tagInterracial LoveVelvet Kisses Ch. 06

Velvet Kisses Ch. 06


*I know it's been nearly a month, and I do apologize for allowing an exceedingly long amount of time to pass between installments. But I finally managed to get this chapter out! Hope you all enjoy.*


Tucked in an alley behind a massage parlor and love hotel, The Pleasure Vault was a two-story fetish club located in the red light district of Kabukicho. With its red and black color scheme, dim lighting, and ornate black chandeliers, the nightclub had a bordello-like atmosphere to it. Patronized by alternative lifestyle enthusiasts who were outfitted in everything from rubber kimonos to PVC club wear, The Pleasure Vault was an establishment that clearly encouraged wanton behavior.

While Jeneda was enveloped in a skintight, red latex dress and black stilettos, Dane had chosen to wear a pair of leather pants and a fitted black t-shirt that showed off his toned arms. Although completely unintentional, the couple's red and black clothing matched the interior of the club, which exuded not only sensuality, but also a bit of raunchiness.

Garment-wise, Jeneda fit right in with the other clubgoers, but that didn't stop her from feeling as if she were a fish out of water. Dane, on the other hand, seemed right at home in the fetish club, and with his hand clasped with Jeneda's, he strolled confidently towards the bar.

Once they reached it, Dane gave their drink orders to a silver-haired bartender with multiple tattoos and several face piercings. Then, with alcoholic beverages in hand, Dane led Jeneda to the second level, which consisted of a lounge area. Several black leather loveseats, as well as plush chairs and high back sofas filled the seating area.

Since the lounge area was situated above the dance floor, it enabled Dane and Jeneda to gaze at the hordes of people below, who were dancing to the thrumming base lines of a darkwave instrumental track. The dancing clubgoers only held Jeneda's attention for so long, however, because everywhere she looked, there were people dressed in outrageous outfits.

A few feet away from her, she noticed a person completely encased in a black rubber body suit, which not only had attached gloves, but also an enclosed hood. Aside from two eye holes, and a small slit that allowed them to breathe, not an inch of skin was visible on their body.

Overall, she found the sight more than a little odd. But her gaze was suddenly diverted as she noticed a petite brunette in a studded mini dress. At barely five feet tall, the woman provided a striking contrast to her towering male slave, whom she effortlessly and confidently paraded around by a cock leash.

Even though the submissive male's genitals were covered by a leather pouch, it was clear to see that the leash was secured around his balls, and ever now and again the tiny brunette would give a harsh tug on the chain that was connected to the man's testicles.

Unable to avert her eyes for even a moment, Jeneda watched as the petite woman led her slave over to a plush velvet chair. As she sat down, her submissive got into a kneeling position. Then, without a moment of hesitation, he lifted her foot and began to enthusiastically fellate the spiked heel of her thigh high boots. So engrossed by what she saw, Jeneda stared on in fascination, and she would have continued to do so, if Dane hadn't leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"Enjoying the show?"

The sound of his voice broke her from her daze, and as she turned her head to look at him, she saw his lips curve into a little smile.

"Enjoying? I don't know about that," she said before adding, "I've just never seen anything like this before."

"Yeah, I can tell."

Dane lightly tugged on her arm, then led her toward a semi-enclosed booth that was gently lit by a black chandelier. Once they were seated on a leather loveseat, Dane looped an arm around her shoulder, and with a palm resting against her thigh, he posed a question.

"So, what do you think of the club?"

"It's interesting...definitely not boring, that's for sure."

"No, it most certainly isn't." He studied the expression on her face for a few more moments before saying, "You seemed to be having a hard time figuring out where to focus your attention. You just didn't know where to look, did you?"

"There was a lot of freaky stuff going on all at once. So yeah, I guess you could I was on sensory overload."

He smiled, then coasted his palm further up her silky thigh so that the tip of his fingers met with the hem of her latex dress. "Just so you know, if you'd prefer to just sit back and be voyeurs for the night, I'm fine with that. Or, if you want to walk around and check out the playrooms, I'm cool with that, too."

"I remember you mentioning the playrooms earlier," she said. "What exactly goes on in there?"

"Just about anything and everything you could think of."

Dane's response only further piqued her interest, yet as curious as she was to have a look at the playrooms, she found herself not quite ready to leave the lounge area just yet.

"Not that it matters or anything, but how many of these types of clubs have you been to?" Jeneda asked.

"Around three, maybe four. Why?"

"Just curious." She allowed a moment to pass before asking, "What made you decide to bring me here?"

"I thought it would be fun. And you seem open to trying new things, so I figured you would enjoy the experience." He paused to give her a thoughtful look. "If you're not enjoying yourself, we can leave."

"No, I am. It's different here....a little strange, but that's what makes it such an interesting place."

"I love that this is all so new for you," he said. "But I must confess, I am a bit worried that I may be corrupting you."

Taking note of the naughty smile that tilted his lips, she said, "You didn't seem very worried last night. In fact, you seemed to take great enjoyment in tying me up and taking advantage of my body."

"You loved every minute of it, though. Didn't you?" He placed a finger beneath her chin, then leaned in closer so that his lips were mere inches from hers.

"I did," she affirmed.

"Then you're really going to enjoy tonight," he said.

The low timbre of his voice filled her with desire, and as his tongue flicked against her bottom lip teasingly, she emitted a faint moan and angled her head in anticipation of a kiss. As Dane engaged her in a sinfully gratifying French kiss, the taste of coffee liquer mixed with vodka hit her tastebuds, and she became oblivious to everything except the feel of his lips.

So consumed by the wet heat of his mouth, she barely took note of the fact that his hand had ventured beneath the hem of her dress. But as the tip of his finger bumped against her bare pussy, something akin to an electric current zipped through her body. It seemed that Dane was equally affected by the absence of fabric covering her pussy, because he abruptly broke the kiss to look into her eyes.

"You're not wearing any panties?"

"Yes I am."

His finger roamed the length of her weeping slit before travelling further upward, and that was when he discovered that she was wearing crotchless underwear. The look of surprise of his face was enough to make Jeneda wish that she could capture it on film, and relishing his stunned expression, she waited for him to speak.

"Jeneda...." Her name left his lips as little more than a whisper, and his dark eyes had taken on a glint of excitement. "I had no idea you had crotchless underwear."

"Up until earlier today, I didn't. I got them on the sly, during our shopping trip at that fetish store."

"I see...." As his voice drifted off, he allowed his digit to trace the slick moisture that coated her pussy lips. Then, with deliberate slowness, he gently parted her tender folds with his index finger. "What a lovely surprise this is."

She let out a groan as his thumb rubbed her clit in little circles, and as he continuously caressed the silken flesh of her inner vaginal lips, she began to squirm beneath his touch. The sensation was so deliciously enjoyable that she found it difficult to keep from moaning, and she bit her lip to muffle the sound.

But then she remembered that they were in an establishment that not only tolerated erotic displays of affection, but strongly encouraged all sorts of lascivious acts. Coupled with the fact that they were in a semi-enclosed booth that offered plenty of privacy, there was absolutely no reason for them not to indulge in a bit of naughty play time.

This realization should have banished her hesitation to let loose and really enjoy herself, but as she tilted her head back so that Dane could kiss her neck, she realized that someone in the VIP area just above was leaning against a railing, intently watching their every move.

As Jeneda stared up at the stranger, he stared down at her, unabashedly watching as Dane began to lightly suck and nip at the pulse point of her neck. From what Jeneda could tell, most of the patrons located in the seating area on the third level were far too busy engaging in sensual acts of their own to even take note of what she and Dane were doing.

But this particular individual-who was dressed in a pair of skintight PVC pants and a long sleeve fishnet t-shirt that showed off the silver barbells that ran through his nipples-was intently watching them.

With a glass of alcohol in one hand, and a cigarette in the other, the man had an easygoing air about him. The look on his face wasn't one of shame, yet rather eager expectancy, as if he were waiting for something more; something that surpassed the erotic display he'd just been unabashedly observing.

Caught up in the heat of the moment, Dane was unaware that they were even being observed, and he continued to passionately kiss Jeneda's neck while simultaneously fondling the cleft between her legs.

"Dane." She spoke his name so softly that it came out as a whisper.


"There's someone watching us...." She moved her lips to form more words, but the feel of Dane's thumb lightly stroking her clit caused her to emit a guttural sound of pleasure instead.


"Up above, on the VIP level."

With obvious reluctance, Dane pulled back from her neck and gazed up at the level which was located just above them. He then followed Jeneda's line of sight until he spotted a dark haired man leaning against the balcony that overlooked the second floor lounge.

"So much for privacy," Jeneda said before adding, "What's the use of being in one of these intimacy booths if people can still see us from above?"

With his eyes still fixed on the man, Dane asked, "Does it bother you that he's watching us?"

Slightly unsettled, yet simultaneously turned on by the voyeur, she allowed a moment of hesitation before answering. "Not exactly..."

Noting that her voice had trailed off, Dane averted his eyes so that his gaze met hers. "So you're okay with him being there."

Jeneda looked back up at the man to see that he was still watching her and Dane, and with only a moment of hesitancy, she said, "Why not? No harm in him looking, is there?"

Dane shifted his attention back to their observer, and after a few tense moments of staring the other man down, he looked back at his fiancee. "I guess not. So long as he knows that you're mine."

"I think It's pretty clear that we're together," Jeneda said. "Besides, you brought me here to show me off, didn't you?"

"Yes. But I also want to make sure you enjoy yourself."

"I am enjoying myself. Or at least I was, up until a few minutes ago." She slipped her hand beneath her dress and placed it encouragingly over his, which was still nuzzled between her silky thighs.

The smallest hint of a smile teased the corner of Dane's lips, and without another word, he used his free hand to retrieve an ice cube from his glass. After popping it in his mouth, he began to unzip the front of her latex dress. Little by little, more of her cleavage was slowly revealed, but just before her breasts spilled free, he suddenly halted the movement of his hand.

He looked deep into her eyes, as if silently asking permission to expose her breasts, and after receiving a nod in return, he lowered the zipper even further. The moment her nipples came into view, he eagerly lowered his mouth to them.

With the ice cube gripped tightly between his teeth, Dane skimmed it along the curve of her right breast, then swirled it slowly around her dark brown nipple. She eagerly watched as the frozen cube gradually spiraled inward, and as it finally brushed against her erect peak, she jolted in her seat.

Within moments, both of her nipples were as hard as bullets, and literally aching for the touch of Dane's tongue. A master at reading her body language, Dane was well aware of just what she was desiring. But driven by his dominant nature, he resisted the temptation to immediately give into her desires.

Still holding the ice cube between his teeth, Dane maneuvered it so that it ran along the sides of her neck and collarbone. He then positioned his mouth so that it was flush against hers, and with his tongue, he pushed the ice into her mouth.

Thrilled by the cold sensation of the frozen cube, she let out a breathy gasp, then maneuvered her own tongue so that the ice cube was pushed back into his mouth. He followed suit by imitating her actions, and for the next few minutes, they took turns trading the frozen cube back and forth.

It didn't take long before the ice melted down to a sliver, and now completely unencumbered and free to truly indulge themselves, they continued on with a passionate make out session.

With Dane's hand still nuzzled between her thighs, Jeneda was afforded the pleasure of being ardently fondled, and as his thumb worked circles around her clit, she moaned and writhed beneath his touch. Rather than just caress, his fingers seemed to command, moving in a rhythmic side-to-side motion that left her gasping with need.

He gradually increased the pressure until her head lolled back, then in a move that was clearly designed to heighten her pleasure, he allowed his tongue to drift over one of her pebbled nipples.

His mouth worshipped the taut bud, giving it languidly slow, soft licks before gently suckling it to further erection. Then, with a languidness that roused a moan from the depths of her throat, he slowly pushed two digits deep inside of her.

Once her silky walls were completely enveloped his fingers, he began working them in and out of her at an unhurried but steady pace. Gradually, and with a skillfulness that heightened the pleasure she already felt, he increased his tempo.

She gave a throaty cry as his fingers worked their magic, pumping quicker and harder as she restlessly squirmed beneath his attentions. Long, thin, and ridiculously adroit, his digits caressed her passage with a virtuoso's skill.

Simultaneously, his tongue masterfully caressed her nipples, making them slippery and shiny with a thick coating of saliva. Thoroughly aroused not only by his wet appendage, but the dexterous fingers that were imbedded in her pussy, Jeneda quickly found herself at the brink of climax.

She cried out his name without a hint of abashment, following up with a moan so wanton it sounded titillating even to her own ears. Her body began to tremble and her mouth went slack, falling open in a silent 'o'. Then, with a violent shudder, she gushed all over his nimble fingers.

Blissfully satisfied, yet a little lightheaded, it took several moments before she came back to the present. She barely registered the feeling of Dane's fingers withdrawing from her heat, but her inner muscles definitely took note, repeatedly clenching at the loss of his thin, skillful fingers.

As he zipped up her dress, the latex material molded to her breasts, perfectly cupping them like a second skin. He drew out a finger, slipping it under her chin, and as his mouth just barely brushed against hers, she felt his breath ghost against her lips.


The word he'd spoken was just barely audible, yet even still, she'd clearly picked up on the firmness in his tone. And just in case she had any doubts as to what he'd said, the fierce possessiveness in his gaze made it clear that she'd heard him right.

His gazed drifted upward, and as Jeneda followed his line of sight, she saw that their observer was still there, firmly planted in exactly the same spot. As the couple stared up at the man, he looked right back down at them, as if waiting for them to carry on.

But as Jeneda stole a glance at Dane, she could see that his face had set into a less than friendly expression. He didn't move an inch, only kept his eyes fixated on the stranger, and with an intense gaze that was clearly meant to intimidate, he sent a wordless message.

Show's over. You're dismissed.

A few seconds passed before the voyeur shifted on his feet, then with a reluctance that was palpable, he turned on his heel and walked away.

Dane averted his attention back to Jeneda, then brought his mouth to hers in a kiss that was moist, deep, and so achingly tender that a fevered sigh escaped her lips. When they finally broke apart, she was left feeling a little dazed, but the words that Dane spoke effortlessly cut through her fog of lust.

"I had no idea you were such an exhibitionist."

"I'm not...usually."

"So this was a special occasion?" A wry smile curved his lips.

"I've never done anything like this before, if that's what you're asking."

"I know you haven't. And that's what intrigues me about you." His gaze searched her features curiously, as if she was an enigma he was attempting to solve. "Just when I think I've got you figured out, you find some way to surprise me."

"I'm a fan of unpredictability. It keeps things interesting."

"You're right about that," Dane said. "But I think we both know that things could never get boring between us."

She definitely did, and as his hand glided from the base of her neck and into her mass of curls, her eyes locked unwaveringly into his own. With fingers burrowed in her hair, he cradled her head gently, and yet at the same time, there was something slightly restrictive about his grip.

Yet it was done in such a subtle way, that she couldn't be entirely sure if he was asserting his dominance, or simply displaying his passion for her. With the sound of Trent Reznor's voice screaming out angst-ridden convictions through the speakers of the nightclub, the moment they were sharing was intensified.

There was an indefinable charge to the air between them, something that was stronger than lust, but just as primal. And like many times before when Dane set his piercing gaze upon her, she was left feeling stripped to the bone. Nothing turned her on more than feeling completely vulnerable and open to her man, and without even realizing it, her pulse quickened.

"Satiate my curiosity," Dane finally said in a deep, smooth voice. "When that man was watching us, did it increase your excitement?"

"It did in the beginning. But once your fingers and tongue really got going, all I could think about was how incredible you were making me feel."

This caused his lips to pull into a smile, and with a prideful look, he grazed a thumb along her jawline.

"What about you? Jeneda asked. "How did it make you feel, knowing that he was watching us?"

"At first I wasn't sure, and a little worried that I might regret letting him see you topless. But then I reminded myself that I was the one touching you, not him."

"You were jealous?"

"Yes. But that's only because I'm protective of what's mine."

"But he wasn't even close enough to smell me," she said. "Why would you be jealous of some random guy?"

"It's instinctual, darling, not something I can effectively control."

"I see." Her gaze lowered for a moment before she peered up at him through long lashes. "I find it interesting that you say you're jealous of other men eyeballing me, and yet you also admit that you brought me here to show me off."

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