tagRomanceVelvet's The Frog Prince

Velvet's The Frog Prince


A twist on one of Grimm's Fairy Tales.

It was an absolutely beautiful day.

The King's Daughter let her horse have its head and raced across the daisy-strewn meadow, laughing at the butterflies that fluttered in their wake. She was nineteen and her heart was light and free, much like the breeze that lifted her straw-gold hair and danced across her freckled nose. Her green-gold eyes sparkled in the sun and her full lips curved into a smile, gay laughter escaping her creamy throat.

She reined in her mare and turned down the grassy path that led to her favorite place, a lush thicket that bordered a deep pond fed by a small waterfall. The sun streamed through the leaves of a broad oak, dappling the green carpet of grass that fringed the water and she led her horse over and tied her. Here, the sounds of the trickling water and the occasional splash from a leaping fish were her only companions. Her smile wilted as she slid to the grassy floor, her shoulders slumping. I'm so lonely.

She started thinking about what she'd seen the evening before. During the night, she awoke, parched and arose to ask her maid for a drink of water. But surprisingly, the maid's bed was empty. That's odd. She went to the side door, which opened into the central maid's chamber and paused, hearing strange, muffled noises. Gently, she eased the door open an inch, not wanting to wake the other maid, Helga, and froze in her tracks.

In the candlelight, she saw Beatrice lying on Helga's bed, her skirts around her hips and Helga's face between her thighs. The maid moaned, her hands grasping the sheets and her head thrown back, eyes closed. The King's Daughter pushed the door open a bit more until she could see better and felt the breath catch in her throat as she watched Helga's extraordinarily long tongue lave Beatrice's fat pussy lips, then slip inside. Beatrice moaned again, softly.

A thrill moved through her like a heat wave, leaving her trembling and suddenly weak. Her pussy throbbed as she imagined that long tongue stroking the petals of her sex flower and she pulled up the side of her nightgown and began to thrust her fingers in her sticky slit, her thumb rotating over her little nub. Helga bent again, flattening her tongue and licking from clit to pucker, then speared Beatrice's slick hole again. "Please." Beatrice whispered. "Please."

Helga softened her spear-like tongue and settled into a steady rhythm, stroking Beatrice's sodden hole. The King's Daughter could see the juices glistening on Beatrice's thighs and gasped as she saw them oozing down to her asshole. She thrust another finger in, making it three now and increased the speed as Beatrice moaned and whimpered, closer and closer to her orgasm. When she went over the edge, her unheard cry matched Beatrice's long groan and she leaned against the doorjamb, biting her fingers in an effort to keep silent.

Remembering that nasty scene made the blood rise in her body and made her nipples tingle into hardness. She pushed the skirts of her dress up, untied and pushed her pantaloons down and began to stroke her already overheated and wet slit. That tongue. She closed her eyes, letting her fingers mimic the actions of a long tongue, sweeping over her inner lips and plunging into her hot hole. Then, she recalled the present that her Aunt had brought her from her last trip abroad. Reaching into the pocket of her jumper, she pulled out a velvet pouch and two golden balls rolled out into her hand. Her Aunt had told her that these were called Ben-Wa balls and that many great ladies of the Orient used them for pleasure.

She pushed the pantaloons down even farther and taking one ball, rolled it around in her juices and pressed it past her tight lips with a groan of pleasure. Her pelvis rocked backward and she could feel the ball move slightly, sending nerve endings pulsating in delight. Now, it was time for the other. Again, she rolled it in her copious liquids and was pressing it in when it slipped from her grasp, rolled down the hill and disappeared beneath the glassy surface of the still water.

"Oh, no!" The King's Daughter wailed, crab-walking to the edge. "My ball!" Tears filled her eyes and she began to cry. What an idiot I am! I can't even fuck myself properly!

"Why are you crying, beautiful princess?"

The voice made her gasp in fear, remembering that she was nearly undressed but she turned she saw no one. The shady glade was empty.

"Who said that?" She demanded, yanking up her underwear, her face red.

"Me, young lady." Looking down, she saw a huge toad, half-resting in the dark water, its slimy webbed front feet sticking on a large lily pad. "Now, what's wrong?"

"Ew!" She shrieked, jumping back. "I'm just upset. I lost one of my golden Ben-Wa balls in the pond."

"Well, there's no reason to cry. I can help you with that."

She moved forward a little, hope shining in her face. "Oh, can you?"

"Yes. I can dive down and get it for you." His long tongue shot out and lanced a blue bottle fly. "But what do I get in return?"

"My father is the King. He will give you anything you want!"

"I do not ask my reward from the King for the King is not asking for my help; you are. Now again: what will you give me in return for fetching your golden ball?"

"Whatever you want! Clothes, jewels... "

"I do not want that." He licked his eyeball and she grimaced at the sight. "But if you would love me and let me be your companion, I would be pleased."


"Yes. Let me sit at the table with you, eat with you, drink with you and sleep with you. If you could do all this for me, I would get your ball."

The King's Daughter thought for a moment. No harm in that, eh? "Okay."

The frog slid backward and sank below the surface of the water, returning a few moments later with her golden ball. She shrieked in pleasure and took it from his mouth, reaching into her pants and sliding it into her steamy cunt. "Thanks!" She turned to go.

"Hey, wait! You have to take me with you!"


"I can't leap as fast as your horse can run. You'll have to pick me up and carry me."

"No, I can't. You're too slimy!"

"You must!"

"I will not! I am a princess! I cannot soil myself with a frog."

With that, she mounted her mare and rode away, smiling in ecstasy as the golden Ben-Wa balls slid back and forth in her slippery canal, giving her a sweet, juicy climax just as she reached the castle gates.

* * * * *

"Good evening, Daughter!" The King greeted his young daughter and she sat down to the table, famished. "Did you have an enjoyable ride?"

"Oh, yes, Father!" She smiled, thinking about how exhausted she'd become after riding home, pussy juice coating the insides of her thighs. She was so oversexed in that short amount of time that she had to remove the balls.


There was a sudden knock on the door and the King looked around for a guard but all were in the guardhouse, having dinner themselves. "Would you get that, dear?"

"Yes, Father." She ran to the door and opened it.

Upon the doorstep was the slimy toad from the pond. She quickly shut the door and returned to her seat.

"Well, who was it, sweeting?"

"Uh, no one."

Again, the knock sounded and the King glared at his daughter. "No one?"

"Oh, Father, don't make me open the door! There's a nasty frog outside and he wants to come in. I lost one of my Ben-Wa balls in the pond and he got it for me. But he made me promise that I would love him and that he could be my companion. Now he's here!"

"Well, you made a promise and a Princess cannot break a promise, even one so lightly made."

"Yes, sir."

She went back and opened the door, watching the fetid creature hop in, leaving slick, wet spots on the tile floor. "Hello, sweet Princess, I am here." She ignored him and walked to the table, intent on eating some dinner. She sat down and made a big plate of roast beef, hard cheese and carrots, then started to eat, when she heard, "Hey!"

She looked down and saw the frog. "What?"

"I can't get up there. Pick me up!"

"Not right now. I'm eating!"

"You promised!"

She huffed and using her table napkin, picked up his heavy body and placed him on the table. With a small leap, he was near her plate and helped himself to parts of her dinner. She watched in horror, ignoring the amusement in her father's eyes. She could barely force the tender beef down her throat as his impossibly long tongue dipped into her water goblet and he drank thirstily. She pushed her plate away in disgust.

"May I be excused, Father? I'm tired."

"Of course, dear."

As she went around to kiss her father, the frog yelled. "Hey, take me with you!"


"You promised!"

The King waggled his finger at her and she gave another loud sigh. "Oh, all right!"

She trudged up the stairs, slimy frog in tow and set him on the nightstand as she prepared for bed. Beatrice tucked her in, left the room and the King's Daughter made herself comfortable, drifting off to sleep. Just as she tottered on the edge of deep sleep, something cold and wet smacked the side of her face. She screamed, realizing that the nasty toad had jumped onto her face and threw him against the wall.

A bright green light erupted and she shielded her eyes from the glare, biting back a scream of fear. The light dimmed a bit and a swirling cloud of green mist arose from the frog's limp carcass, stretching and transforming into the shape of a man. As the mist dissipated, she gasped at what remained: a tall, dark-haired man with green eyes and a thick, muscular body.

"My Princess." He strode to her bedside, kneeling deeply. "You have rescued me. I am yours forever."

The Prince arose and moved over her supine figure, pressing his lips against hers and running his tongue along the seam of her mouth. She moaned, opening to him, then moaned again, feeling his super-long tongue sliding over hers. That tongue. His kisses made her skin tingle and her pussy flamed into life. His broad hands ran the length of her body, caught the hem of her nightgown and pulled it upwards, exposing her nakedness to the night air. She moaned again.

His long tongue moved over her throat, sliding down to her heavy breasts and flicking the nipples into hard buds. She writhed beneath him, groaning as his mouth devoured her breasts, leaving them tender and wet with his spit. She never thought that having her breasts sucked could feel so good. Her pussy heated instantly.

Once he was satisfied that her breasts were taken care of, he moved to the juncture of her legs and buried his tongue in her hot pussy. She shouted in pleasure, thinking of Helga and pushed her wet cunt against his mouth. He felt her movement and pressed inward, driving his tongue in deeply and drawing a deep gasp from her. "Oh, fuck yes!" He plunged into her heated canal again and again, flipping his long tongue against the rippling inner walls and licking up her cunt cream. "Oh, yes! Lick me! Eat my fucking cunt!" It was only a matter of moments before she was cumming around his tongue. "Oh, God! Oh, oh, oh!!!"

Her Prince climbed into the bed beside her and she gave him a long grateful kiss. Never had she been so happy to kiss a frog in her life. Now, she only hoped that his cock was the same length...

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