This is a true story, I swear, up to a certain point. It then becomes a fantasy of what may have happened, had things continued. Conversations are repeated as closely as I can remember them. Some names and locations have been changed to protect the guilty.


I love my wife, but due to various reasons, she has just lost interest in sex. We cuddle, we'll play grabass, she lets me remove her bra and fondle her large breasts when she comes home from work, but whenever I suggest we take it to the bedroom, she has other things to do. We're in our fifties, kids out of the house, and I had hoped this would be a very sexual, intimate time in our lives. However, partially due to menopause, it was not to be. I suggested she check with our doctor about hormone therapy, but her attitude was, "It's nature's way." I pointed out that cancer was nature's way, too, but there were things that could be done. My entreaties fell on deaf ears. Still, she is a wonderful friend and companion otherwise, and I would never consider leaving her.

I always had a bit of a porn addiction, which I'll admit contributed to the problem in a vicious cycle sort of way, but I turned to it more frequently in an effort to provide some interesting masturbatory fodder. My intentions were to avoid actual adulterous encounters and the complications they could entail. But, after a certain point, I missed the human interaction. I finally took the plunge and signed up as a member of a certain adult porn-sharing website. There, members could upload videos, picture galleries, and submit erotic stories, as well as view what others had posted. One could also friend other members. Some used this feature to look for similarly-minded hookup partners, or just to cyberchat.

I was interested in chatting, telling some woman who was possibly in a similar situation as I was just what I would enjoy doing with and to her luscious body. Everyone online has a luscious body, if they desire- anonymity makes it possible to be who you want. I liked to be as honest as I could without spoiling the mental image that some frustrated, overweight housefrau might have of me. I expected others to put their best foot forward as well, even if there was the possibility it wasn't really their foot. Or tits. Or ass. Or pussy.

Searching through profiles of interesting-sounding females proved to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. Several were BBWs and proud of it- more power to you, but if you expect me to be jacking off to a mental image of two hundred and fifty pounds of cellulite, no thank you, you're just not my type. Some were looking for their soul mate- sorry, I'm just here for casual fun, no intention of breaking up with my wife. Others were hot and they knew it- profiles filled with dire warnings if any worthless male did not have at least a nine-inch dick, was not a certain race, was married, would dare to send them a private message without being invited, or any combination of the above.

Then, I happened across the profile of an attractive, lithe, blonde. I thought I recognized her topless avatar, but couldn't quite place her. I read her profile- she went by the username "mayberry", was 40 years old, lesbian, and listed her interests as women wrestling. She even happened to live in Des Moines, Iowa, which was less than a two-hour drive from where I live, not that I had any intention of actually meeting her. Then I remembered where I saw the woman in the avatar.

Years ago, I happened on a website called Ultimate Surrender, a sub-site of a group called The premise for US, as it was called, was two women, scantily dressed, would wrestle three rounds. This was not staged wrestling, like WWE. This was real, high school or collegiate style wrestling, with points awarded for pins, holds, and takedowns. The wrestlers could also score "style points", such as grabbing your opponent's breast, sucking her nipple, fingering her pussy, and so on, as well as being the first to strip her opponent nude. At the end of three rounds, the wrestler with the most points was declared the winner. The winner then got to fuck the loser, usually involving a strap-on dildo, and was encouraged to do it in the most humiliating and demeaning way possible.

I'm not a big fan of BDSM, but something about the idea of watching two women going at it, trying their best to embarrass and humiliate their foe, turned me on. I suppose it was a way of vicariously getting back at all the stuck-up bitches in my youth who wouldn't give the time of day to a geeky nerd (or is that nerdy geek?) such as myself. I didn't want to risk charging our credit card for a membership fee, leaving a trail of my indiscretions, so I had to content myself with finding whatever preview clips and, rarely, uploaded full matches I could find. I did watch enough that I recognized the woman in mayberry's avatar as one of the better wrestlers from Ultimate Surrender, a woman who went by the name Vendetta, though she hadn't been active since 2010. Vendetta had a record of 27-5, two losses being her very first two bouts. She was champion of her weight class one year and overall champion the next year.

Nothing in mayberry's profile indicated that it would upset her to receive an unsolicited private message, so I sent one, along with a friend request. "Hi mayberry! I completely understand that you're a lesbian, and I want to assure you that I have no intentions of trying to come on to you. But it's unusual to find a woman that's interested in women's wrestling, as I am! I notice you took Vendetta, from Ultimate Surrender, as your avatar. Is she your favorite? Unless, of course, you really are Vendetta, in which case your secret identity is safe with me, LOL! I'd love to just chat with you about this." I finished with a corny reference to Andy and Barney, and said she must get that a lot.

Within a day, my friend request came back approved, and there was a PM in my inbox from mayberry. "Hi Rex! I used May Berry as my name when I was first starting out wrestling. I don't mind if people find out who I am- I've been in the business for twenty years. Last winter, my girlfriend and I went to a Hawkeyes basketball game. When we went to the concession stand, the guy, who must have been at least seventy, said, 'What can I get for you today, Vendetta?' I almost peed myself from laughing!"

Oh. My. God.

I checked the material she had posted more carefully. Her uploads included a gallery of photos titled, "My wrestling Pics!" and a number of stories and blog posts she had written, one where she fantasized about returning to Ultimate Surrender and doing battle with Ronda Rousey (Vendetta loses), another one where she tells how she corresponded by email with a sixty-year-old guy she met online, finally deciding to surprise him by visiting him and making an exception to her lesbianism, losing her virginity to the guy. I'm fifty-eight. I could just picture myself in his position, literally, but I knew it was just fiction, probably designed to titillate old, horny men like me.

I messaged back. "Wow! I just looked at some of your stuff! Incredible! I have about a thousand questions, if you don't mind. Again, I want to stress that I have no illusions about getting together with you, converting you, anything like that. I just think you'd be fascinating to talk to!" Back came the answer, "No, I really enjoy hearing from my fans! What do you want to know?"

First, I asked her if the blog post about meeting the online fan was real, or fiction. She replied, "It was fiction... or was it? ;-)" I mentioned that, at first, it seemed like the losers in Ultimate Surrender were being rewarded for losing, getting fucked and made to cum. But I realized that it was the sheer humiliation of getting abused like that, almost raped, that it was a real turn-on for the winner. Vendetta agreed wholeheartedly, and added that losers felt genuine shame, despair, and anger. This was evident while watching a match when she lost by a single point. "FUCK!" But she was a good sport and took her pounding by the winner, Syd Blakovich, like a trouper. I had written a story of my own, which is also posted on Literotica, and asked her if she wanted to read and critique it. She did so and said she found it to be very good, very detailed. I read her stories and blog posts, adding comments- I found her to be a talented writer, as well.

This began a period where I casually asked questions, one at a time- didn't want to overwhelm her- and found out such things as, yes, the wrestling is real and unscripted, she really hated to lose, she got her start wrestling in underground clubs in the San Francisco area. She was still good friends with Ariel X, another wrestler, who is now in charge of the site and keeps asking her to come back and do more shoots. Vendetta said one of her happiest moments was when she beat Ariel and got to fuck her in the ass! I noted that she, herself, apparently never took it in the ass. "I have a tiny ass," she explained. "I've had some stuff up there, but it really hurts when I get fucked in the ass with a dildo. That happened to me a few times at the clubs."

I mentioned I was really horny now, and needed to find some porn of women getting fucked in the ass with dildos. She immediately sent me some links of her anal escapades, on the giving end, not receiving, of course. I responded, "Thanks, V! You do know that men jack off to watching you do this, don't you? (tongue-in-cheek wink smileyface)"

Early in November, Vendetta messaged me with exciting news. "I finally agreed to do some more Kink shoots in January! I'll be doing two solo matches for US, one tag-team, though I don't know who I'll be partnered with; one shoot for Hogtied, and one for TS Pussy Hunters!" I knew Hogtied was another Kink site, one more bondage and S/M oriented, obviously, but I hadn't heard of TS Pussy Hunters. I checked it out. The premise was two women get together in various porn flick scenarios, but, surprise, surprise, one of the ladies is packing. The woman and the pre-op transsexual get down and dirty. Hilarity ensues, and the woman ends up getting boned by the shemale's still fully-functioning cock. They had developed a crossover with Ultimate Surrender- the two wrestle, but the shemale invariably wins and gets to fuck the lovely loser, since it was still under the TS Pussy Hunters banner. This was obviously scripted, and the women all thoroughly enjoyed their defeat.

I messaged back, "That is so hot! I may have to break down and subscribe to Kink now, just to watch you in your glory. But let me ask you something- aren't you a lesbian? You're not bi at all, right? Have you ever actually had a living, throbbing, cock in your pussy?" She confided, "No, I'm technically a forty-year-old virgin, so I guess I'll actually be losing my virginity during that shoot, now that I think about it."

I sent, "If they were smart, they'd promote it- 'Vendetta does battle with her unspoiled pussy on the line! Will she prevail, or will she be forced to give up her innocence?'" I got back from her, "LOL at losing my innocence! I lost that a long time ago!"

I encouraged her to hit the gym to make sure she was in shape, since she hadn't wrestled in six years. "Way ahead of you. I have a male friend who used to wrestle in high school that I asked to help me train. He didn't take much convincing, once I told him we'd be training in the nude."

The next week, I had to go to Des Moines on some business with our lawyer, headquartered in the state capital. The day before, I sent V a message. "I'll be in town tomorrow, I'd love to treat you to lunch, if you're available. Once more, I'm not trying to date you. This is just my way of showing my appreciation for taking the time to answer all my stupid, nosy questions, and for being a friend. You pick the place. Bring your girlfriend, if you want." Less than an hour later, she messaged back, "GF works days, but I'm free! Meet me at Skip's, on Fleur, near the airport. How about noon?" "Noon would be perfect! I'm tall, glasses, salt-and-pepper beard... oh, hell, I'll recognize you when you come in!"

The next day, I could hardly concentrate in the law office as I signed the papers. Just the anticipation of meeting this, well, celebrity, one I felt I could call a friend, and such an erotic friend at that, had me practically giddy. I headed over to Skip's and arrived a little early, 11:45. I took a seat at the bar and told the bartender I was meeting a lady friend for lunch. He said, "I think you're looking for her," and pointed me to a booth in the back. There, smiling, waving me over, was Vendetta, in the flesh. Up to this point, I had harbored a suspicion that "mayberry" might turn out to be some women's erotic wrestling-loving poser, though she seemed to have way more inside information than a pretender would have.

I walked over and slid in the booth on the opposite side, a large stupid grin on my face. I extended my hand and said, "Hello, May!" Lowering my voice, "or should I call you Vendetta?"

She took my hand, smiled back, looking a little older than in the photos. "It's Cassie, actually. Short for Cassandra. And should I call you Rex?"

"Rex actually is my first name, Cassie. My last name isn't Eatapuss, though."

She grinned. "I didn't think so! That's okay, last names aren't necessary. Thank you for lunch! I love this place, the booths in back here are very private, so we can talk."

I knew this woman wasn't interested in me sexually, but I still found her attractive. Short, pixie-cut blonde hair, average height, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, small bust, 36B, I remembered. Athlete's build, making me self-conscious about my extra poundage. Bald pussy, but I only knew that from her videos, of course. Laugh lines starting to form at the corners of her mouth. I flushed a bit when I remembered seeing some of the things she had done, and had had done to her.

We ordered, and got to know one another better as we waited for the appetizer, then the entree. "Listen, I want you to know that I really appreciate you taking the time with me, especially since I'm not someone you'd normally be interested in, otherwise, me not being a woman and all. I'd really like to get to know you as Cassie, not Vendetta. We can save that for the website."

"I'd like that," Cassie said. "And I do have a lot of guy friends! So stereotypical, thinking the lezzie hates men or something," she grinned wickedly, the sparkle in her eyes enough to let me know she was teasing.

We spent the next forty-five minutes talking like old friends who hadn't seen each other for a while and were getting caught up. I told her about my wife and my troubles, what I did for a living before I retired, my grown kids. She told me about growing up in Oxnard, California, how she never quite fit in, always the tomboy, how she discovered girls, how she discovered wrestling and how much she enjoyed it. About the time she was getting burned out at Ultimate Surrender, her girlfriend got a job offer in Des Moines, so she followed her out. They broke up, but she liked the area and decided to stay. Her current live-in girlfriend made enough money for them both, so she didn't have to work, either. But her new gal was not thrilled with Cassie's decision to get back into porn.

As we were finishing our pie for dessert, Cassie said, "I've been thinking about what you said the other day. About me losing my virginity during the porn shoot. I'm not really sentimental, but somehow it just seems... I don't know, it just seems weird, even for me, to lose my virginity, my actual virginity, on a porn shoot with a shemale that I've never even met before."

"Well," I said, getting ready to fork another piece of Dutch apple pie in my mouth, "I think you should only do what feels comfortable. If I were in your position, frankly, I wouldn't do it. So, are you calling off the TS Pussy Hunters shoot, then?"

"No, I'm going through with it. I just need to get my V-card punched before I fly out to San Francisco. Then it won't be happening during the shoot, it'll be with someone I know and like, and not for the whole world to see."

"Hm. Interesting solution. Got anyone picked out? How about that guy you're training with? I'll bet he'd be more than happy to help with that little chore."

"Ye-ah, no, he has a girlfriend. They're monogamous. The only reason she's okay with me training with him is she knows I'm gay. I mean, I make incidental contact with his cock, but it's not like I'm tryng to score style points with him or anything."

"You told me you have other guy friends."

"Problem there is I tend to move in more LGBT circles. Most of my guy friends are gay. The bi ones and the straight ones are all in committed relationships, too. And no way I'm posting an ad on Craigslist or Ashley Madison. I don't want this to be with some stranger. That's part of the problem right now."

"Well, I know you have guy friends on the website. Should be plenty to choose from."

"Actually," she fidgeted a bit, "I've thought of the perfect guy from there. He's sweet, funny, and has always treated me with respect. I consider him a true friend. He was the first one I thought of when I decided I wanted to do this. I just hope he'll agree."

"Cassie, I'm sure most any guy you approached from there would be more than happy to take care of your little problem for you. He'd be a very lucky guy," I finished, sipping my water.

"I was hoping you'd say that. So, let's finish dessert, pay the bill, and go back to my apartment."

I executed a perfect spit take, fortunately not spraying Cassie.

Oh. My. God. Again.

I was speechless. I realized after about thirty seconds that I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open. Cassie looked troubled.

"Hello-o," snapping her fingers in my face. "You're not having a stroke, are you?"

Gathering myself, hoping I wasn't drooling, I said, "You're kidding me. You have got to be fucking kidding me. Literally."

"What's wrong?" Her lip quivered a bit. "Is it your wife? Or you don't like me? Or..."

"No, no, no, no, no, I like you! I really, really like you! But... me? How could you be interested in me? I'm eighteen years older than you are. I could be your father!"

"I like older men," she reminded me. "Remember the story about my online fan? That man was sixty, you're fifty-eight. Maybe it's unresolved daddy issues, I don't know..."

"I'm also not really sure it's... well, ethical, or moral, or whatever... you being lesbian, it seems like you're maybe doing this for the wrong reasons. You're not really attracted to men. You wouldn't be true to yourself if you did this, and I'd feel like an accomplice."

"Again, you're forgetting my story. I've been, well, thinking more and more, as I get older, that I may be missing out on something. That story was an expression of a fantasy I've been having for a few years now. I guess you could say I'm bi-curious. I know that usually applies to a straight girl who wonders, 'I wonder what it would be like to be with another girl.' Well, I'm a gay girl who wonders, 'I wonder what it would be like to be with a guy.'"

"There are other things you should know," I continued. "I'm not exactly the most well-endowed man there is. Four and a half, five inches, tops."

"That's even better! I think one of the reasons I'm gay is I've not been comfortable with the idea of some twelve-inch monster cock inside of me. I mean, I've taken dildoes that big, but still..." I looked around. There didn't seem to be anybody nearby, choking on their soup.

"Okay, but here's another thing. Older guys sometimes have problems with their prostate. Mine's been removed, or ninety-nine percent of it. I don't ejaculate."

A shocked look crossed her face. "Oh, I am so sorry! I had no idea! I wouldn't want to ask you to do this if you can't cum! That would be cruel!"

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