"Are you sure you can take it? I get pretty nasty when I get hot." My fingers were stroking her clit. "I know. Don't stop Mikie, I'm gonna cum soon." I leaned even closer to her ear. "You don’t let that fat pussy cum until I tell you. Open those legs. When I shove something up your fat ass, I'm gonna enjoy hearing your scream. That's right fuck my fingers bitch." Mary had her hand in her mouth. She was biting her hand to stifle her scream. Her ass was humping my fingers so hard, If anyone looked at us, they would know immediately what we were doing. Mary grabbed my hand and held it tight against her. She continued to hump my fingers. Then I felt her shudder and my hand was coated with her flood of cream. "Oh you big slut. So much juice came from your pussy, it's dripping all over the chair. If we were in your bed, I'd make you put that fat ass up in the air as I made you lick it up." I could hear her muffled whimper as she rode out her orgasm. I pulled my fingers from her cunt and took out the two handkerchiefs I had brought along. "Clean your pussy, then I think you should make a trip to the bathroom." She was embarrassed as she stuck her hand between her legs and wiped again and again. The handkerchiefs were soaked when she handed them back to me. "What are you going to do with them?" I took them and stuffed them into the empty frank bag. Then stuffed the bag inside my jacket pocket. Mary got up and went to the bathroom. While she was gone, I moved over a few seats. After she came back, we settled down and watched the rest of the movie.

When we got to her apartment, she poured two glasses of wine. "I still can’t believe what you did." I smiled at her. "What's the matter. Never had your pussy fingered in a movie before?"

"No!" Her face showed her wonder and carnal lust at what had been done to her. "Well now you have. You seemed to like it." She took a sip from her glass and bowed her head. "I liked the way you talked to me. It made me even hotter. That's why I came so hard." I sat my drink down. I kissed her cheek as my hand went to her tit. "Take this dress off and let me see those gigantic tits." I was squeezing her tits, letting my fingers find her nipples. "If I had bought something to work up your fat cunt, I would have turned you into a movie. A slut fuck movie. You never even noticed the other couple watching as your big ass humped my fingers. I was ready to tell them to come back and get a good look." I was getting rougher with her tits. Mary, her hands at her sides, her fist clenching and opening as I manipulated her tits just moaned. "I know what you want. You can't wait till I watch you fuck yourself. I'm gonna make you kneel in front of me and pull your fat ass apart so I can watch that zucchini slide in. I bet you got a big asshole too." I was pulling her nipples hard now and she was whimpering. But she didn't tell me to stop so I didn't. "Do you want it Slut? You ready for me to fuck that fat ass?" Mary had her head back against the cushions. Her mouth was open wide and she was pushing her chest up to meet my punishing hands. "Please Mike! Oh please!" She kept moaning over and over. I stopped before she could make herself cum. I stood up and picked up both glasses. "Let's go into the bedroom. And bring the zucchini. If you have two bring both."

When Mary came into the bedroom, I was already sitting on the bed. She had two nice sized zucchinis. They were long without too much of a curve to them. I took them from her and handed her the glass of wine. She stood sipping from her glass but her eyes never left mine. She was working her nerve up. It was one thing to be on the other end of the phone. This was reality check time. "Take that dress off and let me see just how big you are." With trembling fingers, she worked the zipper down in the back. Then she held the top of her dress in front of her like it was a shield. I stood up and gently pulled it away from her body. She let it go and I let it fall to the floor. Her tits were bulging out the top of her bra. I reached up and unsnapped it. Her twin globes of flesh fell free of the restraining cups. I smiled at her. "I knew you had big tits, but damn baby! I could get lost in these mountains." Like she said, she had big fat nipples. They must have stood out about an inch from her tits. She had a roll of fat around her stomach. I let my hands squeeze and caress it. "I can't wait to see this shaking as you fuck yourself." I pushed her slip down over her wide hips. Her ass was big and wide. She didn't have on her pair of plain white cotton panties. They were still in my jacket pocket. I let my hands slide over her cheeks. "Such a fat ass. Will you scream and beg me as I shove that zucchini up there? Or will you take it all and beg me for more?" I could tell that she was uncomfortable with what I was saying to her. I caressed her face. "I told you I would talk nasty to you. But if what I'm saying hurts too much I'll stop." I let my fingers slide down between her legs and pushed in till I felt her slit. I let my finger caress her pussy lips until I found her clit. She shook as I rubbed it. "Tell me to stop and I will. Do you want me to stop?" She opened her legs a bit as she shook her head 'no'. "Are you ready my sweet? Get up on the bed."

I positioned Mary in the middle of her queen-sized bed. I propped pillows behind her as she lay back against the headboard. I sat at the foot of the bed and watched her. Mary spread her legs wide. Her fat thighs opened to show her pussy. "Mary. Are you ready to fuck your pussy for me? Take the zucchini and begin to work it into your pussy." Mary picked up the zucchini and looked at me. "How do you want me to do it?" I looked at this woman. Sitting before me on this bed, totally naked, totally exposed for our mutual pleasure. We were going to fuck each other's minds as we masturbated. "Do it the way you did the other night. Tell me what you're doing and how it makes you feel. Oh Mary, your pussy lips are so swollen. I can see that red, wet hole. It's waiting for you to take care of it. You want me to watch don't you?" Mary started to rub the tip of the zucchini up and down her slit. "Talk to me baby. Talk to me as you fuck that fat cunt." Mary closed her eyes and lay her head back against the pillows.

"I was thinking about calling you. I imagined how you would talk to me. You knew I used veggies and fruits to fuck my pussy. That you knew what I did made me feel so hot and nasty. I lay in my bed and began to work the zucchini into my pussy. I was wet. Just like I am now. I teased the tip inside my pussy. I could feel the lips being pushed open as it went in. but I wouldn't push it in just yet." Mary sat there doing just what she said she had been doing the night before. She had the zucchini in her hand and was teasing the lips of her pussy with the tip. I watched as she pushed the tip into her pussy. She rubbed it around her cunt, then pulled it out. "Slow baby. Fuck it nice and slow." She continued her tale. "I thought about you watching me fuck myself. I started to slowly fuck my pussy. I held the zucchini in one hand and started pulling my nipple with the other hand." Mary reached up and began to pull her nipple. I wanted to help her get even hotter. "Pull those big titties. Open up those fat thighs. You big pussy bitch. I can't wait to see you shoving that zucchini up into your pussy. I'm gonna make you shove it up that cunt so hard, you'll piss as you cum."

Mary had worked about three inches into her cunt now. She was pushing it in and pulling it out. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. She would open her eyes occasionally to see if I was still watching. She stopped as I got off the bed. She watched me as I undressed in front of her. When I was nude, my hardon sticking out proudly at her, she pulled her nipples and licked her lips. When I wrapped my fist around it and began to stroke it slowly she moaned. "I'm going to put a condom on and shove it down your throat. Keep fucking that pussy, I didn't tell you to stop." There were about 5 inches buried in her fat cunt now. I watched as her pussy lips were pushed in when she pushed the zucchini in. She had good muscle control, cause her lips held on tight as she pulled the veggie out. The juice around her slit grew thicker as she worked. It was as if she was whipping it into thick cream. "Is it good? You look so nasty sitting there fucking that pussy with that long zucchini." She opened her eyes and smiled at me. Then her face went back to her intense concentration. "Oh Mike! It's so much better with you watching. Do you see? Do you see how far I'm shoving it in?" She was pushing about 8 inches in and out now. From the look on her face, sometimes she was making it hurt. "Oh! Mike! I Can't" she was saying a word with each thrust. "I! Can't! Take! Any! More!" I couldn't take much more either. I needed to cum and quick. I reached in and grabbed her nipples. I pulled and twisted them hard. Mary's eyes flew open and she cried out in pain.

"Now you slut. Fuck that pussy. Faster! Harder! I'm gonna work my whole hand up in that fat pussy and see how you take it." Loud wet slurping, sucking sounds were cumming from her pussy as she fucked herself. "I'm gonna cum! Oh Mikie! I'm gonna cum! Mikie! Mikie! Mikie you bastard, I’ve never had it like this. IEEEEEE!" Mary jerked her hand from the zucchini and her fingers grabbed her cunt. Her finger rubbed her clit so hard; I could feel the pain. She threw her head back, opened her mouth and cried out her orgasm. I knelt close to her and pushed my dick between her tits. I fucked her hard, holding her tits together until I came. My cum shot from the tip of my dick and splashed her neck and chin. "I’m fucking these tits bitch! Feel my hot cum. I'm gonna rub it all over your skin. Oh Mary! Oh baby!" We collapsed on the bed. I felt more drained than if I had actually fucked her. Mary lay on her side, occasionally jerking as another spasm hit her body. By the time she had stopped jerking, we were laying looking at each other. I started to smile, then she smiled too. We began to laugh and were soon hysterical. "Was it good," I asked her? "Oh Mike, that was the best. I came so hard." She reached down and felt her pussy. "Damn! I've never been this wet. And my pussy is so sore, I won't touch it for a week." I laughed as I held up the other zucchini. "I guess we'll save this one for another time." Mary looked at the zucchini. This one was smaller and thinner than the one she had just used.

"If you made me work that hard on my pussy, I'm afraid to let you use my asshole." I took the zucchini and placed it on the night table. "Well Mary, did it feel better having me watch?" Mary looked at me. "Mike I can't describe how much hotter I got. With you talking to me the way you did, and then grabbing my nipples, damn." Mary reached up and rubbed her nipples. "But when you fucked my tits I came again. It was so nasty. I felt you’re cum splash against my neck and chin. I felt the stickiness all over my tits. I didn't want you to stop." She was smiling. I leaned over and kissed her cheek. It's hard to put much in a cheek kiss but I tried. Then I let my lips brush her ear. "Wait till I give you a good fist fucking. I’ll show you just how big that pussy can get. You'll whine, cry and beg, but I'll just keep fucking you with my hand. And don't think your ass will get off any lighter. You're mine now. We sealed it with the zucchini you buried in your pussy." Mary was stroking my dick lightly. "If you can get hard again and put on a rubber, I'll see just how far I can take this snake down my throat without choking to death." I laughed. "A little gagging and choking is good for you." We sat in bed staring at each other smiling. I knew I would never look at fruits and vegetables the same way again.

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