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One of the definitions given by Webster for "taboo" is, "any social prohibition or restriction that results from convention or tradition." So who defines the convention or tradition, or any rule for society for that matter, and on what is it based? For sure some have some pretty practical reasons like not murdering each other or robbing each other at gunpoint, but what makes a "taboo" different from a "law"? I've thought about that for many years, especially today when I am awash with many emotions. But I'll get to that. I wonder if many of the so called taboos are just a bunch of crap when you factor in a lot of the "ends justifying the means" sorts of logic. But let's start from the beginning.

It was the summer between my graduation from high school and going off to college. I had just turned 18 a little over a week ago, and I had formally become a high school graduate about a week before that. It was the mid 60's. The year after Kennedy had been assassinated. Lyndon Johnson had his hands full with the Viet Nam war raging, and protests were starting up in many colleges even though the real tragedies like Kent State were still a few years off. It was a nervous time for guys my age, but I was going off to college and as long as my grades held up, I wouldn't have to worry about it for at least four more years. Maybe it would all be over by then.

I was in my room that afternoon, feeling sorry for myself about the end of a two year long relationship with my girlfriend. Boredom, loneliness and idle hands are tools of the Devil (as my grandmother used to say), and it wasn't long before my pants, and then my pants were on the floor, and my hand was working my hard dick pretty well. All of a sudden, the door burst open and my sister barged in, "Brad have you seen my......"

"HOLY SHIT, Linda, don't you know how to knock, "I shouted as I scrambled to pull the bedspread over me. "What the hell are you doing home this early anyway?"

"God, Brad, I am really sorry. I didn't think, and I truly apologize," she said, and I could hear that she really meant it. I loved my sister because she wasn't like some other sisters of guys I knew who could be pretty nasty, humiliating, and sarcastic with their little brothers. Unlike them, Linda had always been my protector and mentor and supported me in so many ways growing up. She had just finished her junior year at the state university and just about to turn 21. She was home for the summer working as a legal intern for a law firm that was run by a friend of dad's.

"Things were slowing down at the office, and they said I could leave an hour early." She came over and sat on the edge of the bed. "Brad, I truly am sorry I walked in like that, but it's important that you don't feel bad that I saw you. Everybody does it, even me, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. The only thing I can't figure is why you aren't with Ellen somewhere letting her do that, or even better things for you, if you get my drift. I assume you guys do have sex. You've been going steady for two years."

"Ellen and I broke up few weeks ago, just after prom. I think we both knew it was coming and just hung in till after prom. Given that she's going to a different school than I am, I think we both realized that we'd probably be splitting up anyway."

"Damn," Linda said. "I'm sorry to hear that. I know you must be really hurting, but you have to believe me that you'll be dating somebody else before you know it. You're a pretty cute guy you know."

"I'm not so sure about that, Sis. I'm probably a lot more shy than you realize, and Ellen's been the only girl I've ever really been close to. I'm not sure I even know how to react around other girls."

"Oh that's a bunch of crap. When you get to school in the fall, there will be so many girls after you, you'll be beating them off with a stick, and then you won't have to beating off your own stick anymore," she laughed. "You'll be wowing them with the expertise you learned with Ellen. I'll bet you have a super talented tongue and even more talented 'magic wand'"

"It's a lot less expertise than you think. Our sex was pretty damned conventional and not much about me is too talented, especially my tongue, if you get my drift."

"You mean that you guys never gave oral or anal sex a shot?" she questioned.

I looked at her. I couldn't believe my sister was asking me these things. "No. We didn't do any of that stuff. You have to remember, we were both virgins till each other and getting to where we were was a bumpy road sometimes."

"Wow," she said. "You are going to have a lot to learn in college and a lot of those college girls are way ahead of you in their experiences."

"What? So you're telling me you do all that with Jim?" Jim was her current boyfriend that I had met when she brought him home at Christmas.

"Jim and I are sexual, but we're not something that either of us have considered as permanent. Truth is, I've had a dozen sex partners since I've gotten to State, and one of them was an older guy well into his career. Those, at least one of them, are the ones I've learned from. I will say that most of the guys I met in my freshman year were pretty ignorant about sex and that's why I worry about you. I'd hate to think that girls are going to think you are some neo-virgin who doesn't know his way around women."

"Listen, Brad," she continued. "I'm going to make a suggestion, and I need you to swear on your eyes, no swear on your balls, not to blab because if anybody ever knows anything about what I'm about to suggest, I'll cut them off. You tell nobody. That's rule number 1. Jim is out in California this summer with his own summer job, and I don't know anybody in town anymore. I'm feeling a bit lonely and horny myself, but I don't want to get involved with some local boy who's going to get all mushy, and think I want me to settle down here to become the wife of a hardware store clerk. I'd love to kill two birds with one stone for the next two months. Give myself a physical outlet, and teach you a thing or two about how to use that absolutely delicious body of yours to please a woman. It would make me happy to know that you're going to hit the college campus knowing a thing or two. But you need to trust me and not rat me out to anybody.....and I mean anybody. I know how guys your age like to brag to their friends, but you need to really grow up about this. OK?"

I was shocked about what she was suggesting, but frankly, it sounded wonderful. Frankly, I always thought my sister was pretty hot, but I was still uncertain about all this. "Linda, what you're suggesting is flat out incest and taboo in just about anybody's mind."

"Don't kid yourself my naïve little brother. In some cultures, casual sex play between brother and sister is pretty common and almost expected as part of growing up. This taboo thing started is because back in ancient times there were no birth control pills or condoms, and those in the society with some smarts figured out that children produced in those type situations could propagate bad genetic problems. Likewise, adultery wasn't originally just because of sex between unmarried people. It was because children produced in those situations "adulterated" pure blood lines and confused lines of inheritance. I sure don't intend to produce any kids from our situation. With modern protection, those 'taboos' become sort of irrelevant."

It made sense to me, or at least I wanted it to.

"OK," she said. "Are we together on this?"

"I'm ok with it if you are," I agreed. Then she pulled back the bedspread and looked down at me.

"Oh oh. What happened to the magic monster that you were choking when I came in here? Looks like he's gone back into his shell." She reached down and started to gently play with my embarrassment-induced flaccid dick, but it wasn't but a few seconds when it started to show signs of life again.

"Could you possibly be thinking of finishing my jerk off for me, Sis?" I asked incredulously but hopefully.

"Oh much better than that, Baby Bro. Much better than that."

With that, she went down and took my cock into her mouth. Oh man it felt so good. There were so many times I had wished that Ellen would do this for me, but she just said it seemed "too dirty". Now, here was my sister, for Pete's sake, working her wet mouth and lips up and down the shaft of my dick. It wasn't long before I could feel that I was going to boil over and I started to push my sister's head away. She countered by grabbing my wrist and holding my hand away. "Jesus, Sis, I'm going to cum if you don't stop doing that." No sooner had I said those words than the first wave of semen pumped out of me, and I screamed out, "Oh God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" It just kept pumping and pumping. I think the down time between when Linda had walked into the room and now had really let the pressure build up.

I opened my eyes and she was just looking at me. "Man, I think you really have been missing Ellen. I guy your age shouldn't let it build up too long."

I looked down ready to clean up. "Where's all the cum?" I said.

My sister just laughed. "In my belly Little Bro. Where else?"

"Jesus, Linda, you swallowed it? I asked incredulously. "You do that with all your boyfriends? You swallow their cum."

"Not with all of them, Brad. Just the ones that I like and know aren't just trying to use me for just a quick fuck. I am NOT just some sleep around slut despite what you may be thinking right about now. Besides, where did you want me to let it go, all over the sheets and bedspread? You may not have thought about it, but maybe mom doesn't particularly like to launder your crusty sheets. Besides, you wouldn't want her to know what you've been up to here today would you? But.....I did like the fact that you told me that you were going to cum. That's good. Which brings us to rule number 2. You need to tell me when you're going to cum. I don't want you springing on me after the fact that maybe you popped your load in my snatch. The campus medical center sells birth control pills to girls over 18 on a don't-ask-don't tell basis, and I've been taking them for the past two years. Still, I don't know how reliable they really are, and I don't want to suddenly learn that I'm carrying my brother's bun in my oven. That would truly kick the shit out of rule number 1 about not letting anybody ever find out."

"Trust me, Sis, I don't want anybody to ever, ever find out I'm doing my sister.

She laughed out loud. "I think you really do get it. Listen, it's getting late and mom might be coming home soon. Get yourself back together, and let me be out of your room. Consider this sort of an introductory lesson and we'll begin your real education this weekend when mom and dad are heading up to their friends house on the shore. We'll have the house to ourselves most of Saturday and Sunday. There's another "rule" about all this too, Brad. Never forget that I'm the teacher and you're the student here. Don't be getting rambunctious and trying to do shit to me on your own. I call the shots of what gets done, when it gets done, and how it gets done. I decide where the dick goes and where the cum goes.

I nodded. She kissed me on the cheek and said, "Holy crap. Who would have thought all those years ago when you were just learning to walk and I used to help mom give you your bath, that this little ding-a-ling of yours would be put to better use than just wetting your diapers."

"Ha....ha," I sniggered as she turned and sashayed to my door, wiggling her ass.

Three more days till Saturday and each seemed like it was 48 hours long. My mind was still struggling with the notion that my sister and I were going to be friends with benefits, even though when I had originally thought about our budding relationship almost 50 years ago, that expression hadn't even been coined yet. Saturday morning finally came, and mom and dad left for the shore about 9. I just stayed in my room. I wasn't even sure if Linda was still going forth with our plan and I started thinking maybe she had come to her senses or that it might have been just a bit of a joke. I could just see her going, "Got'cha. You didn't think I really meant it did you? Silly boy."

Around 10 o'clock, Linda appeared in my doorway with a little grin saying, "Good morning class. Are we ready for our lesson today?"

She came in, sat on the bed, took my hand and put it under her tee shirt. Her tit felt so nice and warm and firm. I squeezed it a little and let my fingers play with her nipple that was becoming firm and erect.

"Oh what a naughty student you are to get so fresh with your teacher," she laughed. With that she took off the tee shirt and sat there bare breasted.

"I thought for our first lesson," she said, "that we should begin with something you seemed to know nothing about based on our earlier discussions, but it's so important if you want to be a real success with the girls. Pussy eating. It's hard to believe that you've never really eaten pussy, Brad? How up close and personal did you ever get with Ellen? Did you ever really get a birds eye view?

I said, "OK, so I'm not an expert. I'd really appreciate it if you'd not make me feel any more stupid than I am."

She nodded and said, "Well said. You're right. I shouldn't be a wise ass. We've all been in your shoes," she agreed. Then she stood up and pulled down her shorts and panties, kicking them across the room. She stood there stark naked with her bush right in front of my face. I was almost shaking. My own sister totally nude inches from me.

"It works much better if we both have our clothes off," she said as she bent over and pulled my tee shirt over my head. Then she kneeled down and pulled off my sweat pants and jockeys. My dick was already hard and she smiled to see that I had all my tools ready for class. "Are you going to suck it again," I grinned.

"Later," she grinned back. "Right now, you have to pay attention to teacher."

With that, she scrambled up onto my bed, puffed up the pillow for her head, lifted her knees up and out and displayed a pussy as beautiful as I've ever seen in any magazine. Certainly as beautiful as Ellen's, and that was the only other real one I had ever had that close a look at. I was transfixed and must have been staring.

"So, Brad," she whispered waking me out of my gaze. "I'm happy you like what you see, but I want you to start by very gently stroking my inner thighs and my calves and the tops of my legs, but don't actually touch my pussy. Tease me. I love a nice slow gentle touch with long slow strokes. Let your fingers slide softly through my ass crack."

I did as she directed. She cooed her approval, opening her thighs even wider till her lips opened a little, and I could almost look right up into her hole. I kept caressing her thighs and legs as she closed her eyes and let herself enjoy the sensual pleasure.

She opened her eyes and met mine. "Have you treated Ellen to this sort of teasing before?" I nodded, but frankly, my experiences with Ellen were more of the right to the finger in the cunt approach. I seeing how Linda was enjoying it, I was already learning that taking a long slow route was something better.

"So, now," she whispered, "I want you to let your hands work up to my tits and caress them and gently milk them. Be very gentle with the nipples at this point. Show me what you used to do with Ellen."

I followed her directions and was rewarded with the feel of her firm breasts.

"Kiss them, Brad. Let your tongue swirl around my nipples and take them into your mouth and suck just a little." I her nipples were sweet, firm, and erect.

"Now," she whispered. "I want you to kiss down my belly, swirl your tongue in my navel, and then take a little of my muff in your lips and pull ever so gently......yeah, like that. Now kiss and lick my inner thighs again, but don't go to my pussy just yet. I know you can smell me, Brad. Is it good? Such an aphrodisiac. I've never met a man yet that wasn't turned on by the smell of a woman's pussy. Does it remind you of Ellen? You said you never ate Ellen's pussy but I'll bet you smelled your fingers after you fingering her. Did you, Brad? Did you smell your fingers like that?"

"Yes," I answered huskily, my brain and cock flooded with the desire fueled by Linda's cunt so close to my face.

"Put your finger in me, Brad. Oh yeah. All the way. Pull it out and let me see you smell your finger. Ummmmm. You like that don't you. Put it back in. Now pull it out and put it in your mouth. Yeah, taste me. You like it? Does it taste like your fingers after you fingered Ellen?" She was almost panting as she spoke.

I had never really tasted, Ellen's pussy, but after the teaser taste of Linda's, I could hardly wait to put my tongue in her. She moved her hand to her clit and started moving her fingers round and round and then down into her cunt to get them wet and then back to her clit. I watched mesmerized. Finally she said, "See what I'm doing with my fingers? I want you to do that with your tongue."

I moved closer and swirled my tongue gently around and up and down her clit. She squirmed and moaned a little. She reached under to put two fingers in her hole. Then she took her fingers out and put them in my mouth.

"Brad," she whispered more urgently, "I want you to put your tongue right in my hole as far as you can and move it around. Oh yeah. That's it. Now lick up my slit all the way to my clit and swirl it around again."

I did as instructed and she raised her hips and moaned. "Again," she said. "Keep that up. Put your fingers in my hole, two of them and fuck me with them while you lick my clit. Oh God, that's good. Put in three fingers, and stretch me a little more. Fill me up and keep licking my clit. Whatever happens, for God's sake don't stop."

I licked and finger fucked and she ground into me. She lifted her feet up in the air and moved her crotch all over my face and I could hardly keep up with her.

"Oh Jesus!!!!" she moaned loudly, "Oh my Jesus Christ do it! Lick it, Suck it!" I knew she was cumming. When Ellen came on my fingers or when we fucked, she screamed and kissed me and shoved her tongue into my mouth, but Linda just kept moaning and then grabbed my head hard to her crotch and finally collapsed. I didn't stop because she had told me to keep going and then she went crazy, moaning, and almost screaming as she pushed her crotch hard into my face and onto my fingers again. She collapsed back, and this time gently pushed my face away.

"Enough," she whispered hoarsely. "I think I'm done......for now anyway," she giggled. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head up to look at me. "Not too bad, Baby Bro. There's certainly room for growth, but that was a reasonable B+. While I'm resting a little, how about you coming up here and fucking my mouth? I don't know how long we'll go because I think you may be close to popping, and I do have other plans. "

She packed the pillow against the headboard and sat up a little. She told me to straddle her like she used to do when we wrestled as kids and she'd pin me down and make me holler, "uncle". "Only this time," she said, "no hollering uncle. Just put that sweet cock of yours in my mouth, and fuck it nice and slow."

I got myself in position with my cock in her mouth and she put her hands on my hips to sort of guide me as to how fast and how deep to go. I was looking down at myself sliding in and out of her lips when she looked up and our eyes locked. She heard me began to moan, so she pushed me away and said, "Maybe that's enough. I don't want your cannon going off just yet. I want you to fuck me now."

I said, "I have some rubbers in the night stand."

"No rubbers," she said. "I figure you used rubbers all the time with Ellen and I want you to feel the real thing. Just remember my rule 2 is all I ask."

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