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Velma's Sweater Meats


The Scooby Gang decided to take a few days off from catching ghosts and solving mysteries. It's New Year's Eve and the gang decided to stay in and watch movies together. However, Freddy and Daphne were really into the hot, love scene that came up on the scene. The two started making out on the couch, next to Shaggy and Velma.

"Hey you guys get a room," complained Shaggy.

Shaggy has always been jealous of Freddy but never showed it. He hated Freddy because of his good looks, charms, and the fact that, he has been banging Daphne for over a year and Shaggy has yet to score with anyone because he is the complete opposite of good looking Freddy. He wasn't attractive, barely took baths, and was very shy around girls. Shaggy sometimes wishes that he was the man that Freddy was.

Velma on the other hand, was nowhere near Daphne's hot looks. Velma sometimes wished that she didn't have the framed glasses, freckles, the red hair duo, which reminded everybody of the Beetles, and the extra fat on her skin. Velma was ashamed of her body and always wore thick and bulky sweaters to cover up her thickness. She wasn't totally fat but not as skinny as spoiled and rich Daphne.

Freddy and Daphne headed upstairs to finish what they started. Shaggy stayed downstairs and continued watching movies with their trusty dog Scooby Doo. Velma went upstairs to change clothes and head to bed.

"Some New Year's! I'm always alone on New Year's except around the rest of the gang. Freddy has Daphne and Shaggy has Scooby in a weird way. I've got nobody. For once I wish I could get a kiss or even have sex on the dawning of a New Year. Guess I really don't have anything to look forward to next year either," Velma said with a doubting voice.

Velma usually slept wearing sweaters because if anyone were to rob them, they wouldn't be able to see her chubby body.

As Velma was trying to sleep, bedsprings, loud moaning, and other noises could be heard from Freddy's room. She got out of bed and went out into the hallway. Velma saw that Freddy's room was open, just wide enough for someone to see all of the action.

Velma was curious as to how real people have sex. Velma is a huge virgin in just about everything. She tiptoed up to the door and watched as Freddy was pounding the hell out of Daphne's pussy. He was on top of Daphne with her long, skinny legs, wrapped around his waist.

Velma's small perils became enormous as she was seeing her first, real time sex act in person. She started to feel weird on certain parts of her body. Velma has felt horny before but never like this. She watched closely as Freddy sat up, but continued stuffing Daphne's soaked cunt with his dick.

All Velma could really see was Freddy's ass and the motions of him, pushing his cock between Daphne's pussy lips. Freddy's hands were wrapped tight around Daphne's big fake 34DD titties as they bounced up and down on her chest.

Sweat started to form on Velma's forehead and her face became red. It was almost like Velma was having sex with Freddy from the way her body started to heat up.

"Hey Velma? What are you doing?" asked Shaggy, who came up behind her.

"Shaggy!" You startled me," said Velma as she quickly turned around.

Shaggy took a peek inside Freddy's room and saw his crush being rammed hard in the doggy-style position by the man he was jealous of.

"Oh man! I didn't want to see this," said Shaggy.

"Let's go to my room and leave these two alone," Velma suggested.

Velma and Shaggy looked one last time inside Freddy's room and saw him unloading hot, thick layers of his cum across Daphne's large breasts and nipples. Both Shaggy and Velma were disappointed in their own right.

Velma and Shaggy headed to her room, but once she opened the door, her room was all nice and neat, and she didn't want a dirty person like Shaggy inside her room.

"Why don't we go to your room, Shaggy?" Velma suggested.

"Are you sure?" Shaggy asked.

"Yes, I just remembered that my room is being exterminated for cockroaches," Velma made up.

Shaggy just scratched his head and went along with her.

The two entered Shaggy's domain. That's what the sign on his door said.

Clothes, beer cans, dog food, shoes, and much, much more were cluttered all over Shaggy's floor.

"God Shaggy, don't you ever clean up?" Velma said with a disgusted voice.

"Sure, once a month. This is actually the cleanest my room has ever been," Shaggy said.

Velma immediately spotted pictures of Playboy centerfolds and other half or completely naked women on his wall.

"God Shaggy, you're a pervert," Velma blurred out.

"Why thank you," Shaggy replied.

"I've never been in your room, but now I'm glad I've never entered," Velma said.

Velma took a bottle of wine that Shaggy had on his dresser and started drinking it straight from the bottle. Velma wasn't a drinker, but since her life was already in hell, she decided to make the best of it.

"I'm glad we took this vacation. Catching ghosts is a really scary job. Why can't we just work on Halloween?" Shaggy questioned.

"Are you still a virgin, Shaggy?" Velma blurred out.

"WHAT!" said a stunned Shaggy.

"Are you still the big V?" Velma rephrased.

"What do you think?" Shaggy responded.

"If you are, I won't tell," said Velma.

"Well...you see...well...yes," Shaggy hesitated to say.

"And let me guess. You wanted Daphne to be your first?"

"How did you know that? Has Scooby been talking to you? I'm going to beat the shit out of that dog," Shaggy said angrily.

"No dumb ass, dogs don't talk. I'm looking straight at a huge picture of a big-breasted naked lady with Daphne's head on it. That's how I know."

"Oh, well, I was only kidding about beating Scooby. I would never hurt my dog," Shaggy said with a small smirk.

"What is there about Daphne that attracts you to her - her face, her personality which isn't a good one, her money, what?"

"Well. She is hot. I don't mind the personality. She's loaded with money and she has big boobs."

"Yeah, Shaggy, brought and paid for tits. Those things aren't natural. None of those girls that you have on your wall have natural big breasts," Velma informed Shaggy.

"And? What's your point? Women with big fake boobs can be just as hot as women with big, natural boobs. Those kinds of girls barely exist around here."

"I hate that word boobs."

"Ok. What about tits, titties, melons, chi chi's, ta ta's, jugs, hooters? Only if ghost women had big tits, I wouldn't be much afraid."

"Shut up, Shaggy," said Velma interrupting him.

Velma took another guzzle of the bottle of wine and threw the empty bottle to the floor. She quickly launched herself on top of Shaggy and had him pinned down on his bed.

"God, Velma, you're like a wild animal tonight. I've never seen you like this? You must drink more often," Shaggy said.

Velma let out a small giggle.

"Shaggy, what do you think about me?" Velma asked curiously.

"Well...um...let's see...well, Velma, you're a nice girl. Very smart. Got nice glasses. Have the legendary Beetle's hair cut," Shaggy mumbled on.

"No, Shaggy, I mean do you think I'm just as pretty as Daphne?"

"Velma? Sorry to disappoint you but no," Shaggy said bluntly. "You're somewhat attractive in your own right. You're neither super ugly nor a hot playboy cover girl like Daphne. If I had to rate you from a scale between 1 and 10, I would give you a 4 1/2. You're on the edge of cuteness."

"Thank you, Shaggy. You're been a big help. And speaking of big, what is that you're poking me with?" Velma questioned.

Shaggy gave a small smirked.

Without even knowing, Shaggy has sprouted a boner from Velma being on top of him.

"I believe it's my dick, Velma. I almost forgot that you're never felt one before," Shaggy answered.

"Good Lord, Shaggy, you're disgusting, but it's somewhat flattering considering that no guy has ever sprung a boner for me. I was certain that my looks would have made your dick even smaller."

"Even smaller!" Shaggy said infuriated.

"Oh! I'm sorry, Shaggy. I didn't mean to upset you," Velma apologized.

"It's ok, Velma, just watch what you say about my penis. It's not small. In fact, a few girls could tell you that it isn't," Shaggy explained.

"I thought you were a virgin?

"I've done other things, Velma. Catch up."

"Like what?" Velma asked curiously.

"Well...like...Getting head from a hooker, receiving a hand job from a nice neighbor."

"You're sick, Shaggy."

Suddenly, Velma and Shaggy were thrown off their conversation by the sounds of Daphne, screaming and hollering for her life followed by moans and dirty talk. Hearing that caused Shaggy's sprouted boner to grow even more.

"I see Daphne's voice really turns you on? Doesn't it, Shaggy?"

"And? What if it does?" Shaggy said.

"I bet I would be much better at screaming and hollering and moaning out your name then Daphne ever could. I've got something or somethings that rich old Daphne doesn't."

"And what's that?" Shaggy asked curiously.

"Real breasts."

"Real breasts? Hmm. I don't think any of us has ever seen what your body looks like in a bikini, Velma?" Shaggy explained.

"That's because I don't like showing off my body like Daphne does. She has become a little slut and it makes me sick. I was blessed with natural breasts that would be too big for her."

"Too big?" Shaggy rephrased.

"Yes, I have a much bigger bra size then Daphne though you could never tell with my sweaters on. I was saving the pleasures of seeing my breasts to the love of my life. Seems like I'm going to be waiting for a long time, and my breasts don't have that much time before they sag in another 40 or 50 years from now."

"Who would have known, Velma. You of all people having big tits. Why don't you prove it and show me," Shaggy dared Velma.

"Ok, if I have to prove it, then I will."

Velma got up off of Shaggy and went over to the door and closed it, shutting out most of the moaning and hollering from Daphne and Freddy down the hall. She kicked off her shoes and lifted up her bulky sweater, revealing an astonishing sport bra, covering up another regular bra. It did very little to hide the fact that Velma did have big breasts.

"Holy Shit!" gasped a shocked Shaggy.

Shaggy started rubbing his eyes to make sure that he wasn't dreaming. Besides from her potbelly, Velma was stacked and nearly busting out of her tight bra and sports bra. Most of her fat on was definitely on her chest.

"Zoinks! Velma! My God! Where did you get those things? Where have they been?" Shaggy questioned as he was mind boggled.

"I told you. They're real. I've had big breasts since junior high. The kids would pick on me and call me names like "big tits" or "bouncer." Besides I bounced a lot under my shirts especially in gym class. It was hard to contain them from losing control completely under my shirts. At first I thought that the gym teacher must have hated me a lot because he would make me run the most laps around the track every day. Then I realized that he just wanted to watch my huge breasts bounce and jiggle for his delight. Kids teased him because he would always leave gym class with a big stiffer. So that's why I wear this huge sweater so that guys would want to talk to me and not my breasts."

Shaggy really wasn't paying attention to most of what Velma was saying. His large eyes had drifted from her face to her massive chest, trying to burn a hole right through her bras.

"You like them don't you, Shaggy? Better then Daphne's plastic ones, right?"

"Oh yes!" Shaggy agreed as Velma's breasts memorized him.

Velma started unhooking her bra from under the sports bra. Once she undid the snaps, she removed the bra and held it out for Shaggy to touch.

"Go head, Shaggy, feel my bra. Read the tag to see just how big I am," Velma urged as her huge breasts wobbled slightly with her moments, inside her sports bra.

Shaggy's cock was extremely hard as he grabbed the bra and started feeling the soft, cotton cups. The cups were massively large and could fit Shaggy's head inside. Shaggy planted his face inside one of the cups to smell Velma's sweet sense. He immediately fell in love with Velma's sweater meats.

Shaggy let out a sigh and read the bra's tag.

"Zoinks! 48EEE!!" Shaggy said astonished.

Shaggy glanced at Velma's chest, and it looked like she packed two basketballs inside her sports bra.

"That's right. I'm way bigger then Daphne and mine are real. I'll show you."

Velma started swaying her massive breasts from side to side inside her extremely stretched sports bra. Shaggy watched and immediately became hypnotized by the luscious jugs. Slowly and with rhythm, Velma moved her upper body to and fro, making her giant tits swing from side to side on her chest.

Shaggy had his tongue completely hanging over the side of his mouth, making a huge puddle of drool on his green shirt.

"Wow Shaggy! If you can barely take my breasts being contained, I don't know what you'll do if you saw them bare," Velma said followed by a small laugh. "But I guess we'll have to find out."

Velma took hold of the bottom of her sports bra and peeled it up to her neck, making her immense tits tremble out in all their juicy glory.

"Zoinks!" said Shaggy as he started gasping for air and couldn't believe his eyes. A gigantic breasted woman has been in the Scooby Gang for years and he had never known it. The _expression on Shaggy's face looked like he had just seen a ghost.

Velma's breasts naturally hung low on her chest. Then sloped outwards, toppled by pinkish areolas, which were about five inches wide with chewable thick nipples in the center of them. Her breasts slowly curved in and settled at her lowest ribs. While sitting down, Velma's gigantic breasts rested upon her potbelly and rubbed closely together, forming some fantastic, dick fucking cleavage. All Shaggy could do at this point was watch Velma's shivering breasts come to a jiggling end after being released from their container.

"God, Velma!" Shaggy gasped. "You're fucking enormous! I had no idea that large orange sweater could cover up such massive melons!"

"See, Shaggy, my breasts are a lot better then that slut Daphne's," Velma responded. "This is making me all wet Shaggy. I've got to see your cock, but first..."

Velma stopped herself from saying anything else as she reached under her skirt and pulled down her drenching wet panties. Shaggy could smell Velma's sweet pussy aroma as his big dick was aching to be free.

"Want to see what I'm hiding down here, Shaggy?" Velma asked in a sweet voice.

"Sure, Velma, but I don't think I'll ever be able to recover from seeing your huge tits for the first time," Shaggy responded.

"But first I must see that big dick of yours."

Velma pushed Shaggy onto the bed and immediately took off his huge shoes first. Her massive breasts were dragging up and down Shaggy's skinny clothed legs. Shaggy couldn't take his eyes off them.

"You know what they say about men with big feet, Shaggy?" Velma quoted.

Velma started unfastening Shaggy's jeans and pulled them down to his ankles. A large dent in his underwear was formed, indicating Shaggy was ready to burst. And what made Shaggy even harder were Velma's soft breasts were now touching his bare legs, poking her hard nipples into his skin.

"Mmmm, Shaggy, I had no idea," moaned Velma. "My very first cock and it's a big one."

Velma started bushing her hands over Shaggy's underwear-covered cock. She lightly dragged her fingers up and down the large dent. Shaggy wanted nothing more then to release his cock and fuck Velma until both their bodies were emptied of cum but decided to let Velma have her fun for a while.

Velma finally took hold of the tops of Shaggy's underwear and peeled them down, springing his massive cock free, aimed directly at her. Velma gasped and jumped back slightly after it was released. Her huge tits wobbled and shook with her movements. That brought joy to Shaggy's unshaved face.

"Genkies! How big is this sucker, Shaggy?" Velma asked.

"I would have to say 9 inches. It's been a while since I measured it."

Shaggy's cock was pulsing from Velma's touch. She wrapped her hands around the base of it and slowly began to stroke all the way up to his mushroom head. Her thumbs started rubbing the edges of his cockhead that sent tingles through Shaggy's pasty, skinny body. Velma then started pulling and jerking Shaggy's cock, pushing it back against Shaggy's stomach and watching it spring back up at her.

"I've always wanted to play with the real thing. My dildos were never this fixable."

"Is that right?" questioned Shaggy in between gasping for air as Velma jerked harder on his twitching cock. "Oh God, Velma, I'm going to cum!"

Velma continued jerking and stroking his long cock. Sure enough, Shaggy felt his balls tighten and the cum ready to be released into his shaft and out his pee hole.

"Just...just a few more," Shaggy moaned as Velma massaged Shaggy's balls with one hand and continued to jerk him off in the other.

Velma stuck her face up close to Shaggy's cockhead, which was a mistake for her because Shaggy started cumming like a geyser. Thick layers of cum drenched Velma's framed glasses and smeared all over her forehead, nose, and parts of her cheeks. The rest of Shaggy's cum oozed down Velma's hand and his balls.

"That was your first ever facial, Velma," joked Shaggy as he was catching his breath.

"Genkies, Shaggy, that was incredible," gasped Velma. "What a geyser!"

Velma removed her sports bra completely and wiped the cum off her freckled face and glasses.

"That was exciting, Shaggy. We must do that again," Velma replied.

"That was the first time I've ever cum prematurely, Velma. You must have miracle hands or something?" Shaggy said surprised.

"What can I say, Shaggy, I've got many hidden talents, which I am willing to show you during our first sexual experience."

Velma folded her arms inwards, ballooning out her soft mammoth tits and said, "Perhaps later, you could cum on these babies and get them drenching in your semen, Shaggy."

Her fat nipples looked like eyes to Shaggy, staring and taunting him as they jolted from her massive areolas.

"Go head, Shaggy, touch them," Velma urged Shaggy.

Shaggy saw the white light of heaven, shinning down on Velma's giant breasts. He reached out and gripped as much of the front part of her breasts as he could. Her hard nipples pressed into his palms as Shaggy began to massage Velma's jugs. He moved his hands over every inch of Velma's breasts, cupping them from the bottoms and feeling them overflowing in mass over his hands and forearms.

"Zoinks! These things are incredible, Velma."

Velma could see Shaggy's cock starting to grow again as he played with her breasts as if he was making bread, kneading and squeezing her spongy tit flesh in every way possible, sinking his fingers deep into her smooth skin as her tit flesh flowed through his fingers.

"Mmmmmm, Shaggy, that's it. I never knew how wonderful someone else's hands would feel upon my breasts," Velma moaned as she closed her eyes and continued to feel a powerful orgasmic sensation flowing through her body by Shaggy's rough massaging of her tits.

Shaggy scissored Velma's fat nipples between his fingers and pulled and stretched them from her wide areolas, stretching her enormous breasts away from her chest. He started jiggling her massive melons by the nipples, making them quiver and wobble like giant jell-o cones. Shaggy's cock was back extremely hard just from the tit play alone.

Velma grabbed Shaggy's hard cock and started stroking rapidly on it as he twisted and twitched her nipples. Shaggy's room was full of their moans of enjoyment and pleasure.

"Fuck me, Shaggy. Fuck me now!" urged a hot and flushed Velma.

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