tagNonHumanVelvet Ch. 02

Velvet Ch. 02


***This is part two of a story involving a half-woman, half-fox. I'm just warning you up front.

I do my best to make it work as a standalone story, but as always it's best to read the parts in order. I set up a few other storylines in this chapter, so I'm very curious to hear what you all think. Enjoy!***

"Wait, what? Where are you guys going?" He stood confused in the doorway. He had just arrived home from work and had run right into his wife and daughter with packed bags about to leave the house. His daughter rolled her eyes and his wife threw up her hands in exasperation before replying.

"I told you this morning! Jules and I are finally cashing in that gift certificate you gave us. For that spa weekend. How do you not remember this? I was so grateful when you gave it to me." Rachel was usually laid back, so he was a little shaken by her tone.

"Sorry. I had a long day at work, and I was excited to spend the evening with you, it slipped my mind."

"Gross," said his daughter.

"Oh c'mon Jules, you're 19. Your parents are still in love. Grow up." Rachel snapped before she looked back to her husband and softened her expression. "I'm sorry, I'm really looking forward to this weekend and you've been extra forgetful lately. I just got frustrated. Don't get too lonely without us!" He smiled at her understanding nature and kissed her goodbye before turning to his daughter.

"Have fun, Jules." He said while opening his arms. Jules softened a little as well and went in for the hug.

"Bye, Daddy," she said softly before darting out to catch up with her mother who was already out the door.

He locked the door after them, then watched them leave from his living room window and continued to stand there for a few minutes after they had driven out of sight.

He really did forget about the trip and felt instantly lonely without his family. He and Rachel had been married for 20 years, and although they had gotten married around Jules' age and had her almost instantly, the couple remained very happy. It made him feel even more guilty about recent events.

So recent that one such event contributed to his late arrival home.

He really did have to work late, but a visit from Velvet kept him even later.

The supernatural nature of Velvet's existence was becoming flimsy as an excuse from guilt lately. He loved Rachel and was still very much attracted to her. He wondered why he ever allowed his sessions with Velvet to occur. He had never felt compelled to cheat before. He and Rachel maintained a steady and creative sex life, and they both stayed fit for each other. He had even had explicit chances to cheat with very attractive women before and was able to resist the temptation.

But he had never encountered anybody who was half fox before he met Velvet. He had never met someone whose desires seemed to mirror his so exactly. He had never met somebody – including his wife – who he felt completely comfortable exploring all of his fantasies with.

Despite their creative and open sex life, he was always too scared to bring up every single fantasy with Rachel, or use the exact dirty talk he felt compelled to use. With Velvet, it seemed so easy. So natural. She didn't judge if he wanted her to be his sex slave, or if he wanted to be hers. She didn't judge if sometimes he just wanted to blow a huge load in her mouth without reciprocating; like had just happened in his office not an hour earlier.

In fact, she seemed to crave exactly the same things.

He physically shook his head in an effort to stop thinking about Velvet. Rachel and he had fought more than ever since Velvet showed up. Granted, that still wasn't often, but it was enough to concern him. As hot as the sessions with Velvet were, they weren't worth losing his marriage and family over.

He and Rachel's relationship had always been the envy of his friends, and anybody he knew with children would ask how he was able to raise such a daughter as Jules.

He was definitely lucky to have her as well. Sure, she was a teenager and so was occasionally difficult and sarcastic, but compared to the horror stories he heard from his friends, Jules was a breeze. She was generally respectful to him and Rachel, she did her share taking care of the house, and she had become a great friend to the couple, not just a daughter.

She was beautiful too, which was no surprise, considering how much she looked like a younger version of her mother. Although Rachel kept her hair short now, Jules was a constant visual reminder to him of when his wife's hair was long and blonde. It ran all the way to Jules' ass, and she was very proud of it.

He wondered how other fathers dealt with their attractive daughters. He loved Jules as his daughter and friend, but as a man it was difficult for him to ignore her assets. She had always been tall and graceful, but her tight, thin body had filled out the past few years, giving her a firm, shapely ass and perky, C cup tits. He didn't fantasize about his daughter, but he did notice her body. He chalked it up to male instinct and didn't feel guilty about it anymore.

Plus, at 39, Rachel looked extremely good for her age and kept him happy. She was shorter than her daughter, with wider hips and larger breasts. They had natural sag to them now, but not nearly as much as one would expect with DD size cups at her age. Her ass wasn't the tight, firm thing it used to be, but all her exercise made a difference, and he still loved watching her leave.

He felt relieved for taking his mind off of Velvet and then cursed for thinking of her again. Still, she had never visited him at home, so he took comfort in that.

He then realized he had spent so much time being lonely, pitying himself, and thinking about his hot family that he had forgotten the upsides to being home alone. He instantly stripped down to his boxers. He would have gotten naked, but that didn't feel so good on his leather couch, and he planned to watch some TV.

He switched on ESPN and lazily watched the end of some basketball game. The game wasn't that exciting, so his mind briefly drifted. For reasons he couldn't grasp, he thought of Velvet's pussy. He remembered the times he had gone down on her and how amazing she tasted. How the fur on her legs made him feel like he was floating and gave him the strength to pleasure her for much longer than he normally would be able to.

When he finally noticed his raging erection, he snapped out of his daydreams and shot up on the couch. He looked around frantically and breathed a sigh of relief when he realized he was still alone. Velvet had a habit of showing up whenever he was alone and fantasized about her.

But he was at home, and Velvet had never seen him twice in one day, so he relaxed and decided to head upstairs to fall asleep early. He now had to fill a weekend alone, so maybe he'd go golfing the next morning. Or just enjoy his backyard pool. He smiled as he felt proud of his financial success. Between his firm and Rachel's executive position at a major bank, they were able to afford a very large house for their family and hadn't had financial worries for over a decade.

As a further example, he strode into the master bedroom. He took in the large space and proceeded to fall onto his king-sized bed with a happy moan. He wiggled up like a child so that his head reached the pillows and he laid on his back still on top of the covers.

Then his body froze up. Maybe it was his paranoia, but he swore he heard something. He sat up slowly and wondered if it was just an animal outside. He didn't have to guess for long, however, as Velvet slid through the entrance to the bedroom and leaned against the wall.

A number of things were new to him with this situation. First, although he had seen her wear a corset a few times, Velvet was usually completely naked except for her fur, and this time she was not. She wore a tight blue t-shirt stretched over her huge bust. It was strange to see this ethereal mix of a fox and a woman dressed in such a casual item of clothing, but he had to admit loving the way her tits struggled against the fabric.

Secondly, Velvet never stopped upon entry. Every time she appeared – no matter the content of the sexplay – she would confidently approach him at first. To see her leaned casually against his bedroom wall with her arms crossed confused him.

Finally, as he thought about earlier, Velvet had never stepped foot in his house. Every time they fooled around, he never gave much thought to her entrances. She would appear in public, or at his office, or maybe enter his car at an empty stoplight. He never had to heavily consider her method of entry before. But his house had been locked at all entrances.

For the first time in Velvet's company, he felt very scared. So many obvious thoughts rushed into his head. Why would he just accept that she would know where he is? He never told her the location of his office, he never told her where he lived. He found it sexy before but felt incredibly stupid now. Was she after his money? Blackmailing him? They had never spoken of Rachel or Jules before, but of course Velvet knew. If she knew where he lived, she had to know everything about him. While he panicked, something else new happened. Velvet spoke first.

"You feel guilty."

His racing mind came to a screeching halt. Her words confused him. They weren't the words of a blackmailer, and they didn't sound hurt either. He couldn't find anything to say.

"Tell me. You feel guilty."

His first reaction was trying to – once again – place her accent. If he guessed Russian, he corrected himself to French. Then Irish, then Australian. It was so impossible to place. Velvet cleared her throat and he came back to reality and answered without thinking.

"Yes. Very."

"Why? You love your wife. You love your family. You are good to each other."

She tilted her head and seemed genuinely curious. The two had never spoken this much without it being in the middle of sex, and he had to admit to feeling intrigued. He worried that it wouldn't last long and he spoke up as to not lose it.

"That's exactly why I feel guilty! I'm cheating on Rachel with you."

"What is cheating?"

He was struck. She didn't appear to be mocking him. He decided to answer sincerely.

"Well, er, it's breaking the rules without the other players knowing."

"We're breaking the rules?" He couldn't help but feel very turned on when she said that, and he felt ashamed for it. Velvet continued, "you are all very strange."

"Us all?" He realized he hadn't considered Velvet with other men and felt strangely jealous. "How many men are you doing this with?"

Velvet looked confused again. "You're the only human I fuck, of course. We tend to only connect with one human at a time."

He reeled at all the information crammed into those short words and tried to shake off her casual use of the word "fuck" in such a sincere conversation.

"Then you understand why Rachel might not like the fact that she's not the only person I... er... fuck?"

"I don't see how they're related," Velvet started calmly, "You fulfill needs for me, I fulfill needs for you. If we needed more to fulfill the needs, then we would look for more, would we not?"

He was starting to feel like this was all going over his head. He wasn't one for intense philosophical discussion, so he tried to go back to basics. "So you knew about Rachel?"

"Of course."

"And you knew Rachel didn't know about you?"


"And that was normal to you?"

"No. I don't understand why you do not tell her, but that's not my business."

He suddenly felt very tired. With some exasperation, he continued with another question.

"So why are you here?"

"I noticed you felt guilty. And we both wanted you to eat my pussy."

Once again he was struck by Velvet's fearless honesty and blunt way of speaking.

"And the t-shirt?"

The heavenly form shrugged coolly and her large fox ears flicked as she answered, "I thought you'd like my tits in this top."

He melted to her coy reply and felt his resistance melting away. He couldn't ignore the fact that he was in his own bedroom, however, and simultaneously felt a pang of guilt.

"Interesting," Velvet cooed while studying his face. "You're getting horny for me, but you're also feeling very guilty. I want you to lick my pussy really badly, but I don't want you to regret it."

He marveled at her ability to read his mood. An idea suddenly flashed in his mind. Before he could stop himself, he instantly relayed it to Velvet.

"I want you to make me feel guilty," he burst. "Tell me I'm an unfaithful awful man. Sit on my face and make me feel like a horrible husband and a terrible father." He couldn't help himself. The idea had him so hot that his actual guilt finally started to fade.

He was able to look at the curvy, furry bombshell properly for the first time since she entered the room. He looked at her tiny waist as it curved perfectly out into her shapely firm ass. He looked into her big human eyes while her mouth curled into a smile on her fox snout. Her long curly red hair fell both behind her back and over the front of her shoulders, almost resting on her very generous bust.

She finally started her strut toward him. She pushed her massive tits together over her t-shirt and he stared at how they sucked the fabric in at the middle and formed around her breasts, giving the illusion of cleavage.

"Do you like my huge tits, you asshole?" She started. He subconsciously moved his hand down to his instantly rock hard dick and stroked it above his boxers.

"Yes." Is all he could make out before he reached him and slapped his hand away from his own crotch.

"You can't touch yourself, and you can't touch me unless I say so, okay?"


"No, like you mean it you dirtbag. If you want to cheat on your wife, you had better listen to me, do you understand?"

Man she picks up quickly, he thought. "I understand!" He now shouted.

"Good," she snarled more like a fox than a human. She then climbed forcefully onto the bed and straddled him. "Lay down!" She snapped. He did. "Sit on your hands, you asshole." He did. She then leaned forward and brought the heavily strained fabric around the front of her bust inches away from his face. "I bet you want to grope my tits, you prick."

"I do," He earnestly answered. She pressed them down into his face for a brief moment before releasing him and speaking again.

"You pervert, you want your dirty hands on my big fucking tits so bad you're willing to be unfaithful. Am I right?"

She was so confused before that he had to wonder if her question was half earnest. As if making sure she was teasing him properly. He gave confirmation.

"You're exactly right. I'll cheat on my perfect wife and risk having my beautiful daughter hate me just for the chance to play with your huge boobs."

Velvet growled loudly and plowed her perfect chest into his face again.

"You douchebag! You dirty old man!" She scolded, "Rip my shirt off with your teeth like the pathetic slave to my tits that you are."

He didn't even try to respond. He had been staring at her full chest somehow staying contained against that poor t-shirt and it made his ignored cock strain for any sort of reward. He quickly lunged his head forward and sunk his teeth into the area stretched over the valley between her massive mounds. The shirt easily and gratefully gave to his teeth, and he gnawed and gnashed until Velvet was pleased with his work. She pulled the rest off herself and he was once again memorized by the sight.

As Velvet sat up proudly straddling him, he watched as her large full boobs settled on her chest. Firmly sitting so high, yet reacting subtly to every motion. The perfect picture of firm and soft. Adjectives that don't make sense together except on the female form. Her words cut into his admiration.

"You have a daughter, you irresponsible fuck. I hope your throbbing dick sees no relief." She yelled at him while sliding her crotch up his body. He could feel the trail of wetness she left along his skin and his mouth began to water. She continued, "How badly do you want my pussy?"

"So fucking badly."

"So badly that you'll cheat on your loving wife?"

"That badly, yes."

"So badly that you'll eat out my pussy in the same bed you fuck your wife in?"

She sounded a little tentative again, so he let out an extra emphatic, "Yes!"

"You want my dripping wet pussy so bad that you'll be a bad role model for your daughter? You'll let her grow up to be a slut like her daddy?"

Now Velvet was getting the spirit of it. "Fuck yes! Yes! I don't care as long as I get to eat your pussy."

"You're an asshole," she said as she lowered herself onto his face. He felt that familiar warm fur cover his cheeks while his tongue was treated to her swollen clit, her entire pussy soaked with her own juices.

"Eat my pussy, you dirty old horny man!" He wasted no time as she screamed her instructions. He dug his hands into her round ass and pulled her even harder onto his face. His nose had just enough room for air as his tongue circled her clit.

He licked up and down, and in circles. He applied more pressure and then took it away. He licked her intensely and then teased her as his tongue took a break darting into her pussy.

While he happily and obsessively worked her wetness, Velvet arched her back and moaned uncontrollably. Whenever she could manage, she would toss more insults his way.

"Is it worth it, you douchebag? Is my little pussy worth your marriage?"

If he could mumble confirmation, he would. He was lost in her pussy, the taste filling his mouth, time speeding up and slowly down. His world was Velvet's pussy.

He had no idea how long had passed, but he started to feel her tense up and shake slightly. Her signs were familiar to him now and he re-established his grip on her butt. He applied more pressure to her clit and firmly and consistently drove his tongue in circles. Not too quickly, not too slowly. He moaned loudly and drank all of her juice that he could; not able to get enough. He didn't want it to end, but as Velvet let loose a loud scream of pleasure, he knew it had to. He eagerly held his tongue in place and let her juices cover his face. The sweet smell filled his nose and he lapped up everything he could.

Velvet convulsed and moaned and writhed on top of him until she finally and quickly launched herself off of him and lay on her side beside him. She kissed him on the cheek and curled up in a circle; one of her more animal moments.

He lay there exhausted and satisfied for a few minutes before remembered his tired, hard dick. He barely gave it a few strokes before launching come all over his own chest. He could hear Velvet give guttural sounds of pleasure as he orgasmed. The moment his cock had nothing more to give, he fell fast asleep.

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