tagLoving WivesVegas Vacation Ch. 01

Vegas Vacation Ch. 01


Vegas in June!!!

Terre was looking hot after weeks of pole dancing classes, not that she wasn't hot already.

By the time of our trip, her tits looked amazing, her stomach had flattened with a small hint of abdomen definition and her ass looked amazing.

Best of all, she had grown much more comfortable with her body. And she loved to show it off. She had always loved me taking exotic pictures of her, but with her hot body and the confidence of having a man wanting to fuck her all the time, she loved getting naked now.

I had hit the gym a little more regularly as well, but hadn't gotten the same results as my wife. Not that I was fat, but not as much definition and flattening as Terre achieved.

By the time our plane had touched down in Las Vegas, we were horny and nervous with excitement. We arrived on Monday and planned on leaving on Saturday. Our plans included visiting the Red Rooster swingers club and maybe the Green Door, with the rest of the plans up in the air.

We were staying at the Flamingo and by the time we got to our room and unpacked, it was 4:30 so we decided to take a nap before heading out for the night. Well, we fucked before napping.

It was 8:00 by the time we were ready. Terre had gone into the bathroom to get dressed. She had bought all new clothes for out trip and I was forbidden to see what she had bought. When she emerged from the bathroom, my jaw must've hit the floor.

While I had noticed the work she had put in at the gym, she looked like a model standing before me and defying her 53 years of age. She wore a red corset that plunged well below her tits, leaving them covered only by the straps. The skirt, a black leather one, was tight and showed off her wonderful ass.

She finished the outfit with a pair of black stilettos that were higher than anything I had seen her wear before. Her hair was a little more done up than normal and she had done her makeup more "slutty" with some red around her eyes to match her corset.

People were going to think I was out with an escort tonight. I was getting hard and could've shot my load when she lifted her skirt to show a tiny black G-string underneath.

Even though I was in a button-down shirt and pair of slacks, I felt a little under dressed considering the effort she had put into the night.

We headed out to dinner at the restaurant in the casino. I could feel all eyes on my wife as we walked through the casino to the restaurant. I'd like to think some jealous eyes fell on me as well.

We got to the restaurant and were seated quickly. We ordered a bottle of wine. By the time we had finished with dinner, we had drank a second bottle. While we both knew we had come to Vegas to explore seeing each other fuck someone else -- hopefully often -- and she was definitely dressed for it, we just sat and ignored the world while we drank and ate.

Once we were finished, we were both pretty buzzed. While my wife had become flirtier since we had started this lifestyle, she had always been flirty, although she would never admit it. We knew we were going to the swingers club the next night, but decided to check out a small dance club in the Flamingo that had a live band. We didn't know if we'd find the "hook up" but figured it was worth a shot.

Once we got there, we saw the place wasn't packed, but had plenty of people there and many were dancing. Terre went to find a place to sit/hang out while I went to the bar to order me a Goose and Cranberry and her a Amerretto Sour. I made my way to her and gave her her drink. We hung out, chatted and people watched. By the time I was ready for a second drink, I had to use the bathroom.

When I returned with a new drink -- Terre was still working her way through her drink -- she had struck up a conversation with a cute couple. When I got there, Terre introduced them as Matt and Gina. I could tell Terre was smitten with Andy and Gina was easy on the eyes as well.

She had a nice figure, accentuated by the tight black pants she had on with a designer halter-top, nice brown hair, very cute face with penetrating blue eyes. The four of us chatted for a while (they were from Chicago and both attending a convention that started on Monday and decided to spend a weekend in Vegas before work started for them) before the band played a slow song. Terre asked Andy if he would dance with her and he quickly accepted. I took Gina by the hand and led her to the dance floor.

Once we settled into a rhythm, Gina asked me something that I never would've believed could happen to me. I had read stories about swingers having difficulty finding other couples to play with and so on. I couldn't believe our luck when Gina looked me in the eye and asked me the big question.

"You two are swingers, aren't you?"

"Umm, well," I stammered before catching my tongue. "Kind of. How'd you know?"

"Look at how your wife is dressed," she whispered in my ear. "You only wear something like that when you know you want to get fucked. Plus, you keep looking over at her and I don't think that hard cock pressing into my stomach is from just dancing with me."

Suddenly embarrassed, I pulled away from Gina slightly. However, she pulled me back into her just as quickly.

"Don't worry," she continued. "Matt and I swing also. That's we came to Vegas early for the convention. You said 'kind of' when I asked if you two swing. What did you mean by that?"

I explained that Terre and I had fucked other people, but we had only been with two other couples and we wanted to try picking up another couple while in Vegas. Gina understood. She also complimented me on my size when her hand drifted between us and grabbed my cock.

When I looked at Gina to smile at her, she nodded for me to look to my left. When I did, I saw Matt and Terre kissing passionately and Matt's hand rubbing my wife's ass through her dress.

Just as I went to kiss Gina, the song ended, but she smiled and told me there'd be plenty of time later for that.

We left the dance floor and I asked Terre to join me at the bar to get another drink.

"You seem a little flushed," I told my wife with a big smile on my face. "You know, they're swingers."

"I didn't know for sure, but they came up and talked to me when you were in the bathroom."

"You seemed to enjoy the dance," I said. "Looks like you would've fucked him on the dance floor."

"Is this from watching me or wanting to fuck Gina," she asked grabbing my cock.

"Probably both."

We got our drinks and headed over to where Matt and Gina were sitting. Terre immediately sat close to Matt and I took my seat next to Gina.

I don't know where Matt and Terre had their hands, but Gina immediately put her hand on my cock, which was still hard, and my hand went to her pussy and I massaged her through her pants. Our lips met and we began to kiss.

I don't know how much time expired, but I was more than worked up when Gina suggested we go upstairs to their room. We finished our drinks and since we were all four pretty drunk by now, we stumbled to the elevator.

Once the elevator door closed, Gina immediately began kissing me and I saw Terre and Matt embrace as well. When the door dinged to open for our floor, we all broke the embraces. I noticed that Matt had untied Terre's corset and her tits were exposed.

As we left the elevator, Terre made no attempt to cover herself. My new confident wife.

As we walked to the room, Matt managed to raise her skirt so that she walked with her dressed bunched around her waist putting her G-string on display. My hand was under Gina's ass and massaged her pussy as we walked down the hall.

To be honest, I was mesmerized by watching Terre play with Matt while trying to also make sure that Gina didn't lose interest in me. If there was any doubt if I could handle watching Terre play..

Matt opened their door and led Terre into the room while Gina and I followed.

"You want to watch your wife fuck my husband, don't you," Gina asked me as the door closed. I nodded. "Then let's go to the couch and watch before we play."

We moved around Terre and Matt, who didn't notice us as they were locked in another embrace. I did notice Matt had his hand buried in my wife's panties. Gina led me to the couch where we sat close to each other. Our hands still massaging the other's genitals.

I noticed Matt and Gina make eye contact and smile. Matt then led my wife to the bed and had her sit on the edge. He stood there and stripped before her. I was glad to see that he had a similar build to me (funny, how I was still unsure of my body despite all that was happening).

When he lowered his underwear, freeing his cock, Terre immediately reached out and grabbed it as she lowered her mouth to take him in her mouth. As I watched my wife suck his cock, I realized I was harder than I had ever been in my life.

I felt Gina unbutton my pants and unzip them as well. As her hand made contact with my bare cock, Matt stood Terre up and helped her out of her skirt and G-string. He laid her on her back, naked except for her heels. She opened her legs wide as he moved over her.

With one quick motion, he pushed his cock into my wife and began fucking her missionary style. Terre was moaning and hissing as Matt slowly picked up his pace before slowing back down. I was mesmerized as I saw Matt on top of my wife, her legs and heels wrapped around his upper thighs/ass and kissed while they fucked.

I was so into what I was watching, I had not noticed Gina had moved off the couch and knelt in front of me. My trance was broken when I felt the wetness of her mouth on my cock. I looked at her and noticed she had taken her top off, revealing a nice pair of perky tits.

"Keep watching," she told me when our eyes met. "I've seen Matt fuck plenty of women."

So as Gina sucked my cock, I watched Matt continue to fuck my wife. My eyes went back to the bed just in time to see Terre have her first orgasm with Matt. He fucked her through it and brought her to another one almost immediately after her first one subsided.

It was like I was watching porn, but live and with my wife. It was a good thing I was drunk, because otherwise, I would've blown my load already.

After her third orgasm with Matt on top of her, he pulled out of her and turned her over on her hands and knees. When he got behind her, he pushed his cock back into her and began pounding her from behind mercilessly.

Terre was lost in orgasm oblivion as Matt assaulted her pussy with his cock. I saw him tense up and realized he was blowing his load in my wife's pussy. With a loud grunt, he thrust one last time before he and Terre collapsed on the bed with him on top of her.

Almost as soon as her husband had cum in my wife, Gina stood up and removed her tight pants. I took the time to undo my shirt and get my pants the rest of the way off. As soon as I was naked, Gina straddled my lap with her tits in my face and lowered herself onto my cock, which was still harder than it had ever been in my life.

"You've got a fantastic cock," Gina whispered in my ear. "So big. So fucking big. How big?"

"A little over 6 inches," I whispered back in her ear, feeling some pride that biology had blessed me with.

"You've been told right," she whispered. "You're hitting me deeper Matt hits me."

I don't know why it matters, but in a strange sense, I felt good about what Gina had just told me. Matt was in better physical shape than me. However, I had him beat easily in the size down there department. He had made my wife cum several times and his wife was cooing in my ear about my size. I didn't have any insecurities about this anymore. None.

Gina started riding me as my tongue began playing with her nipples. At one point, I noticed Terre was on the bed, lying on her side and watching us. I also noticed she was massaging her clitoris as she watched.

Knowing that she was okay with what she was seeing, I relaxed and just enjoyed the hot brunette riding my cock. However, as soon as I relaxed, Gina exploded in her own orgasm, which considering all that I had just seen, sent me over the edge and I unloaded deep in her.

Knowing that we were all pretty drunk and tired from the intense sex, Terre and I decided to head back to our room instead of waiting for round two, which I figured would've happened.

Matt and Gina stayed naked as we dressed. Before we left, we exchanged numbers and promised to meet up again before the end of the weekend.

Terre and I headed to our room and both agreed that was amazing. We also agreed that, while different, was just as exciting as fucking others by ourselves and something we agreed to do as often as we could and/or the opportunity arose.

By the time we got to our room, I was hard again. Once we got in the door, I bent my wife over, lifted her dress to her waist, pushed her G-string aside and got my cock out. Neither of us wanted romance and I just pushed into her rapidly.

Combined with her own wetness and the cum from Matt that was still in her pussy, I entered easily. For the first time in my life, I was getting sloppy seconds. I wasn't expecting to get so turned on by the thought. Definitely something to possible explore in the future.

Once I blew my load in her, joining Matt's, we cleaned up and got ready for bed. With the alcohol, the sex and the exhaustion from the nerves of our first time sharing in front of each other, sleep came easily.

When I awoke the next morning next to my naked wife, I wondered how day two could top day one. I felt my wife's hand reach back and grab my hard cock. Day two started with me fucking my wife. I had no idea what the rest of the day would hold, but I was so looking forward to it.

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