tagNonHumanVelvet Ch. 01

Velvet Ch. 01


Almost as if she heard him thinking, Velvet slipped through his office door. She was half woman and half fox, and he dared not ever question his luck.

He met her by chance, she spoke very little, and she only ever appeared when he was alone. Every question had entered his mind. Where did she come from? How did she exist? Did she even exist? He had never shown signs of hallucinations before and there was never any messy evidence of his orgasms after she would visit him. So he decided to accept it as a reality and enjoy it.

He still felt uncomfortable during the first moments after she would show up. He would be wary and suspicious. He would feel guilty about his wife and family. He had never cheated before Velvet. But her purring voice and perfect touch would put him completely at ease; as if she were no danger and he were committing no moral crime. If she had cruel intentions, she had never revealed a single one.

She strode in, as confident and sultry as ever. Her strange mix of long, red, curly human hair on top of a fox head with big human eyes made sense to him now. It was no longer strange that such a creature existed. Just strange that she was so beautiful. She naturally stood and walked upright and had legs shaped like a human's legs, but far more toned – though not muscular – and covered in short orange and white fur.

Oh her fur.

He couldn't properly describe it even when touching it. Silky and soft, her fur would play with his fingers as he would run his fingers through it. On her stomach, his flesh would sink in as if it were lying in a field of grass. On her face, it would be tough and prickly if he moved his hands against the direction of the fur. Every part of her body housed fur that had its own distinct personality. However, the fur on her breasts was his favourite and the hardest to describe.

Her heavy, full breasts sat proudly and impossibly high on her chest. She rarely wore clothing, but he couldn't help but compare her to a human woman and think of her bust in human bra sizes. He suspected she would fit snugly into an E cup. That illusive fur on her heavenly pair was almost like human skin, but so distinctly not. Her huge tits felt soft and natural and acted like any pair he had handled, but it almost felt like the fur on her chest would caress him back. It was very short fur like the fur on her face, but it acted completely differently. Her breasts somehow never poked or resisted like her face did, no matter what angle or how hard his fingers or cock worked on them.

But the most wonderful thing about Velvet's breasts wasn't their size or feel. It wasn't that they perfectly suited her impossibly slim yet curvy figure. It was that he never felt guilty for worshiping them. Even if he spent an entire one of their sessions focused entirely on her unbelievable tits, she would only react with satisfaction, pleasure, and gratitude. In fact, that was her attitude no matter the tone or direction of their sexplay. It was the primary reason why he would continue to fear she didn't actually exist.

She would consistently understand his exact desires and they would seem to mirror hers. If he wanted 3 hours of teasing and foreplay before a romantic missionary climax, it would be so. If he wanted to do nothing but lick her perpetually sweet and wet pussy, it would be so. If he wanted to fuck her from behind, spank her, and engage in dirty talk, it would be so. Tonight he wanted a blowjob.

He was working late in his large office. He was absently stroking his cock with one hand as the hour and the privacy of his office allowed him to do so without worry. He clicked through proposals with his free hand and had a sudden vision of Velvet's long silky tongue sliding down his dick as it disappeared into her mouth.

And almost as if she heard him thinking, Velvet slipped through his office door. She had been in the office for no longer than 4 seconds before he finally asked what he had held back every time before.

"How do you know exactly what I want?"

Everything about Velvet overflowed with sexiness and the surreal. Summed up by her appearance, she made the bizarre feel completely normal. Even her name. He would have laughed in the face of anybody who introduced his or herself as Velvet, but somehow it was exactly what he expected as she whispered it into his ear before she slid away that first fateful night.

"Instinct," she replied.

She breathed in as if to say something else, but suddenly and elegantly she was on her hands and knees. She crawled under his desk to where he had already lowered his pants and underwear. She looked up at him and completed her thought in that unplaceable accent.

"It's also exactly what I want."

She then turned her full attention to his rock hard cock. She moaned and he saw her tail sway.

How could he forget her tail? Her glorious long tail. The tail that he swore she knew how to control as if it were one of her fingers.

But his focus was quickly shifted as Velvet began to worship his dick. Sometimes he needed a build-up, but of course Velvet somehow seemed to know that he had been stiff for a while and just needed her to quickly service him.

Once again he was struck by how she was able to show so many sides and make them all work. Just last week, she was calling him names and tying him up, and now here she was in complete servitude to his dick. Neither seemed outside her personality. Her desires mirrored his.

He opened his mouth and began to say things that he would normally be far too frightened to say to his wife.

"Oh fuck, Velvet. You're such a slut. Look at you sucking on my dick."

She groaned deeply as if his words were fingers on her clit. She never looked up. She never took her attention away from his throbbing cock. He loved it. It was as if her whole world was his dick and the more she had it, the more she craved it.

"Do you like my hard dick, you dirty slut? How does it taste?"

She opened her snout wide and firmly slid her long, soft tongue along the underside of his 6 inch cock until it left the tip. She replied with what he could only describe as genuine lust.

"Your dick tastes so good, master. Thank you so much, you're way too good to your dirty whore."

She showed her fangs as she spoke and he marveled at how he never felt them as she gobbled his dick back down.

As Velvet continued her perfect, passionate blowjob from her knees under his desk, his mind relaxed and wandered just a little. He discovered he loved being serviced eagerly by this beautiful and impossible creature as he just enjoyed it and relaxed. As if it were his right. He thought about how his own desires surprised him. He didn't even think he would enjoy the type of dirty talk he just partook in, but he loved it. He also loved being degraded by her. He also loved slow and traditional sex. He also loved just cuddling.

He wondered how all those things and more could mix in his mind, but he didn't think too much longer as Velvet began furiously bobbing up and down on his cock while loudly groaning. He looked down and finally let out a moan of his own. Velvet took this as a cue to speak again.

"Please master, I don't deserve it, but please come in my mouth. I want it so bad."

He would never, ever believe those words coming out of any woman's mouth. Even if she seemed sincere, he would suspect she genuinely wanted to pleasure him, but not actually crave tasting and swallowing sperm. It was different with Velvet.

He watched her re-attach herself to his dick with adoration, fulfilling with actions the words she had just spoken. The desire to call her names had left him, and his mind started to fade away as he tensed up.

Velvet moaned loudly as if to reaffirm her wish of desperately wanting his come in her mouth. She cupped his tight balls and stroked him quickly while her mouth and tongue worked with the precision and passion of a concert pianist.

He couldn't hold it any longer. He felt his orgasm building, and adored the feeling of Velvet expecting his jizz. Craving it. She moaned desperately and the vibration finally summoned his load.

Time slowed down. He shot three long bursts of come into Velvet's mouth, and she expertly continued her blowjob while letting it all down her throat. He couldn't control his body or voice as Velvet drained his balls. He tried to take it all in. His involuntary convulsions as his jizz was greedily welcomed down Velvet's throat. Her look of pure bliss as she tasted and swallowed his load. He adored the freedom of coming in her mouth. She gladly swallowed it all with her lips and tongue firmly around his cock. The warmth of her mouth and her dedication to his orgasm made him feel invincible.

He laid back in his chair and couldn't speak from pure satisfaction. His balls were empty and Velvet was happily filled with their contents.

They spent nearly 10 minutes in silence as she - still on her knees - carefully and lovingly cleaned his cock with her tongue. She made guttural sounds of pleasure from time to time; sounding more like an animal than she had the entire evening. When she was finally satisfied that no more post-orgasm come was going to make its way out, she tucked his dick back into his clothing, then did up his pants and belt.

She kissed his pants on the crotch and whispered, "thank you" and left.

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