tagInterracial LoveVelvet Roses Ch. 13

Velvet Roses Ch. 13


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Thirty minutes later, Dane and Jeneda arrived at their destination, and after getting out of their respective cars, they walked hand in hand up a hill that led towards the property. Dane hadn't given her any clue as to where they were going, so when she first caught sight of the residence they were approaching, she found herself at a loss for words.

Perched atop a hill that was accessible by broad stone stairs, was a cozy, wood shingled, Cape Cod style cottage. The lighthouse that was attached to it stood forty feet high, and was painted with blue and white nautical stripes.

Beautifully restored, the unusual residence had somewhat of a modern facade, while still retaining its traditional charm and distinctive beauty.

Although it was no longer raining, it was bitterly cold and windy, and as they continued journeying up the steep hill, waves crashed against the rocky coastline below them.

Once they reached the top of the slope, they were afforded the opportunity to truly appreciate their surroundings, and took a moment to take in the panoramic view.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the cottage was nestled among rocky outcroppings. The beam of the lighthouse tower shone from above, illuminating the waters of the choppy coastline. There weren't any other buildings for miles around, so it was nice and secluded, and as Jeneda looked down at the coastline below, she noticed that the water's surface reflected the soft glow of the moon.

Overwhelmed by the beauty and tranquility of the place, Jeneda hardly noticed as Dane hugged her from behind, but as his lips pressed to the crook of her neck, she was broken from her daze.

"This view is breathtaking," she said.

"It's even better from the lighthouse tower."

She gazed up at the towering structure, and as her eyes came to rest on the ever-searching beacon, she found herself mesmerized by it. "You mean we can hang out up there?"

"Of course. It's fully functional and completely safe."

He grabbed her hand and led her up the porch steps toward the cottage, and as they reached the front door, he unlocked it, then gestured for her to go in. He followed behind her, switching on a light as he entered, and as the cottage was illuminated, Jeneda eyed the interior almost wondrously.

The room they were standing in was outfitted with a blue and white striped sofa, two white, overstuffed armchairs, and a hand woven aqua and white throw rug. Keeping with the blue and white coastal theme, the kitchen, which was open and flowed from the living room, had white cabinets, and pale blue tiles bordered the entire length of the counter.

In addition to the blue and white furnishings, there was also a ships wheel mounted above the fireplace in the living room, and several paintings depicting the sea were strategically placed on the walls. Overall, the interior design of the cottage put her at peace, and she couldn't help but admire how tastefully decorated it was.

"This place is amazing," she said. "Do you own it?"

"Nope, it belongs to my parents."


She continued to look around, and as her eyes came to rest on an arched doorway located on the north-east wall of the cottage, she instantly knew that it had to lead into the lighthouse.

Noticing where she was looking, Dane gave her a little smile, then took her by the hand and led her towards it. The door creaked loudly as he opened it, as if attesting to the age of the structure, and Jeneda followed behind him as he ventured further in.

The room they entered was den-like, and hexagonal in shape. A glass armoire which housed ships in a bottle was situated just left of a small window, and various family photos, which were all black and white and yellowing at the corners, graced the white walls. Situated next to an antique looking end table was a pale blue loveseat, and a rusty boat anchor was mounted on the wall behind it.

"My mother calls this the sitting room, but I think of it more as a glorified den," Dane said.

Jeneda lightly chuckled, then followed him up the staircase that led to the uppermost level of the lighthouse. The soles of their shoes clanked faintly against the steel stairs, and a salty scent, coupled with the unmistakable smell of the sea, drifted into her nostrils.

The second level of the lighthouse consisted of a kitchen, and had a stove, small fridge, sink, and a microwave. A nautical compass was displayed on one of the seafoam green walls, and a lantern style light hung above the kitchen table.

She had just enough time to take in the well-decorated cooking space before Dane escorted her further up the stairs, and as they reached the next floor, she saw that it was a bedroom.

It was cozy and warm, and had a queen size bed, desk with a computer, a space heater, and a flat screen TV. There was also a small bathroom, and as she peeked inside it, she saw there was a claw foot tub.

"This place is incredible," she said as she came back into the bedroom. "How long have your parents owned it?"

"It's been in my mom's family for decades. It was passed down to her through my grandfather."

"Well it's a very nice place." She slipped out of her shoes and climbed onto the bed, then scooted toward the headboard so she could peer out the small, circular window that was located above it.

As the tip of her nose pressed against the cold glass, she squinted at the darkness beyond, and as the beam from the lighthouse tower swept across the ocean, she suddenly felt as if she were in a dream.

"This is so surreal." Her breath clouded as she spoke, fogging up the window.

She felt the mattress dip, followed by the sensation of Dane's hands around her waist, and she rested on her heels, pressing her back against his chest.

"What's surreal?" He asked.

"Me and you, here. Never in my life would I have imagined I'd spend the night in a lighthouse, let alone with someone with like you."

"Someone like me..." He softly chuckled. "Should I take that as a compliment?"

"Most definitely."

He began to lightly kiss her neck and she sighed, reveling in the warmth that spread through her lower abdomen and as he undid the belt of her coat. "You're up for another round, huh?"

"Actually, I was thinking we could get out of these wet clothes and take a bath together. But if you really want sex, I could be persuaded."

She smiled, then tilted her head back so that she could look into his eyes. "Let's start with a bath and go from there."


He gave her a peck on the lips, then scooted off the bed and began to undress himself. She followed suit, and once they were both naked, they headed for the bathroom. Once the tub was filled with water as hot as they could stand it, they both climbed in, positioning their bodies so that they were facing each other.

Jeneda considered repositioning herself so that Dane could cradle her, but decided against it, so that they were able to maintain intimate eye contact while bathing. Dane took note of her distance, and with a seductive look in his eyes, he spoke.

"You can come closer, I won't bite."

"I want to look into your eyes."

A moment of silence preceded his words. "What do you like about them?"

"They're dark, intense...you have a very penetrating stare."

His lips curved faintly. "Is that good or bad?"

"Definitely good."

He lightly sighed and sank deeper into the water. "So I have to ask. Before me, have you ever had sex outdoors?"

"Never. What about you?"

"What you think?"

"I'm pretty certain you have." She paused, allowing him the chance to speak, but his silence persuaded her to continue. "Am I right?"

"Yes, you are."

"With how many women?"

"What does it matter?"

"I'm just curious."


"Oh." As uninhibited as Dane was, she'd been expecting the number to be higher. "Okay."

"Does that bother you?" He asked.

"Why would it? Obviously neither of us are virgins, so..." Her voice trailed off, and she gave a light shrug.

They sat in silence in for a moment, simply holding each other's gaze. Steam rose from the tub, creating a fog around them, and as stillness pervaded the air, Jeneda allowed her eyes to drift shut. She would have fallen asleep right there, but the sound of Dane's voice jolted her out of her sleepy haze.

"Don't fall asleep on me yet. We still have the whole night ahead of us."

The seductive look he gave her sent pleasant shivers down her spine, and with a drowsy little smile, she sunk deeper into the water. "I won't, promise." Yet no sooner had the words left her mouth, did a thought suddenly go through her head, and she popped back up again. "Wait a minute, I can't stay here overnight. I have to meet up with my dad tomorrow morning."

"Your dad called? When did this happen?"

"During the drive over here."

"And he didn't tell you why he wants to see you?"

"No, but I do recall him saying the words, 'we need to have a talk,' which basically means serious business."

"So clearly he knows what I did."

"Yep. I guess Adrian made good on his promise to tell him."

Dane blew out a heavy breath, then raked his fingers through his hair. "Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse."

"Yeah, well..." her voice trailed off and she released a sigh of her own. "All we can do is just deal with it head on, and hope for the best."

He sadly looked at her. "There is no hoping for the best. Now that he knows what I did, he'll make you break up with me."

"He can't make me do anything. I'm a grown woman, not a teenager."

"What if he asks you to choose?"

"Choose what?"

"Between me and him."

"I really don't think he'll do that."

"But what if he does? I mean clearly he'll expect you to be loyal and end our relationship, and considering what I did, I guess I can't really blame him."

"He already knows that I'm fully aware of what you did, so what sense would it make for him to force me into breaking up with you?"

"You're his daughter, and Vincent was his best friend. He'll want you to side with him."

"There are no sides," her voice had risen slightly. "What's done is done, and it can't be taken back, so what good would us breaking up do?"

"Look, I didn't mean to upset you," he said. "But let's be realistic here. Your dad probably feels really betrayed that you're choosing to stay with me."

"And he has every right to, but he'll get over it eventually."

"You really think so?" Dane stared fixedly at her.

To be honest, she didn't, but the possibility of her father holding a grudge against her for the remainder of his life was far too unpleasant for her to even consider.

"Look, let's stop talking about this, okay?" She asked. "We'll deal with it when the time comes, but right now I just want to relax."

She grabbed the large bath sponge that was floating in the water, then squirted some shower gel on it and began vigorously soaping herself up. It wasn't until Dane leaned forward and took the sponge from her hand that she came back to the present moment, and as he looked deep into her eyes, she stared right back at him.

"I'm not trying to hide out from your dad, but what do you think about rescheduling your meet-up with him, and spending the night here with me instead?"

"I could, but I really don't see the point of putting this off. We can't run away from our troubles."

"I know we can't, but we really need this weekend alone together. I brought you here because I thought It'd be good for us to get away from the city and unwind."

She thought it over for a minute before responding. "We both do need to de-stress."

"So reschedule the meet up with him, and let's spend the next two days here." Pleading with puppy dog eyes, he added, "Please?"

The look on his face was too cute to resist, so she had no choice but to give in. "Okay, I'll reschedule."

"Great." He smiled, gave her a tender peck, then got busy soaping her up.

Wanting to fully enjoy the experience of being bathed by her lover, Jeneda stretched her arms out along the side of the tub, then rested her neck against the cool porcelain.

The sponge felt wonderful against her skin, and as he delicately ran it over each of her breasts, she contentedly sighed. The friction of the porous material provided her with a fantastic sensation, and as he repeatedly dragged the sponge over her steadily hardening nipples, she moaned.

He took his time, making sure that every inch of her skin was covered with soapy bubbles before moving the sponge down her torso, and as it came into contact with her pussy, her vocal encouragement grew louder.

With tender gentleness, he pulled her delicate folds apart, then ever so gently, washed the tender pink skin of her inner vaginal lips.

She arched her back, parting her legs to give him better access. Yet far too soon for her liking, he withdrew the sponge from between her legs and coasted it along her thighs instead.

Deeply disappointed, she emitted a long, drawn out whimper, to which Dane only smiled. He was clearly enjoying teasing her, and it frustrated her to no end, but at the same time she was also getting off on it. There was something deliciously enjoyable about being denied the very thing she wanted, and the fact that he was holding off on pleasuring her only made her horniness increase.

Dane took one of her feet in his hand, then ran the sponge along her soles and each of her toes before releasing her foot back into the water. He gave her other foot the same treatment, and after rinsing the sponge out in the tub full of water, he squirted out a new glob of shower gel and began to bathe his own body.

He didn't get very far before Jeneda grabbed the sponge from him, and after coaxing him to sink down into water and relax his back against the porcelain, she began to wash him. Her kneeling position provided him with a nice view of her upper body, and as she languidly ran the sponge along his shoulders and chest, her breasts gently swayed.

Not averting his eyes for even a second, Dane gazed longingly at them, groaning ever so often as she continued to loving bathe him. By the time she reached his crotch, she was pleased to find that he was fully erect, and using a tender touch, she caressed him with the soft sponge.

His breaths quickened, steadily becoming huskier, and before she knew it, she'd tossed the sponge aside and was jerking him off.

The sounds he made only coaxed her on, and each up and down motion of her hand was accompanied by his breathy gasps. She manipulated him expertly, pumping his long, veined cock with short, rapid jerks, and as his moans grew more desperate, she knew he was close to climax.

Jeneda's hand was now little more than a blur, breasts jiggling with her vigorous movements. Her nipples jutted invitingly towards him, and undoubtedly appreciating the sight of them, he gazed lustfully at them through half lidded eyes. He even tried to lean forward a few times and take one of her pert buds into his mouth, but she purposely moved back to keep him from latching on.

The sound of splashing water mingled with his breathy groans, and as she palmed his cock even quicker, he violently bucked his hips against her hand. It only took a few more strokes before she pumped him to completion, and with a strangled cry of ecstasy, he came.

A thick rope of semen shot from his penis, followed by another, and as the jerky movements of his hips finally halted, his body went slack and he let out a contented sigh.

So absorbed by the look of pure ecstasy on his face, she took a few moments to simply watch him. His chest rose and fell with each labored breath that he took, dark hair partially obscuring his closed eyes.

Completely at peace and thoroughly gratified, Dane was the epitome of bliss, and although she knew that the state he was in was fleeting, it was still good to see him completely relaxed and unstrung. She leaned in to kiss him, and as her lips brushed his, he murmured against them.

"That was incredible."

"Glad you enjoyed," she softly said before their mouths sealed together, and as their lips moved in a lazy, sensuous rhythm, she twined her fingers into his hair.

So consumed by their deep, wet kiss, she was totally caught off guard by what happened next.

"Ow!" The nipple twist he'd given her was more than a little rough, and as she looked down at her breasts, she saw that he was holding each of her swollen buds captive between his thumb and forefinger.

"That's for being a tease," he said.

"What are you talking about?"

"When you were jerking me off, I tried to suck your tits, but you wouldn't let me."

"Cry me a river. You've teased me plenty of times."


"As of right now, I can't recall. But you've definitely done it before."

"If I did, it wasn't on purpose."

She lightheartedly scoffed and said, "Yeah, right."

"Your teasing was intentional and cruel." His eyes narrowed slightly and he gave both her nipples another pinch.

"Ouch!" She fixed him with a hard stare. "You are so full of it. You're only bringing up my teasing so that you have an excuse to torture my nipples."

"You love it, though. Don't you?" There was a wildness in his eyes, something a bit dark and unrestrained.

"You're in a very kinky mood today," she said. "What's gotten into you?"

"I've always been kinky, I've just never fully shown this side of myself before."

"Well I'm definitely not opposed to mixing things up, but if you don't let go of my nipples, you're going to twist them right off."

He lightly chuckled before releasing them from captivity, then gave each of her sore peaks a tender kiss. "Sorry if I was too rough. But they were there and pointing toward me, inviting me to play."

"You're right, they were asking for it," she sarcastically said. "I can't lie, though. I do love it when your untamed side comes out."

"I know you do." He eyed her nude body hungrily, and as she drained the tub, then climbed out and headed for the bedroom, he trailed behind her.

As soon as they reached the edge of the bed, he pushed her onto the mattress. Then he climbed on top of her and began kissing her neck. His hot breath tickled her skin, causing it to tingle in delight, and as the heat of his breath ghosted against her left nipple she squirmed impatiently beneath him.

He swirled his tongue around the tight bud, then captured it in his mouth, and very tenderly worked the muscles of his lips over it. He then dragged his tongue up and over the other nipple, ardently sucking it before heading southward.

By the time his lips brushed against her lower stomach, she was already soaking wet, and without a moment's hesitation, parted her legs to give him full access. He dove in eagerly, and at the first touch of his wet tongue against her pussy, she arched her back.

She whimpered as he lightly ran his tongue along her slit, gliding it up and down a few times as he sampled her unique flavor. Then he parted her outer lips with his fingers, and snaked his velvety appendage against her tender, pink flesh.

He caressed her slowly at first, lightly sweeping his tongue from her vaginal entrance to just below her clit. He repeated this move a few times to build her frustration, and as he continuously avoided appeasing her, she let out a whimper, begging him to gratify her.

Clearly enjoying the power he had over her body, Dane continued his tease for awhile longer. Then finally, when she was certain she could take no more, he yielded to her desires.

Flattening his tongue, he allowed it to just barely graze the swollen nub of flesh, applying just enough pressure to feel good, yet not thoroughly satisfy her. It took half a dozen slow, torturously gentle licks before he increased the stimulation, and stiffening his tongue to a sharp point, he gently caressed her clit with the tip of it.

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