tagLesbian SexVelvet's Sleeping Beauty

Velvet's Sleeping Beauty


A twist on one of Grimm's Fairy Tales.

A prosperous King and Queen sat on their thrones, surveying the kingdom that they ruled. One would think that they would be happy but their handsome faces were drawn in distress. For as wonderful as their castle was and as comfortable as their villains were, there were no children to fill the echoing spaces with joy and laughter.

On this day, the Queen and her maid, Mia, were lounging together in the royal bath when the Queen noticed a small green toad sitting on the floor nearby. "Dear Queen," It said. "Do not fret. You will bear a daughter within the year."

The frog's words came true. The Queen gave birth to a child and the King was so overjoyed that he ordered a huge banquet and bade everyone to come. He also invited the Wise Women, but in his haste, he realized that he only had golden plates for twelve, which meant that the thirteenth would have to be left out.

The lavish banquet was held and everyone brought presents for the newborn princess. The gifts of Wise Women were intangible, but still important, such as virtue, riches, beauty, etc. As the last Wise Woman stood to bestow her gift, the uninvited Thirteenth stepped forward and in a loud voice said,

"In her eighteenth year, the Princess will be pricked by a spindle and will die!"

The entire crowd of partygoers gasped, watching in frozen horror as she departed. The last Wise Woman stepped forward, her presence demanding silence.

"In her eighteenth year, the Princess shall not die, but shall fall into a deep sleep for a hundred years."

After the banquet, the King gave the order that all spindles in the kingdom be burned so that the prophecy would not come true and the Princess grew up, tall, elegant and beautiful. And curious. It was this curious nature that found her wandering the halls of the castle, doing a little exploring while her parents were away. At the top of the narrowest stair was a door with a rusty key in its lock. She turned it and stepped into an old, musty storage area and was surprised to find an old woman with a spindle, spinning flax.

"Good morning, madam. What is it that you're doing?"

"Spinning, dear girl."

"And what is that object?"

"A spindle, of course." The old woman paused. "Would you like to see me use it another way?"


"Lie down."

The Princess lay down on the dusty cot and watched as the woman came around to the side of the bed and put her hand on the Princess' breast. "What are you doing?"

"Showing you another use for the spindle. Now lie back and trust me." The old woman's hand moved over the Princess' breast, cupping, squeezing and pinching the flesh until the Princess moaned. "Like that, my lovely? Why don't we strip you out of this gown so I have better access to you?" The Princess did as she was asked and the old woman lustfully gazed at the creamy expanse of flesh before her. "You have a very beautiful body, dear."

The breath caught in the Princess' throat as the old woman's lips captured one of her nipples, biting and sucking until it was a hard nub. One questing hand traveled over her flat stomach, prizing the thighs apart and sinking a finger into the Princess' wet pussy. "Oh, yes." She murmured, trying to press her hips up into the old crone's hand. The woman would not have it. She moved to the other breast and kept her finger far enough back to just skim the surface of those fat lips.

"You're already wet, my dear. You are such a juicy morsel!"

"Oh, please." The Princess felt the heat of desire licking up her thighs and burying itself in the core of her pussy. "Give it to me."

"What do you want, my dear?"

"I want you to fuck my pussy!"

"What do you want me to fuck it with?"

"The spindle!"

"Are you sure?" The woman's finger dipped slightly deeper and the Princess groaned, thrashing wildly. Her juices glistened on her fingertip and she raised it to the Princess' mouth, coating her lips with the thick pussy cream. Her pink tongue slipped out and licked her lips clean.


"All right, dear. Close your eyes and spread your legs wide." The Princess did as she asked, her throbbing pussy waiting the feeling of being filled. The old woman moved between her legs, leaning down to take a long lick of that young, sweet pussy. The Princess bucked and groaned. "Here it comes, sweet one. Enjoy it."

The spindle sunk deeply into the Princess' grasping pussy and its long slender end pricked her hymen. At that moment, the Princess sunk into a deep sleep and the sleep conquered everyone in the castle and every living thing in the surrounding valley. The King and Queen returned to find their lovely daughter locked in deep sleep and fell asleep, too.

Over the years, a great hedge of thorns grew around the sleeping kingdom, encasing the sleeping occupants in a protective cage. The world went on and many rode by, whispering about the beautiful sleeping princess named Rosamond that was rumored to lay within. Men and women tried to breach the thorn wall and died from the poisonous barbs so the kingdom continued to lay quietly slumbering, waiting for the passing of one hundred years.

As the time to awaken the Princess drew near, a young Princess from far away came to the kingdom. She had heard the tales of the sleeping princess and she intended for the lovely woman to be her own. She left her horse outside the thorny wall and slowly approached, startled to find the hedge changing into flowering bushes. She pushed her way through and entered the sleeping valley.

An eerie sensation overtook her as she walked toward the castle. Birds, squirrels and other forest animals littered the grass, all sleeping soundly. Hunting dogs lay grouped in packs, horses and cows were standing in stalls and stable workers were slumped on hay bales, all sleeping. The silence was deafening. As she moved farther and farther into the castle, she was amazed to see the cook standing asleep in the midst of stirring a pot and another kitchen worker leaning against a door with a handful of hard wood for the fire.

In each room, the occupants were asleep, including the King and Queen, who dozed while seated in their thrones. She felt strange but compelled to give them respectful bows and having done so, moved on to find the Princess. It took nearly two hours to scour every inch of the castle and she nearly missed the tiny set of stairs heading to the narrow tower.

When she saw the sleeping Princess Rosamond, she knew that she was in love. Rosamond's slender body was covered in alabaster skin, her breasts tipped with bright pink nipples and a triangle of silky black hair at the top of her thighs. She sheathed her sword and moved closer, leaning down to press a kiss to the sleeping beauty. She did not stir.

"What the fuck?" She thought carefully over all the information she had heard about Rosamond. She had been told that she would awaken with a kiss. Yet, she had kissed her and she hadn't awakened. What could be the problem? She ran a hand over the dildo in her pants, wondering why her grandfather had told her to wear the strap-on. Maybe it meant something?

She stripped off her clothes, leaving the thigh-high black boots on and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her tanned body was toned and trim, her breasts smallish but large-nippled and her cunt shaved and smooth. Coupled with spiked black hair and a pixie-ish face, she felt that she was pretty. She only hoped that she would be able to wake the Princess and that Rosamond would want her. She unhooked the dildo and placed a wet kiss on the broad head, then replaced it, making sure it was tight.

"Okay, my love. Here it comes."

She climbed on top of the table and straddled Rosamond, bending down for another kiss. The lips were soft and warm, which startled her but she couldn't stop the shiver that scudded down her spine when she pushed her tongue inside and felt Rosamond's sleeping tongue. The fat nipples of the Princess' breasts hardened into delectable points which she sucked into her mouth, laving each gently and thoroughly. Please, baby. She suckled, imagining this beautiful creature's reaction. Please wake up.

She moved down and parted Rosamond's legs, pulling them up at the knees. Her pussy was a gorgeous pink slit, the edges of the outer and inner lips slightly red. She rubbed a finger down the slit and was surprised to feel slick juice. So, she had been masturbating when she was stricken with the curse. That was even better. There wasn't an abundant amount of juice so she wondered if she had been able to trip. Maybe that was the answer to the question. Maybe that was why her omniscient grandfather had suggested the strap-on.

She moved between her legs, carefully placing Rosamond's knees over her shoulders and placed the head of the dildo at her sleeping entrance. "I love you, Rosamond. Wake for me." She pushed her hips forward and quivered as she watched the penis slide into the Princess' juicy pussy.

"Oh!" The soft moan from Rosamond infused her senses like an exotic perfume and she rubbed her hand over her responding body, pausing in mid-stroke. The sleeping Princess' eyes fluttered open, her skin flushed and nostrils flaring. "Please don't stop."

She moved forward again, bending to affix her mouth to Rosamond's, swallowing her moans of delight. Rosamond's nipples hardened again and she pushed forward, stroking her pussy and pinching at the same time. The Princess' body reacted violently, forcing her to hold on for dear life as she pounded her juice-filled pussy towards a climax.

"Oh, yes. Oh, yes! Oh, God! Oh, please! Please! I'm ... I'm ..." Princess Rosamond gasped. "I'm CUMMING!"

She held the Princess tightly, moving slightly to prolong her orgasm and smiled down into her eyes. Rosamond surprised her by pulling her head down for a deep, soul-stirring kiss. "I'm Princess Farah. Will you marry me, Princess Rosamond?"

"Only if you promise to fuck me every night with that."

"I do."

Princess Rosamond and Princess Farah were married and lived happily ever after.

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