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Vegas Vacation


Lance and Laura had lived next door to Bill for over six years. They were a real nice couple and Bill and his wife had them over to dinner many times.

Bill and his wife Karen had been married for 30 years. They were both 18 when they married right out of high school. Neither one was a virgin when they married. Bill lost his virginity to a baby sitter for his little sister when he was 14, and Karen had lost hers to a neighbor boy when she was 16. They still had a very active sex life, Karen loved sex and she and Bill still fooled around every day if for nothing more than a quickie.

One night they were sitting in the dark looking out at the night stars when they glanced over at Lance and Laura's house. They were outside standing on their porch doing pretty much the same thing as Bill and Karen, just looking up at the stars.

Then Lance reached towards Laura and pulled her shorts down, letting them fall to her ankles. He pushed her forward and you could see his cock jutting forward just as he entered his wife.

He fucked her like that for a good 15 minutes before turning her around and sitting her up on the table where they had plants sitting.

Laura leaned back and Lance pulled her forward enough to again enter her. He was holding her legs up as he rammed his cock into her.

Bill and Karen couldn't help themselves watching the younger couple fucking on their porch. They were the only two houses on this road so no one else was around to catch them doing the nasty.

Karen was hot watching the couple and reached for Bills cock. She began stroking him as they watched the couple fucking on their porch.

Karen turned to her husband and told him she could just picture him sliding his cock into that young pussy.

In all their years of marriage Bill had never heard Karen say anything like that. He asked her if she was serious?

She told him she was dead serious, she wouldn't mind him fucking her as long as she was there to watch. That is when the warm memories of one of their vacations came to mind as Karen and Bill sat there and watched the couple across the street fucking.

Early in their marriage they had been on vacation in Vegas where they met an older man who jokingly told them he would love to have a go with his wife.

Being young and adventurous and both having had a bit to much to drink they had told the man they would love to.

The man took them to his suite and poured them all a drink. Then very casually he slipped his hand down Karen's shorts and let his fingers slip inside her pussy. She was wet already.

Bill stood behind Karen and undid her top barring her tits for the man. He hungrily took a nipple in his mouth while still fingering her pussy.

The man took his hand from inside her shorts and helped Bill pull them off her. He led them to the bed where Karen laid down and the older man mounted her. He had a nice size cock and he could tell the woman was enjoying his fucking.

Bill by then had his cock out and was stroking it while he watched the older guy fuck his wife.

The older man asked her if she had ever had two men at once?

Well, you didn't need to make it any clearer and Bill joined them on the bed. Bill told the older man it would be a few minutes before his wife would be ready. That they had done anal sex a few times but he had to go very slowly until Karen was stretched enough to enjoy his cock in her ass.

The man asked her if she had ever had two cocks in her pussy at the same time?

She had told him no and he suggested before Bill fuck his wife in the ass that they have a go at her with both their cocks. He had Bill lay behind her and enter her, then he lifted her leg and slid his leg between theirs as he entered her from the front. Both cocks took her breath away.

Bill never knew anything could feel so good, the thought never entered his mind about the other mans cock rubbing against his as they fucked his wife, it just felt damn fucking great!

The man was kissing Karen as Bill tweaked her nipple as they both fucked her.

Karen was loving every bit of this, both cocks filling her pussy at the same time, one man kissing her and the other playing with her nipple.

They fucked like that for some time, both men having great control. Then it was time for Bill to fuck her ass.

Karen lay beside the older man as Bill gently entered her from behind. Each small inch he took would take her breath away.

The older guy was very turned on by it and kissed Karen passionately as her husband stretched her asshole for his fucking.

She was ready, she had began moving towards Bills cock instead of away meaning it was feeling good to her now.

Karen mounted the older mans hard cock and leaned forward as her husband entered her ass and began fucking her.

The older man began sucking on her nipples as her husband fucked her ass.

Bill could swear he was hitting the other mans cock with each deep stroke in his wife's ass.

Karen was in heaven, nothing had ever felt so good and she wanted it to go on forever. Then the older man slipped his hand between his and her body and got his finger on her clit.

Bill was doing the fucking pushing her pussy forward on the older guys cock and he could finger her clit to help her cum.

She was ready to cum, as were he and her husband. Her clit was hard and her breathing was more labored now. Soon all three of them were coming.

Neither man took his cock from her and they all lay there spent for the next minute or so. No one moving, just enjoying the afterglow.

Then the older man told Bill to go ahead and clean up in the restroom while he kept his wife hot. Telling Bill that you should never let the lady come all the way down while you reload. You should keep her hot and bothered till you were through making love to her.

As soon as Bill got up from the bed the older man got between Karen's legs and began eating her pussy.

Bill had never ate her pussy after he had came in her. Karen loved this it was so fucking hot.

He flipped her over onto her stomach quickly and began tongue fucking her ass. Licking all around it before shoving his tongue deep inside her asshole.

Oh my God Karen thought, she was squirming all over the bed at this new assault. She didn't know how much more of this kind of pleasures she could take.

As he tongued her ass he slipped his fingers into her pussy, giving her a nice slow finger fuck while he enjoyed her ass.

They could hear the shower running as Bill was washing up.

The man had flipped her over again and began finger fucking her. First one, then two, three and now four fingers in her.

"Relax dear you will enjoy this. I'm going to put my whole hand in your pussy dear and fuck you." It hurt a little at first but after having two cocks in there at once and just being fucked his hand went in quickly.

She was all over the place, it hurt yet it felt wonderful. She had never had a man put his whole hand inside her before.

"I could fuck, eat and play with you all night long dear he told her. Karen came and he removed his hand and replaced it with his mouth. He was deep into eating her pussy when Bill came out from bathroom.

Bill had never done that to his wife, he was amazed at how turned on she was, as he was watching the man eat the pussy they had both just came in. Bill was going to try that when they got home, seeing how much Karen was enjoying it.

"Here Bill, play with your wife's pussy while I make us all a drink to wet our whistles with while we continue on with pleasing your wife. Don't let her come down boy, keep her box hot for the pleasure we are going to keep giving her."

Bill slipped his finger into her pussy and kissed her. He whispered in her ear asking her if she was enjoying this and she told him yes, yes, yes!

The man came back with the drinks he handed one to Bill, then to Karen and one for himself. He told Karen to stroke her husbands cock while he sat there and had his drink.

The older man slipped his fingers back into her pussy taking the place of Bills. Making sure that she stayed hot and ready for him.

A few minutes later Bill said he was getting tired and that they should be going it was almost midnight.

The man suggested he lay down on the couch over in the corner for a bit and catch a cat nap and he would continue pleasuring his wife.

Bill looked at Karen and she said it was OK. Bill never remembered even laying his head down before he went to sleep.

"It's not often that I have a chance to fuck a pretty young woman," he told her. "Tell me dear does your husband use toys on you when making love to you," he asked her?

"Sometimes, but not often," she replied.

The man was fingering her pussy slowly as he talked to her. Making sure she stayed aroused while he determined how experienced was.

"What does he use on you dear," he asked her?

"We have a 7-inch dildo, and a vibrator," she told him.

"Do you enjoy it when he uses the toys to add to your love making," he asked her.

"Yes I do, very much," she said.

"Do you know what a butterfly is," he asked her?

"I've seen them in the adult store," she told him.

"I'm not talking about the cheap ones you find in adult shops here in America dear," he said. "I'm talking about the top of the line ones made in Japan and Denmark dear," he told her. "European erotica toys are made better, and are made to give real pleasure," he said.

He reached into the bedside stand and pulled out a leather bag. He reached inside and took out what Karen assumed was the butterfly, along with a small silver bullet thing which he told her was a bullet vibrator. "I'm going to give you so much pleasure dear that no longer will just a good fucking be good enough for you," he said smiling.

The bullet had a cord attached to it and an adapter. He had an extension cord along side the bed to which he plugged the adapter into. He was sitting beside her and reached to spread her legs a little further apart. He then inserted the bullet up into her ass and turned it on a slow vibration.

Karen liked the way the vibrations felt in her ass. This was nice, she was going to make sure she had one of these when they got home.

He then wrapped the butterfly around her waist, then her legs through the leg straps. He placed the butterfly over her clit and made sure it was secure. " Now dear just relax and enjoy the wonderful feelings of pleasure your going to be feeling," he told her.

He turned on the butterfly at a low speed and Karen thought this was heaven. Her ass was tingling with pleasure from the bullet which he had increased the speed on. He turned the speed up on the butterfly as well and Karen knew it would not be long before she would be having another climax.

He had reached into the bag and brought out this thing with a suction cup on it. He leaned down to her and licked her nipple then sucked on it for a few moments. He then put some kind of liquid on the suction cup and placed it over her nipple, holding it in place as he turned on a small remote control unit that made the cup beginning sucking.

Karen was going to make sure she bought one of these as well, she just had to have one of these. She loved her nipples sucked and had this fantasy of having a playmate who would do nothing more than suck on her nipples and play with her pussy.

Karen couldn't help it all these wonderful sensations were driving her towards another climax. The suction cup was increased and Karen now felt something brushing across her nipple making it even more sensitive. Something inside the tube that was attached to her nipple was brushing her nipple like crazy. She came almost instantly.

"You enjoyed that didn't you dear? I noticed how much you enjoyed having your nipples sucked and thought this would be the perfect toy for you," he told her.

"Oh my God yes, I have never felt anything so wonderful. I love my nipples sucked and this is a very erotic turn on for me," she told him.

He left the nipple teaser on her and attached another to her other nipple. He left the bullet in her ass but removed the butterfly from her.

He took out this long soft item that looked like a condom but had a cord attached at the end of it. The man slipped it over his cock attaching it at the top with a cock ring of sorts. Then he plugged in the adapter into another socket on his extension cord and it began making sucking noises.

Karen could see that it was wrapping tightly around his cock and looked like it was sucking and pulling on his cock at the same time.

"I use this to make me hard again dear while I'm playing with you," he told her.

Karen was still enjoying the sucking at her nipples when he took out this rather large and thick dildo. But this was unlike anything she had ever seen in the adult store or in sex toy books.

"This will make your pussy beg for more my dear," he told her as he inserted the tip of the dildo into her pussy. The dildo part had to be 10 or more inches and it was thick. On the other end of it was a section that had a loose covering and you could see that there was some sort of large spring inside it. That was attached to a hard plastic handle that you could see a small motor inside.

He plugged this into the extension cord as well and told her she would now enjoy the best hard and fast fucking she had ever had.

He turned it on it's lowest setting letting the dildo glide in and out of her pussy. He then pressed it further into her still on the slow speed. Soon she had taken almost the whole length of it.

With each slow thrust of the dildo you could hear the catch in her breathing as it was almost to much for her pussy to take. He increased the speed and she was now moaning and squirming around the bed in her pleasure.

She glanced at her husband over on the couch and he was snoring and dead to the world. She didn't know how he could sleep through all the noise she was making. No man had ever fucked her like this toy was, hell no man could, unless he was some kind of superman and never tired. She hadn't expected the increase in speed and it took her breath away.

The man was dripping some kind of lubricant onto the dildo so it would keep her wet and moist. She was begging him to stop, she didn't think she could take anymore.

"Yes you can dear, and you will cherish your climax," he told her. The dildo was pounding her pussy and she knew she was going to cum any second. When she did, she knew he was right, she had never experienced an orgasm such as that one. He turned the dildo off and pulled it slowly from her pussy.

He removed the thing covering his cock and got between her legs to enjoy another taste of her pussy.

Karen was coming down from her sexual high and enjoying the slow oral stimulation the man was giving her much fucked pussy. The bullet was still vibrating in her ass and he turned it up another notch.

He ate her pussy for a long time before mounting her again to fuck her.

Karen came twice while he fucked her, once just from the nipple teaser driving her to climax as he fucked her, then again as he neared his climax.

"Have you enjoyed yourself so far my dear," he asked her?

"How could you even ask that question, I have never felt anything so wonderful nor came so many times in one night. I will always remember this night for as long as I live," she told him.

"I'm pleased dear, now one more thing before we end our night of pleasure," he was saying to her. "I have saved the best for last," he said reaching again into the leather bag.

He pulled out this oblong thing with a small suction cup on the end of it with a small rubber ball inside the cup. He inserted the pounding dildo into her pussy again and turned it on slow speed.

Her nipples were burning with pleasure from the nipple teasers, her ass was vibrating in pleasure from the bullet, and her pussy was being fucked non stop from the electronic dildo, what the hell more could he do to her she was wondering.

He got up from the bed and went into the bathroom coming out with two large bath towels which he placed under her ass. He made sure the fucking dildo was placed right and doing it's job before explaining to her what the item was he had in his hand.

"This item is used for the most part in the BD/SM areas of sexual pleasure. It is used by the Dom to inflict pain on his submissive for some wrong thing they may have done in displeasing he or she for that matter.

When he said pain Karen's eyes got real large and he assured her before she could say anything that he would never inflict pain on her.

"I don't get my pleasure from inflicting pain on anyone dear, " he said. "But this can also be used to give one some very intense and enjoyable pleasure that is almost unequaled in the pleasure department," he told her.

He turned the dildo up one notch higher and Karen began squirming around on the bed again from the pleasure. He reached down to her pussy and placed the cup end over her clit, holding it there firmly. He had already turned it on slow before fixing it over her clit.

Oh my God Karen thought as soon as the little ball inside began spinning around on her clit, this will make me cum real fast she was thinking. She was breathing hard and it was not long before she climaxed.

The man didn't stop though, he turned it on one notch higher and pressed it firmly over her clit.

Karen was now damn near bouncing off the bed, she was begging him to stop, her sensitive clit could not take much more, but he just kept it there. She tried to pull his hand away but he turned it up just a little more, she was now begging him to stop, she tried to pull his hand away again. "Please, you must stop I can't take anymore.

He turned it down to slow again, Karen was breathing hard, yet her pussy was still reacting to the dildo fucking her and the ball rubbing her clit. Her body began to tense and he knew she was ready to climax again, just as her climax started he turned it back up to medium and she came with an explosion, she also urinated not being able to stop that from happening.

She lay there panting in her euphoria as he removed every pleasure item from her body. She lay there for almost five minutes, coming down before opening her eyes.

"Don't feel ashamed about what happened dear nor embarrassed by it, that is why I had placed the towels under you. That always happens when that moment of intense sexual release comes, you lose all control," he explained to her. "But you enjoyed it didn't you," he asked her?

"I have never enjoyed anything so much in my life, I have never experienced anything like that and I want to thank you for the most pleasurable night of my life," she told him honestly.

She glanced at the clock by the bed, it was 5:30 am. My God he had been pleasuring her for over 5 hours and her husband was still asleep on the couch.

"Come my dear lets go shower and then let me put you in a warm bath to soak your sore body." Sore wasn't the word for it, she hurt like hell down there but it was the kind of hurt where you know you have been pleased well, very well.

Now here she sat jacking off her husband while watching the young couple across the street fucking on their porch. Remembering her once in a lifetime night of the most intense pleasure she had ever gotten. She was going to start to feel out the young couple and see just how sexually adventurous they were. She would like to see her husband fucking Laura and she wouldn't mind a go with Lance herself.

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