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Vegas in Kellie


I am a little afraid to put this story out there, as I feel like I come off as quite a slut...But, you guys on here have all been really nice to me and I hope you'll enjoy this little remembrance. It happened about 6 years ago, right around my birthday (I turned 28 that year).

Back then I looked similar to now, average height, long smooth legs, and nice round boobs. My hair was died a reddish blond rather than its natural blond. I had just broken up with my long time boyfriend, and I was living in a new city where I didn't have many friends. As I had no one to lean on me and the city just reminded me of him, I decided to take off to Vegas for a weekend so I could be wild and relax at the same time.

To get ready, I went shopping and invested in short little dress for the clubs and the casinos, and some sexy g-strings and a bra. I'd like to think I wasn't planning on being a dirty girl, but thinking back to the clothes I bought, I must have been feeling especially "fun". I ended up with a great little red and black dress that barely covered my ass (and my ass was totally bare because the g-string covered nothing!) The bra really pushed up my boobs, and once I was in the dress my ass and tits were basically asking to be touched.

The first day in Vegas was relaxing, and I spent most of the time at the pool. Two guys were really watching me closely, both a lot older than me. One was kind of cute, with graying hair and a nice body, but his friend was fat and hairy. Not that that is a total turn off for me, but he was also a pig and I watched him checking out every girl who walked by and heard him say some pretty rude things to them. I knew my old bikini was a little loose on the bottom, and I had to adjust it a few time to keep my pussy covered. He must have been watching closely, because every time I adjusted, his eyes zeroed right in on my crotch. I am sure he must have seen my little pink lips at least once, and he was definitely able to tell I was totally shaved.

I left the pool as the evening approached and decided to head out to the clubs. I showered and then outfitted myself in my little dress. As soon as I put it on I knew I was in trouble. I bent over in front of the mirror, and everything was on display. From the front, my nipples were almost visible, and knowing they were so near the top of the dress turned me on, which hardened them so that it was obvious what I was feeling. It was at that moment that I knew going to a club would lead to strange guys touching me. That thought was enough to make me head out immediately...I kept thinking of strangers' hands caressing me through my dress, and random fingers bravely reaching under my skirt to get inside me. I wasn't picturing sex, just being touched.

I was bored in my room, so I left for the club earlier than most people, and when I walked in there were a lot of guys, and very few women. I decided to just have fun, so I walked out to the dance-floor and started dancing by myself. Within a few minutes, a young guy approached me and started dancing near me. He was about six feet tall, with a decent tan, but he had a dorky look to him that I liked. He caught my eye, and we were soon grinding together. I was having a fun and forgot how short my dress was, but all of a sudden I could feel cool air on my ass. He was behind me grinding into me, and he had slid my dress up so the bottom of may butt was touching him. I could feel his hands rubbing my cheeks, but instead of stopping him I grinded right up against him. Soon, other guys were near us and they were all watching as he slid my dress up further and turned me around. I felt like a piece of meat on display. This guy didn't even know me, and he was showing me off to a bunch of total strangers!

We continued to dance like that and he made a few attempts at kissing me, but I wouldn't let him...He tried to ask me my name, but even that I held back. All he could have was my body. He figured this out when I deflected his fourth or fifth kiss, and he pushed me towards a corner. The corner was off the main dance-floor, but it was right next to a couch and table, and there were four guys drinking on the couch. My boy didn't care, and backed me into the wall. He tried for one more kiss, but I shook my head. He grunted and then grabbed my ass tightly and then slapped it. He looked into my eyes expecting another "no" like when he tried to kiss me, but I just smiled.

He got the point, and as one hand fondled my ass, he slid his other hand to the front. He slid my panties to the side, and pushed his finger in and started fingering me right there. He got four fingers in easily (I was sopping wet!), and he began just jamming his fingers into my pussy and pinching my clit hard. I was loving it!

We had slid down the wall and were soon right next to the guys on the couch. They started cheering, and I looked over and realized that they were just staring at my exposed slit and the fingers going into it. This gave me an idea, so I pulled free and sat down in the middle of the couch. I felt kind of mean, but I was on autopilot by now (I had also had about six shots), and I just waved by to the first boy. He did not know what to do, but as soon as I turned to the guy sitting next to me and kissed him, he got the idea and headed back to the dance-floor alone.

"Like what you saw?" I asked the group.

They just smiled and nodded, and I asked if they wanted to feel. In what seemed like no time, two of the guys were on their knees in front of me, and the two on either side of me had already pulled my panties to the side. It was like they were just showing my pussy off to the guys on the ground. I was too drunk to remember exactly who did what, but there was a lot of touching and some licking of my pussy, and at least two of the guys slid their beer bottles into me. I was really getting wet and having fun, but I was also really drunk, and it didn't take long for one of the bouncers to see what was going on. I saw him from a few feet away. I can clearly recall that there was a beer bottle being jammed into me and hands on my breasts when he caught us. He watched for a minute until the beer bottle was removed, and then he came over and shined his light on us (first he shined it right on my pussy and then my face).

The bouncer could tell I was drunk, and he kicked the guys out and put me in a cab. I think he was the only guy who didn't try to get a free feel that night! Of course, he did carry me out, so I wouldn't be surprised if he did, indeed, stick a finger in me, seems like most guys will when they get a chance.

I may have been drunk, but I was sober enough to recall my hotel, and before I knew it I was back in my room. It was still early, and my drunken mind told me I should go back out. I knew I was too drunk to go anywhere far, so I decided to head down to the casino. I decided not to change, even though my dress was a little too slutty for the casino.

As soon as I came downstairs, I knew I had made a mistake. The lights, sounds and crowd gave me an instant headache and I got wobbly on my feet. Luckily, before I fell over, two strong arms caught me from behind. As I turned I saw the two older guys from the pool that afternoon (the afternoon seemed like an eternity ago by then...). The cute guy was the one who caught me, and he introduced himself as Dave and his friend (the fat and hairy guy) as Chad.

"You look like you need to sit down." Dave said.

I nodded lazily and he put his arm around me while Chad headed towards the elevator. I suddenly realized that they were probably not bringing me to my room.

"Are you stying here?" I asked Dave.

"Yes, we have a room on the 10th floor. You should see the view." He responded.

Again, I nodded lazily. My brain was remarkably clear despite the slowness of my body. I knew that they wanted to bring me to their room, and that they wanted to do things to me.

"Just you." I whispered to Dave.

He smiled and said, "He'll be in the room you know."

"I don't mind what he sees, but I'm not interested in him." I said.

I was hoping that we'd go to their room, I'd end up hooking up with Dave and Chad would watch me get naked and leave before Dave and I got into it.

We entered their room, and I immediately felt a little unsure. The view was of a parking lot, so I had no illusions that Dave was an honest guy. He sat down and patted the bed next to him. Chad sat across from us in a chair. Without saying a word, Dave cupped my breasts through the thin fabric of my dress. With just a gentle press he slid my dress down and displayed my bra. In one move he pulled it down and I sat there in these strange guys' room half naked.

I hadn't said a word since we came into the room. Chad just sat across from us devouring my boobs with his eyes. I knew that I did not want him to touch me and I definitely did not want to touch him.

"Chad, will you give us some time alone if I show you something?" I asked.

He nodded, and I began rubbing my boobs together as my nipples hardened. He gestured towards my crotch, and I lifted my legs onto the bed so that he could look right up my skirt. The little g-string barley covered the slit of my freshly shaved pussy, and my pink lips were clearly visible to him. He licked his lips and and I knew he wanted to see more. Dave leaned over and started pulling on my dress. I let him pull it down, and I sat there in my little panties with my bra around my stomach. Dave reached over again and removed my bra. He pointed to my pussy and I obediently stood up and bent over to remove them. I bent over so that my ass and pussy were facing Dave, but he grabbed me and turned me towards Chad. "Oh well, as long as he just looks it is okay" I thought.

I slowly slid my panties down and stepped out of them with my pussy just a foot from Chad. He was a gentleman though, and did not try to touch, but I could feel his breath on my pussy. While I was watching Chad from between my legs, I heard Dave stand up and I heard his zipper come down. As I turned towards him he grabbed my hair and directed my mouth to his already hard cock. Afraid, I just opened wide and took his head between my lips. He was circumcised and had a bigger than average cock, and I could taste the chlorine from the pool mixed with sweat and precum. He seemed to like my lips on his head and he just kept the head in my mouth while I licked it.

Soon, he began pushing it deeper into my mouth. I think he could tell I was afraid that Chad might sneak up on me, as my eyes kept trying to look to the side to make sure Chad was still sitting. Dave got the idea and let Chad watch for a few minutes before asking him to step out for a while. Chad got up and walked to the door.

"I'm next." He said.

Chad laughed as he walked out and I figured he was joking. I didn't have much time to think after that. While Chad was leaving, Dave had poured me a big shot of jack Daniels, and I took it in one drink. As the warmth of more alcohol flowed through me, Dave became very gentle and put me on the bed on my belly. He lay behind me and stated licking my pussy from behind. He even let his tongue trace my asshole as he licked the length of my slit. It felt wonderful and I started to get really wet. I needed his cock in me right then and started to beg for it.

I was too drunk to pay much attention, but I was glad to see he had a condom on. Without any more foreplay, he mounted me from behind and shoved his hard cock into my tight little pussy. He began fucking me hard and fast, and I knew already that he was going to cum before me. In less than five minutes, he had shot his load. Unsatisfied, I lay there. The whole night hit me at that moment. I thought back on what a slut I'd been, and I almost cried when I realized how many men's fingers had been in my pussy that night. The fact that made me the saddest was that I didn't even get to come.

I was still drunk and tired, and laying in Dave's bed, I drifted off to sleep. He crawled in next to me and I held back my tears as I passed out into a drunken slumber.

I awoke in the middle of the night alone in the bed. I was uncovered and laying there totally naked. Dave was not there and Chad had not returned. Just then, Dave walked back into the bedroom with a digital camera. Even half-asleep, I knew that he had already taken pictures of me, and I had only caught him after the fact. I was too tired to do anything at that point and rolled over and passed back out. I still don't know how many pictures he took or what he did to me in the pictures.

I woke up the next morning and the clock by the bed said 6:30, so it was still dark outside. I could feel Dave beside me and his fingers touching me, and even though I had a feeling I should be pissed at him, it just felt good to be in bed with someone after my breakup. I was still naked, and Dave's fingers were exploring my pussy. I didn't let on that I was awake, wondering how far he would go. I was hoping that if he tried again, he'd at least make me cum.

He continued to explore and pretty soon my pussy was very moist. This was apparently all he was waiting for. His hands grabbed by shoulders and he pulled me close. As our bodies touched, he slid into me. Right then, I knew something was wrong.

His body felt different, and his cock felt really different. In fact, it felt a lot bigger and it felt uncircumcised. I realized that he was not wearing a condom and I though this is what made him feel so different. But then he grunted and began fucking me harder and harder and I begged him to pull out and not cum in me. Instead of complying, he just laughed, and I knew that it was not Dave inside me, it was Chad. He continued to laugh as he started cumming. Big spurts kept erupting in my pussy, and his load was so big that it overflowed out my pussy and all over his cock. I was completely full of cum. Completely filled with a fat, rude, hairy asshole's cum. Knowing that and feeling his cock soften in me while the last spurts shot out, I finally began to feel my orgasm building. Not caring who he was anymore, I began grinding my clit over his rapidly deflating cock, rubbing his dirty cum all over my pussy while doing so. This was just enough to put me over the edge and I began to throb with my mounting orgasm.

Right then, Chad pulled back and said "Time to go slut. I have to be somewhere."

I froze. I had not cum, his disgusting body was now in front of me, and the sun was rising, bathing me in a cloud of desperation and dejection.

"Please." I begged.

He grabbed me around the shoulders and turned me towards him.

"Lick it clean and I might." He said.

I had to cum and my mind was barely functioning, so I slid my face down to his big uncircumcised cock. I stuck my tongue out and licked the length of his shaft and I could feel the foreskin sliding under my tongue. I could taste his salty and bitter cum, mixed with my pussy juices. After a few licks I looked up, but he just shook his head and pushed me back down. I took his soft cock in my mouth and started bathing it with my tongue. I sucked and swallowed all that dirty cum off his shaft and licked inside and outside his foreskin. It tasted disgusting.

His cock began to harden in my mouth and right when I thought I was done, he grabbed my hair and began force-fucking my mouth. I couldn't breathe and couldn't stop him, and he soon blasted a new hot and sticky load into my throat. I almost choked because he jammed his cock deep into my throat as he came. It was dripping out my onto my chin and he put his hand over my lips which made me swallow the whole mess. I was crying tears of pain and humiliation as his seed slid down into my belly.

Thinking he'd finally let me cum, I rolled onto my back and started touching my pussy while pulling his hand towards my slit. Instead of helping me, he laughed and pushed me off the bed.

"Get out you dirty slut. I don't want to be seen with a whore like you." That was the last thing he said to me.

I pulled on my beat up dress and left my bra and panties in the room. I could feel the eyes of the entire casino on me as I trudged across it to the other bank of elevators. I finally got to my room and laid on my clean bed. I slept for at least twelve hours, and I took the next flight home that evening.

After getting myself tested for STDs at home, I tried to forget the whole incident. Posting my previous stories on Literotica brought this one back, and for some reason, the memory of this night turns me on more than most, so I thought I'd put it down on paper to share.

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