tagBDSMVelvet's Cinderella

Velvet's Cinderella


A twist on one of Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Her mother was dying.

Cinderella didn't need anyone to tell her that. The sad faces and averted eyes of the visitors that poured through their home told her that. The extra gentle touch of her father's hand on her shoulder told her that. And the pale, withered husk of her once lively mother told her that. She held her cold hand, trying to rub some warmth into the skin and her mother smiled weakly.

"Don't worry about me, dear Cinderella. I will be fine. Watch after yourself."

She died the next day and Cinderella was inconsolable. She visited the grave every day, bringing flowers and weeping over the loss. Soon winter came and then spring. And then, her father brought home a new wife.

The new wife had a pair of daughters, each as beautiful as the sun and each as ugly as a vulture. Their handsome looks and expensive clothes could not cover the darkness and evil in their hearts. They looked upon Cinderella as if she was a servant.

"Why should she be allowed to eat with us, Mother?"

"Why should she be allowed to wear pretty dresses like us, Mother?"

"Why, indeed!" The new wife agreed with her daughters. And so Cinderella was stripped of her fancy clothes and sparkling jewels. She was made to eat leftovers in the kitchen with the servants and her bedroom became the basement.

Her father knew nothing of the treatment. He was away on business more often than not and she never had the courage to speak to him about it when she did get to see him since the new wife was always present. One day, her father announced that he would be leaving for France and most likely would not return for two years. He promised to send money and write as often as possible and with a fatherly kiss goodbye, he rode out. Cinderella felt her heart crumble and die.

"Cinderella!" The new wife's shrill call echoed through the house and the young woman hurried down the stairs. "Stop right there!" Cinderella stopped at the base of the stairs, nervously tugging on her brown braid. "Get on your knees!" Her step-sisters giggled as they watched. "You are not to walk any more. From now on, you crawl."

"Crawl? But Step-Mother ... "

Her step-mother strode over and slapped her face soundly. "And no talking back." Cinderella just stared at her with tear-filled eyes, her hand cupping her aching jaw. "Now, go crawl and get us breakfast!"

When Cinderella had left, the older step-daughter turned to her mother. "Is Cinderella truly now our servant, Mother?"

"Why, yes, darling."

"So we may use her any way we want?" The younger step-daughter asked.

"Absolutely, darling."

Cinderella came back in, crawling and doing her best to balance the tray of food. The threesome conversed between each other, deliberately ignoring her until she had finished serving and turned to leave.

"Wait just a minute, Cinderella. Come here." Cinderella left the tray and crawled over to her step-mother's chair. She was very surprised to see her step-mother lifting her skirt and pulling her silk underdrawers down. "Come here."

"Wha-what do you want, Step-Mother?"

Step-Mother grabbed Cinderella by the nape of her neck and shoved her face into her stinking pussy. "Drink it." At first, she didn't understand, but when the warm fluid hit her lips, she gasped and tried to pull away. Unfortunately, she was not as strong as her step-mother and her gasp had opened her mouth. The strong smelling urine flowed onto her tongue and she almost gagged. "Don't you dare throw up! You drink it down, all of it! Don't you miss a drop!" The piss continued flowing into her mouth and she swallowed, shutting her eyes and squeezing tears out. She was so ashamed! "Ah, now that was fine."

Cinderella crashed to the floor when Step-Mother released her. "Thank you, Step-Mother."

"I'm next!" Older Step-sister proclaimed. Cinderella obediently crawled over to her chair and averted her eyes while her step-sister unfastened her panties. Like her mother, her cunt was bushy and stunk of sweat. Her stomach tumbled but she put her mouth over the slick opening of Older-Stepsister's cunt. Her pee was strong, too, and she forced it out, nearly choking Cinderella with the blast. She drank it down without a sound.

"And now, me!" Young Step-sister gleefully shoved her undies down. For a moment, Cinderella was pleased. Young Step-sister's pussy was clean-shaven but the joy quickly died when she was shoved onto her back and that pussy was shoved onto her face. Cinderella opened her mouth, fighting not to gag as the fluid dripped onto her tongue and rolled down her throat. Young Step-sister arose, stepped over her and returned to her plate and the threesome laughed heartily as Cinderella crawled away.

"Don't go too far, Cinderella!" Step-Mother's shrill voice followed her. "You never know when you'll get thirsty again!"

Their cackling voices rang in her head as she crawled away, wishing that she could join her mother in death.

* * * * *


Older Step-sister was calling for her. It had been a horrible two weeks for her. She had become their toilet. Each morning, she was expected to visit each chamber and drain their piss directly from their slimy, stinky cunts and each evening, she would repeat the visit. She never got sick from drinking the urine but she was so humiliated from having to put her mouth directly on their pussies. Young Step-sister always insisted on sitting on her face for her deposit and as of late, Step-Mother had been ordering her to clean her cunt with her tongue.

A few times, Step-Mother would tremble and thick, white fluid would come out of her pussy and Cinderella would be ordered to clean that as well. She didn't know what it was, but she did as she was told.

She crawled into the library and took her usual position, bent over on all fours so that Step-Mother could rest her feet on her back. The step-sisters were in their chairs, preening and primping as usual.

"We have been invited to the King's castle for a Bride Festival!"

"A Bride Festival? What's that?" Young Step-sister asked.

"It's a day long gathering where the Prince selects a bride from all of the ladies who attend, silly!" Older Step-sister said.

"Oh, it sounds wonderful! When do we go?"

Step-Mother shoved Cinderella over, angry that she had dared to ask the question. "We are going, Cinderella, and that does not include you!"

"Why? I have as much right as anyone to seek the Prince's favor!"

"You have no rights!" Step-Mother hissed. She turned to her daughters. "We have to get dressed immediately. A carriage will take us to the castle."

The two girls leaped up with a scream and dashed off. Step-Mother arose. "Follow me." Cinderella crawled behind her, trying to keep up but the hard tile floors hurt her kneecaps but she hurried down the stairs into the kitchen. "Minton!" A fat man with sausage arms and a hairy chest came out of the fire room, his legs covered with sawdust from the wood that he worked with all day. It was his job to make sure that the estate's fires didn't die out. "This is my best worker, Minton."

Step-Mother pulled Minton to the side and spoke a few terse words to him, but the big man came away laughing. They both returned to where she waited on her knees.

"Go with Minton. If you accomplish his task, you may go to the festival."

With that, Step-Mother retreated up the stairs. Minton grabbed her by her braid and half-led, half-dragged her into the pantry area, tossing her down the short set of stairs. He stood over her, untying his pants and leering at her. His thick sausage-of-a-cock bounced out and she gasped. "All right, girl. Your task is to suck me off." He grabbed Cinderella by the back of her head. "And no one has ever made me cum."

Oh, God! Cinderella heard the words in her head, both in response to the size of his huge cock and his words. No one had ever made him cum?

He stroked his huge tube of meat, flicking it towards her face. "Do I have to force you?" He chuckled. "I'd sure like to do that."

A plan formed in her mind. She moved back against the wall, raising her hands above her head as if she were bound and allowed tears to trickle down her cheeks. In a small voice, she said,

"Fuck you."

Minton's olive skin turned red and he stomped forward, yanked her hair back and shoved his cock into her mouth. Cinderella felt the head of his dick shoving its way into her mouth and nearly gagged, trying to accommodate the size. Minton assaulted her mouth and jaw, forcing himself down her tender throat. He groaned and was astonished to hear that from himself. Her jaw was widening, the muscles relaxing to take him in. No woman, or man for that matter, had ever been able to do that. His cock flexed, the nerves endings screaming in delight.

"You sure are a good sucker!"

He couldn't believe that he had said that. He put his hand on the top of her head and rocked back and forth, first in a shallow movement, then in depth. To her credit, she fought, trying to push him away, but she accepted him. He looked down, into her dark brown eyes, seeing the tears that were streaking her dirty cheeks and her words pierced him. Fuck you.


With a frightful cry, he shoved his dick deep into her throat, cutting off her supply of oxygen as he pumped an unbelievably large load of cum into her mouth. Even as she slumped to the floor, unconscious, he stayed with her, hung up in her like a bitch in heat. He panted heavily, pulling his now limp prick out with a loud pop. She still lay silent so he kicked her in the ribs. She groaned and coughed.

"Go tell your fucking step-mother that you accomplished the task."

Cinderella felt like hell. Her head was throbbing and her jaw felt as if she'd tried to swallow a watermelon. But she'd succeeded. She rose to her knees and coughed gently, moaning at the pain. Not looking at him, she slid away, climbing up the stairs and heading for the master suite. She crawled in, remaining silent until Step-Mother acknowledged her.

"What do you want?"

"I have accomplished the task."

Step-Mother's face went pale, then red with anger. "You lie!"

"I do not. You may ask Minton yourself."

The kick in her ribs sent her sprawling across the floor. "You don't tell me what to do! Go to your room!"

Cinderella pulled herself up from the floor and crawled to her basement room. At least I can go to the festival. She stripped, washed and found a suitable dress. Next, was a bit of make-up, then combing and pinning her hair into a fanciful shape. Today was the best day of her life. Today, she could escape. She slipped on her shoes and headed up the stairs.

The door was locked.

"No!" She pounded on the door but no one came. With a sinking heart, she knew that her step-mother had done this. She crumpled to the floor, sobbing until she cried herself to sleep.

* * * * *

It must have been some hours later when the creak of the door awoke her. Minton stood there, his glare hard. "Get up!" She struggled to her feet. "My, don't you look pretty!"

"What do you want?"

"I want you to suck me off again."

Cinderella groaned, thinking of the pain that she'd endured. "And what do I get if I do?"

For a moment, she thought he was going to backhand her but he just scowled at her, then laughed. "I'll let you out."

She dropped to her knees and unfastened his pants. His thick stalk flopped out and she grasped it, stretching her already sore jaw to take him in. He groaned, slapping her hands out of the way in order to shove his meat down her gullet again. Minton just kept pumping, his hands on her head, hissing and moaning as he hurtled toward his climax. She lifted her hands and tried to push him off, which just made him push harder and within moments, he was cumming, clogging her throat with his copious cum. He yanked his prick out of her throat and shoved her to the floor, turning and heading back up the stairs.

Cinderella jumped to her feet and followed, afraid that he would re-lock the door and was happy that he kept his part of the bargain. She was out.

Now, on to the festival!

* * * * *

Step-Mother and her daughters huddled together outside of the King's chamber where the King, Queen and Prince were receiving the young ladies that had come to participate in the BrideQuest. They were all worried because they had heard a rumor that the King was making the ladies perform fellatio on the Prince to ascertain their sexual experience. It was said that they were a very sexual family and enjoyed some strange proclivities and the woman that married the Prince would be expected to fit in.

"Oh, Mother!" Young Step-sister wailed. "What are we going to do?"

"We don't know anything about ... about ... "

"Oh, hush!" The step-mother hissed at her oldest child. "Give me a moment to think."

The next young woman to be interviewed climbed the stairs and all three women were speechless, taking in her breathtaking beauty. She looked familiar but they couldn't recall who she was. She straightened her back and strode into the chamber, ignoring the glares of the other waiting women. She bowed low before the King, Queen and the Prince.

Without a word, she knelt at the King's feet, removed one of his boots and sat back on her haunches, licking the leather, her eyes moving and meeting with each of the royals. The Queen's face reddened with desire and the King's eyes brightened. Next, she bent and licked his sweaty foot, flicking her tongue between his toes. The King hissed in pleasure, his eyes closed. He reached down and grabbed her head, bringing her mouth to his for a deep, hard kiss, one hand brutally caressing her breast.

Releasing her, he gave a slight nod to his wife who arose from her throne. The King pushed her down to her knees, then moved behind her, forcing her onto all fours. Cinderella felt the coolness of the air as her skirts were pushed up, baring her ass. Suddenly, pain ripped through her and she screamed. The King had shoved his thickest finger into her virgin asshole and was roughly plunging it in and out. She tried to pull away, but his strong arm around her middle would not allow her to. The pain continued, then as he withdrew his finger, she slumped in relief.

But it was not over. Something larger pressed against her now-tender opening. She thrashed but could not move, wailing tearfully as the thing continued to press forward. At once, she realized what it was. It was a cock and a large one, at that. The fat head finally popped through her anal ring and she screamed again as the long, but thin stalk buried itself in her ass. She looked back and was surprised to see that it was the Queen, a strap-on around her slender hips. The Queen gave her ass cheek a wicked smack and started riding her hard.

Cinderella screeched at the pain. It radiated outward from her plundered asshole to her gaping pussy and she was surprised to feel her cunt muscles twitch. The Queen removed the dildo and gave a slight nod to her son, the Prince.

She struggled to her feet but he shoved her down again, slapping his rock-hard cock against her cheek. Pre-cum splattered onto her face and he repeated his action until her face was covered with his juice. She recoiled in horror. He merely smiled, slapping her face with his hand this time. As she opened her mouth to cry out, he stuffed his cock inside and began to fuck her face violently. He dropped to his knees, taking her head in both hands and nodded to his father. The King knelt behind her and drove his prick into her sore ass. The scream she emitted rumbled down the Prince's buried cock and he groaned in lust.

The Queen moved to her husband's side and buried a finger in Cinderella's pussy, pumping hard. The girl moaned. She added two fingers, then three, stretching the untried slit painfully. Cinderella's juice dripped over her fingers and she pulled out to give it a taste, then inserted four fingers. Cinderella screamed in pain but the Queen kept thrusting, marrying her movements with those of her husband. The King reached down and slid three fingers into his wife's heated pussy, frigging her tiny but sensitive clit.

Cinderella wasn't sure who came first. She felt her first orgasm slam into her just as the Prince's cock spurted his thick cream into her mouth. The sound of his son cumming and the feeling of her ass muscles clenching him brought the King to the strongest climax he'd felt in a long time and his wife's cunt clutching his fingers as she came brought on sweet aftershocks. The foursome collapsed to the floor and lay still for several minutes.

Finally, the King arose and helped his wife to her feet. They stood together, licking her cum-drenched fingers while gazing at the woman who lay on the floor. The Prince fixed his pants, helped the young woman to her feet, then turned to his parents. Cinderella stood silently, her nerves jangled and her entire body throbbing in pain.

"I think we've found my bride."

A loud pounding sounded and the doors swung open. Step-Mother and her grasping daughters strode in, her face purple with anger. "I knew it was you!"

"How dare you!" The Queen shouted.

"Your highness, she is an imposter. She is not of royal blood." The eyes of the royal family swung to Cinderella. "She's my servant!"

With a wail of despair, Cinderella fled the room, tripping on the stairs and falling out of a shoe. Her dream was ruined. She had lost.

* * * * *

The next day, Cinderella wished that she was dead again. Her Step-Mother had been livid with her and she was chained to the floor of the stable. The stable boys and hired workers were allowed to fuck her mouth as much as they wanted but they could not touch her pussy. Step-Mother figured that she would fetch a good price if her virginity was still intact. Nearly unconscious with exhaustion, Cinderella never heard the trumpets that announced the arrival of the Prince.

He had found her shoe on the landing and had kept it. He didn't care that she was a servant. He knew, knew deep in his heart that she was the one to fit in to his family. She was the one for him. He had been unable to find out who the old woman and her daughters were so since dawn, he had been visiting every estate in the province, determined to find the young woman.

When Step-Mother answered the door, he knew that he had found the right place.

"Good morning, madam."

"Good morning, sire."

"Where is the young lady from last night?"

"Oh, my daughters! Hold on a minute!" Before he could speak, she shrieked for the girls. They came running into the room, no doubt, waiting for her summons. "Here they are, sire."

"No. Not these girls." He took the shoe from his attendant. "The young woman who wore this shoe, the one that you called your servant."

The step-mother's face went chalk white. "Uh, she's not here, sire."

"Where is she?"

"I sent her away this morning."


"Uh ... uh ... "

"Where is she, madam?"

* * * * *

Cinderella had just dropped off to sleep when something blocked out the bright sun. Her wrists ached from the shackles and her jaw and tongue felt swollen from the assault that she had taken. So many dicks had been shoved into her mouth and her mouth was parched from the salty loads that she had taken. She had thrown up from time to time and even now, when she belched, she tasted sperm.

"Open up."

She mindlessly obeyed the order, taking the penis into her mouth and crying as the owner forced it down her throat, fucking her face hard and fast. The cum splashed against the back of her throat and she swallowed mechanically. She kept her eyes closed, hoping he would just go away but he didn't. His hand slid over her breasts and briefly teased her aching pussy lips. Then, she felt it. The cool leather of her lost shoe as it slid onto her foot. She jerked her eyes open and looked up into the Prince's eyes.

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