck! I had to wait half the night to have one cock in my pussy, and with a dozen men here I'm way behind! I have a mind to pick up that crop and use it. I could start with Kurt's ass, Tom's, or the handsome blond bartender who is pissing me off by ignoring me.

I order some drinks from the sexy bartender. He lays down four shots of tequila and four beers for me and Kurt, Tom, and Tom's friend. The bartender walks off with a tray full of drinks for the main room.

I introduce myself to the sexy black woman leaning against Tom. She has frizzy hair with a reddish tint, and speaks with an English accent. We start with small talk about the show they went to and how they think the party is going so far. I want to see Tom's extra-long cock, the cock that gave me so much pleasure the first night, but Senegal is blocking my view.

While we continue to chat, the bartender returns from the other room with an empty tray. I call him over. I make him wait. He's standing there with only his tight, black shorts and a bowtie on. He's holding the tray in front of his hard naked chest. I reach down with my right hand to the bulge in the bartender's shorts while continuing to chat with Tom and Senegal. I'm taking my index finger and slowly teasing his balls and then his cock through the fabric. His cock is growing while I'm asking him what kinds of rums are available. Still with only the tip of my index finger, I slowly touch the underside of the growing tent in his shorts, up and down, as he stammers to answer.

"Mmmmm..., maybe we'd prefer some bourbon, what kind of whiskey do you have?" I ask while pulling the elastic waist from his shorts, down exposing his hairless cock and then tucking it up under his shaved balls. I have no idea whether or not this stud knew what he was getting into when he took the job, but regardless I'm going to play with him all I want.

"C and C, umm, Chivas, Jack Daniels, Makers Mark,..." The bartender answers looking forward as I'm using my middle finger and slowly running it back and forth on just the top of his attentive exposed cock.

"Excuse me." I say to Tom and Senegal as it's becoming harder to carry on two conversations. Turning to the bartender, "You seem a little nervous," I say while squeezing and slowly pumping his cock, "maybe what you need is a little personal release," Now I'm directing his free hand there. Like a good servant he begins to pump his erection. I'm pulling his balls down and away from his body. I turn back to my guests.

"I really enjoyed watching you being blindfolded and then being used on the table." Tom, excitedly, offers up.

"Actually, I was using them." I reply smiling, "I wish I knew you were watching." I turn to the bartender standing by the four of us, but looking at me. I let go of his balls and take the tray from him and put it on the bar. I remind him patiently, "Eyes front," while he pumps his erection. I reach into my cleavage and pull out the nipple clamp I had been wearing. I pull on this stud's nipple with my two fingers and attach the clamp with the other hand. He winces but takes it. I kindly put my hand to the center of his bare hard chest.

"And then with you having anal with Mike, I came twice just watching you two, and Jess." Senegal adds, seemingly still turned on.

"Mmmm, Mike is so sweet, and such a generous lover." I smile, opening my thighs and now with my left hand free, touching my sticky pussy. I blatantly bring my hand up tasting Mike on my fingers as a reminder of the fuck session they didn't see. I feel Kurt's cock stiffen against my ass and I wonder if my playing with the bartender is having a similar effect on Tom's long dick.

We chat for a few minutes more as I'm feeling the blond's heartbeat quicken against my hand. I turn back to the hard body, looking like he's about to ejaculate on my calves and I stop his hand. "You know, I think we'll..." dragging his waist band out and snapping it back into place "just have four more shots of Patron." He walks back around the bar, looking defeated, with his straining erection in his shorts.

I turn back to Kurt, spit in my hand and wrap it around his cock, giving him pleasure. The bartender pours the drinks and serves us while not looking up. I take the drinks from him and the four us throw back our shots. I pick up the riding crop and nudge Senegal to one side. Tom's cock is standing very tall in his lap. With the end of the crop, I run it the length of his tool, "Mmm," I moan and smile as if I just tasted something delicious I haven't had for a while.

"I'll see you inside?" I confirm with Tom, Senegal, and Kurt.

"That wasn't very fair." Kurt smiles, referring to me teasing the bartender.

"No? I'll fix it." I turn to the blond surfer stud, "Find me later." He nods, his ego still bruised.

I look over my shoulder, imagining the three hard cocks I'm leaving in my wake, popping my hips and holding the crop at my side, empowered, in corset and heels.

I reach the entrance of the room and stand tall, my feet apart, with my hands on my hips, my hair slicked back in a ponytail, surveying my options. Nothing much is happening in the middle of the room. Couples are mostly giving and receiving oral on the couches. Still sitting at the far end is the black gentleman with the horse cock. His monster is stiff and I'm recognizing Sue from behind grinding down her pussy on the knob. The sub with the red jewel still in her ass is on her knees below them using her hands, keeping it hard, while Sue bears down on it. Her nice ass is bouncing up and down but she doesn't seem to be gripping really any of it or making much progress.

I want this room. To control it. To dominate every cock at this party, with as much control as they had over me when I was pinned to the bar and on my knees. I move to a table on my left and gather some toys and stick them under my corset. Not looking back I move forward into the darkly lit room totally in charge. Lenny Kravitz is playing off the walls in the background. I walk almost to the center of the room and stand feet apart, all heels, legs, and corset. I see my first victim to my right. It's one of the men who held me and used me against the bar. He's standing not five feet from me beating his cock, trying to cum. Sweet Lips, my fellow veteran, is on her knees and he's gripping her hair tight, stretching back her neck, her open mouth and tongue waiting to take his cum.

I come up behind his nice muscular frame, hugging him from behind, sliding my hands to his chest and pinching his nipples hard. He acknowledges it's me and let's go of the submissive and reaches back with one hand pulling me against him. That's not good enough. I bite his shoulder and slide my hand on his cock joining his hand, stroking him from behind. Now, with both hands behind him he holds me tight. When I have his confidence, I slowly lean back pulling his wrists together and handcuffing him tight.

"Oh, you like to play," he says turning to me unafraid.

"Oh, you have no idea," I reply, smiling, in my strappy heels almost as tall as him. I squeeze his cock but push down on the swollen head with my thumb. "Oh, I'm sorry, baby, did you want to cum?" I hold him close with one hand behind his neck and with the other I continue to grip his meat and tease the head by rubbing it against my mound. "Maybe you want to fuck me?" I push his hard shaft down between my legs. He thrusts his hips against me, but I keep his cock down, not allowing him to penetrate my wet slit. "Come on, fuck me." I encourage and tease while looking him in the eyes. We stand tight together, but I keep my feet apart, offering him little friction. He won't admit defeat as he tries to rock into me, but he is becoming more frustrated with his arms locked behind him. "I know what you need." I reach into my cleavage and pull out a medium size butt plug. He's looking a little scared, but this alpha male has nothing to say. "Don't even pretend with me your ass is a virgin." I say while lubing it up with only my spit. I reach behind him and with both hands, pushing the point into his asshole and twisting it in while he's panting. "That's it, my big stud," lightheartedly, pushing it in until the thickest part, "Tell me you want it." I'm letting it slide out. My steely eyes are looking right into his running the gambit of emotions. "Tell me you want it." He tries to kiss my mouth, but I duck his insolent advance.

Now, he's aimlessly thrusting between my legs again and again, then finally admits, "Give it to me."

"What do you want?" I ask, nodding, as if talking to a moron, "You want me to fill your ass, is that what you want?" He drapes his head over my shoulder sticking his ass out. I push slow, hard and deep as he whimpers and shakes. "You can take it. You can take it." "Open. Open... Good boy." His cock is still nestled between my thighs. I'm hot and my pussy is soaked, but to let his cock in my pussy now would be to give back control. I take the riding crop that has been wedged under the side of my corset and lift it up between us, pushing underneath his cock, holding him in place. He pumps against it furiously. "Isn't this fun?" I tease. With his sensitive side of his cock fucking across the hard round cane, I have my slave just where I want him. I'm giving him just enough friction against the stick and the top of my pussy. "Faster, faster." I command. I stand closer, making him more unbalanced so if he pumps too hard, and slips out, he'll crash on his ass. When I think he's earned it, I close my legs and he sprays his seed between them. "Good boy. Good boy." When his dick stops pulsing, I squeeze out the remnants with my thumb and forefinger, and stick my thumb in his mouth. He's sucking my thickest digit clean, loving my power over him.

I take him by the balls and lower him to the floor on his back. "Lick it up." I order, straddling his face, on my knees and facing down his body. He tentatively licks his cum from my thighs as I sink lower. "Don't miss a fucking spot, use that tongue." I demand further as I put most my weight on his face smothering him. His legs are bent and apart, the result from still having his ass plugged. I'm tapping his balls with the end of my crop. He's licking the folds of my pussy clean. "Now my ass!" and he does eagerly. I'm moving my hips around reveling in being rimmed for my second time at this party. I look around the room and notice that once again I've drawn some voyeurs. I'm hitting his legs hard with the crop for affect and grinding my asshole against his tongue. My head is swimming in pleasure, but I don't feel the need to beg this time, "Come on! If you have a three inch tongue, then I expect three inches up my ass. Do you understand?" Berating him, as I'm continually striking his balls until he's doing me perfectly, "That's it. That's it," cumming, squeezing his face with my ass and thighs.

I lean forward, letting him breathe. "Good boy." I rub his cock and balls with my hand as a reward. I'm wondering if I should let him up and uncuff him, but I'm enjoying him so much. I'm sitting upright on his chest and a different naked torso and dangling cock are in front of my face.

"You see, we let the women be on top occasionally," snidely adds the man in front of me, the other half of the team that treated me like their bitch in the bar.

"Well, how about 'from behind,' or can you only fuck with your fingers." grinning, I reply, while setting up on all fours, taunting him. He quickly comes down on his knees behind me, but thinks twice before straddling his buddy's head.

"It has to be right here?" he asks moving slowly behind me.

"Yes, I'm afraid it may take both of you to make me cum," I answer in my bitchiest voice. I'm arching back and his cock slides into my ready pussy. He's holding my hips and corset, fucking me at a nice even pace. Although his cock isn't as big as Mike's or Tom's, it's very hard and is hitting my channel in all the right places. With my head over my first man-toy's equipment, since his hands are still handcuffed beneath him, I'm palming his balls and cock because I'm a generous Dom. I'm well on my way to cumming. I'm spreading my knees apart, lowering my hips, forcing the cock behind me over his friend's face. "Suck my clit." I demand as I start to roughly work the plug in and out of his ass. He's painting my clit with his tongue, but I shift forward making sure he's scraping his buddies shaft and balls. I'm pulling the stud's head behind me to my back, so he can have a front row seat to me now sucking his associate's cock. "Do you feel his tongue on your balls?" He's nodding while grinding into me, "Doesn't it feel good, baby?" Fucking me faster as response. I squeeze the bottom of the wet shaft, swelling the head further and point it at my target, "Put it in your mouth," these two alpha males are now connected mouth to cock.

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