tagInterracial LoveVelvet Kisses Ch. 02

Velvet Kisses Ch. 02


*Thank you guys so much for the comments on the last chapter. It's great to hear that you're enjoying the sequel, and I certainly hope that I'll continue to do a good job at keeping you entertained. I appreciate you all So Very Much for taking the time to read, vote, and comment. I hope you enjoy this chapter.


Dane had Jeneda up against the wall the moment they arrived at his loft apartment, devouring her mouth hungrily as his hands restlessly moved over the curves and swells of her body.

Her fingers were just as wandering as his, but it seemed that his eagerness outweighed hers, because in a matter of seconds, he'd unzipped her little black dress and stripped her down to her panties.

It took more effort than she would have liked to remove Dane's dinner jacket, and after tossing it aside, she began to hastily unbutton his shirt.

The entire time she did it, their lips remained sealed, and although she still had yet to unzip his pants, he was already grinding his hips against hers.

Lacking the patience to undo all of his buttons, she decided instead to rip his shirt open. Buttons scattered across the hardwood floor, but neither could care less, and after pulling down his pants along with his boxers, Dane kicked the fabric off around his ankles.

He gripped Jeneda by the hips and coaxed her toward the bed, which was situated in the middle of the room on a platform. The moment she fell back onto the mattress, he climbed on top of her, pinning her down with his long, lean body.

There was a wildness in his eyes that sent a pulse of heat coursing through her body, and as his lips descended on her neck, she lost herself in his feverish, open mouthed kisses.

Each touch of his lips left her craving for more, and as his tongue darted out to trail down her collarbone and along her chest, her breathing hitched in growing excitement.

On making contact with the swell of her breasts, his soft, pink tongue encircled one of her chocolate colored nipples. It steadily moved inward before making contact with the puckered peak, and he greedily sucked it into his mouth.

Already soaking wet, her desire was further intensified by the wet, sloppy noises of him suckling her tits, and as his long, slim fingers gingerly coasted along her inner thigh, she arched her hips into him.

Dane sucked her nipples to stiff, aching points, then moved her G-string aside to get at her dripping center. He massaged her plump clit before sinking his digits between her tender folds, and with a few pumps of his fingers, he had her gasping at his touch.

Literally under his thumb, her body was his to command, and although he manipulated her pussy with masterful skill, it only served to increase her hunger.

After fingering her pussy to maximum wetness, he withdrew his fingers, bringing them up to her mouth. He traced them slowly over her lips before pushing them into her mouth, and she eagerly sucked on them, unabashedly cleaning them of her juices.

Slightly tangy and a little sweet, her nectar was pleasing to the tastebuds. It seemed that Dane shared the same opinion, because he slowly trailed his tongue along her bottom lip, then sensuously sucked on it before kissing her hard and deep.

She returned the oral embrace with equal enthusiasm, marveling at the warmth of his mouth and the feel of his slick, velvety tongue. Their intense lip lock left them both with a dazed expression, and as he stared down at her, she looked expectantly up at him.

"Fuck, you taste good," he huskily drawled, and as if to reinforce his words, he slid down her body, then gently parted her legs and positioned his head between them.

Jeneda's thighs glistened with the evidence of her desire, inner muscles clenching in anticipation as she eagerly awaited his next move.

Her breath hitched at the sensation of his warm mouth ghosting against her pussy, body quivering with anticipation as he languidly dragged his tongue over her panty-clad slit.

Clearly desiring to drive her to the brink of sanity, Dane gave her feather light caresses, just barely applying enough pressure to provide her with an insignificant amount of gratification.

He wasn't just good at teasing, he was downright masterful at it, and although his actions were torturously pleasurable, she found herself growing frustrated at just how much control he was able to wield over her.

"Dane, please..." She gave a breathy sigh, then gently bucked her hips. "Enough with the teasing, just eat me out already."

This only caused him to halt his ministrations, and he lifted his head from between her legs so that his gaze was firmly planted on her face.

"Patience, my love. You wouldn't want to rush me, would you?"

She was a little surprised at the unusually deep tone of his voice, and also couldn't help noticing how firm and commanding it was. As if to reinforce that his more dominating side had been fully unleashed, his already black eyes darkened ever further.

Pleasant shivers ran down her spine at this display of masculine dominance, and although she still felt like screaming in frustration, she knew her only choice was to relax and completely surrender to his ministrations.

Dane positioned his head back between her legs and gave her long, drawn out strokes with his tongue, then rested his wet appendage directly against her clit. He made a figure eight pattern over it, then some other fancy shape that she couldn't quite identify.

The sensation made her toes curl and she arched her back, grinding against his mouth as he increased the pressure of his wet muscle on her clit.

She wasn't just desperate to feel his tongue against her bare sex, but literally aching to be eaten out, and although Dane appeared to be enjoying her intense reactions to his sadistic tease, Jeneda knew all too well that he was more than ready to give in.

She barely noticed the sensation of fabric biting into her hips before a ripping noise cut through the air, and with one fluid movement, Dane tore her panties in half, fully exposing her pussy for his lustful gaze.

Without a moment of hesitation he dove right in, avidly lapping at her weeping slit with his stiff, pink tongue. Like a starving man at a feast, he feverishly ate her out, flicking his tongue along her hot pink insides before dipping it into her hole.

She tensed and cried out, fisting his soft black hair while rolling her hips against his mouth. His tongue masterfully manipulated her, thrusting in and out of her sopping wet pussy with quick, sharp jabs.

She cried out hoarsely beneath him, thighs trembling as he steadily increased the pace, and just when she was certain that the sensation couldn't get any sweeter, he turned things up a notch.

His removed his wet appendage from her velvety center, then snaked it upward until it made contact with her clit. Fully erect and poking out of its hood, it seemed to beg for his attention.

He gave the distended nub a few quick licks before engulfing it in a big "O" kiss, then gently sucked on it while moving his tongue in a side-to-side sawing motion.

A sharp gasp fled her lips, and her thighs clamped around his head with a vice-like grip. Her body quivered with pleasure, lips parting in a soundless moan as she feverishly bucked against his mouth.

Clearly intent on giving her just what she wanted, he stiffened his tongue and flicked it more rapidly against her clit. Then in a move that was clearly calculated to maximize her pleasure, he reached a hand up to play with one of her tits.

His fingers lightly grazed the plump nipple before giving it a rough pinch, and as he relentlessly tongued the sensitive button between her legs, her moans became more insistent. Her breaths were short, more like pants than anything else, and with a long, low moan that came from deep in her throat, her body spasmed with a full body orgasm.

Relentlessly devoted to his lover's pleasure, Dane maintained the rhythm of his tongue on her clit, and only once her uncontrolled bucking finally came to a still, did he begin licking her clean.

Copious amounts of pussy juice flowed from within her, covering not only her thighs and Dane's face, but the sheets on the mattress beneath them. Wet slurping noises came from his mouth as he attentively lapped at the delicate flesh, but it seemed that the more he licked, the quicker the juices flowed.

Already oversensitized from the mind blowing orgasm he'd just given her, Jeneda weakly moaned at the relentless movement of his tongue, then gently tugged his hair to signal that she could take no more.

Dane lifted his head from between her legs, then wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand. He crawled up her body and positioned his face so that his lips hovered just above hers, then slipped his tongue into her mouth and gave her a deep, slow kiss.

He pulled back to look into her chocolate brown eyes, and in a voice that was darkly seductive, he said, "I'm not done with you yet."

Her pussy clenched at his words, and she lightly whimpered as he spread her legs wider, then lined his crotch up with her taut hole. With movements so swift she barely registered them, he effectively pinned both her wrists above her head. Then without a hint of tenderness, he hooked one of her legs over his shoulder and forcibly thrust into her heated core.

A breathless gasp escaped her throat at the sudden intrusion, and as he began relentlessly pummeling the slick velvet of her sex, cries of ecstasy tore from her lips.

Powerless beneath his sleek, strong body, she was helpless to do anything except take each and every one of his thrusts. They seemed to be growing more insistent by the minute, and as her moans escalated in volume, he pounded harder into her.

Both her wrists were still bound tightly in his inescapable hold, so it only left Dane with one arm to brace himself above her. This seemed to make no difference, however, because with each rhythmic push, he sank deeper into her.

Dane's chest brushed erotically against her breasts, creating a delicious friction against her puckered nipples. His hips, which were slim and narrow, slammed against hers with increasing urgency, and his ass flexed as he relentlessly pummeled her pliant body.

The pleasure was so intense it was nearly painful, and for the first time in her life she truly understood the meaning behind the phrase, 'hurts so good."

She could tell from the way he was intently watching her that he was concerned with getting her off, but the way he was repeatedly drilling her over sensitized pussy made it seemed as if her body was created solely for his pleasure. This left her feeling as if she were nothing more than his little fuck toy, but damn if that didn't make her even wetter.

With her leg slung over his shoulder, he was not only able to give her a nice, deep fucking, but provide her with incredible friction. He sensuously grinded against her, angling his cock so that the swollen mushroom tip repeatedly hit that spongy spot hidden deep within her. Her back arched in response, tits jutting upward as her mouth parted in a moan that was hoarse with need.

Dane's grunts of exertion ghosted hotly against her lips, and his nearly black eyes stared down at her with rapt intensity. She didn't know whether it was the primal gleam in his eyes, or the way he so effortlessly dominated her warm, tight body, but she was dangerously close to be driven over the edge.

Sensing her impending release, Dane increased the speed and force of his thrusts, and as her fevered moans gave way to mounting cries, he leaned in to speak softly in her ear.

"Cum for me, Jeneda."

"Dane...." His name left her lips in a strained whisper, eyes half-lidded as she dazedly stared up at him.

"I said cum for me. *Now.*

As soon as the command passed his lips, she cried out in ecstasy, clenching around him with vice-like strength. Her body arched, spasming so violently that she flopped like a fish.

Her juices gushed out, drenching the sheets on the bed, and as he continued to mercilessly plunge in and out of her well fucked hole, she weakly whimpered.

Dane pumped her pussy a few more times before giving a strangled grunt, then shot his thick, ropey semen deep inside her pussy.

As he continued to empty himself, Jeneda moaned in contentment, relishing every squirt of his hot, creamy fluid. She counted a total of six spurts before he finally withdrew his penis, then he rolled off her body and collapsed on the mattress beside her.

It took a few moments before they both came down from their orgasms, and after their breathing returned to normal and the boneless feeling wore off, they found their way into each other's arms. Their legs intertwined, faces moving closer so that they were eye to eye, with lips nearly touching.

Jeneda ran a palm over his chest, which was soft and completely hairless, yet ridiculously masculine. The contrast of his pale skin against her brown complexion was visually arresting, and as she glided her palm over his naked body, he contentedly moaned at her sensual touch.

Dane's fingers wound into her hair, toying with the soft, shoulder length strands. Then slowly, and with a deep tenderness that directly contradicted their intense fuck session, their lips met in a gentle kiss. As they pulled away, he let out a little sigh, then traced a finger along the multiple studs in her ear.

"When are you going to tell your mother about our engagement?" He asked.


He glanced over her shoulder at the digital alarm clock on the bedside table, then looked back into her eyes before responding. "It's already one a.m. in Key West. Do you think she'll still be up?"

"Probably not," she said before adding, "I completely forgot that they're three hours ahead of us. I should have called earlier, when we came back from visiting your parents."

"Guess you'll have to do it tomorrow, then."

"First thing in the morning, I promise."

Dane studied her features before thoughtfully asking, "What does your mother look like?"

"According to nearly everyone that I've met, I'm pretty much her double."

"So that means she's beautiful."

A soft smile curved her lips. "She takes very good care of herself. Most people think she's at least seven years younger."

"Wow. I guess black really doesn't crack," he said.

Her brows rose at this comment, followed by a smirk. "What do you know about black don't crack?"

"Do you think I've been living in some sort of a protective bubble?" His tone inflected lightheartedness. "I may have grown up in a wealthy neighborhood, but I'm not that sheltered."

"Okay." Her grin grew wider, revealing white teeth. "Isn't there a saying for Asian people, too?"

"Yep. Asian don't raisin."

A chuckle bubbled from her throat, causing her body to shake in the process. "You are just too damn cute."

He smiled, then offered some more words. "Of course there are exceptions to that rule. My mother Isn't black or Asian, and she looks great for her age."

Noting the admiration in his tone, Jeneda couldn't help but find herself touched at the comment. "Well aren't you sweet?" She stretched out a hand to stroke his hair, drawing her fingers through the soft luxuriousness of it.

"I can't argue with that," he playfully said before allowing his fingers to lazily drift along her hipbone. "So, I've been thinking about our wedding..."

As his voice drifted off, she looked curiously into his eyes. "Okay. And what are your thoughts?"

"Well first off, we need to pick out a date."

"I was thinking April."

"April sounds good. That's eight months away, which will give us plenty of time to plan things out."

"I haven't figured out an exact date, though. Why don't you pick one out?"

"Hmm." He took a few moments to gaze thoughtfully into the distance. "What about the sixteenth?"

"Sure, why not? The sixteenth sounds good to me."

"You do know what day that is, don't you?"

"No." She briefly paused to think it over. "Why? Is there some sort of special significance to it?"

"I'm hurt, Jeneda. I really am." He rolled onto his back, then gazed up at the skylight, which cast silvery moonlight over their naked forms.

"Oh come on. You can't seriously be angry."

"Why not? Men have feelings, too."

Giggling, she reached out to glide a palm along his chest.

"Hands off. You've lost the privilege to touch me."

"Oh, stop. You're clearly joking," she said.

He said nothing, only blinked while continuing to gaze upward, and this left her wondering if he truly was upset with her. Lowering her gaze so that it rested on his lips, she waited to see if a smirk would form. It took several long moments of watching him in silence before she came to the conclusion that if he was faking, he was doing a damn good job of it.

"Wait, you're not really upset with me, are you?"

His eyes drifted back to hers, and as she saw the disappointment in them, her heart sank. Then suddenly, he broke into a wide smile.

"You are such a kidder." She grinned, and in one fluid motion, rolled over and straddled his prone body. "So tell me. Why *is* the sixteenth so special?"

"Because It's the day we met, you dork."

"Really..." A look of amazement spread across her features. "Wow, I'm surprised you remember."

"And why does that surprise you?"

"I don't know. I guess I've just come to expect that guys don't really care about sentimental stuff."

"Well, some of us do."

"Yes, I can see that." She leaned in closer, then brushed her nose against his before pecking his soft lips. "I think It's incredibly sweet that you do remember. And it only reminds me how lucky I am to have you."

"You're not the only lucky one," he murmured while looking adoringly into her eyes.

The moment they were sharing couldn't have been more tender, and as stillness pervaded the space surrounding them, they gazed in appreciation at one another.

"So, when are you moving in with me?" He asked.

"How about the weekend after next? That'll give me time to pack my things and arrange for a moving truck.

"Sounds good. Just let me know what you need help with, and I'll do it."

Still straddling her lover's body, Jeneda repositioned herself so that she was lying beside him, then winded one leg behind his thigh.

"Only a month and a half before we go to Japan."

"I know, I've been counting the days for the past two months."

"Guess I'd better start learning some Japanese," she said.

"Well you'll have me to translate, of course. But if you'd like to learn a few phrases, I'd be more than happy to teach you."

"I'd love that." She nuzzled closer against him, then slid her fingers along his body until they made contact with his silky pubes.

"Do you remember the first thing I said to you in Japanese?"

She gave herself a moment to think before responding. "I remember what it sounded like, but I wouldn't have a clue how to pronounce it."

"Kimi no koto sukide tamaranai."

"Kimi koto sukide tamaranai." She said it slowly, trying her best to imitate his pronunciation.

"Close enough." He smiled and smoothed a palm over her hair. "Translation is, you're beautiful."

"And what does I love you mean?"

"Anata o aishite imasu."

"Anata o....aishite imasu."

"Not bad. Your pronunciation could use some work, but I can tell you'll be a quick learner."

"I sure hope so." She grazed the tips of her fingers over his pubes, then slowly twirled the satiny hair around her pinky finger.

"Having fun?"

It took the sound of his voice to break her attention from his crotch, and as her gaze met his, she noticed a glimmer of amusement in his eyes.

"If you can put it in a braid, I'd be really impressed."

She snorted, then broke into a smile. "You're a wonderfully weird man, you know that?"

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