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Venturer Ch. 03


Authors note: Thank you once again to my copy editor LaRascasse who assures me my grammar and spelling mishaps are improving. I hope you enjoy this chapter, especially a frequent reader whose feedback makes me smile when she reminds me I need to catch up with stories. Thank you Mayness for your gentle nudges, I truly appreciate them.


Honey lay in bed, feeling Kade's strong arms entwined around her. She had woken from a night terror again. Kade had soothed her as he had done every time her own cries had woken her during the past nights, gasping and trembling. It had been five days since the night they had finally been honest with each other and slowly Honey and Kade had grown closer. Kade was attentive and protective, ensuring she knew he would keep her from harm. When he left her to attend to business, she was always given a guard to escort her about the house and, after much cajoling on her behalf, the stables. Alec had come to visit her every day and Delenn was a sweet girl and a good companion to while away time with in the comfort of her rooms as Honey settled into the routine of the house.

Honey had begun to trust these few people, and for the first time since her mother's death, had begun to relax her guard a little within the company of others. She had stopped actively seeking escape routes from her confinement within the house but remained keenly aware of every possibility that presented itself and filed the information away in the dark corners of her mind that were still filled with the terror of her past coming back to claim her.

Much of her early life had been filled with pain, degradation, fear and loathing but finally she had escaped it, only to be tracked down by the man her father had betrothed her to over a game of dice. He had found her as an acrobat with a travelling troupe and believed her a whore to the owner, Maurice. He had treated her with cruelty and disdain before the reality came to light that she was nothing but a prop to hide his homosexuality.

Surprising her with his desire to still wed her, Kade had brought her here and all but imprisoned her so she could not run from him again, not realising that it was her father she ran from not him at all. The terrible night of honesty where he had raged and she had tried to flee once more had brought them closer. She marvelled that the man who had chased her for long seasons still wanted to marry her after knowing her past.

Believing his shallow breathing meant he was asleep, Honey started to turn gently in his arms to look at him. "Sleep," Kade growled and pulled her closer.

"You never seem to sleep," Honey whispered looking at his face, "You close your eyes but you never seem to be asleep."

"I might sleep if you didn't wiggle about like a like a playful kitten all the time," Kade murmured his eyes still closed. Honey smiled and ran a hand lazily down his chest and over his belly before he caught it and groaned, "Don't do that."

"Tell me again why we have to wait until we are married to rid me of my virginity? I mean if we are to be married anyway I don't see why we have to wait." There was a mischievous glint in her eyes as he held her hand from exploring any lower on his body.

Kade opened his eyes and regarded her, "It is the right thing to do," he sighed, "When I take you the first time you will be mine in every way. It is what I want, little lady, and as you know now, I will do what I have to, to get what I want." Kade leaned in to kiss her gently, "I wanted you and it took me many years to get you here. There is no rush now."

"But what if..." Honey began but faltered.

Kade held her close, "He isn't coming, Honey. No one can get near you. You are safe here. Now sleep please."

Honey sighed dramatically, "You chased me through villages and towns and now you want to wait." Honey pressed against him and squirmed a little in a way that she knew aroused him and whispered softly in his ear, "Fine, let's just get married tomorrow and then again when your mother arrives. I would be doubly yours." She could feel his arousal against her as she squirmed.

"So eager, little lady whore, it pleases me no end that you look forward to our wedding night." Kade groaned and rolled away from her to his back.

Honey took advantage and scooted down the bed to explore him once again, her hand wrapping around his cock, "But we already know each other intimately. How can it be so different?"

"You do not want to be with child, your belly full and obvious when you stand before the priest, do you?" Kade reached out and pulled at her hips until she had turned her body for him. Pulling her wet folds to his mouth he teased her as she teased him. Honey lowered her head down his shaft filling her mouth with his cock as she felt the thrill of his tongue whipping at her clit. The room filled with the sounds of pleasure as their mouths worked in tandem to bring each other the release they both craved, their cries of pleasure muffled as they vibrated into each other's sex.

Pulling her back up into his arms as they lay panting, he stroked her hair back from her face, "I adore you, little lady." Honey looked up at him with wide green eyes and while she knew she felt something for him she wasn't sure what it was exactly and could not say the words he longed to hear in return so she leaned up to kiss him. Holding her close he broke the kiss and whispered, "Now sleep or I will spank your cute little ass." Kade gave it a quick smack and grinned at her.

Honey furrowed her brow but there was an excited glint in her eye, "I will call for Jarrau if you dare!"

"Nothing a gag wouldn't fix," Kade replied nonchalantly, "Now sleep."

Honey considered him for a moment. She knew he did not make idle threats, and she knew now was not the time for more cheekiness so she rolled over turning her back on him with a little growl as he chuckled and gathered her into his arms again. "Good girl."


Honey woke in the big bed alone as usual. Sunlight streamed in and she could hear voices in the next room. Pulling on a gown and robe, she padded out on bare feet to find Kade chatting with a man who was almost his mirror image. Honey squeaked in surprise and pulled her robe tighter about her before fleeing back into the bedroom to dress properly, Delenn hurrying close on her heels. Not bothering with a corset, Honey let Delenn help her into one of the many dresses she now owned and sat to lace up the bodice as Delenn brushed out her hair.

Honey returned to the main room better prepared to receive visitors and smiled shyly as the men turned to look at her again. "You could have warned me someone was here," she almost pouted at Kade as she came forward and turned to greet the familiar looking stranger. "Welcome to my prison," Honey said sweetly.

"I am most honoured, Lady Honiara," the stranger said bowing with a flourish. "My brother has no manners as I am sure you have noticed, so let me introduced myself," he was smiling widely already liking the small girl before him, "I am Bennison, brother to your evil prison master, Kadegan."

Honey curtsied to him and took his arm walking Bennison toward the table, effectively turning her back on Kade, "Have you eaten? The breakfast here is not too bad for dungeon food."

Kade groaned loudly and Bennison laughed with genuine mirth sitting at the table with Honey. "I am always happy to eat with such beautiful company, Lady Honiara." Bennison winked at her and continued the game, "Tell me dear Lady, do you need rescuing? It would be my duty as a knight and a prince to rescue any damsel in distress I meet on my travels."

"I could almost swoon at the thought kind Sir..."

"Alright, that is enough," Kade cut through the conversation and Honey giggled liking the man who sat across from her.

"Now now, brother, you are not married yet. Perhaps the Lady would like to be rescued from this dire prison?" Bennison had a completely straight face as he said it.

Kade eyed his brother before taking a chair at the table with them and shrugging his shoulders, "I guess you could give her a chance to answer, but I will not be the one to tell mother she came all this way for nothing, if Lady Honiara agrees to the rescue attempt."

Bennison pulled a face and turned to Honey with a look of deep regret, "I am afraid that in light of that information, I will have to withdraw my offer of rescue at this time and leave you to languish under the cruel watch of the evil Prince Kadegan."

"Oh dear," Honey chewed her lip, "Is the queen really so scary?" She looked between the brothers at their startled looks.

"I have been promising my mother this wedding since that season so long ago when you ran from your father's castle," he smiled at her, "if Bennison deprived her of it now she would spank him like a little boy, in the great king's court."

"She does love a wedding," Bennison chimed in nodding his head. "She is more likely to drown you in a sea of happy tears or smother you with kindness than scare you, sweet Lady."

Honey relaxed a little and sipped at a glass of juice. She had been dreading meeting Queen Dragora for the last few days and a knot began to form in the pit of her stomach. She started to think through all the escape plans she had secretly filed away in her mind during her exploration of this house and wondered if any of them could work.

Kade watched Honey, the anxiety showing in her face and he cupped her chin raising her eyes to his. "There is nothing to worry over," he soothed her and kissed her, "I love you and my family will too. You have already made a friend of Ben and he doesn't like anyone." Looking into her eyes he saw the panic he knew lay just beneath the surface of her burgeoning trust in him. "Promise to stay with at least one of my men today. No wandering off."

Honey nodded silently, dropping her eyes, "I need to hear it Honey, promise me." Kade persisted.

"I promise," Honey murmured but the troubled look remained in her eyes.

Bennison had watched the pair and realised there was more to the story than his brother had told him, "I think I will go wake Jarrau. It's been too long since I saw him," he said feeling uncomfortable with the intimacy of couple and stood, "Come find me when you're ready, brother."

"Oh I am so sorry," Honey pulled her eyes from Kade's, "It was so nice to meet you Prince Bennison. I hope to see more of you while you are here." Her eyes twinkled with mischief, "It can be so boring in my little prison, and to have such a handsome and gallant prince come to my rescue would surely make the darkest day brighter."

Kade rolled his eyes and gave Bennison a withering look as he bowed with a flourish and chuckled, "At your service, sweet Lady." Kade stood and walk with him to the door.

Honey watched them together. The resemblance of the brothers was uncanny from a distance. Even their stances matched. It was only when speaking with them at closer quarters that she could see the subtle differences in their features and age. Bennison, she reasoned must be one of the eldest brothers. She tried to remember how many brothers Kade had said he had while she picked at the breakfast before her.

When Kade came back to her, he was smiling. He picked her up from her seat and held her to him kissing her deeply. Seems you will get what you wanted after all my spoilt little Lady, "Finish eating while I talk with Delenn and Leneer." Kade placed her back in the chair and went to her bedroom to find Delenn who was attending to the morning chores.

"What do you mean 'get what I wanted'?" Honey followed him into the bedroom.

"We will be married today, little Lady, no more waiting for..." Kade looked meaningfully at the bed they shared.

Honey gasped, she felt her heart race. She had been living in a protected little bubble here since he had imprisoned her here. Now everything was suddenly moving faster than she could comprehend. "Married? Today? The queen hasn't even met me."

"Yes today. You think I want to wait any longer than necessary either?" Kade smirked at her. "Mother will love you because I do. You have nothing to worry about except dresses and flowers."

Honey was stunned to silence. She had waited too long to escape. Her mind searched for a way out, her whole world tipping precariously again. She wasn't ready. She thought she had more time. She thought it was some far off notion getting further away each time he refused her demands to take her virginity telling her to wait.

Honey looked up at Kade as he spoke to Delenn with a wide smile on his face. She had grown to care for him in her own way. He looked so carefree when he smiled like he did now. He was every girl's dream husband a tall, dark, handsome prince. Why was she plotting escape routes? Things could be very much worse and a picture of her father threatening to sell her into slavery ran through her mind making her shiver and automatically move closer to the man who had sworn to protect her.

Honey fought the instincts to flee from anyone who professed to care for her that had fed her survival for so long on her own. She looked up into his handsome face and accepted that marrying Kade was not a bad thing at all and she tried to shake the sense of unease that threatened to overwhelm her. Honey stood watching him for long moments, not really hearing what he was saying so quietly to Delenn.

Kade moved to her then and wrapped his arms around her, picking her up and carrying her back to the breakfast laden table. "You must eat today." Placing several things on a plate for her he placed it in front of her and went to the door ushering Leneer into the room. "Make sure she eats everything on her plate plus more if you can coax it into her. I do not want a fainting bride."

"Sure Kade," Leneer replied happily. The youngest of Kade's men at arms, Leneer had appointed himself as Honey's personal guard, only leaving her for a few hours on the practice fields each day. He enjoyed being her guide and talking with her. They were of similar age and Leneer found himself becoming overly fond of her and more than understanding why Kade had searched for so long for such a girl.

Leneer sat down across from her and smiled warmly, "So what's for breakfast?"

"Here," Honey said passing him her own plate, "Help yourself," she smiled. "Eat as much as you want."

They could hear Kade in the hallway outside bellowing the names of his men and Leneer chuckled, "Do you think I am foolhardy enough to do that? Eat your own breakfast, Honey. There is plenty enough here for me as well."

Honey pouted, "Oh, Leneer. However will you become a true night if you cannot rescue damsels in distress?" A small smile tugging at the corners of her mouth threatened to ruin the effect of her pouting.

"Bravery and the subsequent rescuing of damsels are expected traits in a knight of course, but that breakfast does not look dangerous enough to pose a threat to you." He smiled at her and motioned her to start eating.

Jarrau sauntered into her room followed by Bennison. Jarrau pulled out a chair and reversed before sitting and leaning over the back. "I need to go to the castle and see to some preparations the queen wants, so here is your last chance to leave my moody friend and run away with me for a blissful day or two until he catches us and castrates me."

Honey laughed merrily and leaned over to kiss his cheek, "I could never seal a fate like that for you, Sir Jarrau. What would all those comely wenches you keep company with do to me if I tried?" She grimaced at him.

Bennison laughed uproariously, "The more I see this girl the more I like her. I am going to enjoy watching her run rings around Kade."

As the joking went on, Honey handed her plate unnoticed to Jarrau who took it and started to eat. Honey picked up her juice smirking to herself until she saw Leneer frowning at her. Jarrau handed her back the plate having eaten everything between bantering with Bennison and she put it back down in front of her just as Kade returned. "Good you ate, now bathe." Honey sent a pleading look at Leneer as Kade took her hand and started to pull her to her feet.

Leneer cleared his throat uncomfortably, and Honey sagged to the seat, "I really wasn't hungry," she murmured, "and I was just being a good hostess offering a plate of food to our guests," she looked between Kade and Leneer, "I ate a little and I promise to finish all the juice." She gulped down the goblet of juice then stood and smiled sweetly, "Now if you will excuse me gentlemen, I fear if I do not follow the next order to the letter, Jarrau may have to protect me with his sword again." Honey hurried form the room with Kade stalking after her closing the heavy doors to the bedroom behind him.

Walking up behind her, he wrapped his hands about her waist, "Such a cheeky little brat you are this morning. You know what happens when you push me like that?" his fingers traced up along her ribcage before pulling out the laces of her bodice dropping the dress from her shoulders and down over slender hips. He pulled her naked body with him to the bed and laid her over his lap. His hands stroked her ass and he murmured, "There are a lot of people in the next room. Be careful before you decide to cry out," his hand smacked her ass not hard but enough to raise a slight pink hand mark.

Over the last few days he had discovered in her a need to feel some small measure of erotic pain to orgasm intensely, and that he had not imagined her scent and wetness that first day he had found and spanked her. He was careful and mindful never to take it too far and always offer equal pleasure to outweigh the pain. He placed one hand between her legs widening them to cup her sex and his fingers teasing between her folds as the other hand alternately rubbed and smacked the small rounded cheeks of her ass.

Honey buried her face in the bed covers and squealed. She felt the heat from her reddening cheeks mingle with the delicious feelings his finger gave her and as always during these times of heightened arousal, his words of pleasures untold once they were married filled her mind. He spanked her until she came, squirting wetly over his hand and crying out into the mattress as her body shook with each spasm.

Picking her up he carried her to the bathroom and gently placed her in the tub Delenn had filled with scented water murmuring, "We can't have the bride smelling like a whore on her wedding day," his grin was wide as she panted and leaned back into the tub. Stroking her hair and kissing her forehead he stood to leave. "I will be back shortly. Relax, my little lady."

Kade stepped back out into the room and the men looked at him expectantly. Kade smiled broadly and nodded to Delenn, "Go make sure the lady doesn't drown in that bath." The girl disappeared quickly into the other rooms and Kade looked at his companions. "Cheeky little lady, isn't she?" and grinned at them all.

"Oh brother," Bennison clapped him on the shoulder, "I fear your life will never again be dull. She is just delightful, I have enjoyed meeting her immensely." Hugging his brother in a warm embrace, "she is not at all the type of woman we expected you to marry."

"Lady Honiara was quite the mousey scared type of girl you were expecting when we first encountered her. She barely spoke, except to Alec the giant," Jarrau smiled, "it is good to see her happy and smiling now."

"She is exactly the way I remember her from Great King Brandt's palace so many years ago. She is the girl I have always wanted, and very soon she will be mine forever," Kade smiled broadly.

"I don't think I have ever seen him smile so much," Bennison remarked to Jarrau, "He was always so serious even when he was younger. Serious and determined, once he set his mind on something, he went and did it. Poor Honiara had no chance since that first fateful meeting."

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