tagErotic HorrorVengeance is Mine: Meri's Genesis

Vengeance is Mine: Meri's Genesis


Chapter 3 of the series. If you haven't read the first two chapters, I encourage you to do so. The storyline will make more sense if you do. This is part 3 of my Vengeance series. Yes, I need an editor if anyone's interested...


Vengeance is mine: Meredith's Genesis

The sun in my eyes woke me up. I was lying in bed and felt the warm rays of the sun on me. My mind drifted back to the dream I had. The dream I had last night was so real. I remembered exactly what she looked like, and for a lack of a better word, she was perfect. The way she walked was so alluring and desirable. "She's a dream Meredith, that's all." I said to myself. Still there was a feeling of desire that hadn't been there before. She intrigued me and I wanted to know more about her, but like I said earlier, she's a dream.

Sitting up and looking around for a minute, Feeling no aches or pains and my body, I felt like I'd been reborn. My mind was clear, and sharp. I jumped up out of bed as fast as I could. Unfortunately, I didn't know my own strength yet, and managed to jump high enough to bounce my head against the ceiling. Following that up, I landed in a heap on my floor giggling.

"Smooth Meredith, I bet you cant do that again." I said out loud as I picked myself up. Anjelika was laughing in the back of my mind.

"Don't worry Meredith, you're getting used to your new body and its strengths." Said Anjelika. I giggled some more as I got up off the floor. I do have to admit that being able to jump all the way to my ceiling is pretty cool.

Walking into my bathroom, I turned on the water. I leaned over the sink, pulled my hair back, cupped my hand and let the water puddle in my hand. I'd seen daddy do that so many times that it was second nature to me. When I stood up, the mirror showed me what the finished product was after everything that I had endured over the last three days.

I was never fat. Daddy and I loved to run through the woods behind our house. In addition to that, he and I used to spar some in the basement. He'd taught me some MMA moves and some boxing. I was always active and never sedentary. But what I saw in the mirror surprised even me. My face was more defined than it had ever been. My cheekbones were more pronounced now than before. My lips were full and had a slight pout to them. I had broken my nose camping with my parents when I was 12 and it hadn't healed right. Any evidence of a break was gone. My eyebrows were perfect. They were thin and completely matched my hair color. My hair... My hair was unchanged except for the fact that it was more lustrous, full bodied and hung down almost to the small of my back.

I stepped back from the mirror and looked down at my body. My breasts had increased in size. My brain brought memories forward and told me that it wasn't a huge increase. Touching my stomach, I felt the muscle under my skin. They weren't quite a 6 pack, but it was close enough. The tingling sensation I felt in my pussy forced me to look down. Instead of the strip I usually kept, I was completely bald. When I touched where my hair used to be, I sharply inhaled again and thought I was going to cum right there. I looked down at my legs and I saw a pair that looked toned like a runner, but with definition like someone that climbed a lot.

I smirked for a second and decided to give myself a little test. I took two fingers and ran them across my pussy from back to front so I could get some of my wetness to taste. What I felt when I touched myself was incredible. I had gotten my fingers half way to my clit when I came. My knees buckled and I let out a cry of passion. I smelled my pussy and my pheromones in the bathroom. It wasn't quite an earthshattering orgasm, but if hadn't grabbed the sink on my way down, I'd be on the floor right now.

After I stood back up, I put my two fingers in my mouth and sucked. As I put them in my mouth, my eyes closed and I smiled relishing the flavor. Describing the taste was impossible. I tasted like nothing I'd ever had before. I'd eaten a few pussies in college. NONE of them tasted as good as I do. "My cum is like crack now, super addictive." I said to outloud.

"That's exactly what it is. In fact when you take a thrall, you'll have them drink from you the same way I did you." My Lady said. I hadn't heard Anjelika come up stairs, she was standing in the doorway with a smirk on her face. She was wearing a pair of skintight jeans, a white blouse with buttons open past her breasts, and pair of open toed ankle boots. I stopped drooling over her for a second. I noticed that I wasn't as short as I was. I used to be about 5'3. "Am I taller, my Lady? I remember having to look up at you more." I asked her.

"Meredith, you've completed the change and you can see how different you are now. Yes, you are taller by five or six inches. Your breasts are a half-cup bigger to go with your height difference. Your body is toned and gorgeous to the point that it turns even me on." She told me.

I looked back into the mirror again at my face. I asked her, "Why are my eyes your color, Anjelika? They were hazel."

She told me that here eyes were now my eyes because of the bond we shared. "Not many people on Earth have this eye color. Think of it as an added bonus and more sex appeal. We need to get you some new clothes, do you feel up to going shopping?" She asked me.

"My Lady, while Michael and Allison were very well off, I haven't had a chance to go through their finances yet. I have nothing to buy clothes with." I told her.

She reached over and touched my shoulder. "Meredith, when you've lived as long as I have, you learn a thing or two about living, money, and always having it available just in case. Don't worry about it; I have more than enough to take care of you. Besides, you're going to be doing my bidding, this is my right to clothe you as I see fit. I won't have my servants looking like a reject teenybopper from Spencer's." Anjelika told me.

"My Lady, Anjelika, you spoil me too much and I haven't proven myself to you. I'm not worthy of your gifts yet." I said to her.

She lovingly put her hand on my cheek. "Meredith, I want to explain something to you. Do you remember back when you first bound yourself to me that I told you I would take care of you till after the change is finished? Anjelika asked me.

"Of course. It gave me strength to endure and to know that I was important enough to you that you'd care for me that much." I told her.

"Part of that change is learning about what you can do with your new body. Please trust me that everything will be explained to you in time and that you'll be fully cognizant of the part you'll be playing. Besides, if you feel that strongly about it, you'll be learning about your new abilities today while we're out, and you'll repay me when you're finished. Would this work for your sensibilities my dear Meredith?" Anjelika was flirting with me. But I recognized what she was saying.

She also told me that the place we were going was a perfect place to learn some of the things I could do. "One thing my Lady, my pussy is soaked, will I always be this horny?" I asked her.

"Yes, yes you will. In fact, when you're stronger and have more control over your powers, you can will it to get as wet as you want it." She told me.

I stood and looked her in the eye and thought about that for a minute. Perpetually horny is a good thing because it helps me get laid. I had always loved sex, but this was an entirely new level all together. Right now, I felt like I could take the entire Auburn football team and be ready for seconds immediately after they were done. "I'm strangely ok with that." I told her.

I stood up and walked back into my bedroom and put some shorts and a t-shirt for our trip to town. I was going to wear a bra, but then realized I didn't have any that fit, so I put a tank top on underneath my t-shirt. I looked at Anjelika kind of puzzled how we were going to get there.

"We're not using magic, we're taking my car, Meredith." She said to me. She grabbed her cell phone and what looked like a small wallet off the foyer table. I'd have never guessed that she'd need a cell phone. To say that she had a nice car wasn't even close. There in the driveway behind Allison's Lexus was a brand new red Jaguar convertible. "Can you drive a stick my NIECE?" she asked me.

"Of course Auntie, I learned when I was 14." I said to her. She tossed the key to me as she walked out the door. From the feeling that I was getting from our link, I got the impression that she wanted to feel out the area for magic and dark arts. She also wanted to use her power to sense out if there was anyone around that was watching us.

When I started the car, she hit the touch screen and put on some music. I didn't know she was a Rob Zombie fan. "Dragula" was blasting out of all the speakers in her car. She handed me my sunglasses telling me she had grabbed them before we left. She had put her own aviators on and off we drove.


Meredith was having a great time driving up the road. She was smiling as big as she could. She'd earned it with all that she'd gone through over the last three days. To say she looked hot behind the wheel was an understatement. I knew from looking at her memories that she never wore a lot of makeup. To be honest, she didn't need ANY now. I felt a new confidence in her that hadn't been there before. I could tell that she was more than happy now.

She was glad to drive the car; she said when Michael was looking for a new car for Allison and they'd looked at something like this. She had test driven it with her dad but decide on the Lexus instead. Truthfully, she knew why I wanted her to drive. I was looking for anyone that was watching her. I had told her some details about The Order, but not many specifics.

Meredith had a huge smile on her face as she drove down the highway. She was probably driving at least 20mph over the speed limit when blue lights came on behind us. She frowned and managed to get over and stop on the side of the road.

Meredith started to say something to me in her mind, but I told her to be calm and relax. "Listen to me quickly Meredith, pull your glasses half way down your nose and give him the sultry look." She did exactly that and pulled her shirt down a bit. The T-shirt she was wearing looked like it was about to burst. "Make sure he notices you're not wearing a bra, and then try to blow some of your breath on to him, just a little bit." She said she understood.

The cop came up and his eyes were almost coming out of his head. Meredith had her head on her hands leaning on the door and was just looking at him.

"I'm sorry officer, I was listening to the music and got carried away. How fast was I going?" She asked him. I could feel her arousal spike looking at him. She wanted him and was letting him know she did. Meredith leaned back and let him see that her nipples were hard and she wasn't wearing a bra. I thought the cop was going to have a stroke right there.

"Ma'am, may I see your license, registration, and proof of insurance please?" He asked. As she handed him the things he requested, I sent a message to her through our link. "Lightly touch his hand and lift up out of the seat like your shifting your hips." I told her.

She passed him her license and all the info he wanted. When she touched him, he kind of looked confused for a second. Meredith came up out of the seat about 6 inches and then settled back down. "Sorry, I had to change positions, my pussy is soaked because I love men in uniform." She said to him. When she sat back down, she blew hard enough for him to breathe in her scent.

The officer looked a bit confused. He looked at her license and insurance.

"Meredith, tell the cop that you apologize for having the radio up too loud and you'll turn it down from now on." She did and he just looked at her like he had no clue what he was doing. He shook his head to clear out the cobwebs and to cover himself; he said "No problem, just keep it down below concert level please."

We drove on and Meredith asked me, "Did I just do all that to him? Did I use your powers on him?"

"Yes you did." I said to her. I started to explain about how her breath would have minor mind clouding effects. "Don't think of it as a 'go to' weapon. Its more of a 'Get out of trouble quick' type thing."

She was pleased that she had her first taste of my gifts to her.

We got to the mall and walked into Macy's. Meredith was looking at a skirt and a top to go with it. She admitted to me that she was completely out of her depth for clothing like this.

"I've been wearing shorts jeans and t-shirts since high school. I'm going to need some help with this." Meredith said to me.

"That's why you have me, my Meredith. We're here to get you some clothes, but more importantly, we're also here so you can learn." I told her. "You're going to use my gifts and your body this afternoon. I'm going to teach you about the methods you'll use seducing someone in plain sight. Reach into yourself and tap your power. Feel it roll over your mind as it comes forward." I looked at her and she had closed her eyes.

"It follows everything I tell it to and I can feel it at my finger tips... What is that I'm smelling"" She asked me.

"Remember we talked about the first spasm that you'd go through? " I told her.

She looked at me puzzled. But I felt her go back in her thoughts to the first spasm. She remembered the feelings of pain, but didn't... Wait, she found it. She looked at her wrists a bit closer and found that her pores were a bit bigger on her wrists right behind the palms of her hands. After that she touched her neck right under her ears and felt the pores there.

"Yes, Meredith, you see them? Reach out with your mind and touch them, just a small bit." I instructed her. "Feel how they react to your will?" I asked her. "I want you to go over the counter where that sales lady is standing, and I want you to release some of your pheromones and see what she does."

"Yes Anjel... I'll go do it. Thank you." She caught herself but I was a bit upset by that. But it helped a bit that she was thinking on her feet and adapted quickly.

Meredith walked over to the counter and asked the woman if she had a specific size of jeans. I felt her release her pheromones and just exhaled so that her breath would carry them over to the sale woman. I watched as the woman started to sweat. Meredith was asking her something else about this season's tops, and the woman started to shift her hips around a bit. I smelled the arousal on the sales woman. The sales lady's nipples had started to get very hard and her bra couldn't handle it.

"Thank her for her help and lets go try some other things." I watched as Meredith thanked her and walked back to me. "Well done Meredith, you have a good command of you power."

She stopped me and I knew what she was going to say to me before she said it. "I will accept what ever you decide for my disobedience of your rules back there. You instructed me about that and I failed you." She said to me.

"I will decide your punishment after we leave. For now we have things to accomplish and you have things to learn." I sternly said to her. She nodded her head in understanding and we walked on.


Oh SHIT I screwed up, and I knew it. I deserved to be punished for almost using Her name in public. She told me she'd decide my punishment later, and I'd count on that. For the next few minutes, my mind was racing back and forth about what I should do. Should I admit what I did and ask for mercy citing what I'd been through the last few days? Or do I own up, admit my error, take my punishment and move on? I'd decide on that later.

At the moment though, it was on to look at clothes and start learning to use what she's given me.

We walked in to Victoria's Secret and I smiled a HUGE smile. I closed my eyes and breathed in the pure sex smell in there. All of the pheromones and arousal that was in there, it was almost overpowering. She smiled, winked at me, and we walked in.

There were a couple guys that were following their significant others around dutifully carrying the things they were going to buy. One guy was sitting off to the side of the dressing rooms just watching the women. Fucking pervert, I'd deal with him in a bit. I looked around and spotted "Her" on the other side of the store.

She started to look at some booty shorts and then I heard her in the back of my mind. "I want you to walk over to the counter and ask to be measured. When you get an associate to help you, I want you to do the same thing you did to the other sales woman, but I want you to release just a fraction more, and capture her gaze when you do." She told me.

I went over to the first clerk I could find. Her name was Michaela and she was probably the most attractive black woman I'd ever seen. She was about 24, light skin, with long natural hair with naturally hazel eyes. Her small B cup chest fit her very well. She was wearing Capri pants that were a bit too tight for her "posterior. She was one of those women that didn't need to wear makeup because her skin tone was perfect.

I walked up to her and asked her if she could fit me and that I wasn't sure what size I wore. I also told her I was a bit embarrassed with the size of my "assets", so could we do it in private. Michaela said she didn't know if they had anything to fit me, but she'd be very happy to help out. I felt "Her" in my mind watching through my eyes at what I was doing.

Michaela grabbed the measuring tape and we went to a dressing room. She asked me to raise my hands. As she wrapped the measuring tape around me, I looked her in the eye and "sprayed" just her with just a bit more pheromones than the other woman. As she suddenly looked up at me, I watched as her pupils started to dilate and her nipples stood all the way out from her chest. I smelled her juices from her pussy as she got wetter.

"What did you do? What's happening to me?" she asked me.

"Nothing that you don't want to happen." I said to her as I put my hands on hers and moved them to my breasts. I leaned forward and lightly kissed her on the lips. I watched as she closed her eyes and let herself enjoy what was happening.

"Tell her to lick your nipples." I heard in the back of my mind. After I told her to do that, she grabbed my shirts, pulled them over my head. Then she took both my breasts in her hands and started to suck and lick on my nipples. I hadn't noticed before, but my nipples were bigger and MUCH more sensitive now, than they were before the change. I tried to stay quiet, but it was hard to. She was a natural at this. She licked up and down on them, changed and went side to side. I looked down at her to see she was still looking at me. She started to suck on my other breast now. Her mouth covered my areola as she sucked. She was taking her tongue and flicking it all over my nipple. I watched her as she pulled back for a moment. My nips were huge! They stuck out almost an inch from my breasts. I heard "Have your way with her, but pay attention when I speak to you next Meredith."

Without me telling her to, she unsnapped my shorts and slid her hand down the front. She ran her finger through my wetness and massaged my labia. I was soaked to say the least. I told her that was nice and she continued. She was rubbing my clit next and doing a VERY good job of it. She ran her fingers side to side for a minute, and then changed to up and down. I was getting close and I was ready to orgasm.

"Meredith, I want you to reach into your mind again and feel your power. Let it come to the surface, and right before you orgasm, lightly project it to her." I heard her say to me.

I had her get down on her knees and take my shorts off. I had one leg on the bench seat so she could get to my slit better. She was sucking on my left labia while rubbing the right one. Her face was covered with my juices. Soon after, she stopped that and I told her to push 2 fingers into my pussy, and for her to find my G spot. She didn't have much trouble finding it. She ran her nails lightly over it a few times, and then started to rub circles in it. My orgasm was getting closer so I found my arousal and pulled it to the front.

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